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The Bilbo

by Zack

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© Copyright 2002 - Zack - Used by permission

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Kristen's Story
The Bilbo (Sequel to Igor & Ivan)
by Zack
Copyright© 2001, 2002. 

When I was living in Minnesota my ex-boyfriend tied me up a lot, but since I moved to northern Arizona all of my bondage activities have been do-it-yourself. (Although there was some audience participation in my last outdoor adventure). 

For that adventure I had made a bilbo. This is a medieval restraint which has U-shaped metal bands that slip over the wrists and ankles and are closed by a bar that fits through holes in the open end of the U. Last time I had fastened each cuff separately, but the traditional usage is to have all of the cuffs attached to a single bar, and this is what I wanted to try next.

I made the connecting bar in three pieces. The two outer pieces were 1/2 inch steel rods that were each long enough to fit through a wrist cuff and an ankle cuff with about two inches extra. One end was threaded and had a small hole drilled crosswise right at the end. The center piece was a six inch length of steel pipe with an inner diameter that was a sliding fit on the steel rods. The left rod was bolted into the pipe, but the right rod slipped in and was held by a latch inside the pipe that hooked onto the head of a machine screw that extended from the end of the rod. The latch was released by pushing a 1/4 inch rod through a hole in the side of the pipe. I can use the machine shop at the truck stop where I work as a diesel mechanic, and it only took me a couple of lunch hours to make the bar. 

The two-piece construction of the bar made it easy to put myself into the bilbo. I put a cuff on my left ankle with the open end to the front and a cuff on my left wrist with the open end next to my little finger, and used my right hand to push the bar through the holes, screw a nut on the threaded end of the rod, and put a diaper pin through the hole in the rod end. 

For the right side I installed the nut and diaper pin first. I taped the wrist and ankle cuffs in place and used my left hand to put the rod through the holes in the wrist cuff. Once the rod was in place I could put it through the holes in the ankle cuff and start sliding it into the pipe. Twisting my right wrist provided enough friction to push the rod into the latch. This left me with my wrists outside my ankles and my ankles fixed six inches apart. 

I did a trial run with my left hand free to see if I could release the latch, and found that it wasn't hard to do. My right wrist was in front of my ankle, and this gave me the reach I needed to get the rod into the hole and push the latch. 

Finding a safety backup was a problem. My only close friends, who had lived in the apartment above mine, had moved away last week and there wasn't anyone else who I could ask to stop by. I needed to do something else. I had a cordless phone, so I programmed two numbers into the speed dial. One was for the police, and the other was for that kid John who gave me such a hard time out in the woods. My phone could be used in a speaker mode, so it wouldn't be hard to operate it if I had to. This meant I couldn't use a gag, but that didn't matter because there wasn't anybody close enough to hear me even if I did scream. 

I decided to eat dinner now even though it was early for me, just after sunset. After I had cleaned up in the kitchen and used the toilet I collected all of my equipment and I was ready. 

To keep me from wiggling around the apartment trying to find a pencil or something to open the latch I locked a loop of chain around the bottom hinge of my bedroom door and put the key on the dresser. This would give me about two feet of slack when I put the connecting rod of the bilbo inside the loop. 

For the time release I used the tried and true ice cube method. I took a can with a hole in the bottom and passed a loop of string up through the hole and around an ice cube. The release rod was taped to the bottom of the loop, and the can was attached with strings to a pushpin in the ceiling. I taped another string to the release rod and fastened the other end to another pushpin, this one right over the door hinge, and with the length adjusted so that the rod just reached the floor. I put a plastic bowl on the floor to catch the drips. 

I took off all of my clothes and put them on the bed, sat down near the door (my trusty phone beside me), and got into the bilbo. It wasn't that bad to begin with, because the cuffs were so wide that there wasn't much pressure on my wrists or ankles, but I was held rigidly in position, and I could tell that this would be painful as time went on. (In the middle ages prisoners were sometimes kept in a bilbo for weeks). 

After about an hour I wanted to get loose. I was sitting on the vinyl tile of the floor and my bottom was hurting and my legs were starting to cramp. Suddenly there was this clang! as the release rod hit the plastic bowl. I looked at the ice can and the loop of string was still there. It looked like the tape holding the rod to the loop had come loose, probably because of the water from the melting ice. The other string was right by the door hinge where it should be, but the rod had come loose from it, too. 

I looked in the bowl for the rod, but it wasn't there. I looked all around me but I didn't see it. This was bad. If the rod wasn't attached to the string it was free to roll anywhere. I looked under my bed and there it was, right up against the wall. 

Ah, shit. There was no way that I could reach the rod. I considered using the phone's antenna to try to release the latch, but it was too short and fat, and I didn't want to take the chance of breaking the phone. I might as well go to the emergency plan right now, so I pushed the speed dial button. The phone rang, and then I heard John's cracking adolescent voice say hello. 

"Hello, John. This is Kristen." 


"Kristen. You and Igor found me on the steppe after I escaped from the slaver's caravan. You were going to brand me and sell me in Samarkand. Remember?" 

"Oh, that Kristen! Do you want to do something like that again? It's getting kind of cold to be outside if you're naked." 

"I tried something here in my apartment and I got stuck. I need help getting loose." 

"I'll be glad to help, but I can't drive. Do you live in Flag?" 

"Yes. But don't you get personally involved. I don't want to make a habit of bringing underage boys into my kinky games. Do you have a parent or a sibling who could help?" 

"My mom might be able to help, but she's at work. What's your number? I'll call her and then call you back." 

I gave him my phone number. "I'm like I was when you found me. Will that embarrass your mom?" 

"You mean you're chained up and buck naked? No, she'll be OK with that. Hang up, and I'll call you back." 

A few minutes later the phone rang; it was John. 

"Hi, Kristen. My mom can help, but she won't get off work for a while. It'll be at least an hour before she could get to you. Can you live with that?" 

"Well, I'm not real happy about it, I'm starting to hurt. But it's better than calling the police." 

"OK, I'll tell my mom. What's your address? Is your apartment locked?" 

I told him where I lived and where I had hidden a key outside. He hung up and I tried to get more comfortable. 

About half an hour later I decided to see if I could lie on my back. As I rolled backwards I thought I saw someone at my bedroom window, but when I could focus on it no one was there. The window shade was up, but because I was on the floor nobody could see me unless they were standing right outside the window. 

I was on my back doing my dead cockroach imitation when I heard glass breaking in the living room and a minute later someone was running towards me. I tried to reach the phone, but I was in a bad position and it was grabbed up before I could even roll over. I was pushed onto my side facing the wall, and a gloved hand was over my mouth. 

A voice whispered in my ear, "I'm the only one who would hear you scream, and I'd be so annoyed that I'd seal your mouth shut with tape. Am I going to have to do that?" 

I was frightened, and the idea of having my mouth sealed was so terrifying that I shook my head wildly. The hand released my mouth and a pillowcase was pulled over my head. It was folded around my neck and tape was wrapped around it to hold it in place. More tape was wrapped around my head from below my nose to above my eyes, and I couldn't see anything. 

I had only a brief glimpse of my attacker, but I remembered gray sweats, with a hood pulled up and a scarf across the face. The shirt had Greek letters on the front, but I didn't know what they were. The shirt was also pushed out by two nice breasts. 

There were at least two people in my apartment, and they were both women. They were talking in low voices. 

"Well, we went on a scavenger hunt and we found the scavenger's daughter." 

"Yes, I think we've solved our little personnel problem. She's obviously experienced." 

"I wonder where she got the bilbo? It's nicely made." 

"Let's get out of here. You go get the van and I'll take a quick look around here. The sooner we get her to the sorority house the better." 

I didn't know what they meant by the sorority house, but I didn't think I was going to be asked to pledge. The last time I had been this frightened was when I thought I was going to be branded. 

I could hear the woman moving around the apartment, and after a while I heard the other woman return. 

"OK, the van is outside. Let's get going. Wrap her in a blanket." 

I heard the lock on the chain holding me to the hinge open and I was pulled away from the wall. I was rolled up in a blanket, tape was wrapped around it, and the two women picked me up and carried me outside. I was dumped on a carpeted floor and two doors closed. In a few minutes the van was started and I could feel movement. After what seemed to be a short journey the van stopped and I was carried into a building and down a flight of stairs. 

The blanket was unwrapped and I was seated on a low stool. This was a lot more comfortable than lying on my side, but I was really hurting after all this time in such a cramped position. The tape around my neck was unwrapped and the pillowcase pulled off of my head. I couldn't see anything because a spotlight was shining in my face, so I closed my eyes. 

My nose was pinched shut and I gasped and then panicked as a gag was pulled into my mouth. I struggled until I realized I could get air through the gag. I was confused and I didn't know what was going to happen to me. 

A woman's voice said, "You're confused and you don't know what is going to happen to you. I will explain. You have just become an assistant housemother of our sorority. All of the girls that join this sorority are very interested in bondage and discipline. Unfortunately, there is an unbalance, because almost all of our girls are Doms. To provide the necessary subs we acquire girls such as you. You have already demonstrated that you like the bondage, and maybe you will grow to like the discipline as well. Your predecessor became indifferent to it. In fact, she became indifferent to everything, and we were forced to dispose of her." 

"We will now mark you with our sorority's symbols." 

She spread a blanket on the floor in front of me and the two women pulled me forward until I was on my knees with my head against the floor. One woman held me down and the other picked up a large, smoking, soldering iron. I was totally confused now. The last time I'd heard dialog that bad it was in an old Fu Manchu movie, but that really was a hot soldering iron and that really was my naked butt up there. I decided that terror was the appropriate emotion, and I struggled until the woman holding me down whispered in my ear. 

"The safeword hasn't changed." 

I started to hum 'Jingle Bells'. The spotlight went out and the room lighting came on. I was lifted back onto the stool and I saw the two women for the first time. They somehow looked familiar. 

John came into the room. "Hi, Kristen. I'd like you to meet Joan and Jane, my sisters." 

Joan said, "We're so happy to meet you, Kristen. John told us how much fun you two had out in the woods. We told him that we'd like to play too if we had the chance, so when you phoned him he called us." 

Jane added, "We know the scenario we came up with wasn't nearly as good as the one you and John used, but we only had half an hour to get ready. I hope it was exciting enough for you." 

While they were talking they were releasing me from the bilbo. I groaned as they helped me to stand up and took out the gag. 

Joan gave me a paper bag. "Here are the clothes that were on your bed. Can we try your bilbo?" 

I nodded. I wondered why I wasn't bothered by my nudity; being naked seemed normal when I was around this family. By the time I was dressed Joan had been bolted into the bilbo. 

Jane said, "I hope you're not mad that we entered your apartment. Oh, here's your door key. We didn't really break a window." 

"No, of course I'm not mad. I called John and asked him to find somebody to release me. And yes, there was plenty of excitement. I didn't know for sure that I wasn't going to become a bondage practice dummy until you told me to safeword." 

"I'm glad. We think it's a lot more fun if everything is a surprise, but that's usually hard to arrange." She turned to her sister. "My turn now, Joan." 

"Can you stay a while, Kristen? We'd really like to get better acquainted." 

We talked for several hours, telling each other about our lives and our bondage experiences, and I was amazed by some of the wild things they had done. All the time we were talking Jane was in the bilbo, and when I left to go back to my apartment I told her that she could use it as long as she wanted to. I had friends now.

The story continues in
Kristen in Custody

Copyright© 2001 by Zack. All rights reserved.
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