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Billie’s Girl

by Anne Woolsey

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© Copyright 2013 - Anne Woolsey - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; F/f; corset; stockings; rope; bond; gag; hogtie; tease; cons/reluct; X

Erin leaned into the mirror and tried to get rid of the little blobs of mascara on her lashes. Damn it, that’s why I don’t use this stuff! She fussed with it for a few seconds more and then sat back to look at the fruits of her labor.

The mascara and eye shadow were nice touches; they brought out her eyes, which she thought were her best feature. The lip gloss made her lips fuller and, my heavens, more sensual!

She thought, Not bad! Maybe a seven out of ten. I hope she likes it! And then, If I used this stuff more I could do a better job!

Oh well, she hoped her makeup wouldn’t be the thing that Billie focused on!

Billie, short for Wilhelmina, was Wilhelmina Bledsoe, her latest squeeze of several months. They were getting along real well, with lots of things in common, including amazing sexual compatibility.

Billie was coming over tonight after work and Erin was going to surprise her with something she, Billie, would not be able to resist; at least that was Erin’s hope.

She suspected Billie had an interest, but Erin knew she was more deeply into it than Billie and had decided to make the first move.

Tonight Erin would see how much of an interest Billie had. It was risky; how it went would probably be a deal maker or breaker in their relationship!

She stood and stepped back from the mirror to see her full image. She had one of those three piece mirrors set in the corner of the room that gave her views from different angles. She scrutinized carefully what she saw because she wanted to look her best!

She was wearing the new black corset she’d recently gotten from Victoria’s Secret. Billie loved her in it! Literally!

It held her in and pushed her out in all the right places! Sweet black thigh highs completed her outfit. She wore no bra; the corset extended high enough to cover her nipples and to create a delicious cleavage. She hoped the corset would not restrict her movements or hamper her ability to do what was needed; she never worn it when doing this.

Should she wear shoes or not? She had a hot pair of strappy sandals with 4-inch heels, but… she was going to be lying down! She tried the shoes on instantly adding inches to her natural 5’ 4” height. Nah, no shoes, although they did look hot!

Erin sat on the edge of the bed and bent forward over her knees. She carefully wrapped the thin cotton rope around her ankles making sure the loops were snug and parallel before cinching them. Neatness counts!

She made six loops and then cinched them with two passes between her ankles, tying the knot at the front of her ankles so it would be away from her fingers. She did the same at just above her knees, six loops and two cinch loops. The ropes compressed her skin interrupting the normally smooth lines of her black thigh high-clad legs.

Ummm, that will leave some marks, she thought as she selected a shorter piece to fashion into a wrist rope.

She had researched on the internet and practiced until she came up with something that worked well for her wrists. She could have used handcuffs, but the permanence of cuffs when she was all alone was scary!

The rope method wasn’t perfect, but if she used a cable tie as a cinch it was pretty escape proof. As that thought passed by she made sure that her EMT scissors were in place under the pillow. She didn’t want to get stuck tied up in case Billie didn’t show!

She doubled the rope and looped it around one wrist and then wound the rest around both wrists using a rolling motion. Instead of flipping the ends up between her wrists like she normally did, she made a half hitch around one wrist. She fumbled around with the cable tie until she got it in place between her wrists and inserted the lead into the locking part. It was ready to tighten. She took a deep breath.

“Well, Erin, don’t stop now!” She tightened the tie compressing the wrist loops until they were quite snug. She tried tugging her wrists free, but no way that was going to happen. She would need the scissors to get out… or Billie.

With her wrists secured, her excitement increased. She had done it!

She struggled up onto her knees so that she could see herself in the mirror. She thought she looked good! She had thought of gagging herself, but decided she wanted to be able to talk to Billie. She had left the gag and some other pieces of rope on the bed; hint, hint, hint!

She flopped back onto her side and arranged herself on the bed to begin her wait. Billie, always prompt, should be here in 10 minutes, but the time went slowly and seemed interminable.

Erin went through several episodes of regret during that time and almost cut herself out once, but in the end she stayed put.

Her adrenaline spiked when she heard the door open downstairs and Billie’s heels on the hardwood floor.

A muffled yell from below reached her ears. “Hey,Erin? You in here?”

She barely could find her voice for a reply.

“Up here, Billie. In the bedroom!”

Well it was done now! She felt faint and frightened and excited all at once.

Erin took a deep breath as she listened to Billie’s heels on the stairs and then the hall floor.

“Man, I’ve got to get out of these heels!! They’re…!”

Billie stopped in mid-sentence at the door and stared at Erin! She had a ‘what the fuck’ expression and Erin hopes and resolve immediately flagged. Erin struggled into a sitting position.

Billie folded her arms and moved slowly into the room circumnavigating the bed.

“I can explain, Billie, I…Well, we talked… I mean…!”

Billie lifted a finger up to her lips and tapped gently. Erin stopped jabbering and watched her friend study her, her heart pounding and her face blushing an unbecoming shade of red. Oh fuck! I blew it! She wanted to explain more, but Billie was still signaling her to keep quiet.

“You did this yourself?”

Erin nodded, not trusting her voice.

“Hmmm! And you thought… what? That I would like this?”

Erin just hung her head, totally mortified and wished she were dead. She couldn’t talk or move. She could hardly summon the energy to breathe. Only her brain was functioning and it was flashing Idiot! Idiot! Idiot!

“Well, I’ll give you this. It’s… different! And it looks like you did a pretty good job!”

Erin managed to squeak out a whisper. “Please untie me!”

Billie knew she had gone too far with her blasé reaction.

She hadn’t meant to hurt her friend; she was just trying to bust Erin and to not appear too eager.

She was delighted with what Erin had done! It was gutsy and inspired; Billie had been hinting around about this sort of game for weeks.

She knew she would never have had the nerve to bring it up!

It was one of the things she loved about Erin. She wasn’t afraid to get after what she wanted. Subtleties and nuance were alien to Erin; she was straight ahead and to hell with it and this only reinforced that fact.

Billie knew now she should have just jumped on Erin and hugged her, but no… she had to be cool and reserved and clever!

Erin was crying now and Billie feared that the moment had passed.

Well, there was only one way to go!

“OK Erin, I’ll untie you!”

She kicked off her shoes and climbed onto the bed. Erin shifted away from her and it hurt Billie to see her do it.

“Roll onto your stomach, so I can get at your wrists! Come on Erin, it’s not the end of world! Oh God, what have you done; there’s no knots!”

Erin whispered, “Scissors! Under the pillow!”

Billie fished around and found the scissors. She stuck them in front of Erin face. “These?” Erin nodded.

Billie tossed them onto the floor. As they clattered into the corner, Erin swiveled her head to look up at Billie, confusion in her eyes.

“We won’t need those, but… I will need some more rope! Oh here’s a piece!”

In a quick motion, Billie scooped up a piece of rope and shook it out. She gathered Erin’s elbows in one hand and worked a loop around them. In seconds, she had Erin’s elbows tightly tied together. She also yanked on the free end of the cable tie and really cinched Erin’s wrists, totally compressing the already tight loops and leaving no possibility for movement of Erin’s wrists.

Erin was confused. Deep in her embarassed state, she didn’t realize for a second, what Billie was doing.

She tugged at her arms and found them stuck together; they were one unit uselessly frozen behind her back. She could swing them from side-to-side and up and away from her body, but that was it!

“Billie! What are you doing? Untie me!” She twisted around to try and make eye contact with Billie. “I want you to let me out! Please!”

Billie ignored her. She snatched up the ball gag and pressed it into Erin’s mouth. Erin resisted accepting the gag until Billie’s pinching shut of her nose caused her to open her mouth to breathe. The ball was large, forcing her jaws way apart.

Erin was not happy!

She began to struggle vigorously, feeling for the first time in a long time what it meant to be truly tied up.

She thought she wanted this, but not this way. This was a mercy-tie by Billie trying to be nice.

Although… although, Billie had known how to tie her elbows very tightly and the gag… well, whatever, the moment was gone and she wasn’t in the mood for this at all now. She was still weepy, but felt her anger building.

Billie grabbed up another piece of rope and slipped it between Erin’s ankles. Bending Erin’s legs up behind her against resistance from Erin, Billie used the newly applied elbow rope as an anchor point to lever Erin into a tight little hogtie.

She then threaded a line under the gag strap at the back of Erin’s neck and tied it off to Erin’s ankle ropes after tugging it tight, which lifted Erin’s head up and back.

Erin was really thrashing around! She was clearly angry, loudly broadcasting a garbled gag-talk protest.

Billie leaned in close and breathed into Erin’s ear.

“Baby, I’ve been so wanting to do this to you! Thank you for forcing the issue. And … and I’m sorry I didn’t jump you right away! My bad! Maybe when I’m done with you, you can return the favor? You know! Tie me up?”

Erin stopped her struggling. She stopped crying.

Was this really real?

She considered Billie’s whispered message and felt Billie slide her hand over her butt and between her legs.

Oh yeah! It was real!

A feeling of contentment flooded through her. She had guessed right; Billie was interested!

“Now where did we put that vibrator?”

Erin closed her eyes as Billie rolled her onto her side.

This was going to be OK after all!



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