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Birthday Surprise

by Gromet

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© Copyright 2003 - Gromet - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; lingerie; rope; gag; caught; F/f; M/f; bond; trunk; bdsm; spank; mast; oral; sex; anal; climax; cons/nc; X

It was my boyfriend's birthday and for a special treat I decided to give him a unique present - ME!  I began by going shopping for the most drop dead, jaw dropping lingerie that money could buy, or at least within my budget. After trying on a variety of outfits I chose a skimpy black torsolette that hung from my breasts and hugged my curves down to my hips, suspenders held up very sheer stockings and my sex was just covered by the thin cloth of the G-string. His eye's would pop out of his head when he saw me in these and my planned evening was just beginning.

After making my purchase's I spent sometime in the beauty salon getting my hair, nails etc. done, I wanted to look absolutely perfect for my special man's birthday. Leaving the salon I headed to his apartment, I had a key to let myself in and after putting some champagne in the refrigerator headed to his bedroom to get myself ready. I began by undressing and applying a little make up using the bathroom mirror, walking back to the bedroom I emptied my bag of goodies onto the bed, ropes, gag and cuffs tumbled out onto the bed, checking that I had everything that I required I began to dress myself in the lingerie.

The black torsolette felt great against my body, my breasts held within the grasp of the cups, I fastened the opening at the rear making it a tight fit around my body. After making minor adjustments I sat down on the bed to put on the stockings, the sheer feel of them like exquisite silk as they gently slid up my legs enclosing them in their soft material. Attaching the stockings to the suspenders I stood up and couldn't resist having another look at myself in the mirror thinking about how he'd find me dressed up like this awaiting his pleasure, I shivered deep inside as my thoughts sent signals to my pussy to start becoming moist and hot.

Sitting on the edge of the bed I began to apply my bonds, taking a small length of rope I circled my ankles a couple of times and then run the rope ends through my legs around the other loops cinching the rope tight against my skin. Now my ankles were tightly bound I took another small piece of rope and tied about my knees the same as my ankles. My legs now securely tied I picked up the gag and placed it into my mouth threading the strap through the buckle behind my head and pulling it tightly, holding the gag firmly in place. Now taking some more rope I tied one end to the top of the bed, the other was left lying on the bed for now.

Positioning my body on the bed, I lay myself down and moved into the center of the bed. Placing the leather cuffs around my wrists and securing them with two small locks, the keys were safe in my bag. I checked that everything was in place and made final adjustments to my hair, I wanted to look absolutely perfect for him, I reached up to the rope tied to the top of the bed and looped it around the chain that separated the cuffs and tied this off. Now I was dressed up like a sex slave, bound waiting for her master's pleasures and I drifted off into this fantasy whilst waiting for my boyfriend to return. I couldn't wait to see the look on his face when he found me here tied up on his bed and wearing ultra sexy underwear, my body wriggled in anticipation.

* * *

After what seemed like just over an hour I heard the front door to the apartment open and someone walk in closing the door behind them, I prepared myself moving my body slightly in my now hot and eager state, I heard them moving about the apartment and eventually approached the bedroom door, the footsteps getting closer and my heart pounding in my bound body. The door creaked open slowly or so it seemed, as the person walked into the room our eyes met, female eyes! It was another woman, who was she? And what was she doing here?

Her face went from a look of shock to surprise and then a wicked grin spread across her red lips as she approached the bed. She began by running her eyes over my bound form laying on the bed, she seemed to take great delight in finding me here and in this way.

"Well, well what do we have here?" she said as her hand touched my thigh, her eyes aglow and her mind leading to dark thoughts. "A pretty bound slave awaiting her master's return and on his birthday no less!"

She continued, "What a surprise awaits him, deliciously dressed and tied to his bed, what would he want to do with this present?" She moved up the bed and her hand ran around my face, gently caressing my cheek.

I tried to speak but the gag prevented me from talking, trying to get up off the bed, I forgot about the rope holding my wrists to the top of the bed and was brought back down on the bed. She began to laugh at my predicament and told me to lay still while she untied the rope, moving up the bed she began to adjust the knot by grabbing the ends and then tied another knot, securing my wrists even more. She quickly picked up some more rope discarded on the floor for later use and held my bound legs down against the mattress, tying one end to the rope around my ankles and the other to the bottom of the bed saying, "You're not going anywhere!"

Now she moved about my body checking the ropes that held my body and the gag was tightened up a notch, "Now my pretty little slut, your body is mine" she said with great delight and began to run her hands over my body, running over my breasts and down to my tummy. Electric shocks reached my brain from my tingling nerves wherever she touched me, I had never had a woman touch me in this way before. I was repulsed at first by her touch and struggled to break away but the ropes held me firmly in place and her hands continued to feel my soft skin.

She whispered in my ear that she was my boyfriend's ex-lover and that they had recently met each other again.

Why hadn't he told me? I was shocked I thought that we were getting along fine, why would he want to see her again?

Tears began welling up in my eyes, she looked deep into them then licked the tears up with her tongue, running it around my face licking me, her mouth moving closer to my face she began to kiss my face and then she kissed the gag. Her mouth moved down my bound body to my breast and she began sucking my nipple causing it to react and become erect, the sensations sending it's signal to my pleasure centers. I let out an involuntary moan through the gag, she looked up and into my eyes smiling at the response.

Her hands made their way towards my moist pussy and her fingers probed their way past my tiny G-string finding my labia and little button, they began to play with my clit moving up & down, then around in circles with her soft touch, my body responding to it. She certainly knew how to play with a woman and drive her towards her sexual peak, as really only a woman can. My body now writhing on the bed with the touch of her fingers and the soft, moist caress of her lips on my breast, lost in the moment with my eyes closed and all thoughts now gone as to who was doing this to me. My climax was electrifying causing my whole body to quake, shivers running up and down my spine, legs and arms, exploding into orgasm by her hand.

Coming back down to earth my body trembling in the after shocks, I opened my eyes to see her looking directly into mine, a smile across her lips.

"What a slut you are allowing me to use you like that and coming in my hands too!"

Shame came across my face, now glowing red I averted my eyes away from her gaze but she grabbed my head in her hands and pulled it back, looking into my eyes again I could smell my musk on her fingers as she held her hands on each cheek.

"You've never been with another woman before have you?" I shook my head to indicate no, then she kissed me on the forehead and congratulated me on joining the club. "But now what are we going to do with you? He'll be back home soon and I wanted to surprise him for his birthday," she said as she moved off the bed.

"I want to get back with him again and you appear to be an obstacle to that end. I was going to use tonight to get back into his life and if he finds you dressed in your fuck-me clothes, tied down to his bed I won't stand a chance!" she said.

I began mumphing into my gag, but could not make any coherent sounds. She left the room and I heard her move around the apartment, she telephoned my boyfriend's work but he'd already left, so she rang him on his mobile to wish him happy birthday and find out where he was. He apparently was not far away and would be home shortly and I heard her curse after she'd hung up the telephone. She walked back into the bedroom and if looks could kill I'd be long dead several times over.

"I've got to get you out of the way!" she said as she looked around the room, when her eyes spotted a blanket box against the wall under the window, she moved over to it and opened the lid. She began removing some of it's contents and placing others against the sides. Next she walked back to the bed and began untying the rope that fastened my ankles to the bottom of the bed. She moved quickly up to the top of the bed and untied the other rope, bringing my hands down against my stomach she rolled me over on the bed. She tied rope to my ankles and pulled them upwards to my rear, passing the ends under my body she brought them back around to my ankles and tied the ends off. Rolling me onto my side she roped my wrists and pulled the rope down to the bindings around my knees and fastened it there.

She then picked up my bound body and carried me over to the blanket box and threw me down inside. The blankets that she'd left on the bottom of the box cushioned my fall, but it still took the wind out of me and I lay there dazed as she placed blankets around the sides, saying that the gag and these blankets should cover any noises I made. More blankets were thrown on top of me and then she shut the lid on me, tightly bound and doubled up within the box's confines with no room to move my body, I lay there in the darkness. I heard her leave the room and return quickly, then I heard her hitting what sounded like nails with a hammer, she was sealing me in with no escape.

After she'd put in about six nails she stopped and I heard her say that this would keep me securely out of the way while she attends to my boyfriend and by the way thanks for the Champagne! I could hear muffled sounds of her getting herself ready for his return, she gave a running commentary on what she was doing to herself, how she was going to be tied down to the bed to be found on his return and what she had planned for him. Then she went quiet after she said she was putting a gag into her mouth like the one I was wearing. After a short while I heard my man walk into the room and heard his reaction to finding her bound to his bed.

"Well.. I 'll be, a present for me all nicely wrapped!" he said and then began to play with his new present while I lay securely bound within the box.

After he'd finished unwrapping his present and playing with her for what seemed like ages, she excused herself from the room and left to fetch the champaigne from the fridge. When she returned I heard her open the bottle and say, "I hope you liked your present? There's more if you'd like it".

"When I've had something to drink I'm sure that I can find something to nibble on!" I heard him say. They both began giggling as she returned to the bed and began to arouse his interest again with her mouth, I heard her sucking hard and him moaning and saying how great this was. She continued with her mouth sucking his erect member into the back of her throat and I heard his cries as he shot his load down her throat, he remarked that no one had done that to him that well before, she just said that she'd do it anytime he wished.

Lying in the box, unable to move or speak I could do nothing except listen to them as they made love to each other, she enticing him with her body, she said that he'd now had two of her presents but that she had a third one to give him. He insisted on something to eat first as he was now hungry for some food, she said that she'd get something from the kitchen, but he said that they should go out for a meal. What and leave me tied up in this box? Yes she agreed they would go out but return for his third present, something she was sure that he'd never had before. They got dressed and left the apartment, leaving me in the box.

After a couple of hours, I'd drifted between sleep and panic about how I was going to get out of here, I heard them return. They sounded like they'd been enjoying each other over dinner and were quickly getting undressed to re-start where they'd left off before. She said she wanted him to "screw her ass, good and proper!" He said that no girl had given him anal sex before, she just laughed and said you hadn't met the right girl before now. She said she discovered how to do it from her last lover and had grown to enjoy it as an alternative to vanilla sex and knew what pleasure it gave her man. But she said she had one condition, "What?" he asked.

"I want you to tie me up over that blanket box, tie my arms & legs to each corner" she said.

"Mmmm! a delightful little package for me to enjoy again eh!" he said as he moved her over to the box.

He moved it away from the wall and said, "How'll I tie the ropes to the box?"

"You could always put in some nails at the base of each corner" she instructed.

He left the room to fetch the hammer & nails. She bent down over the box and said, "Hope you can hear all this in there, he's really enjoying his present and wants to keep it. We spoke about getting back together in the restaurant over dinner, he said that he'd have to tell his current girl it was over!" She continued, "Now you'll be able to hear his pleasure as he takes my behind with his hard cock! Hope you enjoy it in there as you'll be stuck for the night!"

With that he returned to the room and eagerly began to bang the nails into the box, the noise inside reverberating in my head. I then heard her lay down on top of the box and him tying the ropes to the box. I could hear her breathing as she was being tied down, her breath becoming faster as he secured her to the top of the box. The next sounds were from him as he entered her from behind, she moaned as her placed his throbbing member into her, then I could hear his knees pounding the side of the box as he pressed himself into her hole, moving faster with each stroke he pounded into her. My sex was coming alive at the sounds of their sexual activity and my fingers began to find their way towards my moist pussy and it's little nub of delights.

After all three of us came in close unison all movement stopped, I then heard him get off of her and move to the bed, she asked that she now be untied but he said that he had other plans for her. He picked up the gag and I heard him put it into her mouth with her protesting but not for long, the gag silencing that. He said that he was going to use her again after a short rest but in the meantime he was going to show her how bad girls were punished and after taking a belt from his cupboard began to beat her on the behind. Her screams brought chuckles from me within the box as he continued to strike her, she unable to escape while tied tightly to the box. Just rewards I thought for what she'd done to me!

After he'd used her again he untied her, but she remained furious with him for taking advantage of her in that way, she wasn't happy being beaten like that and was getting dressed to leave. She was angry at him and was calling him all sorts of names, he asked if they would see each other again, she told him to drop dead!

Just before she left the room she told him what she'd done to me this afternoon, describing in great delight how she'd found me bound to the bed and brought me off with her finger. How she then disposed of me to get me out of the way and saying that I was still tied up in the box, the box that he'd tied her to, to use her ass for his perverse pleasure!

With that she left as my now ex-boyfriend came over to the box to get me out, I left as soon as I was untied and recovered my muscles enough to move them, he looking very sheepish as I walked into the night.



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