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The Board

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2017 - Mikel - Used by permission

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Lori walked slowly through the forest near her home, leaning her sweat covered body back she looked at the sun rising and grunted behind the large leather gag that she had strapped so tight that the skin around each strap was puckering above and below them. The thick leather bit filled her mouth, pulled back by the twin straps that attached to the D-rings on either side. The vertical straps criss crossing her head like all the others were very wide splitting around her nose joining a single strap that ran between her eyes limiting her view. All the sturdy straps combined with the wide chin strap making it impossible to remove without unbuckling it, and of course the small padlocks made that impossible. Lori leaned her rigid body forwards again forcing her shaking legs to continue moving her towards her back yard.

Lori had been using the forest near her home to add to herself bondage games for over a year, having grown bored with lying on the floor of her house while she struggled for her freedom. During one session she had bound herself outside and noticed the gate and pushed her way through it seeing the edge of the forest a few hundred feet away. She felt the tingle like she had each time she tried something new and slowly walked towards it. After that she had started to venture further into it while her body was bound until finding the other edge of the tree line making her plan and act out a growing fantasy.

Now Lori would dress herself and drive to the far edge finish applying her bondage and walk to her house fighting the leather and steel she locked herself into. Lori would start her adventures before sunrise using the cover of darkness to help hide her bound body and also add to her difficulties by making it easy to get off track and making her trip much longer. Her last adventure Lori had started two hours before sunrise, the darkest she had ever started out. She knew there would be people gathering in the clearing for a neighborhood baseball game in about five hours and if she didn’t make it before them she would be stuck in bondage hiding in the trees all day.

Lori had been adding restraints making her journeys more difficult, her last trip through the woods took her a little over two hours and another forty five minutes to an hour to cross the clearing. Lori had enjoyed her trips through the woods but had begun to get bored again having learned her way through the woods almost eliminating the chances of getting lost and making it seem like she was just out for a hike. Now Lori struggled to step forward, the six inch chain she had locked between the tight leather cuffs around her ankles limiting her stride considerably more than her last trip. The spanking corset compressed her body from below her shoulders to the tops of her knees leaving her naked breasts squeezed out from her chest, the strong nipple clamps and their weighted chain bouncing with each step. The back of the corset had two oval openings for her firm ass cheeks to protrude through the tight leather squeezing and forcing them to slowly work themselves further out of the openings.

With her ass hanging out the back Lori could feel the cool morning air learning that by the time she was half way through the woods the wide strap running between her cheeks and her increasingly bulging ass would become painful adding to her difficulty. With the corset holding her thighs tightly together and compressing her waist made Lori have to struggle to breathe and wiggle her way through the forest. Completing her outfit Lori would buckle the tall posture collar tightly around her neck making it impossible for her to turn or move her head forcing her to have to move her body to see anything not directly in front of her. Lori would drive to her parking spot already encased in the corset, gag and collar fighting the pedals in her tall platform knee high boots locked on by the ankle cuffs. Once parked she would struggle out of the car fill her ears with soft ear plugs increasing her helplessness and adding to her arousal by making it difficult to hear if anyone or anything was nearby.

Chewing on her gag Lori attached the strap with the one way buckle between the cuffs locked on her arms above her elbows. Lori had learned long ago to wear her long leather gloves to help protect her arms and wrists so there would be fewer marks left on them when she freed herself. Lori stood grunting and gasping around the gag as she pulled the strap between her elbows tight drawing them together until there was no more space between them. The tight elbow tie forced her squeezed breasts and their pinched nipples to push further out the tight holes in the corset making Lori smile as she feels the increase in discomfort. Lori wiggles in her bonds testing them for several minutes letting her body get accustomed to the restraints before taking the steel manacles and locking her wrists closely together behind her back. Lori had found the manacles with their wide bands of steel were more comfortable and safer than the police style cuffs since they couldn’t be squeezed tighter if she fell onto them as she had on one trip through the woods having to endure the extremely painful cuffs feeling the results of them being over tightened for days afterwards.

Each item Lori was locked into had been added slowly over months of sessions until now she didn’t know what else she could do to make it more difficult on herself. The ankle restraints were the latest addition making her almost panic slightly as she tried to take her first steps and found they were really going to make it hard to work her way through the forest. Lori pulled hard on the cuffs with each step finally reaching the curb of the parking lot and finding she could not step up on it. Turning her body she looked at the locked car knowing she had no other choice now but to continue since she had locked her car keys inside it and her restraint keys were inside her house. Whining she stood struggling as she realized she might have to wait out the baseball game if she didn’t get moving and hoping the ankle chain wouldn’t slow her down too much.

After calming herself Lori bent her knees and hopped up onto the top of the curb only to have the tall platforms of her boots slip right back off leaving her teetering and whining loudly desperately trying to keep her balance. It took three attempts for Lori to get her bound body onto the curb whining as the clamps pulled hard with each bounce then she was finally allowed to start shuffling into the woods. Lori was very aroused from the struggle to climb the curb, each attempt had made the phalluses filling her pussy and ass to shift violently inside her and now they were pressing on the thin wall between them rubbing hard on it. Lori shuffled into the darkness, she had started in a different point in the parking lot in an attempt to confuse her and in her frustration from the curb and shifting plugs she headed off drifting to the right as she fought the underbrush and trees. Lori was stunned at the deep darkness each time she tried to look more than a few feet in front of her finding that once inside the woods she could see nothing.

Lori was shuffling slowly relishing the silence and starting to enjoy the darkness but beginning to regret chaining her ankles together. The short chain was snagged by every short bush and root that stuck out of the ground making her have to stop and go around them and almost tripping her since she couldn’t look down or see them in the darkness. Lori spent the next hour stumbling through the darkened forest learning to walk in the tall high heeled boots that were held so closely together when she suddenly emerged from the tree line and stood staring at the parking lot. Lori almost had an orgasm when she realized she was back where she had started turning quickly and disappearing into the trees her hands flailing uselessly behind her desperately trying to find a weakness in the steel encircling her wrists.

Lori’s mind was running wild as she gasped for air through her nose desperately trying to calculate if she had enough time to make it home as she blindly stomped through the brush. Lori could feel her wrists and elbows getting sore as they struggled instinctively behind her back and calmed herself figuring since she had no idea of how much time had passed she couldn’t figure how much she had lost. As she fought the brush Lori’s climax grew nearer surprising her and making her smile since she hadn’t had these feelings in a long time and hoped they would continue to increase until she was able to orgasm. Lori was leaning against a tree gasping though her nose, the tight corset making her light headed and her bare ass hurt not only from the tight circles around it but the colder than normal temperatures of the much earlier time.

Lori was thinking maybe she should start wearing corsets more regularly since she enjoyed wearing this one so much, she stretched her arms and flexed her encased body and headed towards where she hoped the edge of the woods were. Another hour passed and Lori could see that the woods were becoming clearer stopping to bend her body backwards to see the beginnings of the sunrise and pushed herself to move faster. The platform boots had been a last minute idea, normally Lori wore a pair of five inch pumps that she would lock on but with the ankle cuffs she was worried that she would chafe her ankles and laced the boots tightly up to her knees. Now the thick soles were making it difficult to feel the ground beneath her feet and when the spiked heels sunk into a soft spot made her tilt back drastically adding to her struggles.

Lori was resting again after having to struggle against a strong bush that had hooked her ankle chain, her legs were shaking and she couldn’t seem to get enough air into her compressed lungs. During her struggles with the bush she had reeled sideways getting her nipple chain hung on several low branches forcing her to twist and pull on the chain yanking hard on the clamps. Lori squealed loudly with each pull knowing the modified clamps heavy springs and deeper toothed pads would only grasp her nipples harder as she pulled on them. When Lori was done struggling her nipples felt like they were bleeding and each breath caused more pain making Lori desperately try to look at them only choking herself against the tall collar. While she rested she twisted her bound hands around if front of herself in an attempt to reach the tortuously tight clamps finding she could not reach them with her elbows held so closely together leaving her whining and fighting the steel and leather she was encased in.

Lori was still struggling when she opened her eyes noticing how much lighter everything was and knew the sun had fully risen and breathed a sigh of relief when she looked a head and could see she was just a few feet from the clearing. Lori shuffled to the edge turning her body while she scanned the open field desperately trying to hear if anyone was nearby. Lori was no longer enjoying being deaf as she eased out into the open field, the helplessness of her bonds and the simple act of making herself unable to hear pushed her over the edge. Lori staggered as the massive orgasm slammed into her compressed and restrained body forcing her to scream wildly behind the gag.

Lori could do nothing as her hands and arms flailed wildly behind her and she gasped for air desperately trying not to fall over remembering how difficult it had been to stand when she had fallen before. Lori closed her eyes letting the waves of pleasure wash over her struggling body now exposed in the bright sunlight. Lori stood shaking as her pleasure fluids seeped down her crushed together thighs making her smile around the gag and open her eyes. After a brief look around Lori began shuffling as fast as she could towards her back yard gate, the flat mowed field was much easier to walk through allowing her to make up some lost time. Lori was whining loudly unable to hear herself as each hurried step made her bound breasts bounce and her squeezed ass push further out of the corset making it feel like it was being pinched and pulled on.

Lori only stopped once to catch her breath standing in the clearing unable to hear the cars that had pulled up on the far side or the people that were unloading their cars. Lori opened her eyes again and started shuffling quickly counting the steps to distract herself from another building orgasm. Lori reached her fence a few feet from her gate and stopped to rest leaning on it slowly turning her captured and exhausted body until she had her pinioned arms against the fence. For several minutes she gasped in relief before opening her eyes again catching some movement to her right and twisting her body to see several small groups moving into the field. Lori almost climaxed as she realized if she could see them they could see her! Lori quickly turned on her high heels and shuffled to her gate nudging it open and flinging her restrained body through it falling inside her high fence.

Lori squealed loudly as she rolled onto her pinched nipples and tried to roll to where she could see the gate making her kick her legs wildly. The stiff collar making her struggle for a few minutes until she could see the gate gasping in relief as she saw it closed and latched. Lying back on her bound arms made her breasts push further out of the tight circles of leather binding them causing another wonderful orgasm leaving Lori bound and wriggling on the grass grunting and whining as she closed her eyes and let the wonderful feelings encompass her. Sweat was beading on Lori’s gagged face from the bright sun beating down on her leather encased body stirring Lori to get to her feet. As Lori struggled to get her feet under her she could not look up to see if her release had dropped or not finally forcing herself to rock backwards onto the tall heels and shuffled slowly towards the back porch.

Having to hop up onto the concrete patio Lori could see the there was only a small amount of the ice left and that her keys would soon drop. Relieved Lori stood unknowingly whining as the pain from her torments continued to assault her body and enjoying the feeling of her liquids oozing between her thighs. As she waited she was planning her next adventure unable to hear the baseball players yelling and cheering next door. Lori opened her eyes again seeing the keys for the manacles around her wrists had dropped and shuffled towards them. Lori turned her back and leaned slightly forwards to grab her key and just as she had grasped the keys saw a small white object roll into her limited view. Standing up straight Lori turned and spotted the object that had gotten her attention realizing it was a baseball that had been hit over her fence and knew someone would be coming to get it.

Lori yanked the string from the patio cover turning desperately wanting to find someplace to hide still unable to hear as one of the players was yelling “I got it!” as he ran towards her fence. Lori only had one place to go and hopped off the edge of the patio continuing to hop as she headed around the corner of her house. The sudden arousal from being forced to hide and being unable to turn her head to see or hear if she had been caught excited her as she pressed her body tightly to the side of her house. After a few minutes of holding her breath Lori shuffled to the edge of the house having to expose herself since her head was held straight ahead so rigidly to see if anyone was there. Lori ducked back around the corner quickly when she saw that even though the ball was gone her gate had been left standing wide open and she could see two of the players through it. If Lori had been able to hear she would have known the men had moved back because of the next batter was known to hit very hard and within seconds of her seeing them they had already moved out of sight.

* * *

Lori stood gasping in the bright sun cursing herself while her hands desperately tried to open the locks on her manacles. Lori sighed loudly when she felt her wrists separate and struggled hoping to be able to free her elbows without the long knife waiting on her kitchen table. The more she struggled the more sweat ran down her face guided by the wide straps directly into her eyes stinging them and making her hold them tightly closed. Now Lori was frantically fighting her bindings twisting blindly and grunting loudly swinging the heavy chain attached to her sore nipples. Lori was still fighting when anther orgasm slammed into her making her scream past the gag and drop to her knees touching her forehead to the fresh grass the bent over position making it much harder to breathe as the corset compressed her abdomen even more.

Lori was on the verge of blacking out when she forced herself upright taking a deep breath and letting the warm afterglow ease her aches and pains. Lori had been hiding behind the house for almost two hours before she decided she could take no more and shuffled around the corner not even looking at the still open gate hopping onto the patio and up to her door reaching up and opening it before quickly hopping inside the door letting it close behind her. Lori shuffled to the table and quickly freed her arms with the long serrated knife gasping as her arms popped free from each other. Lori sat her exhausted body down and sat panting for a few minutes enjoying the cool air on her pinched breasts and bare ass before reaching up with both hands and releasing the clamps making her scream into the gag as the blood flow returned.

Lori rubbed her sore nipples before untying the laces that made the holes keep their firm grip on her breasts gasping again from the relief of the pressure around each burning globe. Lori was exhausted and slowly stood up and shuffled to her bedroom where the keys to her remaining restraints waited for her. Reaching her bed she sat down reaching for her keys and unlocking the straps to her gag and the cover her corset laces were locked under before needing to ease the compression around her waist from being seated and lay back on the bed. Lori awoke in total darkness, her jaw was screaming with pain and she couldn’t feel her feet dangling of the edge of the bed. Lori quickly remembered what had happened and started to unbuckle the multiple straps encircling her head prying the large leather bit out of her mouth with a groan.

Now Lori was very sore, each movement made her tits feel like they still had clamps on them and her feet and legs complain as they woke up. It took Lori almost an hour before she had released her aching body and was stepping into the shower hoping the hot water would ease her aches. After the shower Lori eased back to her bed slipping under the thick blankets noticing the clock said ten thirty. Lori smiled as she added up how long she had been bound, already wanting to try it again but wanting to add something else to keep it interesting. Lori slept until the next afternoon waking up even more sore but happy and moved to the bathroom to get ready for work. Lori gasped when she saw her body, her torso looked like one large bruise her struggles inside the tight leather had been more severe than she had thought. Her face had reddened lines were the gag had been strapped so tight and her wrists and ankles were both bruised from the cuffs she had fought for so long.

Lori couldn’t believe she had fought so hard to cause all the marking on her body, checking her breasts she squealed when she touched them finding both were extremely tender. Lori couldn’t stop smiling as she inspected herself turning on the shower as she thought about how she would need to dress for the next few days until the marks where gone. When the hot water hit her body Lori yelped in pain quickly turning down the heat. Lori carefully washed her aching body squealing again when she tried to wash her ass finding that where the strap had held her cheeks apart had chaffed her skin badly. Lori washed herself and got dressed wearing a long sleeved maxi dress that covered her from her neck to the floor. Lori slipped her feet into ankle boots then closed wide gold colored fashion cuffs over the dress sleeves making sure the sleeves wouldn’t slip up exposing her bruised wrists. Lori’s legs cramped from the much lower heels and when she sat in her car she almost cried from having the large plug embedded inside for so long. Lori’s aches and bruises made her walk funny but she made it through the following days keeping her secrets hidden.

As her body finished healing she had been searching the internet for ideas finding a picture of a nude woman bound in the woods. The interesting thing was her wrists had been tied to a large piece of wood that had been tied across her shoulders forcing her to carry it with her arms held wide and her wrists tied to the ends of the beam. The image struck her and she knew she had to find way to incorporate the idea into her next adventure, with a few of her added ideas of course. The days went by with Lori obsessed with the large wooden beam she had purchased and was currently sitting on her counter.

* * *

The beam was six feet long and about six inches in diameter, the guy at the store had called it a landscape timber and had helped her load it into her car tying a red flag on the end since it stuck out so far. Lori had carried it inside and quickly realized how heavy it would become, the idea of having it strapped to her for the entire walk through the woods made her pussy tingle. Lori reached across the beam with a marker in each hand marking where her wrists would be then reached up and marked each side of her neck. “Now, how should I lock myself to it?” she mumbled around the new gag she had ordered and been wearing every chance she got since it arrived. The new gag had more straps but the bulbous gag that filled her mouth was held on by a large thick panel and once it was strapped tightly forced her to breathe out of her nose only. Lori did not want another incident with the gag leaving marks on her face and loved the fact that once she had it adjusted correctly she couldn’t open or close her mouth and with the thick panel pressing tightly over her lips she couldn’t utter sound.

Lori measured her ankle cuffs and figured they could be wrapped around the board with only minor adjustments so she used a knife and whittled away the wood around where she had marked for her wrists. Once the shackles were placed on the board they couldn’t be removed or twisted exactly what she had wanted. It only took two short chains attached to the shackles to allow Lori to lock her wrists manacles to them securing her wrists to the board. The slack in the chains would allow Lori to unlock the padlocks when she was able, and she practiced several times with her facing the board before turning her back to it and practicing some more. Feeling she could get into and out of her restraints Lori took two leather straps that were four inches wide and strapped the board behind her neck across her shoulders. Lori fought to stand up with the extra weight giggling as she wobbled around in her empty garage falling in love with how the extra weight made her off balance and quickly locking her wrists to their chains.

Lori practiced with the board strapped to her shoulders for a week slowly adding more restraints and her high heels until she was so aroused she knew she was ready for her next adventure. It had been two months since Lori had been on her last adventure purposely not letting herself please herself and she was becoming very horny. Lori planned to act out her fantasy next weekend and prepared herself for the big adventure. Lori wore the gag, the new neck corset and much taller high heeled boots to bed and whenever she could away from work. The boots laced in back and went almost to her pussy, after the last adventure Lori figured she would be forced to knees and she wanted to protect her knees. She had also purchased new ankle shackles buying ones that were much wider only able to find them already connected by two short chains, the thought of her ankles being held so closely together excited the aroused woman and even though she knew it would make her trip more difficult but she had convinced herself that was what she wanted.

Lori dreamt of her next trip through the woods every time she slept waking extremely horny desperately wanting to masturbate making herself even more determined to go out this weekend. When Friday arrived Lori was distracted all day, the tight leather belts she had wrapped around her waist and locked to the wider belt in between her legs to help keep her from masturbating at work where actually making her more desperate to cum. She could think of nothing else all day and didn’t know if she could make through the night so as soon as she got home she laced her thigh boots on tightly locking them through several of the eyelets and locking her ankles together. Lori took a large ice block from the freezer knowing from experience it would keep her release away from her for about eight hours giving her enough time to free herself and finish getting ready before she would need to drive to her parking spot and begin her most extreme adventure so far.

Once the ice was hung up correctly Lori wrapped the straps of her new gag around her head pulling them extremely tight before locking them. Lori wrapped the neck corset around her throat lacing it tightly and inserted her ear plugs deeply into her ears silencing the outside world. She found her blindfold and wriggled to her bed before slipping it over her eyes and taking her cuffs and locked herself to the beds headboard. Lori struggled blindly for the first hour before drifting off to sleep waking only when the cold mass of the melted release landed on her chest. Lori freed herself removing her blindfold stopping to think if she could do the walk blindfolded or not deciding it was stupid to think she could and climbed off the bed.

Lori started to unlock the makeshift chastity belt stopping herself and only unlocking the crotch strap, after flushing herself she stuffed her pussy and ass with the new vibrators grimacing as the plug popped into her firm ass then quickly relocked the crotch strap even tighter. The new vibrators were very high tech with the main feature she bought them for was the ability for them to react when they got close enough to the remote. Her thought was setting them and leaving the remote at the house so when she got close enough they would begin to vibrate making her even more likely to climax while she was bound. The decision to leave the belts around her pussy and waist happened in the heat of the moment and she locked them even tighter around herself.

Lori was on the verge of a massive orgasm just thinking about what she was about to do to herself and letting her instincts drive her as she wrapped the corset around her body hooking the laces and pulling and twisting on them until the corset was closed and she was gasping through her nose. Lori tucked the laces inside the pocket and locked it then pulled on the laces above her breasts squeezing them firmly in the leather and making them bulge. Feeling she had forgotten something, Lori grabbed her clamps and carefully walked to the mirror applying each making sure she set them hard before she added a small padlock to the connecting chain hissing as the extra weight pulled harder on her pinched nipples.

Lori was ready to lock her wrist manacles on when she looked at her hands and grunted behind the gag. Lori quickly pulled the long leather gloves up her arms locking the leather cuffs above her elbows before locking the steel manacles onto her wrists. “Ready” she mumbled behind the gag laying her keys and the remotes on the table and picking up the board and carefully walking to her car. Lori stuffed the board into the front passenger seat leaving the end sticking out the passenger rear window on the driver’s side and climbed in behind the wheel. Lori struggled to breathe in the driver’s seat having a brief thought of how the corset wasn’t in the original plan but smiled behind the gag at the idea of the added difficulty of it. With the chains connecting her ankles much shorter Lori struggled to work the pedals and carefully headed out into the darkness.

Lori followed the headlights gasping as she drove slowly to her parking spot glad when she found the empty lot and parked in the nearest spot because she felt her head getting light. Lori climbed out panting through her nose, if it hadn’t been for her overheated need to cum she would have stopped and gone home but after a minute of catching her breath she pulled the board out and set it on her cars roof while she rolled up the windows and locked her key inside the car. As the locks closed she felt another tingle in her pussy knowing that no matter what she was stuck cuffed, gagged, and corseted on the far side of the woods, the sudden stimulation to her imagination spurred her to continue.

Leaning back against the car to strap the board to her shoulders was more difficult than when she had practiced and Lori quickly figured out it was do due the tight corset keeping her rigidly erect. Lori was glad she had screwed the straps to the board making it easier to get it strapped tightly to her shoulders. Once she had it strapped as tight as she could get it Lori tried to straighten up finding she was held firmly in her crouched position with the board still lying on roof. Lori tried to roll to her side giggling as the board stopped her, reaching back Lori pushed herself off the car as she straightened her legs and wobbled slightly forward on her towering heels. Lori turned to her right almost hitting the roof of her car with the board making herself giggle again and realizing she had also never tried to mount the board with her new boots on before.

Lori stood, her ankles wobbling on top of her high heels gasping as she thought about what she was about to do. With the thoughts of being chained helplessly to the board and being forced to walk through the forest with her hands and arms held wide apart while gagged and corseted on top of incredibly tall and much steeper than usual high heels frightened her making her rational mind scream “Don’t do it!” When she snapped out of her trance she had already locked one wrist to the short chain and was working on locking the other. Lori giggled again and concentrated on slipping the hasp of the padlock through the chain finally feeling it snag it, making sure it was through the link first she closed the padlock feeling the snap all the way to her aching pussy.

As soon as the lock closed Lori panicked pulling and yanking on the chains making her dark red and swollen breasts bounce causing her more pain as she tried to get out of what she had done to herself. Lori calmed down and headed towards the curb knowing she would have to hop up it with the shorter chains connecting her ankles. Lori stepped up to the curb and hopped immediately, the toes of the boots catching the cement curb sending her falling face first into the soft grass on the other side. Lori lay screaming into her gag as her breasts screamed with pain, she also could feel where the board had slammed into the back on her shoulders.

Lori lay face first in the grass for several minutes unable to roll over or sit up, the weight of the board and rigidity of the corset making it impossible for her to sit up. Lori began struggling, grunting and whining as each movement made her hurt herself more until finally she pulled her legs up under her. The tight corset was compressing her abdomen much harder squeezing the air from her lungs. Now Lori needed to straighten out quickly so she groaned using all her strength forcing herself to sit back on her folded legs. With the long corset and thigh boots crushed under her Lori whined at the pain sitting on her legs was causing, leaning back quickly squealing as her booted feet slipped off the curb as she righted herself. Lori wobbled a bit then stood exactly back where she had started panting through her nose and waited to catch her breath before trying to mount the curb again.

Lori wasn’t concerned about the baseball team this weekend but she had heard a couple of motorcycles running around the field but every time she had heard them had been after ten in the morning and figured she would be home well before then. Lori hopped much harder this time clearing the curb easily and headed into the dark woods. Lori had barely entered the tree line when her outstretched arms hit every tree she came near knocking her from side to side and almost driving her to her knees. Lori was cursing under the gag but fully enjoying herself and the added difficulty the board was causing and could feel her pussy begin to get wet again. Lori couldn’t see anything in front of her and stumbled through the trees fighting for each small step she took until finally stopping to catch her breath already feeling the extra weight of the board.

For two hours Lori fought her bonds no longer enjoying her helplessness and regretting strapping the heavy board to herself wishing she was at home. She had leaned one end of the board against a tree desperately trying to ease the weight of the heavy thing on her shoulders when it slipped and she shuffled her bound feet quickly to keep from falling. When she had caught herself she was facing the opposite direction and could just see with the early morning light the place where she had parked her car and realized it had taken her over two hours to move about fifty feet in the woods. Lori turned quickly towards the other side feeling her heels sinking into the ground under her and started struggling in her bonds whining loudly as she was getting worried about being able to make it home at all.

After her panic attack Lori resigned to herself she had no choice and pulled her heels out of the dirt and began moving slowly towards the clearing with the board feeling twice as heavy as when she started. As the light increased Lori found she could avoid most of the trees with her extended arms and even though the smaller bushes were interfering with her ankle chains the thing she wanted to avoid the most was the smaller branches. With her spread arms seeming to guide the branches back into her snagging the weighted chain between her pinched nipples. Each branch pulled the chain back and forth twisting and yanking on her tender nipples making her squeal each time as she forced herself to continue making her small steps.

The constant fighting and twisting allowed Lori to fantasize about being driven by a cruel master through the woods and she caught herself dreaming about having someone whipping her bare and exposed ass. Lori was now moving through a very dense part of brush, she was twisting and turning her shoulders raising the ends of the board to clear some of the brush. As she moved through the brush the branches whipped back stinging her exposed ass making her yelp under the gag and making her smile as she thought she had gotten what she asked for. Lori was glad for the thigh high part of the boots protecting her skin but the higher heels were making her travels even slower and creating more pain in her legs. Lori kept struggling and twisting resting only a few times until she could just see the edge of the tree line and stood gasping and panting in relief knowing soon she would be home and could free herself. Standing near the edge Lori desperately wanted to kneel down to ease the pain in her feet and legs but was afraid with the growing weight of the board she wouldn’t be able to stand again.

Lori was resting as the pains from her ordeal crept into her body, her nipple chain was still swinging as the lock moved back and forth on the chain and the welts on her ass were stinging as her sweat ran across them. Lori whined as she tried to flex her jaw muscles wondering why it was hurting her since she had been practicing wearing it for over eight hours a day. As she carefully moved to the edge she let her left arm hit a tree almost spinning her all the way around and forcing her to her knees. Lori squealed into the gag as she felt herself dropping desperately trying to keep herself from falling all the way to the ground again. Lori stood on her booted knees panting facing the wrong way finally letting her body relax enough for the heavy board to drag her sideways until its end touched the ground leaving her body twisted to one side and her looking sideways at the trees in front of her.

Lori was too exhausted to care at that moment and knelt gasping thankful she wasn’t on her face again and letting the pain from the shifted clamps and swaying chain force her into her dream world of being tormented by someone as her hands fought the manacles twisting and pushing on the end of the board. As she struggled in her silent dream world she didn’t hear the motorcycles shooting around the open field and continued to grind the end of the board into the ground. The ear plugs made it easy to remain in her dream world as her climax grew nearer and she continued to struggle and moan. Being bent sideways was making the tight belts under the corset and through her pussy and ass pull deeper into her becoming even more uncomfortable. After feeling the orgasm slip away Lori opened her eyes and tried to straighten up finding she couldn’t lift the board up, unknowingly she had ground the end of the board several inches into the ground and didn’t have the strength to just lift it up.

Lori couldn’t turn her head to see what was stopping her from leaning back over and wrestled with the heavy wood across her shoulders becoming more desperate the more she struggled. Lori was gasping and whining as she continued to twist and pull on the heavy board finally feeling it pop loose slinging her the other direction driving the end of the board to the ground but it didn’t stick into the dirt and she was able to straighten her bent torso out and begin to fight to her feet. Lori rocked herself to her booted feet whining as her pinched nipples screamed again and carefully turned her body taking several steps before a whizzing motorcycle sped past her scaring her and making her try to hide behind a tree.

Lori couldn’t believe it had taken her this long to get to the edge and stood with her outstretched arms sticking out from each side of the tree she was hiding behind trying to figure out what to do. Lori still couldn’t hear the motorcycles having to lean sideways to look around the tree, noticing her arms and laughed at how ridiculous she must look with her arms sticking straight out from the tree and wished she could turn her head to see them. Lori stood facing the tree checking for the riders every few minutes, the heavy board on her shoulders was getting heavier each minute hurting her shoulders and extended arms making her close her eyes and begin to dream the motor cyclists were her captors and they were forcing her to lean against the tree as a punishment.

Lori leaned forward pressing her bulging breasts and pinched nipples into the rough bark of the tree making her whine as her chin finally touched the tree leaving her leaning awkwardly forward on the tall platforms of her boots. Her hands twisted uselessly held wide away from her body and her booted feet were spread as wide as they could be while the chain held them firmly. Lori was starting to gasp as the much needed climax grew close again shifting and grinding her hips desperately trying to get some stimulation from the inert vibrators buried deep in her pussy and ass. While Lori was lost in her silent world the riders had stopped across the field to get a drink and talk one of them stopping and asking his friend if he heard that weird noise. The pair were joined by two more and they were quickly speeding around the field in a make shift race.

Lori was still grinding against the tree, her hands flailing while she panted under the gag ignoring the motorcycles as they sped past her only a few feet away. Lori’s climax slammed through her body making her try and scream around the gag forcing her to step back away from the tree and stand shaking all over. Lori was enjoying the afterglow when she opened her eyes and saw the motorcycles flash past her scaring her as she realized she was in full view if any of them looked her way. Lori slammed herself against the tree again making her scream as her sore nipples hit it again. The motorcycles raced for hours only stopping when they needed a break and when the police car pulled up and the officer walked over to talk with them. Lori leaned over to watch them hoping he would make them leave smiling when they started to drive off and watched the cop walking to his car when the lock slipped across the chain connected to her nipples.

The sudden shift made her squeal just loud enough to make the cop turn around forcing Lori to duck behind the tree again. The cop walked a little closer to where she was hiding asking if someone was there getting no response he turned back to his car. Lori stood silent desperately trying to hold her breath waiting to see the officers head poke around the tree any second. After several minutes Lori bent sideways looking for anyone and seeing no one and twisting to see the officer’s car was gone and immediately shuffled around the tree and headed for her gate. Lori was desperate, the sun was very low in the sky and her body was exhausted and the board now seemed to weigh two hundred pounds so she could not wait any longer.

Lori was shuffling as fast as she could straining her legs against the cuffs locked around her ankles when suddenly her pussy and ass started shaking violently. Lori almost fell and stopped moving forward and twisted and spun in a circle while her hands tried to reach her sealed pussy. Lori had gotten close enough to the house for the vibrators to be activated and now Lori felt like she was being ripped apart from the inside and couldn’t catch her breath or decide what to do. The strange figure now twisting and turning in the center of the field moaning and grunting while it turned in circles seemed confused and lost. Lori finally stopped spinning and turned towards her yard and shuffled slowly towards it concentrating on each step as she moaned and her hands continued to flail uselessly out to her sides.

Lori reached her gate seeing it was latched and moaned deeply behind the gag that now felt like it was slowly tearing her jaw off. Lori twisted and bent sideways until her bound hand reached the gates latch pushing it up then she quickly dropped her hand twisting pulling the gate open. Lori let go of the gate and watched the gate slam shut in front of her face and had to repeat the process while she fought to ignore the orgasm that was about to explode inside her.

This time once the gate was open Lori turned sideways walking to the gate dragging the other end of the board against the fence until it slipped inside the gate. Lori pivoted and twisted as the gate closed behind her and was left panting in her own back yard. When the relief of being home struck her she felt the massive orgasm slam into her forcing her to her knees again. Lori knelt shaking all over as the orgasm seemed to last forever due to the constant stimulation by the large vibrators she had strapped inside herself. After several minutes of gasping on her knees Lori felt herself blacking out and quickly lowered one end of the board to the ground before twisting and falling onto her back. Lori blacked out lying flat on her back with her outstretched arms twisting against the chains as her mind closed in on itself leaving her body twitching as she panted through her nose.

Lori awoke to see stars shining brightly, only after a brief struggle did she realize what had happened and where she was. Lori giggled as she tugged at the steel still holding her arms out stretched realizing what she had done. Lori stared at the stars enjoying the much slower vibrations of the dying vibrators desperately wanting to bring herself to another orgasm as she increased her struggles against the steel holding her on her back. As her need to cum increased Lori twisted her body back and forth lifting then slamming the board to the ground until she got her weakened legs back under her quickly rocking back onto her feet and shuffled slowly to the back door.

Lori snatched the key from the string opening her door and shuffling sideways until her feet reached the step forcing her to hop sideways finally finding herself inside. Lori could feel her last orgasm getting close and shuffled into the house grabbing the keys off the table as she walked towards her bedroom. Lori struggled through the door of her room and was able to lie on her bed as her next orgasm rushed through her body leaving her gasping but sated still chained to the heavy board with her mouth filled and her body tightly laced into the corset. Lori slept for few hours waking in pain and started to try to unlock her bound wrist finding that with her gloved hands she couldn’t feel the lock or tell how to insert the key. Lori struggled to turn her head and look at her bound wrist fighting the tight collar as she tried to unlock herself.

Lori struggled with the pains in her body gasping around the gag as she tried to concentrate on releasing her hand. After an hour Lori had become frantic and was gasping and thrashing on her bed no longer having the strength to sit up. Lori had stopped thrashing and lay gasping quietly, panicking as she thought she really may have outdone herself this time wondering if she could get to her phone and who she could call that would understand her gagged pleas for help. Lori tried to open the lock again, her numb leathered covered hand slowly getting to where she couldn’t feel anything with it when suddenly she felt the key slip into the lock and was able to turn it and felt her hand pull away from the board.

The feeling of having her hand down to her side almost made her cry out of relief and she stretched it and flexed her fingers before loosening the straps that held the board to her shoulders. With the straps loosened Lori could roll over and reach her other wrist and soon had both hands free and forced her sore body to sit up wincing as the chain shifted again pulling her nipples downwards. Lori removed the clamps from her nipples screaming into her gag and rubbing her purple breasts still unable to look down at them she blindly untied the laces letting the blood flow return to them and causing her even more pain. Lori was gasping in pain as she fought the locks on her gag giving up and unlocking the cuffs and peeling the leather gloves off her arms.

Lori returned to unlocking her gag and quickly pulled the large phallus out of her mouth gasping as she closed her mouth for the first time in almost twenty four hours. Lori stood on her aching feet unlocking her corset laces and loosening them until she could slide it down her legs and take a deep breath. The neck corset was removed now that she could get to the laces almost making Lori cry when she turned her head and the pain from being held so rigid for so long hit her. She heard her neck and back crack and felt the pain ease as she bent to unlock the belts around her waist stepping out of her make shift chastity belt letting the dead vibrator slide out of her wet pussy. Lori went to the bathroom and relieved herself trying to unlock the thigh high boots as she sat on the toilet. Lori unlaced the boots feeling relieved she was now totally free of her bonds and turned on the hot water to fill the bath tub when she heard the door bell ringing.

* * *

Lori took her robe and wrapped it around herself and trotted to the front door on her toes relishing the feeling of the plug that was still inserted deep in her shifting as she walked. Opening the door she saw the tall police officer standing there and asked what was the matter? As the officer inspected her partially open and very short robe he introduced himself expecting her to do the same and when she didn’t he asked if she lived here. Lori was still standing on her toes unaware her tiny robe was not fully closed exposing her fit body and neatly trimmed bush. Lori was not in the mood to play any games abruptly saying “What can I do for you?” wriggling her ass slightly under the robe to distract herself from the increasing aches and pains she was feeling. The officer asked if he could come in but Lori held the door only partially open indicating he couldn’t. He told Lori he had reports of something strange entering her back yard and wanted to know if she had seen anything and was checking to make sure she was ok.

Lori grinned and said she was fine so the officer said someone had taken a picture of the person turning his phone towards her showing a very blurry image of someone in a strange outfit standing near the fence. Lori gasped when she saw the picture, the officer noticed she was blushing and said “If there’s anything I can do for you in the future please give me a call” Handing her a business card with his cell phone number written on it. She looked up at his smiling face and knew he had figured it out and took his card smiling at him “Well if I ever need to be rescued I’ll call you” Lori said as seductively as she could. The officer stepped back allowing Lori to close her door hearing her giggles as she pranced off and stood looking at the pictures he had taken of the strangely bound woman crossing the field hoping she would call him. Lori slipped into the hot water groaning as her aching body slipped under the surface and smiled at the business card she held and thought maybe I’ll need rescue tomorrow and smiled closing her eyes and drifting off dreaming of the cute cop handcuffing her to a tree and whipping her naked body.

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