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Bodysuit Selfbondage

by VaughanR

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© Copyright 2012 - VaughanR - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; bodysuit; cuffs; hogtie; mast; climax; stuck; caught; F/m; tease; sex; true; cons; X

I am a 35 year old male and this is a true bondage story.

I was really bored and horney and decided to do some self bondage. I had a really good idea. I got out my sexy black bodysuit my handcuffs and ankle cuffs.

I had a nice hot bath and shaved my balls and crouch. I took the keys to the cuffs wrapped them in a bit of toilet paper and slipped them into the nice deep crouch pocket of the bodysuit. I then put on the bodysuit, it fitted nice and snug on my body.

I locked my ankles in the ankle cuffs which were padlocked close together. I cuffed my one hand, lay on my stomach and pulled my feet back, then slipped my cuffs around the looped ankle cuff chain and locked my other hand in the cuffs.

I was now cuffed in a hogtie and the keys were snuggly hidden in my bodysuit crouch. The bodysuit was a nice fit and as I tried to move about helplessly it dug deeper into my shaved ass.

I tried to reach into the crouch to get the keys but I found I could not reach due to the short ankle chain. I could not get my fingers to the crouch pocket as the hinged police cuffs prevented me from twisting my wrists too much. I found myself struggling and I started to sweat making the tight bodysuit sticky on my body.

I was very hard and horny and I felt my warm cum flood into the suit. I wished I could get the keys, I was tied up for about a half hour by now.

I managed to struggle to my knees to try make it easier but found it even harder to move. It made me so horny and hard I came again really hard and felt the wetness run down into my crouch soaking it with my warm cum.

I was really stuck as I pulled helplessly against the locked cuffs. I then realised a serious problem the drying cum in my crouch would harden and the soaked toilet paper the keys were in would stick to the suits soft crouch pocket. I was helpless and I felt my body heat dry the cum soaked in the tight fitting suit. The cum would soon get hard gluing the keys to the crouch pocket.

I turned onto my side trying to get my cuffed hands to the pocket but it was just out of reach.

As I moved around I could feel the bodysuit sticking to my stomach and  crouch as the cum dried.

I started to slip off the suit trying to slip the shoulder straps over my shoulders reaching up as much as I could but it was no good. I managed to eventually slip the straps off a bit by moving as much as could. About 2 hours had passed and my dried cum had made my suit stick to my stomach and crouch.

I turned on my back trying to slip off the snug shoulder straps. I was so horney knowing I was helplessly trapped I came again feeling the wetness running round my hips soaking the hi-cut body suit. I felt the warm wetness run to the small of my back. I managed to almost slip off the one shoulder strap after a while.

I was tied up for about 3 hours now I decided relax a bit. The excitement knowing I was really trapped and I might have to sms my neighbour to help me, but it was not really the best option I was just too shy to ask her.

I came again just imagining her seeing me like this the cum just kept coming and coming. I felt the warm cum running round my hips down to by back. I continued to struggle to loosen the shoulder straps for some time but they sat snugly over my shoulders. The handcuffs were on quite tight. I tried to slip my cuffed hands under my cuffed feet but the hinged cuffs refused to slip under as my feet were cuffed close together.

About 4 hours had passed and I could not get the keys. The dryed cum made my bodysuit stick to my body as I could feel it pull my skin as I moved around. It was obvious I was helplessly trapped and all the keys stuck in my crouch pocket that was now tightly glued closed by my hardened come and by now the toilet paper the keys were in was firmly hard and firmly glued in the pocket.

I was stuck and helpless and had to get help. I reached for the cell I placed in reach and sent her a text asking her to help me. She replied that she would be there right away.

When she saw me was shocked to see me like that and I apologised to her for exposing myself in such a manner. She removed my suit and saw I was hard. She slid off the suit peeling it off me. I explained I have come several times and told her to remove the key from the crouch pocket. It was so glued up she could not remove the keys. I was so hard. While she helped me I came in front of her.

That did not impress her and she wanted go, I begged her help me as she left me. Now naked and full of cum I was still helpless.

She said I should get a kinky whore to do the rest for me as she was not digging around in my dry cum. She stated that she was tired and not in the mood for kinky sex games. She said, "Have all the fun you want but don't involve me. You're on your own now enjoy yourself."

"Please," I said, "sorry to bother you just please get me the keys". She left and I sent her text saying 'I am sorry you had to see it, it was my fault'.

She replied saying she might be back later. I tried to reach the pocket but it was pulled down near my knees out of reach.

She replied again saying 'I helped u so far you do the rest I want u to struggle to teach you lesson I was once cuffed to a bed and left to be seen naked please don't expect me to help you out of your kinky games'. Another text from her said 'I will come take the keys and free you later. I think you look sexy tied up sorry I said what I did you should have called me earlier never seen anyone like that before'.

I replied 'I was to embarrased to call you earlier thank you for the help'.

She came back to me in the room saying, "Let me get those keys out for you". She eventully removed the keys while I lay on my side competely exposed naked.

"Nice body suit", she said. The keys were encased in hard toilet paper and she cleaned the keys in some water. "I'm just soaking the keys a bit to remove the cum soaked paper", she said, "you are almost free. Be with you soon " she laughed.

She returned with the keys, "Now what keys do I use? There are two keys here," she asked. I told her what to do and she unlocked the ankle padlock and ankle cuffs. Removing the ankle cuffs and then started on the handcuffs. "Nice cuffs", she said, "am I using the right key?" Showing me the small key, "it does not seem fit. It won't go in the way".

"It must", I said, "it is the right key but did not go in all the way".

What had happened was some wet paper went into the tiny hole blocking it when she inserted the key, it pushed the paper into the hole preventing the key from going in properly.

"Tell me you have a spare key this one is not working!" she said.

"No I don't", I replied.

"Well then you have a problem", she said, "I can't loosen the cuffs with this key".

I said, "You must have pushed the paper in the hole when you soaked the keys".

"Don't blame me now, I'm only trying to help you out the cuffs!" she replied.

She tried the key but it was no use. Sitting on the bed naked and cuffed made me horny and hard. She said, "I can't help you any more honey". She kept trying the key sitting on the bed behind me till she gave up.

"Well you're stuck in the cuffs till you get a key. I see that you're nice and hard, very nice!" she said. She stood in front of me and stripped down naked, she pushed me back and sat on me. I was very hard and she rode me. I came in her. She said, "I loved that honey you were so hard. I have a naughty idea for you!" she said with a smile.

She got dressed then slipped my bodysuit back on me. "Sorry I could not get the cuffs off you", she said as she slipped the shoulder straps back on. "That was good but I have to run now, I don't want to spoil your fun I should lock you up again!" she said, "mybe I should take the keys this time".

"Maybe you should", I replied in a joking way.

"Oh yes I should, you look sexy like that!" she replied. "You're going to have to make a plan to get free on your own this time, I won't be avaible expecting someone soon".

She pushed me on the bed, locked the ankle cuffs on one foot ran the chain over my cuffs and locked my other foot. "I nearly forgot", she said padlocking my feet together.

"I love the bodysuit idea it is so cute", she said. "I think I should keep these with me!" she said dangling the keys in front of me and walked out with a naughty smile. "Now try get out the cuffs!" she laughed.

I sent her a text thanking her for cuffing me again and was thinking of her trying to get out. I could not get free and she came 3 hours later to free me, but left me in the handcuffs naked as the key would not work. I managed to eventually unlock the cuffs.


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