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Bondage Before Vegas 2

by rob AKA- pierced_m

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© Copyright 2002 - rob AKA- pierced_m - Used by permission

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Bondage Before Vegas Part 2
by rob AKA- pierced_m
Title- Bondage Before Vegas Part 2 Author- rob AKA- pierced_m
E-Mail- [email protected]
As it was only 5 o'clock i needed to kill a little time so i began watching a BDSM video. Denise was due home around 9PM and as i was using Her as my release person i only wanted to be in bondage about an hour or so as i planned on making it fairly strict. As I watched the movie i decided to put on my nipple stretchers and penis chastity. i started with my nipples. i slipped the circle over the barbell of my right nipple and began pulling my nipple through the circle and hooked one end of the barbell to the top of the post. i then worked more of my nipple through the bottom circle and hooked the other end of the barbell atop the post.

(i don't know if i am explaining a nipple stretcher very well but if you want to see one go to or any pierced jewelry site) (i am wearing these nipple stretchers as much as possible as a few weeks ago I left my jewelry out of my nipples for a few days and I went from a .0 gauge down to a .02 gauge and i am trying to stretch them back up to a .0 gauge.)

i now did the same to the left nipple and both nipple stretchers were in place, and pulling my nipples about an inch from my chest.

Next i removed the .00 gauge barbell from Frennum piercing and the .00 gauge ring from the Prince Albert piercing. (i need these removed to be able to put on my penis chastity devise) My chastity devise is a tube which is 4" long and 15/16" in diameter, and is made from white gold. It has 2 loops at the front which correspond to my Frennum piercing. Once in place and with my piercing jewelry re-installed it becomes a very effective chastity devise. 

i then pull the chastity over my penis and re-install the jewelry. Instantly my cock attempts to swell however is unable to reach full erection due to the chastity tube now en-casing my penis. 

As the movie comes to an end i decide i had better go and get packed for Las Vegas. i pack my suitcase with the clothes i will need for the weekend and as always leave room for some bondage gear. i glance at the clock and see that it is 7:10PM time to start my selfbondage scene.

i enter the dungeon still dressed in my standard daytime dress and add wrist, ankle and thigh leather cuffs, which all lock in place. Only Denise has a key to these locks. i then put on my waist belt which is a weight lifters belt that i converted for bondage use by adding "D" rings around the belt. i then take a small plastic zip-tie and slide it between the posts of my nipple stretcher. i then zip it closed around my stretched nipple as tight as i can make it and clip off the extra end. A second zip-tie and the other nipple is done. My nipples feel as if they are about to burst however it also makes them very, very sensitive.

This is probably a good spot to throw this in. Denise has had me tattooed in several spots over the years. Around both nipples i have a sun burst. The right nipple is red and purple and the left nipple is blue and purple. On my right butt cheek there is a studded leather cuffs with ridding crop and the word "SLAVE" under it. Under that is "Nise' Toy". Nise is a nick name i have for Denise. On my left shoulder blade is a picture of Denise from the waist up, topless. A very good likeness i might add.

Anyway back to my self-bondage. i lock both my ankles to my thigh cuffs so i must now move around by walking on my knees. i move to the closet and remove a 5' wooden pole which is covered in a rubber padding material. i move under the electric hoist and lower the hook. i then attach the hook to and eye hook in the center of the padded pole. 

Next i pick up the PES Electro Stimulation unit and set it to 50% power to begin at 8PM delivering a 1 minute shock every 10 minutes. Attached to the unit is the large acrylic butt plug and alligator clips. Once the plug is lubed up it is slowly inserted into my back side. The alligator clips are then attached to my nipple barbell's. i glance at the clock, 7:38PM.

Prior to leaving for work Denise had unlocked my collar so i would be able to put on my heavy leather Discipline helmet which also has a built in locking 3" collar. This helmet is very strict once in place. It laces up the back then a heavy leather strap attached to the top covers the lacing and buckles onto the helmet. the collar then locks itself and the strap in place with small pad locks. Once this baby is buckled on it would make anyone feel helpless and submissive. i slide the helmet over my head pulling it into place, and start lacing it onto my head. With each pull of the leather laces my cock attempts to swell, however is painfully denied reaching erection by the chastity tube. Reaching the last eyelets i give the laces a final tug making the helmet as tight as possible. (Using touch alone i can not get the helmet as tight as Denise can but it is still very restricting and feels great) i buckle the straps on the side of the helmet up and attach the back strap to the collar and lock it all into place, leaving only the blindfold undone hanging from one side. 

i then put a snap hook onto the Prince Albert piercing ring in my cock. The hook is attached to a chain which i run up to the "D" ring on the front of the collar and attach the other end, stretching my cock painfully skyward. i then attach a 5lbs weight to my ball stretcher. Again i glance at the clock 7:52PM, I gotta hurry up a little.

i hook the PES unit onto the front of my waist belt and tuck the extra wires into the belt so they are out of the way. Using the remote controller i turn on the stereo and video camera's so i will be able to add todays self-bondage to my current video collection. 

The final step...i position myself under the hoist and hook the controller onto my waist belt so it will be in reach of my hand. The padded pole attached to the hoist is placed behind my back and i hook my arms over the pole, so that the pole is resting in the crook of my elbows. Using a pad lock i attach my left wrist cuff to a "D" ring on the waist belt using a padlock. As i reach up to buckle the blindfold into place i glance at the clock and see it just as it turns 8:00PM.
A second or two later the PES unit jumps into action delivering a hard jolt to my nipples and butt plug. Again my cock attempts to swell however is met with painful results caused by the chastity tube. As the PES unit shuts off i think about turning it down a notch as it was a fairly strong jolt. Instead i turn it up a pinch, what the hell it can't kill me right, right. 

i reach up and buckle the blindfold into place leaving me in complete darkness. Now the tricky part, not being able to see and locking my right wrist onto the waist belt before the PES unit starts again. i double check to make sure i can reach the hoist controller with my left hand, and then begin to lock my right wrist to the belt. After fumbling around a little I feel the snap of the padlock locking. 

i reach for the controller and hit the up button. The electric hoist clicks on and i can feel the slack in the cable being taken up. As the slack reaches it's end the pole begins to rise stretching my body upward. As the hoist brings me to the point where my knees are just touching the floor i realize i made the chain between my cock ring and collar just a bit short as my cock is being stretched to it's limit. (Seems like I always make things too short or tight. Maybe subconsciously i do it on purpose) Both me and my cock must like it because it again attempts to get hard, begging for some attention and stimulation. Suddenly the PES unit kicks on and i jump from the jolt. For the next minute the PES unit buzzes away causing me to thrash about testing my bonds. As the unit turns off i feel a sharp pain in my shoulders and arms and realize that i have pushed the up button on the hoist and am now about a foot off the floor. From the PES unit doing it's job and the way the pole is stretching my chest my nipples feel like they are on fire. From the thrashing about the weight on my balls is swinging around tugging on my balls as it swings. 

Being suspended as i was, it was causing much more pain in my arms and shoulders than i had planned, so I reached for the down button on the controller. Slowly I was lowered until my knees just touched the floor and i released the controller button. i decided that I would wait until i heard the garage door open before I would hoist myself off the floor and push the controller away. It was just too painful to be suspended like that for more than 5 minutes or so. 

For the next hour the PES unit would go off as i hung there enjoying every minute of my bondage. Suddenly I was brought back to reality when i heard the garage door opening. Now that Denise was home i reached for the hoist and hit the up button raising myself 2 FT off the floor. When i heard the garage door closing and was sure that what i had heard i released the controller from my belt and let it swing away from me.

The pain in my shoulders and arms returned instantly and i was hoping that Denise would not stay downstairs for very long. Then a little panic set in as I thought was that really the garage door i had heard, OH no had i jumped the gun, how long will i have to hang here? 

Then there it was.......Her voice calling out to me from the stair case as She walked upstairs. 

Denise entered the room and tugged on the chain attached to my cock stating "Poor Baby your going to have the chastity on all weekend and won't get any relief until W/we are back from Vegas." With that She gave me a push to start me swinging and left the room to change Her clothes. About 5 minutes later Denise returned to the Dungeon just as the PES unit kicked on. She knew the unit had turned on and She reached down to the control box and began turning the power knob that was controlling the power to my nipples back and fourth from low to high. Again my cock attempted to jump to attention, but was held fast by the chastity device.

Denise then took the hoist controller and lowered me to the floor. She removed the weight from my ball stretcher and attached a chain from an eye-hook in the floor to my ball stretcher and again raised me up until my balls were being stretched to their max, but at least my knees were still touching the floor.

She then un-buckled one side of the blindfold so that i could see what She was going to do. Denise removed some .23 gauge play piercing needles from the cabinet drawer and tore off the sterile wrappers. She then cut both zip-ties off from around my nipples, leaving the stretchers in place and cleaned both nipples with alcohol pads. 

Denise left the room and a few minutes later returned with Linda. Both Ladies picked up a needle and Denise took hold of the barbell in my right nipple and Linda took hold of the barbell in my left nipple. Together they pushed a needle from the top of my nipples through until the points broke through the bottom of my nipples. They both picked up another needle and this time started at the bottom and each pushed a needle through my nipples. i was able to look down enough to see the blue cap of the first needle and the point of the 2nd needle at the top of each of my nipples. 

When i first saw Denise and Linda pick up a needle my cock tried to jump to attention however was restrained by the chastity tube. However as the girls pierced my nipples my cock would not take NO for an answer and kept forcing blood until the head of my cock was engorged and throbbing with pain. Denise and Linda stepped back to admire their work and the PES unit kicked on, making me thrash about as Denise had left the controller set higher than i had it adjusted. Linda reached over and began playing with the PES power controller knob turning it from high to low, stopping at different points to see my reaction. Slowly She started to turn it from low to high increasing the power. 

Suddenly i felt my cock throbbing and i knew that I was ejaculating only it was happening without the usual good feelings that i get when ejaculating. Also my cum was just oozing out unlike it's normal shoot a foot across the room. Linda reached down and scooped some of the cum up with Her fingers. She unzipped the mouth zipper of my hood and pushed Her cum covered fingers into my mouth and said "Suck them clean." Linda pulled Her fingers from my mouth, knelt down and began licking the cum that was still oozing from my cock. Denise with one hand closed the zipper of the hood and with the other hand flicked the needles sticking through my nipples. Denise then re-buckled the blindfold on the hood putting me back into total darkness. Suddenly there was no more touch and i found myself alone and dying for a real orgasm.

After about 20 minutes Linda came into the room and lowered the hoist unlocking my wrists from the waist belt. She then unlocked the remaining locks as well as my collar and removed the hood. Linda instructed me to remove the bondage gear and clean up, then get ready to leave for Las Vegas. 

As i removed my leather gear i felt more like taking a nap than driving to Vegas. Little by little i got things off me and put away. 

i packed some leather gear in my suitcase and loaded the car. Away W/we went, off to Las Vegas.......

rob AKA pierced_m 


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