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Bondage Nights

by rob AKA- pierced_m

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© Copyright 2002 - rob AKA- pierced_m - Used by permission

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Bondage Nights
by rob AKA- pierced_m
Story Title - Bondage Nights Author - rob AKA- pierced_m
E-Mail - [email protected]
This is a True Story

Ten years ago I was injured at work and received a medical retirement, along with a cash settlement which gives me the opportunity to remain unemployed and stay at home. Denise who has always had a dominant personality decided to remain employed at Her current position as a State Prison Correction Officer at a men's prison in California.

Being retired gave me a lot of free time so over the next year I slowly began to take over the household duties. I guess this was a natural step as I have always been submissive towards Woman. I also had a lot of time to check out the Adult shops. I was immediately drawn to the Bondage and Female Domination magazines & video's. Denise worked swing shift (2PM -10PM) and I would read the magazines and watch the video's while She was at work. All this time I dreamed that I was the slave in the article or video. These feelings had been with me for years. Even as a young adult I would put on my nylon bathing suit, a pair of my sisters stockings, tie my legs up and wiggle around on the bed until I would ejaculate.

I decided to confront Denise and confess my feelings to Her and ask Her to become my Mistress. Upon returning home after a evening out, I went upstairs and got a bunch of the bondage magazine's and put them in Denise's lap. I then explained that I wanted to become Her full time bondage slave. Denise picked up several of the magazine's and looked through them. After about thirty minutes She put the magazine's down, smiled at me and said "I would love to become your Mistress." She then told me that this will be wonderful, as now She not only gets to run the lives of the men in prison , but now She gets to run my life.

One thing about Denise when She does something She does it right. W/we took a trip to West Hollywood to the Pleasure Chest & 665 One Short of Hell and bought one of almost everything related to bondage. Which of course I had to try each piece on, let me tell you that was very embarrassing in front of a store full of people. Denise also instructed me to change one of our bedrooms into a Dungeon. Denise's directions also included the fact that She wanted an electric hoist as well as video equipment so She would be able to record as well as monitor the room from the master bedroom and the den. 

I went to work on the Dungeon right away as I could not start as Her slave until the Dungeon was complete. About 5 weeks later the Dungeon was complete. The Dungeon had 2 camera's that could record/monitor separately or together and be watched from the Dungeon, master bedroom and den. (You should have seen the looks I got from the guys installing the video system) An electric hoist was mounted in the ceiling in the center of the room, A St Andrews Cross against one wall, a bondage chair purchased from Pez in Las Vegas, eye hooks throughout the ceiling, walls and floor, bondage bench & free standing pole. 

I am now a slave / husband to My Mistress / Wife who keeps me in some form of bondage almost all the time, a cock cage, ball stretcher, cock ring, etc. Mistress has also had me pierced. I have a Prince Albert, Frenum piercing which have been stretched up to a .00 gauge. My nipples are also pierced and stretched to a ..0 gauge. At least four times a week Mistress will place me into some type of strict prolonged bondage in our (converted Bedroom) bondage playroom.

This has been our lifestyle for the past 8 years and W/we both love it. Over the past year or so I have found myself wanting to be in bondage more and more. Almost to the point of wanting it 24/7. Not wanting my Mistress to think She wasn't doing a good job, I kept my feelings to myself. I began to practice self bondage when Mistress was at work, always leaving myself an easy way out. (Not using the time device's I had learned about)

One day Mistress came home early and found me beginning to tie myself up. She asked me what I was doing, so I told Her about my need for more bondage. Mistress just looked at me told me to finish what I had planned to do then go to bed. As She walked out of the room She said She would think about what I had said.

The next morning after my shower Mistress called me into the Dungeon. She ordered me to the floor and inserted a large electric butt plug into my rear. She then attached leather wrist, ankle and thigh cuffs as well as a 2" ball stretcher. She then buckled a heavy leather discipline helmet with posture collar onto my head and locked it in place. My ankle cuffs were attached to my thigh cuffs and my wrists attached to a spreader bar, which was attached to the hoist. Mistress raised the hoist until my knee's were just off the floor. Mistress then hung weights from my nipple rings and one from my Prince Albert ring. She then stood in front of me and attached a blindfold.

After what seemed like hours but in reality was only 15 to 20 minutes Mistress returned and forced a pump gag into my mouth. She slowly began pumping up the gag. The rubber inflatable gag filled my mouth and would not allow me to swallow or breath around it. I could only breath through my nose. She removed the weights from my nipples and replaced them with clamps. 
(Clamps always cause a lot of pain because they not only pinch the nipple skin but also pinch the skin against the metal ring through my nipples.) Mistress then hung weights onto the clamps, which caused me to scream into the rubber gag. She then turned on the electric butt plug and again left me alone. Mistress returned about 10 minutes later and gave me 25 strokes with a riding crop. She then let me down and released my hands telling me to untie myself and then meet Her in the den.

After un-tying myself (let me tell you those little locks are very hard to undo by yourself) and putting away the equipment I went down to the den where Mistress was sitting watching a video tape of me in self bondage, and not from last night. She explained that She had known about my self bondage for about 3 weeks as She had been recording the Dungeon while at work. After a long talk Mistress gave me permission to put myself into self bondage any time I wanted and that I was to use Her as my safety person. 

Well that was 5 months ago and I have been tying myself up 2 or 3 times a week. Sometime I use the melting ice release and other self release tricks I have learned from the internet. Other times I place myself into inescapable bondage 2,3,or 4 hours before my Mistress is due home and use Her as my release person. This is one of those times.

After a nice long shower I enter the dungeon naked open the closet and begin removing bondage items that I plan on using. I look at the clock and see that it is about 2 hours until Mistress will be home from work. I figure that by the time I am all ready I will be in bondage about an hour until Mistress will get home. She will change and eat the meal I prepared and then release me at Her leisure, making my total bondage time around 2 hours. 

I begin by placing leather cuffs on my wrists, ankles, thighs, and above my elbows. These leather cuffs all lock on with a small padlock in which there are only 2 sets of keys. One Mistress keeps with Her and the other is locked in the safe, which only Mistress has the combination to. I then attach a 3" ball stretcher around my balls, pull the center separater strap tight and lock it in place with a small padlock. (Mistress is fruits for locks.) I then put nipple clamps onto my nipples, these are the type that have rubber pads and are tightened by using your thumb and pushing down on a lever and with every click the clamp gets tighter. 

Clamped on behind my nipple rings they will never pull off. I have attached a rope ratchet to the clamps and then to rings across from me in the wall. I then insert a large electric butt plug into my back side and also insert what’s called a "Sparkler" into the urethra of my penis. Both are connected to the electric pez box and set on a timer to begin 15 minutes before Mistress is due home. Once started it will run for 5 minutes and shut off for 5 minutes. I then lock my ankles to my thighs and position myself under the hoist. I then lock a small chain onto the Prince Albert Ring and lock the other end to a floor ring. The chain will allow me to hoist myself so that my knee's are 1 or 2 inches off the floor and then will become taught. 

I then get out my favorite discipline leather helmet, it laces up the back then has heavy straps that buckle around the back, the mouth zippers closed and there is a blindfold that buckles over the eyes, along with an attached collar. I inserted the pump gag and pumped it until it filled my mouth Once on and padlocked shut there is no getting it off until unlocked. Once the helmet was in place I padlock one hand to the spreader bar which is holding the controller to the hoist. I then loosely tie the rope ratchet rope to the other end of the spreader bar so that I can pull it and tighten the rope pulling on my nipple clamps. I look at the clock and see that it is 9:45 PM which leaves me 45 minutes before Mistress gets home at 10:30 PM. I buckle the blindfold over my eyes and padlock my other wrist to the spreader bar. 

I am now in inescapable bondage until released by my Mistress. Using the hoist I raise myself up so that my knees are just touching the floor. I must have miss judged the number of chain links as my cock is almost being pulled straight down and my knees are still touching. I decide to hang onto the hoist controller and leave my knees touch until the electric butt plug and sparkler start. While hanging there enjoying my bondage bliss I decide to pull on the rope attached to my nipple clamps. I begin pulling and can just hear the rope ratchet clicking as the clamps are pulled away from me and towards the wall making the rope taunt and causing a burning in my nipples. 

What seemed like only minutes the butt plug and sparkler came to life causing a sharp tingle inside my back side and cock. After about a minute I was thinking I was glad that I didn't turn the pez box any higher. I then hit the controller switch to the hoist raising myself so that my knees were just barely touching the floor. The chain holding my cock ring to the floor became very, very taunt, and I said to myself that’s high enough, and I released the controller which swung away from my reach. I then pulled on the rope to the rope ratchet making it click 3 or 4 more times, which pulled me by the nipple clamps a little off center causing my cock chain to tighten even further. 

I was hanging with my knees just touching the floor my cock being pulled out by the roots, the nipple clamps biting into my nipples and trying to pull them off, and the pez box doing its thing and I was in heaven. 

The sparkler inside my cock was really doing it job as I was just about to come when it shut off. Wait a second, that’s 4 times the pez unit went off, that 35 minutes. Mistress should have been home by now. I began to panic and thrash around in my bonds trying to reach the hoist controller. If I could reach the controller at least I could lower myself taking the tension off my nipples and cock. No luck the movement only caused my nipples and cock to be pulled more. 

Suddenly I heard the phone ring and the machine pick up. It was Mistress... knowing that the only time I don't pick up the phone is when I'm in self bondage Her first words were "Poor baby, your going to be there a while." She went on to say that there had been a disturbance at the prison and She would be delayed 3 to 5 hours. As soon as She hung up the phone the sparkler and butt plug sprang back into action. Even though I was half in a panic thinking that I could not last 5 hours, the sparkler did it job and I climaxed hard.

Forty Five minutes later (I know this because the pez unit came on 5 more times) I heard movement coming up the stairs. I was thinking thank God Mistress got home early. Suddenly the tension was released on the rope ratchet and the clamps fell down against my chest, I felt hands removing one clamp then the other. I not sure which hurt more being pulled or being released, but I was glad they were off. I expected to next hear the hoist and feel myself being lowered but that didn't happen, instead I felt a warm moist mouth and tongue on my cock still stretched and chained to the floor. A soft hand then slid up my chest and began playing with my nipple ring, and I became instantly hard again. The sucking became harder and faster as I moaned into the rubber gag. As the sparkler again starts the sucking stops. As the sparkler and butt plug buzz away I feel a stinging on my ass, Mistress is whipping me with the cat-o-nine-tails. 

After 10 or 12 strokes I feel myself being lowered and my hands are released from the spreader bar and quickly re-locked behind my back. My head is pulled forward and down and I can tell that Mistress is rubbing Her pussy on the outside of my helmet. I begin moving my head up and down and begin to hear moaning, however the moaning doesn't sound like Mistress. Thinking that because I was getting a little light headed and with the helmet still on I'm just not hearing correctly. Several minutes later Mistress's body begins to buck wildly and I know She has climaxed.

I feel the hoist hook being attached to my hands and then my arms are pulled up behind my back. The hoist continues until I am again up on my knees. Again the warm mouth is around my cock, sucking and biting. At the same time I feel weight being placed onto my nipple rings, which makes me explode into Mistress's mouth. I hear the hoist and feel myself being lowered but only so far, and I think Mistress is going to punish me and leave me like this for a while, well at least She turned off the pez unit. 

As time passed I would occasionally feel a hand on my back, butt, and squeeze my balls. After a rather sharp squeeze of the balls I felt myself being lowered to the floor. Mistress let the air out of the gag and began unlocking the helmet. As Mistress removed the helmet my eyes began to focus and I saw Mistress and Linda a Correction Officer friend of my Mistress. 
Mistress looked at me and said Linda tells me you had way to much fun, well I'm off tomorrow so I fix that. Mistress finished untying me and told me to fix Her something to eat as She stood there talking quietly to Linda.

As I said in the beginning this is a true story and after that night Linda has used and abused me several times since. What a life but I love it... 

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