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Bondage Fan

by Lobo De la Sombra

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© Copyright 2013 - Lobo De la Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; cuffs; gag; sawhorse; fan; bdsm; crop; timer; stuck; climax; cons; X


With a sigh, Martha closed her door and leaned up against it. The day had seemed nearly endless, but now it was over, and the weekend was ready to begin. A four day weekend, thanks to a couple of vacation days she’d used. More than enough time, she figured, to thoroughly enjoy what she had in mind for herself.

Moving quickly, she changed into a set of comfortable sweats, then stepped into the spare bedroom. Since the majority of her rare guests shared her bed, with the remainder sleeping on the couch, she’d long since converted this room into her own private playroom. She’d spent many enjoyable days here, and expected the coming weekend to be just as much fun. But first, she had to put her newest idea together.

She’d already purchased everything she thought she’d need, so all that remained was assembling the various parts. Carefully, she laid everything out, then began.

The first item had started out as the base for a grinder. Basically, it consisted of a heavy length of six inch pipe with a metal plate welded to one end. The weight, along with the plate, made sure the pipe couldn’t be tipped over without considerable effort. Indeed, it had been nearly more than she could handle just to get the thing into this room.

The second item was a homemade mounting bracket, which she attached firmly to the upper end of the pipe. Careful measurement ensured the mount was placed at waist height.

Next, Marta attached a standard ceiling fan to the mount. She did not, however, attach the blades. Instead, she substituted her own creations. Basically, this meant that, where one blade should have been, there was, instead, a crop. The other three spots now sported short, weighted arms to preserve balance while the fan was running. A test run showed that the fan vibrated slightly, but not enough to worry about.

For her next step, Martha carefully measured distances, then drilled the holes and installed two sturdy ring bolts slightly to one side of the sideways fan, with a third bolt centered between the first two, but slightly further out. Finally, she positioned a sawhorse between the first two bolts and the third.

Stepping back, Martha nodded approvingly, then, reluctantly, turned and left the room. It would be nice to test things out immediately, but she’d already decided to wait until morning, to let the anticipation rise.

The rest of the evening seemed to drag, and, when she finally went to bed, she found it hard to sleep. Just the thought of what she had in mind was enough to inspire more than a little dampness between her thighs, and she had to exercise more than a little control to keep her hands off herself. Even so, she fell asleep one horny young woman.

Next morning, she awoke nearly shivering in anticipation. Still, she forced herself to take a long bath before beginning her adventure. After drying herself, she made a quick stop in the kitchen, then moved into her playroom.

Above the third ring, a previously mounted ring stuck down from the ceiling. To this, she attached a cord. The other end of the cord, along with a key, was frozen in a block of ice. Key in place, she moved to the fan.

When she’d set the fan up, Martha had connected the power wires to a normal wall plug, which she now plugged into a timer. Glancing at the ice, she estimated it would take about two hours for the key to drop. Accordingly, she set the timer for two hours and five minutes, then plugged the timer into a wall socket.

With a self-imposed deadline, Martha quickly applied a penis gag, then wrapped leather cuffs around her wrists and ankles. Standing before the sawhorse, she leaned over and locked her ankle cuffs to the pair of eye bolts. Next, she connected her wrist cuffs with a short length of chain. Finally, she leaned over the sawhorse and, with some effort, locked the center ring of the chain to the third eye bolt.

Experimentally, she tugged against her bonds, but she’d done a thorough job. Bent over the sawhorse, feet spread apart, wrists locked to the floor in front of her, she could barely move. The gag, too, proved effective, muffling any noise she tried to make. Satisfied, she settled in for two hours of helpless struggles.

Closing her eyes, she imagined herself the helpless prisoner of a cruel master. Throwing herself into her fantasy, she struggled against her bonds, muffled moans emerging from behind her gag. Just knowing how this adventure would end only added fuel to her growing arousal.

Lost in her fantasy, Martha had no idea how much time had passed when she finally opened her eyes. To her horror, she saw the key dangling beside one cuffed hand.

Oh, no! she thought. How long has that been there? Almost frantic, she fumbled for the key, still hoping to release herself in time.

Suddenly, she lurched forward slightly, a soft squeal escaping from her gagged mouth. The timer had run its course, and the fan had come on.

Thanks to her careful positioning, the crop was on the upswing when it struck the left cheek of her outthrust ass. Even on low, the impact smarted, jolting her and causing her to miss her grab for the key. Seconds later, the crop struck again, slightly to the right of the first impact. The third landed squarely between her thighs. Obviously, the vibration was more than she’d thought, as the next strike was on her right cheek. Each strike not only stung, it caused her to lurch forward, frustrating her efforts to grasp the key.

Even as she struggled to grasp the key, muffled cries and curses leaking from behind the gag’s panel, Martha wasn’t surprised to feel her arousal steadily growing. Finally, with a determined effort, she grasped the key. Fumbling, she struggled to insert the key into the lock. Just as it slid home, yet another direct strike between her legs caused her body to stiffen as her orgasm blasted through her. Helplessly, she rode the wave, and then another, before her body fell limp, barely responding even to the repeated strikes on her ass.

Finally, slowly, she was able to release her hands from the eye bolt. Clumsily, she pushed the sawhorse out from under her, allowing her to fall forward, out of the crop’s reach. For long moments, she simply lay sprawled across the toppled sawhorse, before clumsily unlocking her wrist cuffs. Slowly, she bent, hands reaching for her ankle cuffs, only to sprawl forward with a muffled squeal as her rising ass came once more in range of the whirling crop. Awkwardly, she twisted until, with arm fully stretched, she was able to unlock one ankle cuff. This allowed her to roll out from beneath the fan before sitting up and releasing her other leg.

Carefully, she rose to her feet. Warily eyeing the fan, she circled around and unplugged the timer. Her gaze fell on the timer’s setting, widening as she realized she hadn’t bothered to check the timer’s off setting. As it was, the fan wasn’t set to shut down for nearly another six hours. Just the thought of such a prolonged assault made her wince.

Slowly, she removed her gag, letting it drop to the floor as she slowly left the room, making her way to the bathroom. Settling into a hot bath, she considered what had just happened.

That, she decided, hadn’t gone quite as expected. Her pussy was on fire, and she knew that she wouldn’t be sitting easily for some time. In spite of her planning, the crop’s assault had been much harsher than anticipated. As to the vibration that had allowed the strikes to land so randomly on her ass and pussy, that was a possibility she hadn’t even considered. True, she had enjoyed a pair of massive orgasms, but now she was paying the price.

No doubt about it, she decided, slowly relaxing in the warm water’s embrace, I’ll definitely have to make some adjustments before next time.


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