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Bondage Greetings, Gift Wrapped

by boytoysub0069

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© Copyright 2012 - boytoysub0069 - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; cd; spandex; catsuit; straps; harness; hood; caught; M+/m; bond; tape; stuck; cons/reluct; X

I had found the perfect spot for some outdoor selfbondage fun, or so i had thought. It was a small school yard, with a skating rink, and a small shack to put your skates on. The place was just on the outskirts of the city, a perfect out of the way place, with not too much traffic.


I had gone there many times during the summer and fall , always late at night so there was less chance to come across anyone. Today was going to be different, I was going to go in the morning, i had staked it out a few days before and no one really got there till the late afternoon, for the couple of days that i watched it, a group of four men would get there around 2pm and clean off the rink for 40 minutes to an hour, then later on people would show up to go skating, or play a game of hockey.

Though i have a fantasy about being caught , i don't think i could ever willing let myself be found, I enjoy the fact that there is always a small chance i could get discovered, but a greater chance i can have some selfbondage fun, pack up and be on my way without anyone knowing. That being said, i always like to be prepared, and it adds to my excitement, i wrote a little note on my computer the night before, for the maintance guys. I would tape a couple up by the rink and the shack to point them in the right direction if they were to arrive while i was there. The chances of that happening were pretty slim, i doubted anyone even worked the christmas week.


The note read , " Christmas present all wrapped up in the skate shack !!! add a little more tape so she can't get away, let her struggle in her bonds while you work. When your finished take out her gag and have some fun. Seasons Greetings " I also added a picture of myself all tied up from a earlier visit to the skating shack. It was a little more incentive for me to struggle in my bondage when i tied myself up, and added to the thrill and excitement.

The morning of December 27th, i got up and got ready for my holiday season selfbondage, i had shaved my body the night before, so just a quick shave, teeth brushing and shower. I put on my favorite perfume, and applied some makeup, red lipstick, blue eyeshadow, black eyeliner and mascara. My out fit started with a black thong, and a black sports bra, i added my nipple clamps and then my DD silcone breast forms crushed my clamped nipples even more, as they stained my bra. My skintight black lycra catsuit slid on next, clinging to my addedly shapely form, I hightlighted the catsuit with my hot pink body harness, that encircled my breasts and waist in pink leather. A pink leather crotch strap firmly parted my ass cheeks, and a black leather bondage belt which was adorned with many stainless steel o rings finished off my look for now.


I grabbed my backpack of other items, and threw on a pair of track paints and a coat and shoes and headed out the door for my kinky adventure. The drive was a blurr as my mind raced with the thoughts of struggling in my bondage. The placed looked deserted as i drove by it, and into the empty parking lot. Parking off to the end, i got out and walked toward the skating rink, I used i piece of the bright pink duck tape i brought with me to tape up a few of the notes, as i headed to the shack. Taping one last note to the doorway of the shack i went inside, it was still dark, as the lights were on a timer and didn't come on till 11:30 am, as i had come to find out .

Taking off my coat, and slipping out of my shoes and track pants got me really excited. The cool air touched my skin through the tight lycra, as my blood boiled from the excitement of what was going to come. Opening my bag, i zipped up my pink leather high heeked boots, next came my long red wig, and my lycra hood, the hood had holes for the eyes and mouth. Adding to my look was a pink leather collar, leather wrist cuffs, and a huge blue ball gag. I pranced around the shack, took a quick look outside, and everything was clear. I put the timer on my camera a shot a few pictures of myself, then got ready for my selfbondage entrapment.

i pulled out 5 pink leather straps, and tightly fused my ankles , legs and thighs together.


After hopping around for a picture or two, i bounced back over to the picnic tables in the shack to finish off my predicament. Pulling myself up onto the table top , i placed myself in the middle of the table, and had myself facing the open door way. I took a snap hook and fastened my bound ankles to the o ring at the small of my back, now my ankles rested on my ass, the begining of a tight hogtie. Two vibrators with new batteries slid tightly between my bound thighs, and i cranked them to full, the buzzing sounded like a chainsaw, i swear people might hear it for miles. Making sure i could hear no one over the buzzing, A blindfold was next, and finally i snapped my wrist cuffs to the same o ring, I was in selfbondage heaven, squirming, and wiggling in my bonds. After a few minutes i heard a loud click, I could see a little from the blindfold that the lights came on from the timer, must be 11:30 .


My selfbondage was entertaining me quite well, i was trust up like a turkey, and the vibrators were driving me wild, I'd give myself another 20 minutes, then it would be time to go.

I had no sooner thought of that, and was drifting off into another bondage daydream, when i heard the sounds of vehicle doors slamming ! I struggled to unsnap the hooks, as voices were coming from the rink, but in my panic, and maybe from my excitement snapping the hooks on, i could not get free. The hook from my ankles and the hooks from my wrist were all snapped together and to the o ring, rather than just snapped separately to the o ring. It was to tight for me to unsnap them, plus in my desperation the material from my gloved hand was snagged on the hook too.

I couldn't get free, and every second was important for my escape, or atleast for me to unbind myself, and get on my pants, shoes and coat........i could just say i just finished skating.

The voices went quiet for a little while, then i could hear the sound of footsteps in the snow getting closer. Next came all kinds of comments, i think they were in shock.... i heard some swearing, a few crude jokes, but then it settled on if this is what ' SHE" wants, then SHE'LL get it good.

They took the pink duct tape i had on the table seat and proceeded to duct tape my elbows as close together as they could... after adjusting my hands palm to palm, they taped them up tight, and i could feel more tape on my ankles and the snaps. Escape was out of my control, though i was still excited, i was also terrified, and ashamed. I was told to have fun, they'd be back to check on me in a while, i could hear them working and talking on the rink, and all i could do was squirm, the nipple clamps were burning, my arms hurt, and my legs cramped.

to be continued .......

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