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Mandy was awakened by the constant itching from her legs, thankful she was in her own bed and it had all been a dream, a wonderful, kinky, scary dream. Her hands were frantically scratching her thighs making her pull the covers back while she swung her legs out from under them. The loud clunk when her feet hit the hard wood floor cleared her fuzzy mind making her slowly look towards her feet and gasp. The stunned woman said “Oh my god it was real?”

Mandy’s dreams had started a few months ago, every night she dreamt of having her legs encased in thick leather thigh high ballet boots, forever. The dreams had started after she had received her new boots that were like the ones in her dreams except, of course, they were laced on and could be removed. The dreams started with her wearing her new boots while walking in the mall like she had been wearing the boots all her life. In real life Mandy could barely hobble a few steps in her new boots but craved wearing them every minute she was out of them and lacing them tight every night and forcing herself to wear them from Friday night to Monday morning.

The toe boots went perfectly with herself bondage games making it much more difficult to reach her release when she had to stand and giving her legs and feet an erotic look and feel when she had them on. On weeknights Mandy would sit with her head harness gag, wrist and ankle cuffs all locked on staring at her out stretched legs and feet admiring how defined her leg muscles looked under the leather and how perfect she thought her feet looked when held en-point. As Mandy’s obsession with the boots grew the intensity of her dreams increased as well driving Mandy to wear her boots while driving to work just to make the feelings last longer. She even wore them even when she knew she had to get gas for her car forcing herself to fill her car while she stood in her normal work skirt and the tall leather boots relishing being outside in them.

Mandy sat looking at the boots currently encasing her legs smiling as she admired how perfectly they followed her skin all the way to her toes. The dream boots were perfectly smooth, no laces and no zippers to disrupt the unbroken shine of them. The only seam was finely stitched after her legs were inside leaving the material perfectly smooth with no openings for her to remove them. Mandy couldn’t understand why someone would go to all the trouble to sew her into the beautiful boots without her permission. Even as much as she loved the new boots she knew she would just have to cut them off when it was time to go to work. Mandy was still scratching her legs thinking she must be allergic to whatever they were made of. She hated the idea of having to remove them so quickly but didn’t think she could stand the itching much longer.

Mandy found she could bend her legs but the tight material stayed perfectly smooth and only allowed her to bend them about half of the normal distance. She lay back admiring and stroking them deciding she would try to walk in them before cutting them off and rolled forward and stood up like she wasn’t wearing the nine inch heels at all. Carefully at first she stepped towards the door finding she could walk in the new boots quite well striding into the kitchen easily, not feeling any of the pain or cramping she had felt in the past. Mandy drank a glass of water unable to take her eyes off the smooth shiny boots covering her legs wishing she actually could wear them forever.

It took Mandy sitting on a hard chair to realize she was naked except for the boots and she giggled at herself for being so enamored by them and walked confidently into the bedroom and dropped a light dress over her head. The itching had faded and now she barely noticed it as she almost danced around her house deciding to go check her mail before removing the boots, just to get a quick thrill of wearing them outside not even caring if her neighbors saw her in them or not. Prancing out to the curb with the short dress flaring up she found the box very full and struggled to carry all the mail inside. Mandy dropped it on the table and began sorting it wondering why she had suddenly gotten so much mail. While she was sorting she noticed the date on one envelope then quickly started looking at others realizing some of the mail was from over a month ago!

Going through the mail she found two envelopes addressed to her from a company named “Fantasy Boots” she ripped the first one open and quickly read the welcome letter to “The fraternity of eternal boots”. The word “eternal” worried her as she continued to read about her “new” life and how exciting it would be. Mandy was gasping by the time she finished the letter and quickly ripped open the second letter pulling several pages out from inside the envelope and began reading. The first page talked of the construction of the boots and the leather like material and even though it was extremely durable and should last the rest of her life it was actually the bonding process that gave it its ability to be irremovable. Mandy kept reading waiting for more info on the “irremovable” part reading about how the material breathed and could be washed and dried just as she would her own skin.

Mandy was almost having a panic attack as she read the page titled “How to live with your life choice” explaining about some of the problems with people and careers she might have and how to handle them. Mandy read about half of the page before throwing the pages across the table jumping up and walking quickly to her bathroom and grabbing her scissors. Leaning on the counter she tried to get a finger under the shiny material finding she could not separate it from her skin and each time she pulled on it her flesh would stretch with it making her stop from the pain. Mandy fought the material for twenty minutes before dropping the scissors in the sink and beginning to cry as the idea of really being trapped in the crotch high ballet boots for the rest of her life hit her.

Mandy walked slowly back to the kitchen dejected as she stared at her pointed toes wondering why this had been done to her and gathered up the papers hoping somewhere in them she might find the answers. Mandy read all the pages finding out more about the material, the adhesive used and several tips on covering them when needed but nothing on why she was chosen or who had done it. Mandy sat into the night trying to remember what had happened, she had lost over a month of her life memories and couldn’t understand why or how she could disappear without someone noticing. While she sat thinking she went through some more mail finding items that told her of the medical condition that forced her to take an extended leave of absence and another that showed several advances on her pay to cover her bills until she returned.

Mandy fell asleep sitting at the table waking when the door bell was rung. Mandy jumped to her pointed toes and dashed to the door yanking it open to see a large box sitting on her porch. Mandy picked up the box feeling the morning air blow across her bare ass not caring if anyone saw it under the short dress. Carrying the box Mandy couldn’t help but smile as the sound of her boots echoed through the house reminding her she had achieved her goal of being able to walk in ballet boots. Opening the box she found what looked like a flyer reading it was from Fantasy Boots, Mandy scanned it noting the different styles of boots and shoes then noticing what they called “camouflage” covers for the toe boots. Putting the flyer aside she started opening the smaller boxes finding each had different covers that once slipped on would make the boots look more like normal high heeled boots.

There were dozens of boxes each containing a pair of covers and some of the covers were made to look good from a distance and others were made to completely change the appearance of the toe boots leaving them to look like normal boots and several even make them look like high heeled pumps. Mandy squealed as she slipped one of the boot covers up her pointed toes and legs twisting and yanking until she felt it snap into place. Mandy walked around admiring the look of the shoes and thought no one will be able to tell I’m not wearing normal shoes. Mandy organized the covers in her closet leaving the over the knee covers on while she searched for clothing that would cover the tops of the thigh high boots cursing herself for liking short skirts so much finding she only had three dresses that went below her knees.

Mandy pulled one of the long skirts on and finished getting dressed tucking her blouse in and studied herself in the mirror giggling as she thought “I might get away with this”. Mandy was feeling better but was still curious about what had happened and was beginning to accept her situation but was more concerned about covering it for now. Mandy checked her bank account finding she had considerably more money than before so she started shopping for clothes that would help her in her new life. In her search she entered Fantasy Boots and found they were a web site that sold boots and boot accessories but had nothing listed about permanent boots. Entering the “Fraternity of eternal boots” another web site came up explaining its purpose and how to join. As soon as Mandy entered her name the screen changed to a welcome a new sister screen and suddenly she was being greeted by what seemed like a hundred women.

Mandy quickly learned that no one would converse about how they got their permanent footwear and began enjoying talking with others who shared her obsession. After a few weeks Mandy’s life was back to normal she had mastered covering the boots and avoiding questions about her height and was once again enjoying her self bondage. During her conversations with her sisters they had opened her mind up to new things to try during her sessions in bondage. One of the suggestions was wearing the tight latex which Mandy now wore constantly. Mandy had fallen in love with her latest purchase, a full body cat suit of heavy black rubber and wore it every chance she got and had even started wearing it to bed. She loved having her body coated in tight rubber and the strange feelings it gave her when she stroked her encased body with her rubber covered hands. Her sisters had given her the contact info for the company that had made it telling her they made the suit specifically to wear with her toe boots and Mandy loved it. The latex had even invaded her dreams waking her leaving her panting by their vividness and eroticism until one morning she was awakened by her whole body itching.

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