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Bound for Vengeance

by Otto Dix

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© Copyright 2003 - Otto Dix - Used by permission

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Bound for Vengeance
by Otto Dix
Bound for Vengeance by Otto Dix March 21, 2003 [email protected]

It was Saturday morning and I was on my way over to my little sister’s place to check on her house. She lived alone and asked me to feed the cat and water the plants while she went away for the weekend. I was a little pissed off with her that she thought I could just drop everything and take care of her damn cat, but I always tried to help her out, especially since I’ve always felt guilty about how I treated her a couple of years ago.

While we both went to University, we lived at home with our parents. One day, I came home early to find her tied naked to the bed. She was gagged and blindfolded, and her breasts were bound tightly with ropes and clothes pegs were latched to both nipples. At first I thought she was being raped, but the front door was locked when I came home and no one seemed to be in the house. Then I noticed she was frantically reaching for an open jack knife on the bedside table. It dawned on me that she had tied herself to the bed, and was planning on releasing herself with the knife.

I raced over and snatched the knife before she got a hold of it. I sat down on the edge of the bed and removed the blindfold. She had her eyes closed and was looking away. Her embarrassment must have been overwhelming. I talked softly to her but with a tone of gloating. “There, there now. Did you do this all by yourself? It looks like you’ve done a very good job.” She looked at me. Her gag was well in place and prevented her from talking. She was begging with her eyes to be released.

I looked down at her and said “Ya know what? I think I’ll go shopping!” Her eyes widened with fear. I reapplied the blindfold as she protested through her gag. As a got up, I calmly assured her “Don’t worry, Mom will be home in an hour or so. She can let you out. I’ll leave the bedroom door open so she can find you.” As I left the bedroom, I could hear her muffled screams. I got to the front door and opened and closed it loudly, but remained inside. As the door closed, her protests subsided.

I took off my shoes, and very quietly made my way back up to our bedroom. I could hear her violently struggle for release every minute or so. I took advantage of her struggling to make my way closer to the bedroom door, since she wouldn’t be able to hear me as easily. I stood and watched her as she struggled for release. I watched for about 20 minutes when I heard our Mother’s car pull up in the driveway. My sister heard it too and was really panicking. I ran over and quickly cut the ropes that held my sister’s limbs to the bedposts. She pulled off her blindfold and realized that I had been watching all along. “Hurry up and get yourself dressed.” 
I closed the bedroom door behind me and went downstairs.

For months after that, I teased my sister about her bondage fetish. What she didn’t know is that I also practiced a little selfbondage. I always felt guilty about the misery I put her through. With that thought, I pulled into her drive way.

I looked around for the cat food in the kitchen, and found an empty can on the counter. “Great! Where the hell does she keep the cat food?” I went down to the “Family room” and walked over to the adjacent laundry room where she kept canned and dry goods. I grabbed a fresh can of cat food and walked back out. As I walked out of the laundry room, I had a clear view of the couch and right there on the couch was a pair of handcuffs! I couldn’t miss noticing them against the dark fabric of the couch.

I was fascinated with them. I had never held a real pair before. Obviously, little sister was still into bondage. I looked around and noticed the corner of a box sticking out from under the couch. I opened the box and found a treasure of bondage and fetish items. There were about a dozen small locks, all open with their respective keys inserted. There were leather cuffs that could be locked, short and long lengths of steel chain, a penis gag, stockings, rope, nipple clamps, a video, and what appeared to be a bullet shaped vibrator that was still in its package. What about the handcuff keys? On a hunch, I went to the kitchen and opened the freezer. Inside, I found an ice cube tray with a single cube. Deep inside the cube as tiny key and a paperclip that stuck out to form small loop.

I put the tray back in the freezer, fed the cat, and went back downstairs. I looked at the ceiling and there was an unobtrusive small hook. This was obviously for hanging the ice cube. I formed a mental image in my head. You put all the keys out of reach, use the ropes, locks and chains for bondage, and finally lock your hands with the hand cuffs. You have to wait for the key to drop before you can get out, and you have the video and the vibrator to keep you company. I was beginning to feel very nervous. Sister wouldn’t be home for a couple of days, and I wasn’t expected home until this evening.

I laid out the arsenal of bondage gear on the couch and examined it closely. I put the video in the VCR and started it. As expected, it was a bondage video. The woman on the screen was willingly being bound by her companion, starting with a very neat, but painfully looking, form of breast bondage. It was topped off with the nipple clamps which caused the woman to squeal and heave her bound breasts. I stopped the video and debated about what I should do. I was desperate to be that woman on the screen.

I pictured myself. Thigh high stockings, breast bondage, clamps, crotch rope, penis gag, ankle cuffs with a short chain across, and a longer chain locked to a set of handcuffs behind my back. I might even make that chain just long enough so that I can’t stand up, but force myself to remain on my knees. I would do it!
As I began to undress, my hands shook. But wait, I need to collect all the padlock keys and put them away. Where would I put them? In the car? No, bad idea! I would still have to go outside with my ankles hobbled to get the keys. Instead, I put the keys in an envelope, and put them in the mailbox just outside the front door. After I unlock the handcuffs, I could reach out the front door and get the keys back.

I went back to the family room in the basement and undressed. I laid all my clothes out neatly on a chair, and sat on the couch to start my bondage. I started with the stockings. They felt nice and accented my long legs. I was just about to start a crotch rope when I remembered the little bullet vibrator. It was still in its package. I examined the instructions. It was a time delayed vibrator, obviously designed for the self bondage crowd. A twist of the top, and it was set to go off in about a half hour. “What the hell! In for a penny; in for a pound.” I removed it from its packaging, gave it a twist, and slipped it inside. It went in easily as I was flowing by this point.

Now that I was on a timer, I hurried to complete the bondage. The crotch rope held the bullet vibrator in place. Next I did the breast bondage as I saw it on the video, and topped it off with the clamps. My eyes watered with pain as I applied them, but soon the pain started to subside to a dull ache. I picked up the penis gag and strapped in on. It invaded my mouth completely. I was beginning to feel completely vulnerable. I wonder what sister would have to say if she saw me now. Before I did the last step, I went upstairs and retrieved the ice cubed key from the freezer. I had to stand on a chair to loop the paper clip on the tiny hook in the ceiling. I cleared the chair from the center of the room and applied the ankle cuffs. It wasn’t difficult for me to close the padlocks, as I could still go and get the keys from the mail box.

I rewound the video, and started it again. As I watched the young woman being bound, I made myself comfortable on the couch. I sat in the corner with my legs tucked in, and placed my hands behind me and prepared to lock the cuffs. I closed one cuff around my left hand, and my breathing became heavy and my body was becoming moist with sweat. I looked up at the key and back down at the bondage scene that was getting progressively intense. With a deep breath, I clicked the ratchet of the remaining cuff around my right wrist. My heart practically jumped out of my chest with panic.

There was no sense in trying to go anywhere; the chain from the cuffs to my ankles would prevent me from standing. I relished watching the video and waited for the vibrator to start. I wondered if I would have an orgasm. I was pretty close as it was.

A half hour went past. I was busily flexing my hips trying to stimulate myself on the crotch rope, when the T.V. screen went snowy. “Damn, just as it was getting good” I thought to myself. Then, an image of my sister appeared on the screen. She was sitting on the very couch I was on, fully clothed and smiling into the camera. I had a bad feeling about this.

“Hello Sis. If you’re watching this, then it means you noticed the handcuffs when you had to find a new can of cat food. I am also betting that you couldn’t resist trying out a couple of the toys I left for you. There are two things I need to tell you. First, that vibrator up your cunt is not a vibrator, it’s an Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon, which, when deployed, will broadcast your exact location to emergency services worldwide. I imagine the local police and fire services are tracking it down as we speak. They will stop at nothing to find that beacon. Can you imagine their surprise when they find it stuffed up your cunt.” Sister couldn’t control the ever broadening smile on her face.

“Oh! I almost forgot about the second thing I need to tell you. That key you’re waiting for to fall down? It won’t work on those cuffs. Ya know what! I think I’ll go shopping!”

With that, the screen when snowy, and the bondage video scenes returned. However, this time I wasn’t in the mood to watch them. How the fuck was I going to get out of this! I flailed about on the floor trying to get the crotch rope off so I could turn off the beacon, but I thoughtfully put all the knots in the front so I couldn’t get to them with my hands behind my back.

“Knife,” I screamed to myself! I will cut off the rope. The stairs would be difficult to manage, but just then I saw a sharp letter opener on a desk. I hobbled over to the desk and had to use my chin to try and get the opener to drop to the ground. I screamed with pain into my gag as I pressed clamped and bound breasts against the side of the desk to reach the opener and drag it over. After the opener finally fell to the ground, I laid down and carefully laced the sharp edge under the rope and started to saw away and the cotton rope. I was really upset with myself. How could I have let myself get into this mess? It’s at this point I realized just how my sister felt. Just then, I figured she was probably just yanking my chain about the vibrator being a beacon. I sighed with relief as I convinced myself that it was a joke. Just then, there was a heavy banging at the door. “OPEN UP, IT’S THE POLICE!”

“SHIT!” The front door opened with a loud bang, and I almost passed out. I was lying on the floor with my head looking back towards the stairs watching for the police to come and find me.

There was silence.

Instead of the clamoring of emergency workers searching for a victim, all I heard was a single pair of high heels making their way down the hall, and down the stairs. It was sister!

“There, there now. Did you do this all by yourself? It looks like you’ve done a very good job.” She said those words as if she had waited a lifetime to say them. As she retrieved the letter opener from my hand, she said “Don’t worry Sis, you don’t have a beacon up your cunt. She turned away and sat on the couch and she made herself comfortable. “However, it isn’t a vibrator either.” She reached into a shirt pocket and pulled out a tiny pad with a couple of buttons and switches on it. “I’ll give you a hint what it is.” As she said this, she pressed a button, and an electrical shock bolted though clit and vagina. My body convulsed and strained against all the bonds. “It has different settings; I can make you cum 12 times over, or make you wish you were dead.”

I screamed incessantly into my gag pleadingly with her. She knelt down and stroked my cheek as though calming a trapped wild animal. “Easy there, calm down. I know what you’re thinking. You’re wondering how I knew when to come home and find you.” Actually, that hadn’t crossed my mind. She lowered her head near mine and turned towards the desk and computer. “The monitor is unplugged, but you didn’t notice that the computer was on, did you?” Just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse. Pointed towards the couch was a tiny webcam. “I’ve been watching you. Watching and waiting. I’ve been waiting a long time for this. At first it was just me and couple of self-bondage friends, but as word got around, the hit rate shot through the roof. You’ve got a lot of fans watching, so let’s not 
disappoint them.”

As she redirected the webcam to my position on the floor, she added, “But first, I’m going to make myself a tea, and set up the video camera. I’m gonna want to tape this for posterity. Don’t go away; we have a BIG day ahead of us.”

My muffled screams for pity were ignored as my sister headed upstairs.


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