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Bound he is

by Adam Egg

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© Copyright 2003 - Adam Egg - Used by permission

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Bound he is
by Adam Egg
'This story is fiction' 

Don't try this at home (unless you know what you are doing).

After our Saturday afternoon of fun, Linda talked a few times about doing it again.  Of course, I was ready to go at any time.  Even though the experience had been very pleasurable, it had also been somewhat stressful and more than two or three sessions a month might be too much.  The following Saturday morning I made a short grocery list.  Just before noon I gave her the list with the instruction that she should leave exactly at noon, keep an eye on her watch and return in no less that 30 minutes but no more the 40 minutes.  Also, she was to get the items on the list and nothing else.  There was a puzzled look on her face so I said, "Trust me, I will have a surprise for YOU."  Emphasis on the 'you'.  The store was close by and there was nothing perishable on the list so she should have no problem. 
At the stroke of noon she left and I got started.  First, a note on the door, 'Linda, come in and lock the door behind you.  Leave the groceries in the living room and follow the arrows upstairs.'  Next, several large arrows were placed on the floor, first toward the stairs, than up and finally into the main bedroom where the closed circuit TV was placed on the dresser.  Then I went into the spare bedroom, closed the door and removed every stitch of clothing including my watch.  There was a clock in the wall so I could keep track of time.  First, I rapped a Velcro strap around my scrotum and attached a string and small weight.  The weight was placed in the table for now.  After stepping in front of the T, I slipped a belt around my thighs, tied my ankles and knees with straps and belted my hips and waist.  The thigh belt was removed.  

Next, the vibrator was attached at the base of my penis with a light rubber band and the control was placed on the table beside the weight.  Next, a belt went around my upper chest, the gag in my mouth and the blind fold on my forehead.  Last, the wrist cuffs and now I wait while holding the nipple clips in one hand.  It's 12:27 pm.  I was hoping curiosity would get the best of her and it did.  She drove up less the two minutes later.  I listened for the car door to close and finished the last few steps.  Bang went the door, on went the nipple clips, on went the vibrator, down went the weight, click and click went the buckles on the wrist cuffs, and down went the blind fold.  I waited again for the front door to close and, hopefully, lock before I pull to release the slip knots.  Only a few seconds passed and it was time to pull.  Now the fun can begin.
"Adam, where are you?  What's going on?"  Of course, I couldn't reply.  "Adam, are you up here?"  Her voice was clearer now and she should be in the bedroom.  The TV was already on with another note taped to the screen.  'My dearest Linda,  This is the surprise I spoke of about 30 minutes ago.  As you can see on the monitor, I am very securely tied as you were last week.  I put myself in this only a few minutes ago as you drove up.  Remembering all that happened last Saturday, PLEASE do to me what ever you want.  You may begin at any time.  All my love, Adam.'  I was reasonable sure she was in the bedroom and hoped she had read the note.  It was time to give her a little show.  While rocking my hips I shook my chest a little and made a few moaning sounds.  I would do this for a while then stop to rest.  It was actually harder work than I thought it would be.  I hoped she enjoyed watching, I enjoyed thinking that she would be watching.  I managed to fade into my pleasure and forgot about the passage of time until the door clicked and brought me back to reality.  She was there.  

"Well, this IS a surprise.  I never would have expected this.  The shopping trip was a good diversion."  She placed her hand on my side and gently rubbed.  Since the vibrator was on low, I had become a little 'soft' but her touch changed that.  "Oh, it looks like someone is happy to see me." she teased while giving my penis a light stroke on top.  This helped even more.  "You know, those groceries are going to nag at me if I don't put then away.  I won't be able to concentrate properly until that's done.  And this vibrator just isn't doing a very good job.  It should be turned up a little.  Don't go away, hon, I'll be right back.", she teased and the door clicked closed.  'Oh crap', I thought, but I did the same to her so it's only fair.  I listened hard but couldn't hear anything.  Did she go down stairs?  Did she go into the other bedroom?  Or was she playing a trick and still stand right there?  (I wish!)  Oh, well, this may take a while so I should enjoy myself.  With a little twisting at the waist I could make the weight swing and pull my scrotum side to side.  That fells good.  With the vibrator on medium, my level of arousal was increasing and my nipples were starting to stiffen a little.  Some chest shaking made them feel good too but the clips weren't heavy enough to continue swinging.  I tried rocking my hips but this didn't do very much for me.  And I should try moaning a little now and then, just to make a good show.  All of this was a fair amount of work.  I hope she was actually watching and not messing with the stupid groceries.
Once again, the door clicked and returned me to earth.  "I'm back, and I'm so glad to see that you waited for me.  I'm sorry it took so long, I just had a million things to do.  Have you been enjoying yourself?  I hope so, I've enjoyed thinking about you."  Tease, tease, tease. Come on babe, let's get this show on the road, I thought.  "I can see the vibrator was working harder so I can turn it down.  I was wondering, was that TV here last week?"  A nod yes.  "Where's the camera?"  I tried to point to the corner of the room.  "Oh, there it is.  No wonder I didn’t see it before.  Did you make a video last week?"  Head shake no.  She took the chain for the nipple clips and pulled a little.  "You wouldn't lie to me, would you?"  As she pulled a little harder, I shook my head about as hard as I could.  "Alright, take it easy, but if you aren't tell the truth, you will be punished."  Oh no, did I bite off more than I could chew, what kind of trouble am I in.  At least I'm not a total idiot.  I added an extra release to one of the water jugs.  The jug is tied by a slip knot with a string running to the wrist cuff.  A little tug and I'm outta here.  

"We are going to do things a little differently this time.  Last week, you turned off the vibrator when I wanted it the most.  But I won't be that mean to you.  Tickling is very erotic and I know first hand.  I would like you to experience the same feeling.  Do you agree?"  A vigorous nod yes.  "I'm glad, but I was going to, no matter what you said.  Since you started at the bottom so will I but first I need to do something about this 'guy' in my face."  (I could make a suggestion...)  She sat on the chair, selected a 1/4" wide leather strap and threaded behind the hip belt.  She was gentle but the scraping of her finger nails on my stomach was a wonderful prelude to what would be coming soon.  I tried not to twitch but couldn't resist.  "Do you like that?"  Another nod.  The strap was in place and gently tied.  

"Here's how this will work.  The gag and blind fold stay on.  Little by little you will be tickled anywhere I can reach.  I will watch your head at all times and as soon as you indicate 'no' I will stop, then move to another area.  In a little while, I will ask if you want to take a break.  Your head will tell yes or no.  Do you understand?" A nod.  "I think we're ready."  A quick nod and she was into my knees, rubbing, squeezing, scraping, scratching, the feeling shot through me like a rocket.  Finger nails are the best when done right.  She seemed to know more about this than I had originally thought.  Maybe a lot more.  Next, she slid her finger tips and nails up my thigh squeezing all the way.  More writhing, more twitching, more of this strange but great feeling.  I'm noticing that my erection as become considerably harder and my nipples aren't far behind.  I have no idea how long it lasted, seconds, minutes, but I finally gave in and shook my head 'no'.  

True to her word, she stopped and I fell limp in my bounds.  "You lasted quite a long time, you must really have liked it."  I was drained but recovering and even with my head hanging down I was able to give a slow nod.  "Do you need a break?"  Another slow nod.  "Of course you do, you have been hanging here for over 30 minutes."  She removed the gag and blind fold then lifted the jugs to release my arms and restore the blood flow.  With my jaw back in order I ask to have the vibrator turned off and the nipple clips removed.  There was a sharp pain as the blood returned but she eased me through it, not only with her fingers but also her tongue.  Now that was good.  She left, heading for the kitchen to get something to drink, but I could hear movement in the bedroom.  Later, there were noises in the kitchen and in less that a minute she was back but wearing her robe instead of clothes.  "Did you undress?", I questioned.
    "I really don't think that is any of your business.", she said with a laughing tone.
    "OK, but normally, the person tied is the person nude.
    "Don't worry about it.  Drink?"  Those four words are usually a clue that you should worry.
    After a few sips I said, "I've recovered.  Ready to go again?"
Jugs down, gag in, blind fold on, and fingers straight into the ribs.  Wow!  That wasn't just a rocket, that was the whole arsenal.  It only lasted a few seconds, but what a great few seconds.  I wouldn't have held out very long, the feeling was too much and she knew it.  She eased up and started working at the base of my ribs.  Finger tips and nails, small circles here, larger circles there, working in and out while constantly working upward.  Little by little she moves closer to my arm pits.  All the while I'm twitching and squirming, involuntary movement in an effort to escape but I didn't really want to get away.  As she moves higher the feeling is too strong, I give in and shake my head.  She stops instantly and I fell limp again.  She slipped off the blind fold and held my head.  "Are you OK?"  I give a little nod as she removes the gag.  "That was a long time again, you must like this a much as I do.  You must really be sensitive up here."  I jump as she placed her hands on my upper ribs near my arm pits.  "That gives me and idea.  Have you recovered?"  "Yes.", I reply as she replaces the blind fold and stood on the chair.

"I'm going to place something on your lips.  It won't be bad so don't pull away.  Do you know what it is?"   "Is it your nipple?"
"That's right.  Here's what we are going to.  As long as you can give me enough pleasure to keep me distracted I won't tickle your arm pits, but the instant you ease up, your going to get it."  I instantly inhaled her nipple, areole and part of her breast into my mouth.  After clamping with my lips I start to work with my tongue.  
"O-h-h, you understand fully.  You should have some pleasure too."  She started to gently rub my upper ribs and chest in an effort to distract me.  I stopped using my tongue and she started right in with her nails.  Better keep up the tongue action.  "As you can see, this distraction works both ways.  O-h-h, that is so good, do the other one."  The other nipple had hardened a little which made it better for her.  After several minutes of switching nipples and mild tickling, she stopped and stepped off the chair.  I can hear things being moved around the room, then the leather strap was removed from my penis.  Next, I feel her breasts push against my chest and her lips touch mine.  She must be standing on something as she whispers, "Time to 'shake' your 'earth'."
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