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Bound in the Garden

by Roger Williams

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© Copyright 2002 - Roger Williams - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; spandex; outdoors; toys; cons; X

There had been quite a thunderstorm the night before so it was the perfect time to pull some pesky weeds. To add some pleasure to the chore, I decided to do this as the slave of a mistress of a grand house.

First, my clothing - - what there was of it. The bottom lawyer was a very snug pair of dance trunks, female style. They were so tight that I had to cut a hole in the crotch or my privates would have been crushed. But the tightness also allowed me to insert a butt plug and with a little wadding of paper towel, be assured it would not slip out as it moved back and forth, in and out.

Next I put on my cock harness, which was one ring and a strap which went under the balls, with a ring attached to the bottom. Before I closed the strap, I put on another pair of trunks, still snug but with enough cloth in the crotch to allow me to pull it up under the balls and then to secure the strap. That was it for clothes; it was a hot day.

I then tossed a long piece of chain over a tree branch which hung over the garden, and secured that so a long piece was hanging down. I put on my legirons - - key in the house - - and before I cuffed my hands in front of me, I attached the end of the long chain to my cock harness's ring. Then the cuffs.

It was "fun" pulling weeds; the cuffs made me use both hands and the long chain tugged erotically on my crotch if I tried to go too far into the garden. You can bet I tried that quite often.

I felt it was time for a nap so I moved over into the shade where I had screwed in a couple of dog-lead stakes. I undid the handcuffs, stood so my ankles were on the other side of one of the stakes, then laid down and using a snap on the other stake, attached it to the last ring on the chain attached to my crotch. Then I laid down and cuffed my wrists behind me, first tossing the keys across the yard.

It was both stimulating and relaxing, the first caused by the tug on my balls when I shifted position. I finally managed to have a huge orgasm, after which I fell asleep. I don't know how long I had been sleeping but I was awakened by a pouring rainstorm. I reached down to unsnap my crotch from the chain; it was farther than I thought, and with it being wet, hard to grab. I finally made it and slowly got to my knees, then to my feet. Here is where the real fun began!

I started across to where I had tossed the keys, not realizing that I was still attached to that chain hanging from the tree. I reached the end of it and all the mud on the ground made me lose my footing, and I came crashing down, face forward, into a pile of mud! I was thrashing around trying to get myself up and also to release that chain, also held by a snap. I finally managed to stand (after falling a few times when I was most of the way up) and twisted myself around to undo the chain from my crotch. I got to the handcuff keys, freed myself, and then hobbled into the house for the legirons key.

But at least by the time I got into the house, all the mud had been washed off my body by the rain! Rain? Yes, and that meant the weeds would be even easier to pull tomorrow.......



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