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Bound she is

by Adam Egg

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© Copyright 2003 - Adam Egg - Used by permission

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Bound she is
by Adam Egg
'This story is fiction' 

One day my girlfriend, Linda, found my interest in bondage.  At this point I thought our relationship was over but was pleasantly surprised to hear her say she was willing to try.  After thinking for a few moments, I said everything would be ready in a few days.  To get her started, I allowed her to view some bondage pictures on the computer.  This way she would have some idea of what to expect.

First, I had her clean part of the spare bedroom.  I did this to keep her busy while I went to hardware store for a few parts and pieces.  At this point her assistance ended and she went back to the computer to view more pictures.  Everything would be kept a secret until it was time for the bondage session. 

Along with rope, straps and buckles, I bought two 2x4's, six feet long, one 1x2 four feet long, a length of 1" dowel rod, a box of 4" wood screws and, some small nails.  First, the 1x2 was cut into several lengths of 3 1/2" long.  These will be used as spacers and were attached to the wall, at six places, with the nails, directly over a wall stud.  The first spacer was a floor level, then mid-calf, mid-thigh, mid-back, near her neck and just below six feet.  One of the 2x4's was mounted vertically over the spacers and held by 11 screws, one screw above and below each spacer except the bottom spacer.  This part won't hold much weight but it should be as secure as possible.  Two 1" holes are drilled 1 3/4" from each end of a 2x4, centered 1 3/4" from each side.  Two 8" lengths of dowel were installed and secured with screws to keep them from turning.  (This part is important, you will see why later.)  This board was mounted horizontally and centered over the vertical board to form a large T.  This was held by 10 screws, two into each stud.  Also, a double layer of 1x2 was added near each end and secured with two screws each, for extra strength.  Linda isn't very heavy but the last thing I wanted was for this to pull off the wall and injure her

Simply tying her to the wall would have been fun, but I had something else in mind.  After filling two plastic jugs with one gallon of water each, I attached a rope, about 7 feet long, to the handle and added a buckle to the other end.  The rope was wrapped 1 1/2 times around the dowel rods.  With the jug pulling the rope, a lot of friction is created between the rope and dowel and it is very difficult to pull the jug back up once it has slid down. If the dowel or rope is very smooth, you can wrap the rope 2 1/2 times.  In this arrangement, as long as you hold pressure on the rope the jug won't slip down but as soon as you release, the weight of the jug will take up the slack.  Since water weighs about 8 lbs. per gallon, it won't rip your arms off but it will let you know you are held.  The jug can be held in the 'up' position with a slipknot.  (This knot is a little hard to explain without pictures.  Consult a web site that talks about knots for a much better idea than I could give you.)  Once you are all hooked up, simply give a tug and the knot will release.  Now you have YOU right where you want you.  If you would like to try this as self-bondage, add an ice cube release to drop the jug and release the pressure and friction.

On Thursday evening, nearly everything was ready.  I suggested, to Linda, that Saturday would be a good day to have our fun and she agreed.  Once she left for work Friday morning she could not return until Saturday noon.  This was to increase the anticipation, about 28 hours to think about what would happen.  On Friday evening I borrowed a closed circuit TV, with a very small camera, from a friend.  The camera was mounted it a corner of the room and the TV in the next room.  Unfortunately the connectors weren't the right type to add a VCR. (Oh, darn.)

Saturday morning arrived and I gathered the last few items.  On a table was placed several lengths of rope, a few 1" nylon straps, a few leather belts, leather wrist cuffs, a ball gag, nipple clamps, a blind fold and a multi-speed vibrator with new batteries.  I had placed a sign on the door which said "Linda, knock and wait" and right at the stroke of noon there was a knock.  As I opened the door, there she was.  She seemed a little pale in the face but it may have just been the lighting.  When I ask her to come in she hesitated for a second or two before taking a step, not sure if she wanted to come in or not. She was wringing her hand as if she was going on her first date, and in some way it is a first.  In an effort to calm her, I ask if she would like something to drink, water or maybe some coffee.  A feeble headshake indicated no.  She was looked around the living room as if trying to find something.  Then the big question, "Are you ready?"  After a deep, heavy sigh came a rather solid "Yes".  I suggested she use the bathroom before we start. 

As she headed up stairs, I retrieved the sign from the front door and followed her.  I told her I would be in the spare bedroom and, when ready, she should again knock and wait.  After a minute or two I could hear her softly walking down the hall.  There was a short pause, maybe 10 seconds, before there was a light tapping on the door.  "Come in and close the door", I said, attempting to sound dominant.  She entered and scanned the room to find the wooded T on the wall with the jugs hanging from each end, the rope and other items on the table, and me sitting in a chair.  She started to speak but I put my hand up and said "From now you are to speak as little as possible.  If there is a question you must ask, then please do.  Otherwise, silence will be golden.  Do you understand?"  A silent head nod said she did.  "I will make you three promises.  One, I will not intentionally harm you in any way.  Two, I will try not to allowed you to be harmed by accident.  And, three, I will try to make sure you have some pleasure during this time.  Does this sound good to you?"  Another head nod. 

"I will not move from this chair, you will do everything yourself.  I will make suggestions as to what you can do in each step of the process, but you will AWAYS have a choice to do it or not.  Up to a point, you will have a chance to back out and I will warn you just before you get to that point.  Do you understand?"  Again with the head nod.  "As you have seen from the pictures, bound women tend to be undressed.  There are hangers in the closet if you want to use them” I didn't tell her to undress, just suggested it.  She took a step sideways and removed her shirt, shoes, socks, pants and bra but not her panties.  Her choice.  After hanging everything in the closet she steps back to where she was.  "As you have seen from the pictures, bound women often have ropes tied in different areas such a breasts or crotch.  Some women find that this increases the enjoyment of the experience."  (Yea, like I would really know this.)  She steps to the table and selects a rather long rope to begin a bikini harness breast tie. "I would suggest you put most of the knots in the front and leave everything a little loose.  It will allow greater freedom of movement and allow you to tighten the bonds later if you wish." 

The harness looks just great as she starts to put a rope around her hips.  "If that is for a crotch rope it should go at the thinnest part of your waist."  She moves it up and ties it lightly then selects another rope.  After tying it in the rear she starts to pull it between her legs then realizes the panties will be in the way.  She slips then off and throws them toward the closet. (I was hoping she would do that.)  At this point she is probably thinking, 'Why didn't he tell me to strip nude in the beginning'.  I am allowing her the choice of what to do.  She is volunteering at every step.  She pulls the rope down in back, between her legs, then up through the front and after a little adjustment it is tied to the waist rope.  By the look on her face, she is becoming aroused.

Now on to the next step.  "As you have seen, women are often restrained to some device to restrict their movements."  She steps in front of the T but looks a little puzzled as to what to do next.  "To be properly secured, restraints should be applied at major joints such a ankles, knees and hips.  To keep from falling down, a strong belt can be applied snugly on the upper thighs."  She takes a 2" belt, slips one end behind the 2x4, pulls it out around her thighs and tightens it.  Next she selects some rope do tie her ankles or knees but I suggest the nylon strap would be better.  First, she ties her ankles.  The strap was wrapped several times and tied securely.  Another strap went around her knees a few times and again tied.  "Since you won't need to bend over again, now may be a good time to adjust the crotch rope."  I meant 'tighten' but she can do what she wants.  After bending over a few times, the crotch rope managed to rub the right spot.  Pulling the rope a little tighter would help even more.  She had a little trouble pulling it down in the back but solved the problem in a few seconds.  "A belt around the thighs is good but two more on the hips and waist will be better."  Two belts slipped around the mentioned areas slicker than a skater on ice. 

"This would be a good time to add the vibrator but don't turn it on, I will do that for you."  I instructed her to slip the small vibrator bulb under the vertical crotch rope and secure it with a piece of string.  When turned on it should stimulate her without allowing her to have an orgasm.  "Since you won't be using your hands soon you may want to adjust the breast ropes.  And a belt around the upper chest will add to the security."  With a little squirming here and a little squirming there, the ropes tighten very nicely to produce a pair of firm round globes.  The belt went on next and was snugged very well.  I wanted her to do this early so I could watch for reduced blood flow and allow her to loosen the bonds if needed.

"Only a few more steps, my dear.  Not being able to see or talk can also add to the experience which is why you may have seen gags and blind folds used in some of the pictures."  She looked at the table for a few seconds then slowly picked up the ball gag.  After a few more seconds she popped it into her mouth and tied it behind her head.  It was small enough to easily fit but large enough to stop any loud sounds.  Next the blindfold but I suggested she keep it on her forehead because she still needed to see for a while longer.  "For this to be done properly, all parts of the body should be restrained, including the hands.  There are leather wrist cuffs on the table for this purpose."  She puts one on each wrist and snugs them very well.  "Two last items that can be used to enhance the experience are nipple clamps."  She looked at the table and gently picked them up then slowly squeezes them open and closed a few times.  She puts them back on the table and gave me the "Do I have to" look.  I tried to show no expression or emotion.  After a few seconds I started to speak but she held up a hand and looked at the table again.  The choice is up to her, she can put them on or not.  She picks them up again and I remain silent.  A deep sigh and on they go, one nipple then the other.  They look great with the chain hanging between them.  There is a look on her face as if to say, 'Not as bad as I thought'.

"We're almost done.  With your right hand, gently take the rope and slide down to the buckle.  Transfer it to your left hand and clip it to the ring on your right cuff."  Click, done. "Now do the same with you left hand.  Be careful not to pull on the ropes and release the knots."  Again, click, done.  "Carefully pull the blind fold down to cover your eyes completely.  Are any of you bonds too stressful?  Does anything hurt too much?  Do you feel sick or ill in any way?  And the last question, are you ready?"  No, no, no and maybe were the answers.  "You are now at the point of no return.  You can decide to quit or go forward.  To quit just release yourself starting with your hands.  But if you want to go on, just pull on the ropes until you feel them 'pop' and release the slipknots.  Then relax and let the weights do the rest.  It's all up to you now.  Do you understand?"  A slow nod said it all.  She stood there, frozen, thinking, 'to pull or not to pull, that is the question'.  After what seemed like a full minute, she gave a rather solid jerk to unlock the knots.  The jugs dropped an inch or so to take up the slack in the knots.  She was now holding the weight by her hands and then realized, this was it, she was tied and about to become helpless.  After a few seconds, she relaxed her arms and the jugs started to pull her out straight.  She stopped part way and tried to pull back but it was of no use.  She then let go fully and allowed the weights do their work.  There she was, so nicely stretched, looking like a big Y, and waiting for what would happen next.

At this point I finally got out of the chair.  "I'm going to turn on the vibrator for you, but it will be on the lowest setting.  If you squirm side to side a little you will increase the pull on your arms, but don't worry, water doesn't weigh very much so you won't hurt yourself.  You put yourself into this so I'm going to leave you alone for a while so you can enjoy yourself.  Have fun!"  I heard "Mmmm mmmm mmmm" through the gag but didn't understand.  I could have been "Don't leave me", but I was already out of the room and had closed the door.  This is where the closed circuit TV comes in.  I walked rather heavily down the hall to make her think I was leaving then quietly came back to the room next to her and turned on the TV.  It had no sound but I could hear through the wall if there was a problem.  After a few seconds for warm-up, the TV showed her in all her splendour. 

First, she moves side to side a little, maybe trying to loosen the ropes, maybe trying to tighten them.  Then she tried to move forward but the belt around her chest didn't allow her to move very far.  Next, I noticed her hips were rocking.  Her stomach tightens and loosens causing the rocking action.  I guess she was trying to get off on the rope.  Then I could see she was trying to twist her chest side to side, maybe to stimulate her nipples or throw off the camps.  No matter what she was trying to do, it was great to watch.  Too bad about the VCR.  Now I could hear her through the wall.  The rhythmic moaning as she was getting close to an orgasm.  I didn't want her to have an orgasm just yet, I wanted to do it for her.  As I watched, she would rock her hips and shake her chest for a while then stop for a minute. I could see her chest and breasts heaving up and down with each heavy breath.  It was so good to watch.  I didn't intend to leave her very long and I was hoping she was enjoying it.  I knew the blood would run out of her arms after a while and I could see her breasts were a little darker than the rest of her body.  After about 15 minutes of twisting and rocking I could see she was opening and closing her hands trying to get the blood flowing.  It was time to go back in.  I waited till the next rocking session and opened the door very quietly. 

When she stopped for a break I asked, "Are you having fun?"  My voice startled her and she nodded her head up and down so fast and hard I thought it would come off her shoulders. "Hold still while I remove the blind fold and gag."
"Oh, please!  Turn up the vibrator.  Please!  I'm almost there.  PLEASE!" she begged.
"That's why I'm turning it off." 
"Nooooo" came her protest. 
"How do you feel?"
"I'm a microsecond from a great orgasm.  How do you think I feel."
"That's not what I mean.  Your hands and arms feel cool and your breasts are somewhat red.  And what about your crotch?  Is the rope too tight? Does anything hurt?"  I pulled up on the jugs and attached large spring clamps to hold the rope and release some pressure on her arms to restore the blood flow.

"I'm fine.  Nothing hurts.  Everything feels great.  Turn the vibrator on and stretch me again.  Can you add more weight?  This is so good."
"OK, OK, just stop begging or the gag goes back in.  Understand?"  An enthusiastic and silent nod indicted yes.  I took two short lengths of rope and tied them into simple loops then placed the loops on the dowels.  The buckles were pushed through the rings on the cuffs and attached to the rope loops.  The cuffs now acted like pulleys and each pound of pull from the jug would produce about two pounds of force on the cuffs.

The nipple clamps have been on for a long time, hopefully not too long.  As I removed the first clamp she reacted.  "Ouch, I didn't expect that!"  The same thing happened with the second clamp, and I gave her nipples a gentle rub to ease her through the worst part.  "That feels so good.", she sighed in a whisper.  As I continued for a few more seconds, I released the belt around her chest and allowed it to hang on the spacer. "Wait!  What are you doing?  Don't release me."  I quickly grabbed the gag and held it to her face.  "OK, I'll be quiet.” she whispered.  After returning the gag to the table I started to untie the breast bondage.  She seemed a little disappointed as her breasts returned to their normal shape.  The marks from the rope weren't too deep and with a few minutes of gentle fondling they nearly disappeared.  "You always know how to touch me.” she moaned. 

With most of the marks nearly gone, I reinstalled the belt on her upper chest and tightened it down.  "Does that feel OK?  Do you want to continue?"  Yes and yes indicated we could move on. "Pull tight.” I instructed just before releasing the clamps but the force was a little more than she expected and the jugs slowly and continuously slipped downward.  She had a slight look of panic, a thought of 'Oh no, did I ask for too much'.  Finding some extra strength, she pulled hard enough to stop the motion.  "Don't worry sweetheart, if the weight is too much I will make some adjustments."  She relaxed and allowed the weights to do their job and as they pulled the last inch, she closed her eyes and gave a soft moan of pleasure.  The extra force seemed to stretch her a little taller.  I moved the table aside and pulled the chair in as close as possible.  Once seated I was about eye level with her stomach. 

"You may have noticed, in the computer, a folder named 'tickle'.  Did you look at any of those pictures?"  Her eyes got real big and a slow 'oh no' head nod said she had.  "When done right, tickling can be very erotic."  Her eyes got big again and she said, "But I never expected..."
"Now wait!” I interrupted, "You put yourself into this situation.  I did nothing.  You freely volunteered to each step in this process."  She lifted her head and looked straight across the room, then whispered "OK" and closed her eyes.  "When I was in grade school a popular thing to do was to grab some one on the lower thigh, just above the knee.  If there was a reaction, as there always was, you could say, that person had a boy or girl friend or something like that.  I think I will start there."  She stiffened and clenched her fists. 

With the first squeeze on one knee she closed her eyes very tight, clenched her jaw and held her breath.  After a few seconds I stopped and said, "Don't forget to breathe."  A few deep, quick breaths made her chest and breasts heave as that had earlier.  "But don't hyper-ventilate either.  I don't want you to pass out."  Her breathing returned to near normal.  "OK, let's try the other knee."  The same reaction occurred but with a few short breaths.  This time I continued for many seconds until she squealed, "Oh no!”  (I really like it when a woman squeals.)  Every muscle in her body must have been tense because she sagged in her bonds the instant I stopped. "Gee, you must have a boyfriend."
"Yes, I do.” she panted, "And I'm beginning to think he is the best thing that ever happen to me."
"That's quite a compliment, I'm sure he will be glad to hear it.  Shall we continue?"  With her eyes closed she nodded 'yes' with some vigour.  I think she was starting to like this. 

"Shall we try moving up to your thighs?” I teased, but before she could answer I was in to them.  Squeezing and rubbing caused her to tense and writhe but she couldn't go anywhere in the bounds.  With her legs so close together I couldn't reach her sensitive inner thigh but the outer part was just fine.  With stifled breathing she tried to keep her mouth closed so she wouldn't tell me to stop.  I wasn't watching the clock but this must have gone on for at least four or five minutes before she finally burst out "PLEASE!”  As I stopped she fell limp as an old dish rag.  "Holy crap, that was incredible.” she panted out after a several second rest.  "Never in a million years would I expected anything to be like that.  I never wanted to be tickled as a child because it was always done too hard but this is different."
"Am I to understand that you like this?"  After another vigorous nod I stood up and said, "Let's try another area."  I gently but firmly pushed each index finger into her sides at the base of her ribs.  She knew what was coming next as I started to move them in small circles.  She strained to get loose, twisting in an effort to get away from my fingers but there was nowhere she could go.  I would only do this for about ten or 20 seconds before moving upward or inward to a different spot. 

With only a one or two second pause between areas, she didn't have much time to relax or recover.  She tried hard not to burst out laughing but the squeals came from time to time.  This may have continued for ten minutes or more before she blurted out, "Too much", and fell limp again as soon as I stopped.
"I think you could use a little break.  I'll loosen your arms so you can relax for a while.  Would you like a drink?"  Even with her head hanging down she was able to give a feeble nod as her arms hung limp in the ropes.  "I'll be right back.  Don't go anywhere.” I teased, which was met with a quiet laugh and sarcastic look from the corner of one eye.  It only took a minute to retrieve a glass, a bottle of water, a bowl of ice cubes and a straw.  I didn't want to hold the glass to her mouth because she may choke and, since it was a warm day, the extra ice could be put to a good use.  As I re-entered the room she was standing up straight with her eyes closed, almost as if she was meditating.  She seemed to have recovered from her ordeal but had made no attempt to release herself.  While filling the glass I ask, "How do you feel.”
"You have no idea how good I feel. I have had so many orgasms that I couldn't keep count."
"Oh, really?” I questioned.
"Nearly every time you touched me, I think I had a mild one.  I wish I could endure longer.  The sensation is really good but so strong."
"I could be more gentle but it wouldn't be as good.  Or you could use the gag again."
"A little less would be too little.” she said, "And, I will pass on the gag - for now."
"You must be liking this more that I had hoped.  Drink?"

After a few sips she moved her mouth away and said, "When I came here I was so nervous, I could hardly stand.  But now, I don't want this to end, at least not yet.  I hope there will be more.  I would like one of those 'earth shaking' orgasms I know you can give."
"I did bring some extra ice. Any suggestion?"
"This is your show.  Put them where you want.  Could I have another quick drink?"  After a few sips I slipped a cube under the vertical crotch rope. 
"Oh boy!" was the response as she stiffened and pulled with her arms.  "Don't you want to stretch me again?" 
"If you want.” I replied.  With a quick nod I released the clamps and let the jugs drop.  This time she made no effort to resist the force and allowed the jugs to fall rather quickly followed by a few side-to-side movements to tighten the rope a little more

"Let's try this", I said and picked up the blindfold to covered her eyes then reached into the bowl for two ice cubes.  I made sure to make enough noise so she would know what was going to happen.  She knew I would touch her somewhere but I waited a while before the ice touched her nipples.  A strong shock when through her body as she tried to pull away and another quick "Oh boy" was spoken as she inhaled deeply.  After a many laps around the areole I had an idea, if she liked my fingers on her ribs maybe the ice would work too.  "And now for something completely different."  I moved the ice from her nipples to the base of her ribs and started moving in small circles.  The reaction was nearly the same as with my fingers.  Tensing, writhing, and trying to pull away.  This time I didn't remove the ice as I moved to a different area, a smooth transition up, down, in and out.  As I moved up toward her arm pit she panted out "Please, not too high!" and I moved downward some.  After a few minutes the ice melted away and it was my fingers again.  With her skin wet, my fingers could glide nearly as smooth as the ice.  All of 15 minutes must have past before the enviable blurt, "Enough". 

After a short rest she began talking.  "Holy cow, that was more that just a mild orgasm.  Could you release my arms a little and could I have drink too, please?"  I lifted the jugs and applied the clamps then touched the straw to her lips.  After a few sips she said, "I trying to endure as long as possible but I just can't hold out."
I removed the blindfold so I could see her eyes and said, "Linda, sweetheart, this isn't an endurance contest, we stop when you say stop."
"Yes, but I want to endure.  The feeling is so good but so strong.  It goes through me from head to toe and being stretched makes it even better.  After I rest for a minute would you use some ice on my thighs, p-l-e-a-s-e?"
"OK, you rest while I make a few changes." 

I loosened the belt around her chest and put a small pillow behind her upper back at about the level of her breasts and snugged the belt.  This way her arms would be pulled back a little and her chest would be pushed out.  Next, I loosened the belts around her waist and hips and gently removed the crotch and waist ropes.  She didn't want it removed but it would be in the way later.  The two belts were re-tightened.  Last, the belt on her thighs was removed and set it aside.  This would uncover a little more thigh area.  "Ready?"
"One more quick drink."  After a sip came a surprising statement, "Do me, now!"
"Pull tight with your arms.” and the clamps were released.  The jugs slowly slipped downward as she arched her back slightly over the pillow.  As the weight pulled the last inch she moaned, "O-h-h, that's even better.  What about the blind fold?"
"Let's not use it this time." I replied as I reached for some ice.  Since some time had passed a few of the ice cubes had melted together into double cubes.  I managed to find two.  This was going to fun.  "Here we go.” I warned as I started above her knees.

"O-h g-e-e-s!” she said as she tensed and clenched her fists.  The feeling must have been exactly what she was looking for.  Involuntary twisting, squirming and twitching any way she could but the bounds wouldn't let her move more than an inch or so. She was looking up and down, letting out a little squeal now and then hoping to gain a little relieve or release.  Up and down, in and out the ice moved, just like on her ribs and each new spot produced a new twitch.  With the smooth action the ice I could get in a little deeper between her legs, right to the sensitive inner thigh.  As I moved up on the inside she panted out, "Please, not too high!”  This happened three or four times but each time I managed to get a little higher before she asked for relief.  The pillow worked great, pushing her chest and breasts out and causing a greater heave than earlier.  What a show. 

Little by little the ice melted away and I was back to my fingers.  With her thighs all wet I was able to slip my thumbs inside and place my finger outside.  With a moderate squeeze I started moving my hands up and down.  That feeling went through her like a hot knife through butter.  The writhing increased and I knew she wouldn't be able to endure much longer.  This time there wasn't a little squeal but a full, loud SCREAM.  I instantly stopped and she fell so limp I thought she had fainted.  I gently took her head in my hands and held it up.  In a panic I said, "Are you OK!”
After a few seconds her eyes opened and she whispered, "You won't believe how OK.  That was a very good orgasm, with or without the crotch rope. I'm sorry about the scream, I hope the neighbours didn't hear.  Drink, please."
"I hope not, too.  Just about scared the crap out of me.  You never screamed before."  After a short sip, it seemed like a good idea to take a peek outside.  Most of the cars on the street were gone so I think we were safe.
"The orgasm wasn't as strong as you give but, with the tickling, it was a little more than I could handle.  I couldn't hold it in, I'm sorry."
"It's OK, sweetheart, but I think you have had nearly enough for the first session.  Just one more thing I'm going to do to you.  How about the gag and blindfold and then I will 'shake' your 'earth'."  Next time is my turn. :)


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