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Bound to Housework

by JHE

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© Copyright 2007 - JHE - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; chast; latex; toys; cons; X

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URGENT ADVICE : Don’t try this alone unless you are sure what you are doing !!!

Saturday morning after breakfast, having no plans for the day, I decided to do the housework as a chained slave and afterwards, do some stricter selfbondage.

First of all, I took my whole bunch of keys and deposit them in my letterbox, which is located just behind the front door of the house. The house itself is divided into a small shop, 3 further offices and my apartment in the 4th floor. The shop will be opened until 16:00 hrs on Saturdays, the other offices will be closed, maybe the cleaning teams will show up. So for any use of the keys, I will have to wait at least to 16:30, maybe even longer, since you could see the mailboxes from outside the front door and as the house is located in the inner city, many people pass by until late in the evening.

I stripped down to completely naked and grabbed my stuff. First came the CB-2000 with the largest spiked ring, only to be covered with a latex jockstrap. Next was a buttplug, inserted with some jelly. My homemade chastity device, consisting of a wide leather belt with a thinner string attached that goes between my butt cheeks, divides in two parts just under my balls and can be locked in front of on the belt with padlocks, made sure that neither the plug nor the jockstrap nor the CB will come off. 

Next were two leather ankle cuffs, secured by two small padlocks and connected by a short chain of only 30 cms length. I connected the link in the middle of the hobble chain with another padlock to another chain, which is going around my waist, padlocked again in front of me with letting dangle a few more links right in front of me.

The chain was too short for being able to stand upright, but that was just for the sensation. Last but one came the ball gag harness with a wide collar, that forced my head in an upright position and no avail to turn the head to the left or right side. The ballgag is formed like a small penis, even if it looks like a ball gag from outside. I am straight hetero, but I love the idea of being forced to give a blowjob to a man sometime. Both gag harness and collar are also padlocked. As last part of my “chain slave attitude” came my Alcyon handcuffs, which are hinged instead using a short chain as connector. I padlocked them to the remaining links from the waistchain, but before I closed the cuff over my right wrist, I recapitulated : Feet in ankle cuff, connected to waist chain, cock and balls secured with CB-2000 under a tight latex jockstrap, jockstrap and buttplug secured under my chastity device, gag harness and stiff collar also secured with padlocks. I could freely move my body (ok, more or less), take small steps and am able to move my hands, limited to my waist chain. Everything should be okay, so I closed the remaining cuff to my right wrist.

Finally, I am the perfect chainslave. Naked, sucking on my penis gag, which fills my mouth, my cock tomented by the spikes, my anus feeling full and myself ready to do the housework, as my mistress (if I only had one) has ordered.

I started filling the washing machine. Next came the dishwasher, the great pan and some wineglasses I washed by hand, dryed and put them back in the shelves where they belong. Next came the fresh laundry to be put where they belong. Then I turned to the bathroom. The toilet, the shower cabin, the sink and all tiles, each one on the floor were cleaned on my knees. After doing this humilating work, on which my cock sprang to attention, but was forced back by the spikes of the CB, I turned over to the pets toilet (I own two cats, these two tigers did look quite irritated about my appearance, fortunately, they could not tell to anyone what they see) and after that, I dusted all the book shelves, my desk and all cabinets. After that, I returned to the kitchen and did the floor tiles each one individually, again on knees. Meanwhile, both the washing machine and the dishwasher were ready. So, I put away the dishes and headed with armfuls of fresh laundry towards the attic, which of I am the only user.

Danger of being caught appears for a moment as I have to get into the hallway, but nobody saw me. When I started the vacuum cleaner, I saw two cats suddenly disappearing under the sofas. They never get used to the noise. I did the complete vacuuming again on my knees, and my complete apartment instead of kitchen and bathroom is carpeted. Due to my limited movements, I was slightly exhausted and it took some time until I considered my apartment to be tidy. A look to the clock on the wall told me, that I had spent 5 hours as a chain slave and the shop should by now be closed, so I could have started down the 4 floors to the ground level, if it wasn’t as bright as day. As we have early autumn, my thoughts were, that I have to wait another 2 hours until I could risk the way down to the ground to all my keys, waiting in the mailbox for me.

So, bound as I was, I turned to my desk, switched on the computer, checked Emails and surfed the web for some new bondage pictures or films…

Time passed slowly, and I had to realize, that my self-imposed bondage was rather strict. My bladder needed to be released, but I wasn’t able to undo the jockstrap due to the belt. My anus felt filled up, and next to the love of the feeling, it began to hurt a little, but also no chance to be released. My jaw was aching to the forced held-open, and so was my neck due to the strict collar.

At 19:00 hrs, I started the first attempt to go downstairs, just to learn, that a cleaning team just arrived when I was on the second floor. I rushed up the stairs and managed not to be seen until I arrived back in my apartment. Leaving the door slightly open, I listen to another vaccum cleaner and some talks of the team…

They disappeared at 21:00 and now I took the second chance to retreive my keys. I had to wait on the 1st level to let some people passing by, until I grabbed my keys from the letterbox and went back upstairs. In my apartment, I first released my handcuffs from the waistchain, then my gag harness and collar. What a wonderful feeling to be able to close your mouth again.

Next to unlock was the waistchain. Still with the hobble-chain between my feet, I removed the buttplug and the jockstrap and went over to the toilet to ease my bladder and bowels. When done, I thought about the next fun part of my Saturday’s activities. Back over the CB came the jockstrap, and with the help of some more jelly, the buttplug came back into place. So came the chastity device, also again locked in front. By the thoughts of what to come next I got aroused again, but the CB again prevented any sexual pleasure.

As it already went dark outside (and was already 22:00 hrs), I installed a timer to a lamp in my bedroom. Then I installed my release mechanism. I use an automatic petfeeder, which I bought for feeding my cats when I am not at home for a long time. It works up to 48 hrs by battery and releases the lid after the period choosen by a dial plate. I mounted this device upside down to the ceeling, so when the lid opens, the content (in this case the key to the handcuffs I will use) will fall on my bed.

I removed all bedclothes and changed over to a black latex sheet and a latex pillow on my metal-framed, 1.40 x 2.00 m sized bed. Then the fun started. A combination lock secures a 1.5 m chain to the middle beam of the downside bedstead. I made sure, that I have all items I wanted to use with me on my bed, closed the door and the curtains. Except of the timed lamp, my bedroom is totally dark.

Then I took a length of black rope and did another crotchtie over the CB, jockstrap and chastity device, thus forcing the buttplug deeper in my ass and making the jockstrap closing tighter around my latex-encased genitals. Another lenghth of rope is wrapped around my legs just over the knees, but rather loosely. The third length of rope bonded my feet together, with the remaining end of the rope I passed between the crotchrope on my back and knotted them in front of me, so my legs folded in a nice and stright hogtie.

Next came a latex hood with openings for the noseholes and mouth. There are some rather small holes for the eyes also, making it hard to see anything in the dim light of the single bulb in my bedroom. The hood was secured by a ring gag harness and the stiff collar, both again locked with two small padlocks. Then I used another padlock to secure the chain from the bedframe to my left ankle.

The pair of cuffs I used before as ankle cuffs were closed around my upper arms, just over my ellbows. Another two padlocks and a short chain with a snaphook fixed them together behind my back. Last but one of all my preparations were two clothespins, positioned directly on my nipples. Then, for last, I threaded my handcuffs throught the crotchrope and closed them around my wrist, protected by sweatbands. With a small needle, I secured the handcuffs against further closing, in the moment I threw the needle away and let myself fall on the pillow, the light went out and everthing was really dark…

I laid there for a few moments and thought about my situation. Anyone would see a man lying on a bed covered with latex, in a hogtie, a latex mask with a stiff collar and a ring gag harness over his head, ellbows and hands secured by cuffs, crotchroped over a jockstrap and secured by his left ankle to the bedframe by chain, clothespins on his nipples. But I knew better. I felt the buttplug in me, driven deeper into my anus with every move I tried with my bound legs. I felt the now tightened ropes around my knees, thus forcing my legs together bringing more pressure to my balls, while my cock is imprisoned in the CB, tormented by the spikes.

And I knew, that the release mechanism I installed will not release the keys to my handcuffs before 3 hours were gone. But when the handcuffs and also the chain between the ellbow cuffs are gone and I would be able to release the hogtie, I would not be free. All keys to my further bonds are lying on the table in my living room, the chain around my ankle prevents me from going there. So the only possibility to release me completely is to wait for daylight to see the numbers on the 5-digit-combination lock at the bedframe that holds the chain to my ankle. Or I will be released by my backup system. She is a friend of mine, we arranged to pick me up tomorrow morning for breakfast. She has her spare key, is tall, blonde, slender with nice titts and ass, but her shoulders are even wider than mine due to her doing a lot of workout over the years at the gym. She don’t know about my “hobby”, but I wouldn’t mind her taking advantage of the situation…

With these thoughts, I again tested my bonds only to find out that I will be stuck for the next three hours in that stict hogtie and drifted into fantasy…



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