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Bound to Serve

by Robert Kingsley

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© Copyright 2002 - Robert Kingsley - Used by permission

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It was Friday. The tyres screamed as I came down the ramp into the basement garage and quickly parked the GTI. I grabbed my notebook case from the backseat, then slammed the door and locked it with the remote control as I hurried into the elevator. ‘Thank God it’s Friday!’ was my thought as the elevator smoothly rode up to the highest level of the upscale apartment building. A drink on the couch and maybe a nice dinner somewhere in town was all I wanted right now. The week had been hectic enough. And last night had not really helped…

I entered the apartment and was about to walk right into the living room when I saw it. On the little table next to the front door was a pair of black, elbow length gloves. And a maid’s headdress was put symmetrically on top of them. My heart sank…

Last night I had drank much too much.

I had spent some days in the Alsace and brought back a couple of cases of their ‘Crèmant’ which they claim is better than Champagne but cheaper because they do not overprice their grapes. So we tried a bottle. And then another one. And some Remy Martin to wash it down. And then I had made that stupid bet. And agreed that whoever lost the bet should be Maid-in-Bondage for the weekend. Self-bondage, to begin with! And I had lost…

And she had not forgotten!

We met each other some time ago at a party. She’s a blonde but a very smart one, holding down a demanding job. We dated a few times and went to bed at the third date. After that we kept on seeing each other frequently and a couple of months later we're sharing an apartment. Then she started talking about different loving. Just plain old fucking was getting a bit stale, she said. So we experimented with bondage and liked it. Then one day I came home and found her spread-eagled on the bed, gagged and blindfolded, hands and feet cuffed to the posts. A notice around her neck said, ‘Darling, fuck me any way you like, but don’t hurt me...’ Which I did, immediately. 

I started fondling her tits and toyed around with the nipple clamps she had put on. I fingered her clit and stroked her pubic hairs into her vagina until she groaned and wriggled and tried to fuck my fingers. But I stopped and let her cool down a bit and she moaned and moved her cunt up and down in search of my hand. Then I fingered her again, this time with my index finger in her cunt and my thumb to her clit. And when she started coming, I slid into her and rammed my cock all the way up. She came in a shuddering orgasm, straining against her bonds and uttering a long moan that could only have been a scream against the ball-gag.

Since then we often surprised each other by being discovered self bound in various ways. Cross-tied to the bed, hog tied on the couch or (my favourite) suspended from a hook in the ceiling, toes just touching the floor.

Some weeks later, still in bed on a lazy Sunday morning, she leaned on an elbow and said, “Today, I am going to dress you up in my clothes!” Her hand slid down to my crotch and a considerable erection immediately built up while she murmured, “I think you’ll like it”.

That was the understatement of the year! 

I had sometimes been alone in my parent’s house during the high-school summer holidays. One day, while looking for clean underwear, I found my mothers garter belt, stockings and bra and could not resist but put them on, together with her black patent leather high-heeled pumps. Standing in front of the full-length mirror and covering most of my face I saw a seductive woman in sexy lingerie. I was so excited I nearly came by just touching ma’s tanga string that barely covered my erection.

Why I did it I will never know, but one evening when I had dressed up again in padded bra, garter belt, nylons and high heels, I tied my ankles, knees and arms with a length of clothesline and used a narrow leather belt to secure my wrists behind my back. There I stood in the middle of the bedroom, about 3 meters from the bed. I slowly shuffled towards it, very unstable on my tightly bound high heels. But finally my shins pressed against the sheets and I deliberately leaned over until I toppled forward. I helplessly fell on the bed, bouncing up a little and there I lay facedown, all dressed in women’s underwear and completely tied up. 

The feeling was incredible. Every move I made was transmitted to my whole body. The rope was like a harness. It came all the way up from my feet and knees, and then was knotted around my waist, breast and shoulders. I was completely at the mercy of … myself. The bonds around my ankles and knees made my nylon-clad legs rub against each other. The garters caressed my butt and the tanga string bulged with my erection. I tried to struggle onto the middle of the bed, but the friction of my penis against the sheets was too much and before I knew I came in a gushing orgasm. My muscles spasmed against the bonds and my head and legs jerked up high, as if I was a fish on a line. I blessed the fact that I had put a condom on my penis and a gag in my mouth because I screamed when I came and the amount of sperm was impressive.

I left school and home and tried to forget about this cross-dressed self-bondage thing as something immature. But it always remained in my mind, sleeping until someone would wake it up. And now she had done it. That Sunday was a memorable day.

For the first time since my teens I was wearing a garter belt again. Well, to be more precise, a tight, waist pinching corselet that covered most of my breast and stomach and with six garters to hold up the black seamed nylon stockings that ended in sling back pumps with 6 inch heels. Make up and a blonde wig completed the basics. She then handed me a black knitted dress with a roll collar and two breast-like lumps of a silicon substance to pad out the bra. After many years I again stood in front of a full-length mirror. And this time I did not cover my face but smiled and turned, this way and that. I looked gorgeous!

When she came in she obviously liked what she saw.  I was her multi-purpose lover, she said, who either could be a man or a woman. We went down on the couch and started kissing and fondling each other. Our nylon-clad legs rubbed against each other, my hand slid between her legs and her hand encircled my cock and we quickly went into a frenzy of sucking and fucking. Since then I had cross-dressed several times under her supervision. She even gave me some make up lessons and every time we fucked marvellously like two lesbo-bitches in heat.

But now it was something else. I, stupidly, had bet on something silly and had lost. So now I had to oblige and dress up as a woman, present myself in self-bondage and then be her maid for the weekend. The gloves and maids cap were proof.

After a stiff drink I reluctantly went into the bedroom and undressed completely, took a shower and then went into the spare bedroom where we kept our ‘stuff’ in a locked drawer. I started with slipping on a corset she had bought for me. It was very tight and altered my figure considerably. The breast like lumps of silicon substance padded out the bra rather nicely. I quickly pulled on black seamed stockings and slipped into the 6 Inch sling-back pumps.  Then I stood with my legs wide apart and pulled my cock backwards between them, while I struggled into a tight black leather slip that had an open backside (for emergencies I supposed).

The next item was a smooth, sleeveless black dress, like a waitress wears. Then I sat down at her makeup table and applied the various substances until I really looked like a waitress. A blonde wig completed the preparations. Then I finally put on the black elbow length gloves and fitted the little maids cap to the wig.

In the spare bedroom I put on a leather collar and encircled my waist with a leather belt. The belt locked into place and she was the only one that could release it with her key. I locked my ankles together with leather cuffs that were connected by a very short piece of chain. Finally I stood on a little wooden box. A chain hung from a hook in the ceiling. I guided it through a ring on the leather collar, through a leather strap above my elbows and locked it onto the belt around my waist. I was now very near the point of no return.

After some hesitation I took a ball-gag and put it in my mouth, loathing the taste of rubber. I checked the length of the ceiling chain to see if it had sufficient slack and then, finally I felt behind my back. There were two handcuffs attached to the belt and I clicked them shut. My arms were now locked behind my back, my ankles cuffed and my mouth gagged. I stepped down from the box and kicked it away. The ceiling chain pulled the leather strap tight around my elbows, hitching up my arms until I stood bent slightly forward. 

There I stood, completely dressed up, a helplessly cuffed and gagged woman waiting for her master to arrive. I looked down and saw my protruding breasts and the noses of my high-heeled shoes. I rubbed my legs together and the feeling of nylon greatly excited me. My penis wanted to explode but I had pulled the lot back between my legs and put a tight leather slip over it. Try as I would, I could not get any friction that would let me have an orgasm. So there I stood, waiting. I could not do anything else. Time passed slowly and I began to feel uncomfortable in my bonds. I tried walking forward, but I almost toppled over and the leather collar around my neck bit hard as it pulled me back.

Finally I heard her coming home. She walked around the apartment, opening doors and doing all kind of things that I did not understand until she finally ‘discovered‘ me. She frowned as she unhooked me from the ceiling and removed the gag from my mouth. Then she attached a leash to my collar and started walking.

“Where are you going?” I asked.

“You’ll see!” she said curtly and walked off into the direction of the kitchen, pulling me on the leash behind her. The short chain between the ankle cuffs only let me take very small steps so I had to trot rapidly in order not to fall flat on my face. And it is no joke to run on 6-inch heels!

We came into the kitchen and she pointed at the breakfast things we had left there this morning. “Is this your idea of housekeeping?” she said.

I was puzzled. This was beside the point because we always cleaned up together.

“Again, is this your idea of a maids duty?”

I looked at her and said, “What on earth are you talking about?”

“You’re the maid for the weekend! Why did you not clean up?”

Í shook my head and said, “Oh fuck it, stop this stupid play!”

She snorted, “OK, you’ve asked for it!”

She hauled me back to the spare bedroom and chained me to the hook in the ceiling again.

Then she stood in front of me and said, ”I want you to apologize for you stupidity, not cleaning up as you should. Why do you think you’re the maid?”

I said, “Come on, stop this”

She shook me and hissed, “If you don’t apologize, I will punish you severely!”

I thought things had gone far enough and said, “Let’s stop this nonsense and let me get out of this silly dress”.

She slapped my face and said “Apologize!”

I said, “No!”

“Last chance!”


She suddenly stepped behind me and before I knew what was happening she pulled a gag into my mouth and locked it behind my head. Then she left the room and slammed the door. To my horror I saw that she had used a penis-gag, of at least 9 inches. I only could make a sound like ‘MMMM!’ that translates to ‘NOOO!’ but it was too late. There I stood again. I could only move a couple of steps around before the ceiling chain became taut and pulled me back. I looked up and saw myself in the full-length mirror. A blonde woman chained to the ceiling, clad in a tight black dress, a short chain between her high-heeled ankles and a penis gag sticking from her mouth. I felt excited and frightened at the same time.

When she came in again, she wore a red and black push-up bra that left most of her breasts and nipples uncovered, a red and black garter belt, black nylons and high-heeled red pumps. In her hand she held a large strap-on dildo. She walked slowly towards me until her nipples just touched my ‘breasts’.  She arched her back somewhat and I felt her pubic mound rub against my underbelly, slowly and provocatively. I moaned against the gag and tried to rub back, but the dress slid over the leather slip and I felt almost nothing. I nearly cried with frustration.

“You just made a big, big mistake, do you know that?” she whispered in my ear while she rubbed her tits against me and her hands were on my buttocks, pressing me against her cunt.

I nodded, hoping that she would relent.

“I do not tolerate insolence from maids”

Again I nodded.

“And I don’t tolerate disobedience!”

She kept on rubbing her tits and vagina against me until I thought that I would burst. Trying to free myself I jerked at the handcuffs but the steel easily held me back.

“Insolent, disobedient little girls will be punished!” she said, as she slowly moved behind me.

Then, in a lightning movement, she pulled a black mask over my eyes. I was trapped in the dark, with here and there pinpricks of light. I tried to protest but I only could moan against the gag and she said, “Shut up!” I felt her uncuffing my ankles and relaxed a bit.  The next moment she closed some kind of clasp around one ankle and pulled my other ankle aside until my legs were widely spread. Then she closed another clasp. When I tried to put my feet together again I could not. She had put a spreader-bar between them!

“And now the real punishment begins!” she said and she pulled me backwards until I could barely stand against the pull of the taut ceiling chain.

She lifted the skirt of my dress. I felt her hand between my buttocks and for one moment she touched my hidden cock. It was like an electric shock and I moaned, stamped my feet and wrestled in vain against my handcuffs. She laughed and I felt her finger smearing something cold around my anus. Then in one movement she rammed the strap-on dildo into my asshole. It was so painful I tried to scream but the damned gag would not let me and her hands slid under my dress and found my nipples and she was fucking my asshole and pulling my nipples and I was rocking on my high heels and screaming against the gag, but I did not know whether it was from pain or from pleasure.

Finally I fell forward against the chain and she unhooked it and I collapsed on the ground, she turned me on my back and swung a leg over and slid down on the penis gag and started fucking my face. She pulled down the leather slip and my cock jumped up like a big snake and she started jerking me off and everytime when I nearly came, she stopped until she finally climaxed on the penis gag and she kept on jerking me off until I came screaming, fighting against my cuffs and the spread-bar.

She rose and dropped a key on the floor. “You’ve got five minutes to get out of the cuffs and clean yourself. If you’re not in the kitchen in five minutes, I’ll fuck you again, but this time with the big dildo!”

The door banged shut and I wriggled my sore butt across the floor to where I had heard the key fall. After some groping around I found it, turned flat on my back and finally managed to insert it in the lock and release my wrists. Then I took off the humiliating penis gag, blindfold and spreader-bar and staggered to my high-heeled feet. I brushed down the dress and pulled up the leather slip. And after moving the wig back to the correct position, I left the spare bedroom just after 4 minutes. 

When I came into the kitchen she was sitting on a stool, wearing a red dress. On the bar were 2 tall glasses and a bottle of Champagne. She smiled at me and came over and kissed me deeply, our tongues playing with each other. Then we drank, to ‘celebrate my defloration’ she said.

“Do you want to change into something else?” she said.

I shook my head. I was getting used to the feel of the dress and the nylons. “No” I said.

She kissed me again.

“You’re going to be busy this weekend. Lots of work to do for a maid,” she said as she stroked my face. “We’ll get some decent breasts for you and then you’ll look even better.”

I nodded, drank my champagne and thought. Next time it was her turn to be ‘found’ in bondage. I’d better start planning a suitable revenge.



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