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Beach Bondage

by Box654

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© Copyright 2007 - Box654 - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; chast; outdoors; caught; FF/m; toys; hum; cons/reluct; X

This wasn't my first self-bondage experience, and certainly won't be my last. Saturday afternoon, I headed for the beach.  It was very crowded, and I knew exactly where to go.  I parked my car at the far end of the county park, where most people kept their cars.  I took my bag of goodies and walked two miles to the other end of the park to the row of "port-o-pottys".  I chose one right in the middle and went inside. 

The smell was awful, and it was very hot and humid that day.  Being at the beach, it wasn't obvious to just wear a swimsuit.  This helped me get undressed.  I began putting the items I had brought on myself one at a time.  First, the leather hood, then the locking gag/head harness over it.  With a click of three different locks, it wasn't coming off.  I then put on my leg cuffs.  Then, with a deep breath, the chastity belt (with butt-plug).  I had specifically left the key for that back in the car. 

I then took the keys for the cuffs and the head harness and placed them in a lock-box.  I put my handcuffs on one wrist... then pulled out a re-settable combination lock.  I put on the other wrist.  I was about to chicken out... so I slapped the lock on the box, and exhaled deeply. 

I had re-set the combination without looking at it.  It had 3 digits... 1,000 possible combinations.  I was locked in good.   I knew two things for sure. It usually took 2 1/2 hours at worst to get the combination... and it would be getting dark very soon... so I only had 45 minutes to crack this thing... or spend the night in here. 

I began working feverishly at the lock. Starting with 500... 0 seems like the worst choice to begin with.  I knew this was a race against darkness.  I kept going, and going.  At 800, my fingers were sore... and I began to worry.  Did I possibly miss the right number by a hair?  Just keep going, that's the only way. 

By 150 (all the way around) I could barely see the numbers.  At 200, it was all over.  I couldn't make out a single number.  I was screwed.   I sat there with a throbbing ass, and sore fingers, knowing I couldn't make it all night with that plug in me.

I stood there another 30 or so minutes, and decided I had to go to the car and use the light.  It was really dark, but not so dark that someone wouldn't know what I was into.  I looked out the door, no one in the immediate area, so I started for the car.  With the leg chains on, I really couldn't go very fast.  Just ahead, I saw car lights...  now what??? 

I walked closer towards the water, and faced away from the car.. they just passed.  I began to walk again.  Car after car went by, I guess they couldn't really see me.  This is going to be fine I thought.  Until I got closer to my car.  I knew why this was a good spot, lots of people would make it difficult to get back to.  I was right.  There were at least 10 cars near mine.  Then I remembered, my car keys are in the box!  Shit!  Now what?

Then it hit me like a brick... light from a flashlight.   I froze, but the light was on me! 

"Oh look, a gimp..."  These two women were walking, and had seen me before I saw them. 

One took the box from me and said, "I bet something in there is REAL important?" 

I couldn't speak, the gag was my worst enemy now.  The other one grabbed my nipples and pulled... "get on your knees you little piece of shit!" 

I just fell down.  One girl looked over the lock on the box and said... "hmmm, which numbers do you still need to try? Huh?" 

I just grunted.  About that time, a huge "Pow" and sting came across my ass. 

The other said "we can beat it out of him!" 

Fortunately, she began with the 200 I had left off with. But with every wrong number came another swing of the others' belt.  Then a miracle...  At 223, the lock opened!

"Well look at this" she said.  "Now that wasn't any fun.." 

She then pulled a small wallet out of her handbag.  Showing me a badge, she said, "I work for the Sheriff's department, and you're going to get in some serious trouble one day."  With a really brutal smack of the belt one more time... she handed me the open box and said.  "Hope you have as good a night as we did." 

I ran for the car with my head down.  I jumped in, locked the doors, and pulled off all my gear.  I drove home with my heart racing... 

Knowing that I would never again have such an awsome experience.




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