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by Zalipso

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Storycodes: Sbm; cuffs; gag; naked; susp; F/m; boxed; encased; locked; toys; cons; X

I am 30 year old male. I have been married for a year. My wife Jess was not aware of my passion for bondage yet, but I have a plan to change that. Jess had to go to her job for a few hours. 

For the past week I have been working on some stuff in my workshop. Now was the time to use them. She was going to be gone for about two hours. I first put a note on the kitchen table where I knew she would find it. It stated:

'Hey Hun, I am out in the workshop would you come out and get me when you get home'. 

Next I went out and got myself ready. I first took off all my clothes and put them in a box in the corner. Then I placed my leather ankle and wrist cuffs on and put the locks on them. Next came my two inch ball gag head harness. 

I had mounted an electric winch on the wall of my shop that had a remote control and also placed a pulley on the ceiling joist in the centre of the room. I ran the cable through the pulley and left it about two inches above the floor. Next I lay down on the floor below the pulley. I place a padlock through the D rings on my ankle cuffs. Then I place my hands behind my back and place a padlock through the D rings on my wrist cuffs. 

I run a short chain between my ankle cuffs and my wrist cuffs, effectively hogtieing myself. Next I attach the cable to the centre of the chain that runs through my wrist cuffs and my ankle cuffs. I press my remote for up. When I was about three feet above the floor, I stop the winch and throw the remote off to the side. 

I just hang there waiting for Jess to come home. I also have left a note on the door of my workshop.

Dear Jess,

Before you come in. I have dropped hints about an activity I really enjoy. I have been working on several projects that can be a lot of fun for the both of us. Feel free to do as you please if you find that I am unable to stop you. 

Two and a half hours after she left Jess returned home. Just as I planed she found the note and being curious about what I am up too. She comes out to the workshop. Next she finds my second note. With an evil grin on her face she walks in and finds me hanging there in a hogtie.

She goes, "My, my, my what do we have here?" 

She further states, "I am into bondage myself, I was just too afraid to say anything. Well let's see what you have done".

As she looks around she goes, "Well I see you have built a box with four locking hasps. It looks as though that it is meant for you to be locked in. Your work bench is setup for spread eagle ties and all sorts of things. Well I came out here to tell you I've got to go back to work. Sara quit today so I have to work a double. Meaning that I won't be home till 11am tomorrow morning. So since you have so nicely set yourself up. I will finish it for you that way I know that you will be safe and won't get into trouble".

First she puts a vibrating butt plug in my butt. Next she runs a rope around my waist and between my legs to keep the butt plug in. She then puts a rubber vibrating ring around my penis. That damn devilish thing she loves so much. 

Then she rolls the box over where it's under me. Then she lowers the winch down till I am laying inside the box. She unhooks the winch cable and runs it back up out of the way.

Next she shuts the box and locks all four of the hasps.

She then states, "I am going to take the keys with me for safe keeping and trust me I will have fun with you when I get home!"


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