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Boy-toy to Older Women

by Sensual Robert

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© Copyright 2020 - Sensual Robert - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/m; Sbm; caught; bond; oral; hum; reluct; X

I decided to surprise my girlfriend by becoming a bound sex toy for her. I knew her parents were in Europe for vacation and that she had the house to herself. So I was able to get into their house and her bedroom. I brought with me a bag of sex toys… silk scarves, vibrator, butt plug, chastity device and a sexy french maid costume for my girlfriend Jane to wear for me. My girlfriend would be home in about an hour, so I quickly removed my clothes except for my silk boxers.

I tied a red satin bow around my cock and balls as a gift for my pretty girlfriend. I turned the lights off, I was able to tie myself down to her bed spread-eagled. I was now completely helpless and now I waited for Jane. I heard the front door open and I waited for my high school sweetheart to find me tied to her bed with a big bow around my now hard cock.

Then I heard a voice say "Hello? Jane, are you in your bedroom? It's me, your grandma Barbara."

That's when I said too loudly "Oh Shit!"

I then heard other female voices "I think I heard her from her bedroom." I started to panic and tried to get untied, but the ropes were tied too tight. Then the bedroom door opened, the lights were turned on and I heard gasps from the women. Now Jane's grandma, although she is 70 years old, she is very attractive for her age and looks 20 years younger. But the other older women were overweight and unattractive!

Barbara recognized me. "That is Jane’s high school boyfriend!" She noticed my erection through my silk boxers. "Jane’s very sexy boyfriend, who seems to be tied up." The other unattractive woman Anne says "Look at that erection… I have not seen that in more than 20 years." I started to feel vulnerable, as these older women were looking at me like a piece of meat. "Barbara, can you please untie me and forget that you saw me here?"

Anne quickly approached me, grabbing my hard cock through my silk boxers. “Hell no! I think we should have our fun with this boy-toy!" The other overweight woman, Sally, had already gotten undressed and sat on my face; her nasty dried out cunt in my face. "Start licking, boy-toy." I comply and lick her disgusting pussy, then Barbara removes my silk boxers and discovers the silk bow! I felt a tongue on my cock and hoped it was Barbara's, since at least she was attractive.

Then I could feel the mouth sucking my hard cock. Anne said, "Mmmmm his cock tastes wonderful!" As I continue to pleasure Sally’s dried pussy with my tongue, I think about my situation. Spreadeagled… satin bow tied around my cock… three older women using me as their sex toy... boy-toy. Barbara discovers my sex bag... “A butt plug, let's insert into him!" I try to scream no, but I can't with Sally's old pussy in my face. They are able to insert the butt plug in me as Anne continues to give me an unwanted blow job.

My cock finally explodes and cum shoots into Anne's mouth. A minute later Sally gets off my face and Anne approaches me with an evil grin. She starts to kiss me as Barbara plays with my now over sensitive cock. As she kisses me, she releases my own cum from her mouth into mine. I'm forced to swallow my own cum!

"Please ladies you had your fun with me, now untie me and let me go!" They ignore me as they hold up the chastity device and the pretty white satin maids apron. The chastity device is easily placed on my cock and locked! Many pictures of me are taken! The satin apron is tied around my waist.

Barbara then says "You are now our boy-toy, and you will please and obey us, otherwise we will release these photos to Jane. You will come to our houses wearing that pretty apron and licking our pussies!"

My ordeal as their boy-toy has begun!

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