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Boys will be Boys

by Unknown

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Story about a male scarf bondage which shows how  men will always be boys who like to play...

Self bondage

It all started when I was a kid and I liked to be blindfolded during the blind man's bluff game, then I started to blindfold myself at home with my mothers scarves and wonder around the house. And the scarves... there were so many of them. Then I wanted to find out how is it to be gagged as I have seen on TV all that were kidnapped were blindfolded and gagged. Those were the silk scarves and it was all a bit unstable on my head and then I added the headscarf to keep the blindfold and gag in place. So what to do with other scarves? 

Experimenting I managed to tie my legs and hands with them and somehow even place myself in a hogtie. Then one day, as usually I locked the doors and started to tie myself with scarves, first the blindfold (a nice and the largest black and yellow silk scarf), then the gag (stuffing my mouth with just a piece of cotton and tying a huge red-yellow or green-orange square scarf folded in band). All that was secured with the huge headscarf tied in Grace Kelly style. Tapping around in dark I managed to tie another scarf around the blindfold and another around the gag. I like to feel the silk around my neck so I tied one scarf as a choker. 

Usually I first tied on each wrist a scarf that was at the end of tying the rest of my body, tied together with legs placing me in a hogtie. Of course the unnecessary detail was the scarf tied around the base of my cock and the balls. I had some techniques to tie my hands and after easily free myself. When I released my hands, not necessary the legs I started to masturbate. And that time my hands just couldn't break free from those scarves. Ouch.... the circulation. I started to panic and from the sofa fell on the floor. Still conscious but in a panic I felt an excitement and a blood rush in my cock. I started to rub my cock on the soft huge pillow that it was on the floor and the rest of the scarves that weren't tied on me were lying on that pillow. Turning around and rubbing my cock I cummed all around the floor and on the scarves. But my hands and legs were still tied up and I couldn't break free. 

What now? If my parents come home and find me tied up and naked, loads of sperm around me? Very uncomfortable position. Starting to rub my head up the sofa I tried to remove the blindfold. But nothing. It was too tight, and too fat in layers. Legs were also tied up too tight. Hands were probably blue, but then I felt a thin and sharp lower edge of the sofa. I had to sacrifice a scarf to break myself free. But it was fun for me. Removing a blindfolds and gags in a hurry my eyes passed over the pillow on which were scarves... All messed up in creamy white sperm. All of them... What now? I took a look at the clock. In a half an hour my parents were returning and all my mothers scarves were messed up. Nothing. I just collected them and waited few minutes to sperm dries. And then: Idea! Scarves that I have been tied with weren't messed up with sperm and those that were, they were made of polyester! We can say a cheap imitation of silk. I placed all the scarves as they were and hidden non-silky ones at my hiding place. Few days later I washed them and placed them where they belong. That was an adventure.

After that I became more clever and even got some new ideas about new positions, new excitements... Then I was bored with all my mother's scarves and decided to buy myself a scarf. I have seen a lot of movies where the kidnapped actresses were gagged and blindfolded with the red bandannas so I decided to buy myself a bandanna. First it was a strong decision for a red one but the black just says for itself: the blindfold! So the first one was the black. Then came all the others. I couldn't imagine to go somewhere without a bandanna in my pocket or to masturbate without blindfolding myself. I still got all of them, except those that my girlfriend liked and she now wears them. They are the best when they are all washed out. They fit better as blindfolds. But of course silk speaks for itself as a headscarf. So the cheap bandannas weren't enough. 

First of the silk ones was the Gucci, the biggest square in store, red with white and yellow and some chessboard pattern.... very nice and feminine. But it was an object of desire to be blindfolded with it. Very sexy to see some elegant female wearing it. In the next chapter more about it! So the bandannas were cheap, easy to wash and very tight to tie as a blindfold. The new technique! First a bandanna tied up in a pirate style, perfect for the first layer before the blindfold. Then the crown: The blindfold! After the crown came the bandanna stuffed in mouth and another one around it. A great feeling: Above all that a huge silk headscarf. With all those scarves tied around my head, the sense of hearing is also getting limited so it can be very frightening when you think more about it. But, it feels gooood. Those were the days.... I have spent at least one hour blindfolded that days. Then I met my first mistress...

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