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Brass Bed

by Teresa

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© Copyright 2001 - Teresa - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; M/f; bond; toys; cons; X


Several months ago, I moved in with a widower.  He's in his early fifties.  He was married to the same woman for nearly thirty years.  Our sex life was pretty good.  He's not a fireball like my ex-husband was, but he is a considerate, patient lover. I'm only thirty, though, and I'm horny a lot more than he is.  Even at that, he gives me pleasure with his hands and mouth.  I even got him to use my dildo on me.   I want to offer him more, though!

I'm only five feet tall, but I'm still lean.  I've got long legs for my height.  I love to wrap them around his hips.  I really love him; and I want him thrilled by our lovemaking. I asked him if we could get a new bed!  I told him it bothered me a little to sleep in the bed he'd shared with his wife.  He agreed.  I knew what I wanted, and we bought it.  It is a queen sized, brass, four poster bed.  It has lots of curlicues, little brass circles, on the posts, the head and foot boards and the side rails. It even has woven brass designs around the top rails that hold lacy curtains we can draw if we want.

I stayed home the Friday  when the bed was delivered.  The delivery guys set it up, but I decorated it.  I added red satin sheets and pillowcases and a jet black, satin comforter.    I left a frilly card on the front door that told him to go to the bedroom to see our new bed. Then, when he called to tell me he'd be home in half an hour, I added me!

I'd planned the Bed Day -- no, the Bed Weekend -- for weeks. I ordered a couple of the most erotic outfits I could find from the Frederick's catalog.  I also ordered some other toys from another catalog.  Frederick's was great!  The outfit I'm wearing for our first night is absolutely pornographic.    It's a tiny number called Femme Fatale.  It has a jet black bra, trimmed in scarlet with underwired lace half cups that exalt my 34C breasts and leave them unveiled. Just the feel of it makes my nipples stand up proudly!  It also comes with a petite, lace and ribbon garter belt that sets off my 21 inch waist.  It has a teeny g-string, thong panty, but I'm leaving that in the box tonight.  My flaxen hair shows up delectably against the dusky lacework at my loins.  The final touches are slippery, sensual, lacy hosiery with little red roses on them, and a pair of four inch ebony heels.  I usually wear my hair up at work, but tonight it's down over my shoulders and back.

This is just window dressing, though.  The other toys are bizarre, and let me use our new bed.  The other catalog was for all kinds of bondage toys, and I spent almost $500 of my savings for some sexual entertainment for us. I moved the track lights so they gleam on the bed.  Then I attached leather straps with hooks in all sorts of extraordinary places.  I even got his tools out and fixed a few brass rings into the ceiling joists.  I laid the other playthings on my dresser so he'd see them, then set up myself.  I put leather bands on my wrists and ankles.  Then I fastened my ankles so I was standing at the foot of the bed.   My legs were drawn out about two feet apart.  Before I cinched my wrists, I planted a rubber ball gag in my mouth and attached it behind my head.  Then I secured my wrists, as tightly as I could, to the ties on the top rail at the foot of the bed.  I stood there, in the spotlights, waiting for my man to command me.

He came in.  I heard him hang up his coat, then heard him tear open the card.  "Renee'?  Where are you?" he called.  I wasn't able to say much, but I was really getting agitated! My nips were harder than they'd ever been, and I could feel the dampness in my loins start  to flow in expectancy.
He came up the stairs and into our bedroom. 
"My God, Renee! You weren't kidding about a 'wonderful' present!" he grinned.

He came to me.  He fondled me.  His hands felt wonderful as they caressed my  boldly flaunted breasts.  He kissed them, slowly and tenderly, sucking gently on my nipples until they ached with desire.  He touched me softly between my legs. Finding me moist and ready, he explored my love canal with his fingers.  He stroked my clit as I groaned through my gag.  I drove my hips at him and he probed deeper into me, stroking the walls of my vagina, searching for the spot he knew would send me out of my mind.  He found it, and pressed and stroked me while I writhed into an fantastic climax.

He was still dressed.  I was in heaven!  He examined all the things I'd done.  He explored the other toys on my dresser. I was limp from ecstasy, my barely governed arms almost touching in front of me, though my legs were still spread wide.  He came to me again and tightened my arm straps so my hands were taken up in the direction of the top rail.  I knew I could no longer free myself.  I was his to do with as he desired. He undressed.  Taking me in his arms, he began kissing me. He kissed my neck.  He trailed his lips along the up thrust of my breasts and nipped my nipples with his lips.  He moved his mouth down across my belly, over my garter belt.  He explored my navel with his tongue for ages.  Normally it would have tickled, but I was getting aroused again.  It felt great!

He moved on down and licked my skin between my garter belt and my furry mons.  I was moaning again, and thrusting my hips onto his face when he dipped his tongue into my slit. It was exciting, hanging there.  His hands stroked my stockinged legs and my naked ass cheeks, pulling me onto his mouth. He unhooked my ankles and stood, pulling me to him.  I wrapped my legs around his hips.  Swinging from my bound wrists, I pulled myself onto his rigidity and we moved to an incredible orgasm.

He removed my gag, but, to my surprise -- and delight -- he refastened my ankles to the bed. 
"Ah, Renee', you are the joy of my life!"  he whispered, hugging me again.  "I may restrain you here eternally!"
"Oh, Please," I moaned.  "I'm your woman, Master, to do with as you will!"
He slipped into his robe and, getting into my reverie with me, said, "Now, what will my love slave have for dinner?"
Lowering my eyes demurely, I whispered, "Whatever pleases you, Master."
When dinner was almost ready, he returned.  He freed me from the foot of the bed.  Taking another of our trinkets he refastened me.  He put a neck band on me that had a long strip hanging down my back.  My wrist manacles clipped to rings on the strap so they were clutched securely behind me. Then he fastened a restraint between my ankles that buckled to a ring on the bottom of the back strap.  It effectively fettered me, but I could move a little without fear of tripping on it.

I really felt wonderful.  My arms were a little strained by the harness, but the position of  my arms shoved my breasts up even more.  My nipples hadn't relaxed since I'd put that sexy bra on!  I walked around a bit.  It really made me horny to feel the ankle chains hobble my walk.  My hips swayed suggestively as I listened to the soft tinkle of the chains. Bringing our dinner to the bedroom, he made me get down on my knees beside him.  He sat on the love seat and fed himself; then fed me, cutting my steak for me.  He held my glass for me so I could drink my wine.  Once I spilled a little on my breasts, and he licked them clean.  I was in heaven, bound at his feet while he loved me!

After we had eaten, he left me bound.  When I indicated my need, he led me into the bathroom.  When I had finished, he gently cleaned me. Returning to the bedroom, he made me abase myself by kneeling at the couch again.  Then he got the rubber hood from my collection.  "Let's see how this works," he smiled. He turned it inside out, and grinned when he saw how it was made.  Putting  it on top of my head, he slowly -- very deliberately -- began to  roll it down onto my head. He brought it around my ears, And all the sound around me receded as soft foam pads pressed in contact with my skull. He stopped, and redirected his attention to my body, stroking my breasts -- caressing my face.

When he had me panting with lust, he wrapped the hood down a little further until another set of pads girdled my eyes, turning my world dark -- as well as silent.  He stopped again.  Kissing me deeply, he let his hands drift down over my legs -- probing softly in the moist Vee between them.  I was going frantic with eagerness. He rolled the head gear a little further and I felt the little breathing tubes enter my nostrils.  I felt his tongue probe my mouth again, then felt his fingers stretch my mouth open as a hard dildo gag glided between my tingling lips.  I sucked it on in as I felt the shroud roll over my chin.  The stretchiness of the hood material clasped my jaws and pushed the dildo on in -- sealing my mouth so I had to breathe through the nose tubes.

He rolled the elastic material down over my neck.  I was aware of him closing the leather neck collar, and felt, rather than heard him seal it with a tiny lock I'd thoughtfully provided.  Now I was REALLY his enslaved concubine. He removed my ankle chains and my heels so I could move safely; then helped me stand.  He moved me till I felt the bed hit my tummy.  He pushed me forward till I was lying face down on the bed with my feet on the floor.  I felt his hard cock slither into me.  After he had explored me with his cock, he pulled out again, leaving me panting with desire,  His hands were everywhere!  He rolled me on my back and moved me onto the bed.  The next thing I knew, My legs were being stretched straight up and apart as he fastened my ankles to the straps I'd placed at the center of the top side rails.

He tightened the ties until my ass was lifted off the bed. All the while his hands and mouth never stopped molesting my most erogenous places!  Suddenly my dripping cunt was filled with a huge, undulating dildo!  He moved it deliberately, in and out of my love tunnel.  When he had it near my hole, he would move it around as its vibrating, pulsing motion massaged my clitoris,  I wanted to grab it and ram it in, but I was lying on my bound hands,  I was going wild with desire again.

He removed it from me, and I wanted to scream at him, "PLEASE FUCK ME!"  He moved off the bed for a moment.  When he returned, I felt something small probe my sex.  After a moment, I felt him probing my suspended back door and realized he'd been lubricating the anal dildo with my love juices. I was still a virgin there, and I tightened up as the small tip of the probe slid into me.  I knew what was coming!  The eight inch length of the thing had four balls in it.  The first one was little, and I felt it stretch me as he glided it in and out.  As he kept on probing, the next one massaged my rectum.  Then another slipped in!  I was wiggling my hips furiously.  I wanted him to stop.  It scared me to have that thing exploring my rear, but I'd gotten it for him.  It was a little late to object.  Besides, my gag mask didn't allow me much option.  Finally the important one went in!  It was almost two inches in diameter, and it was tapered so it held the thing  in me!.  He turned it on and it started vibrating and pulsating inside me!  I've never felt anything like it!

He returned the big cock to my vagina and rammed it in. Stroking it in and out, he brought me nearer and nearer to climax. When he pushed it all the way in, I could feel the two devices touching through the walls of my vagina.  I crashed into an incredible climax and almost passed out.

He removed my imitation lovers.  He cleaned me and removed my mask.  That was when I saw the lights and the video camera he'd set up after I was blinded.  He sat on the bed and lifted my head onto his lap so I could see, then he showed me the instant replay.  It was eerie, watching that prisoner on the TV wiggle her hips and pull herself against those sexy toys.  As we watched, I could feel him grow hard. Pulling with my bound legs, I moved down on his lap so I could take him into my mouth and return the pleasure he'd given me.  He tasted good.  I sucked and licked his cock as he watched me -- on the TV AND in real life!  Before long, he had his eyes closed, and he soon moaned to a climax, filling my sucking mouth with his jism. He released my legs, but wouldn't free my hands.  He slipped me under the covers, turned off the TV and the lights.  When he joined me -- in all my sexy finery and bonds, he held me in his arms as we both drifted off to a dreamless sleep.

In the morning, he freed me, and let me shower and dress. He asked me to dress up a bit, though.  I put on another sexy bra.  This one enclosed my breasts and lifted them, but left the nipples exposed.  I wore another garter belt, and dark blue hose.  I wore panties, but the lace trimmed crotch was open!  I slipped a navy blue, leather skirt over my hips that I knew he liked.  I topped the outfit with a low cut sweater that showed off my cleavage.  If you looked, you could see my nipples. He fastened a wide leather belt around my waist that had manacles for my wrists attached to four inch chains.  I was his victim again!  I'd really started something!

He made me serve him breakfast.  It was hard -- with my hands anchored to my waist belt!  He made it even harder by caressing me whenever I got near him!  He'd pinch my nipples or slide his hand up under my skirt whenever I got within reach!  He'd get right in to that slit in my panties with his fingers.  He had me dripping with love juice!  I got within reach a lot!  Before he finished his breakfast, I was panting with desire! Then he sat me down and fed me.  At that time he got his coat and mine and announced we were going shopping!

"What?  Like this?" I grinned, jerking my wrist chains.
"Of course!" he smiled.  "A good slave shops for her Master!"
He put my wool poncho over my head, effectively disguising my state of servitude, and we went to the grocery.  I was so aroused, I'm sure that wasn't the greatest shopping I've ever done.  In a deserted aisle, he even slipped his hand under my coat so he could stroke my aching breasts. When we got home, I got down on my knees like a good slave and begged him to fuck me!  He just smiled and slowly unzipped his pants while I knelt in front of him.  Slowly drawing out his cock, he showed me its hardness.  "Worship your Master, Slave." he told me.

Scooting closer to him -- with difficulty because my hands were still joined to my waist cinch -- I kissed the point of his cock.  "Yes, Master," I whispered, "Whatever delights you."
He seized my head in his hands and, at a leisurely pace, slid his tool into my mouth.  I sucked on him energetically. I loved watching and feeling him throb between my moist lips.  I licked him to keep him wet.  Before he climaxed, he pulled out.
He took me back to our bedroom.  Unchaining me, he hugged me, saying, "I want you so bad, Sweetheart.  Dress for me again, please."  I was delighted to.  He took his now dangling cock to fix us drinks while I stripped to my garter belt, stockings, crotchless panties and bra.  Hooking the Love Swing to a ceiling hook, I arranged myself in it.  It held my legs spread out so I was completely laid open.
Velcro straps surrounded my thighs to snare them.  Similar Velcro bands subjugated my wrists.  When he returned, his rod leaped immediately to attention.

I had guessed the height perfectly.  He walked up to me, between my widespread legs.  His cock touched my laid open vagina as he leaned over me to secure my wrist straps.  I felt so powerless.  I could feel the tip of his rod nudging against me and I needed him inside me!
"Please, Master," I moaned, "Put it in me!  FUCK ME! PLEASE!"
He pushed against me gently.  His cock slipped in a little, but my body moved away from him, too.  I tried clutching him with my love muscles, but he slipped out!  I wanted to clasp him with my legs, but they were embraced by my thigh straps.
"OH GOD MASTER!  PLEASE LET ME HAVE YOU INSIDE  ME," I cried.  "FUCK ME HARD!" He went away -- to my dresser again.  He came back with another toy that seemed exciting when I bought it.  Now I wasn't sure.  It was a whip -- kind of a toy one.  It had a nine inch dildo for a  handle and about a dozen twelve inch suede leather fronds on it.

"OH NO,"  I whimpered, "NOT WHILE I'M LIKE THIS!"  I tried to squirm away, but I only set myself swinging. He stopped me by grasping my box in his left hand.  He explored me with his fingers.  I got wet immediately! Holding me with his fingers inside my very wet box, he lashed the scourge against the inside of my exposed thigh between the top of my stockings and my vee. It didn't hurt like I thought a real whip would.  It was more like getting snapped with a wet towel.  I still whimpered with the ache it created and watched as my skin turned a glowing pink.  "NO!  PLEASE!  THAT HURTS TOO BAD," I wailed, bucking my hips in a useless effort to flee.  My exertion moved his hand in me and that feel marvelous, while I was still smarting from the lash.  Then he covered my reddening skin with his lips and I thought I would explode with ecstasy!

Backing away he lashed the inside of my other thigh. Again, covering the area with his mouth, he reversed the handle and rubbed my cunt with its cock tip.  By now I was going crazy with agony and pleasure at the same time.  I'd never felt such sexual tension in my life!  I tried as much as I could
to fuck myself on that dildo!  He pulled it out! Reversing it again, he whipped my tummy -- then slowly, agonizingly slid the strands of the whip down between my out stretched thighs!  Swinging it back, he brought the scourge up against my dangling buttocks.  I practically climbed up to the ceiling.  Again, he drew the fronds up across my sopping lips.

"PLEASE, MASTER -- I'LL BE YOUR SLAVE. "  Panting with agony and lust, I begged, "FUCK ME. DO ANYTHING TO ME!"
"I'm going to, my beloved," he smiled.  He stood and moved against me. He slid right in, I was so wet with passion. Moving his cock in me, He brought the whip down, more gently, on my exposed breasts.  It hurt, but he felt so good inside me I didn't know whether to cry with the pain, or scream with the pleasure!  There I was!  Bound, defenseless, aching -- swinging on and off his throbbing cock -- but approaching a climax so big I didn't know what to do.  My nipples were so hard!  He lashed them again and I screamed - - as I crashed into an orgasm so big I passed out!

When I awoke I was still bound in the swing.  He was wiping my face with a cool cloth.  "Are you all right, Sweetheart?" he asked.  "You screamed, and your cunt muscles clamped on me so tight I had the best climax of my life!  Then you passed out."
"Mmmmm," I murmured swing gently in my bondage, "You sure know how to help a girl act out her fantasy.  I've never been so horny in all my life!  I was a little panicky when you started using that whip on me.  It hurt a little, but I got so tight -- sexy tight -- that I couldn't get enough of you.  Right now, I'm so worn out I just want a nap.  Let me down, please."

"No, I like you like this." he answered.  "I will make you cozy, though."
With that, he fastened a harness to my head and fastened straps to it so my head was supported.  He fastened a blindfold to my harness.  He left me there.  It was only noon on this unimaginably sensual weekend, and I didn't think I could sleep.  I was so tired, though, that I soon nodded off -- hanging in my wonderful swing. I awoke to his tongue tormenting my clit.  I was still tightly blindfolded so I don't know how long I'd slept.  The love swing still clutched my thighs in its devoted grasp. My wrists were still Velcro encircled above my head  "Oh Please," I whimpered, "I can't take any more."

The stroking tongue slipped between my vaginal lips and I felt his lips sucking on my love button!  I felt his fingers enter me, then felt a well lubricated finger exploring my defenseless back hole.  He had me gasping with desire again. He stood and I felt his maleness slip into me.  He clasped my tits firmly and used them to draw me on and off his cock. He would push me away so his cock slipped slowly from me -- all the while caressing my breasts -- until he was just touching me.  Then he would pull me gently so I slid slowly -- very slowly -- back onto his throbbing organ.  I was in ecstasy!  I felt his cock sliding into me.  It was throbbing so I knew he was close.  Gripping as hard as I could with my inner love muscles, I brought him, and myself to a wonderful climax!

He helped me down from the swing, holding me lovingly until I could walk steadily.  The last time had nearly consumed me!  I washed and powdered myself, perfumed all my secret spots and slipped on a long, slinky black gown.  It had shoe string straps and an uplift bra, but was very modest compared to what I'd been wearing.  I was ready for a serious Saturday afternoon nap!
So was he, but he wasn't going to let our fantasy end.
Before he'd let me into bed, I was back in wrist manacles and a slave collar.  The collar had a tab hanging down in front, with a D-ring that received the identical wrist rings with the aid of a small padlock.  My arms were held comfortably, but securely.  Even though I had on a long gown, it gave me a sexy thrill to know that my loins were, once again, defenseless!

We slept.
He fed me again. He helped me when I had to go to the bathroom.
We watched TV.  I was a little bruised from our passionate night and morning so he didn't start anything.  I lay on the sofa in his arms all evening.  He held me.  He caressed me occasionally.  He kissed me a lot.  It was the most idyllic evening we'd ever had!

On Sunday morning, I awoke to find myself alone, but restrained spread eagle on the bed.  He came in and gently fed me breakfast. He left me to do some work around the house.  I laid there thinking about my situation.  My legs were bound, loosely, but so I couldn't draw them together.  My arms weren't tight either, but there was no way I could free myself.  All in all I was self-indulgently contented.   I was in a constant, but low level state of horniness.  When I moved, I could feel the slippery fabric of my gown slide against the satin sheets.  It was so sensual I practically purred!  He was up doing the work and all I had to do was -- nothing.  He would decide what I was to do.  I knew he would come for me.  I slept some more.

About Noon, he came and released me.  I'd never felt so totally rested in my life.  He made me remove my gown.  He just fastened my wrists in front of me and left my ankles unbound.  We did "housey" things all afternoon -- except he was forever hugging me and kissing me and caressing me. Once I just stopped him, pulled his pants down, and -- kneeling before him -- gave him a blow job that left him groaning from exhaustion!

Before dinner, we went out to our well screened hot tub.  He fastened my wrists behind me, and held me, lovingly, so one of the bubble jets frothed up between my legs and breasts. It tickled at first, but I soon found myself aroused by the water massage!  Between the water and his probing hands I found myself peaking again!
I fixed dinner -- in all my naked glory, but with my hands in front of me, still chained.  After dinner we retired to the bedroom again.  He freed my wrists, but asked me to put the slave hood on myself.

It was eerie, rolling that thing down over myself.  Hearing vanished.  Sight followed.  The dildo gag felt like his cock going in my mouth.  When I had it on, I felt him place the collar lock into my hands.  I fastened it, and felt my prurient enslavement return.  He didn't tie me, but I knew I wanted to please him.  He made me bend over.  His hands showed mine to grasp my ankles.  I stood there, in total
mental bondage.  He stroked me everywhere.  Finally he stood and gently penetrated me.  I wiggled my hips in every way I knew to give him joy.  I loved it too!

Later, in bed, he took me again.  I held him in my arms and legs and slept.
He awakened me and joined me in the shower.  I was still hooded.  He got me off again with the shower massage!.  He dressed me for work!  He didn't remove my hood until half an hour before I had to leave -- just time enough to do my hair and makeup.
He was just about finished dressing for work when I had to leave.  I didn't want to leave him.  If he had slipped a pair of manacles on me I would have stayed without a thought!  As I drove to work I felt like I was going into a foreign world.  I was already thinking of ways to make next weekend even more interesting!


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