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Bright Sunny Day

by Mikel | Forum Feedback

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Kara had been working nonstop for over three months the only times she had to indulge her passion for bondage she had been too tired to do more than lock her wrists and ankles together. She had continued to lace her corsets on but as each day passed she became less motivated to lace them until the last few weeks she had worn only the ones she could zip or buckle closed. They were snug but never as tight as she preferred and her normal high heeled shoes had started getting lower. The project had been completed and she had the next week off and she planned to use it wisely. The gear she had ordered was waiting for her at the lake house she hoped, she had already packed a small bag of bondage toys and vibrators she had planned to use when she got to the small house. Kara planned to lace her smallest corset on and lock her steepest high heels on tonight, the keys should be waiting for her at the lake house if the mail had gotten there.

Kara was so drowsy she could barely tighten the laces even as her arousal grew her exhaustion over whelmed her. She had managed to get the corset laced closed and stood teetering in the thin steel high heels admiring her amazing body. Kara snapped the three inch wide steel collar around her throat not caring that it was locked on as well until she reached the lake house. Stroking the collar and gasping over the corset she spun quickly on the balls of her feet swinging the small locks in the lace cover as she strode to her closet. Feeling a surge in her energy she grabbed her stainless steel chastity belt quickly stepping into it and locking it securely around her tiny waist humming as she felt the locks snap closed and the pressure of the steel against her damp pussy having not been able to wear the belt since having stopped lacing herself so tight. Dropping herself onto her bed and falling to sleep quickly planning on sleeping as late as she could before heading to the lake house.

Kara slept for twelve hours waking feeling very refreshed and even though her back and feet ached she felt better than she had in weeks. Kara cleaned herself getting dressed in a latex micro mini skirt and matching tank top, both were extremely tight and almost transparent. Kara knew she could make the lake house without stopping so she wasn’t worried about anyone seeing her during her drive and climbed into her car and headed out. Kara had only been driving for about ten minutes when she looked at the gas gauge cursing herself for having thought she had actually filled it up during her sleep deprived state. Kara looked down seeing the shining steel covering her pussy that the tiny skirt couldn’t cover and smiled saying to herself “Well I don’t really have a choice now”. Kara pulled into the next gas station ignoring that it seemed to be very busy and pulled next to a pump and climbed out walking proudly as she tugged the skirt down as far as it would go.

She stood wobbling on her high heels letting the sun warm her rubber, her heaving breasts showing her pert nipples proudly through the rubber covering them. The small top only covered her breasts leaving her narrow waist caused by the heavy corset exposed and if anyone looked the locks keeping it closed could be seen. The waist of the skirt ran below the top of the belt and stopped at the bottom of her firm ass cheeks leaving the gleaming steel shining brightly. Kara filled her car with gas relishing being forced to show herself in public and loving the stares of the people that noticed her. By the time she had filled her car she was wishing she could remove the belt and finger herself to a screaming orgasm even looking at the trunk debating getting the key for it. Deciding it was more fun being trapped in it she got back in lowering the top on her car and drove off with the music turned up loud.

Kara drove in the hot sun sweating in the tight rubber making it even more see through laughing as cars passed her some blowing the horn and waving others giving her sneers even as they stared at her heaving breasts an even more pronounced nipples. Reaching the lake house Kara grabbed her tote bag with the three small grocery bags and pranced into the house feeling absolutely wonderful in her high heels and latex after her long nights sleep and the arousing drive. Walking onto the long front porch she noticed the new wood railing grapping it and shaking laughing to herself “Wow, he actually fixed it” remembering how rotten and wobbly it used to be. The deck chairs were already set out and when she got into the kitchen to unload her grocery’s she found a note “Hi Kara I hope you enjoy your time off, I fixed a few things around here so it would be ready for you, I’ll call you when your mother and I get back into town, Dad”.

Kara smiled, even though she had purchased the small house her parents spent more time there than she did and she loved having them enjoy it. Her dad had told her he would fix the place up for her and had done a lot of work but never seemed to get to the things she was concerned about as quickly as what he wanted to do. One of the things had been making the gate to the property automatic, it had always been their inside joke. She noticed they had left the fridge well stocked and stuffed the few items she wanted to stay cold inside it wanting to get busy with her playtime.

Kara walked around the house seeing many improvements including the three large beams across the ceiling that he had replaced adding two up right beams making the roof no longer sag. She stared up at the beams grinning as she thought about including them in her future bondage plans. Kara went to her room seeing the box on the bed squealing knowing it was the things she had ordered. The box made Kara think about her keys she had sent and looked at the small stack of mail in the basket near the door finding no envelope from herself. Well maybe it will be here Monday grinning as she wiggled in the locked on shoes going back to the box and opening it.

The box had two new latex dresses and a heavy rubber cat suit each making Kara squeal as she opened them and held them up to herself. The long dress was made from completely transparent rubber and would squeeze her incredibly tight from her neck to her ankles. Kara was especially excited as she held the long sleeves out looking at the attached gloves saying to herself “This is for the drive home” laughing loudly. The stiff leather hood with the long collar made her want to remove the collar around her neck and the thought of removing it made her stop as she realized the steel collar couldn’t be removed until the envelope showed up. Frowning Kara said “Too bad, you will have to wait” holding the hood up to her face.

The last items were a vibrator set that was attached together, the plug and dildoe were huge compared to the others she had and she couldn’t wait until she could stuff herself with them. She had found them one night trolling the internet the makers guaranteed that they were like no others and with the flexible shafts and fitted clit cover once it was inserted she might never want them removed. Kara studied the huge inserts wondering if she had gone too big but couldn’t wait to find out pulling the skirt up to her waist digging her keys out of the bag and unlocking the steel belt. Kara relieved herself flushing her bowels again making sure it wouldn’t get messy later if she forced herself to remain locked up too long.

While she cleaned herself out she scanned the instructions for the vibrators , she had already read the whole manual on line noticing in big red letters “Must charge first to get maximum effectiveness from unit”. Kara chuckled thinking “I’ll charge it later, I can’t wait right now”. Kara carefully slid the large well lubed plug into her firm ass wincing and whining as it slipped passed her sphincter then seemed to jump the rest of the way in making her hiss slightly and moan loudly. Kara was already feeling very horny from her long wait for the time off but as the plug was fitted she thought she could almost climax just from inserting it. The dildoe slipped deep inside her easily making her smile and close her eyes as she seated the wide flange against her skin feeling the nub nestle onto her clit.

Kara was about to explode desperately wanting to turn on the vibrators and let them push her over the edge and stood rubbing and pinching her nipples moaning as she gasped for air over the corset. Kara stopped herself and took the belt and quickly closed it over the phalluses pressing them harder into her making her grunt. Staggering to her bag she took out the locks she had waiting to use, these locks were the ones she didn’t have the keys to but Kara wasn’t thinking clearly not remembering she didn’t have all her keys yet. Kara snapped the locks closed quickly, rubbing her sealed pussy stroking her narrow waist relishing the feeling of the stretched leather that she could barely feel herself gasping under it. Kara started rubbing her breasts and pinching her nipples again moaning as her legs weakened and she slowly sat down whimpering as her hand reached the steel over her pussy making her bang on it and laugh.

Kara calmed herself and sat looking at her feet and the high heels she was locked into knowing that until she got her keys she couldn’t wear any of her new toys and thought about what she should do. Looking in her bag she found her heavy latex mandarin dress. She loved wearing this dress, and often wore similar style dresses to work or out, the snug fit and short collar made her feel sexy even when they weren’t made of rubber. Kara pulled off the small latex items she was wearing grunting as she bent over in the tight corset. Carefully Kara pulled the dress up her legs feeling it pull her thighs tightly together before zipping it closed stroking and smoothing the rubber enclosing her lower body and thighs. She felt her nipples throbbing so she took her favorite clamps and set each firmly onto her pert nipples squeaking slightly as she squeezed each. Kara then pulled the dress the rest of the way up pushing her arms through the short sleeves and zipping it up tucking the collar under the steel collar around her throat. Kara sat back rubbing her breasts and nipples through the rubber desperately wanting to push herself further when an idea stuck her.

Kara jumped to her towering heels grabbing her key ring, wide steel manacles and one of the chains she had brought with her. Checking to make sure the locks opened with the keys she had she locked the manacles around her wrists moaning again as they were clamped around each wrist. Kara noticed the large ball gag she had brought and pulled the straps around her head forcing the large ball deep into her mouth. She was now hornier than she had ever been in her life and walked towards the deck picking up the remote for the vibrtors hoping they were at least partially charged. Kara stopped to pick up a plastic cup filling it with ice before walking out into the bright sun.

There was a small table on the porch that had a small hole in the center that an umbrella could be inserted in to block the sun, she had used it many times knowing that the plastic cup would slip through it once the ice had melted. Kara poked a small hole in the bottom before carefully setting it into the hole and placing her key ring on top. Normally she would restrain herself to one of the sun loungers on the deck and lie in the sun stretched out gagged and helpless to get out of the hot sun until the ice melted completely letting the cup slip through the hole into reach. With the sun beating down on the deck Kara figured it would only take a couple of hours to melt the ice, she turned on the remote watching the small screen blink on then read it turning on the vibrators feeling them hum to life and moaning around the gag. Kara was moaning with her head thrown back when the vibrators stopped, she looked down and saw the screen was now blank and cursed thinking the batteries had died.

Kara tossed the remote onto the table and walked around the end of the railing and down the side of the porch cursing the dead vibrators and the rocks her dad had placed along the porch. The rocks made her stumble and have to fight to not twist her ankle in the spike heeled shoes. Standing near the porch Kara’s neck was even with the railing and she stood near the table noticing the water spot forming under it. She reached under the railing to check to see if she could reach the water spot finding it was easily in reach so she could get the keys when the cup dropped. Kara locked one end of the chain to the steel collar then wrapped the other around several times around the railing and locked it. Kara felt her pussy tingle as she tugged on the chain knowing she had trapped herself in the bright sun chained to the railing in her latex dress and high heels still gasping around the large ball held tightly behind her teeth. Kara was having problems breathing, the tight corset seemed to be crushing her even more, but knew she could remove the gag if she needed to so she slipped the lock through the rings on her manacles. Just before she closed the lock her arousal caused her to turn around and lock her hands behind her back.

Kara almost orgasmed as she pulled on the chain and tried to walk away from the railing only to have her neck tugged back towards the porch. Kara was twisting and turning feeling the sweat running down her legs and looked down to see it flowing past the hem that stopped just below her knees. Each time she tried to pull her thighs apart to ease the building heat between them the strong rubber pulled them back together again. Kara struggled stumbling around in her high heels on the rocks for half an hour before she couldn’t catch her breath and tried to reach the gag strap. Kara pulled and twisted her head but was not able to reach any of the straps holding the gag in place. Kara didn’t understand why she couldn’t reach up like she had done a hundred times before finally realizing she had always used a chain between the manacles and that had allowed her to twist and stretch to reach up.

Kara mumbled and moaned as she fought to stand still on the uneven rocks and tried to calm herself as she panted against the corset that felt like it was being tightened. Kara had a brief panic attack standing in the sun grunting and thrashing at the end of the chain until she almost fell and stopped fighting and leaned against the railing panting. Kara watched her saliva run from her mouth onto her rubber covered breasts feeling the tight rubber press on her pinched nipples making them throb as they heaved under the rubber. Kara had just calmed herself and was turning to see if the cup was still melting when suddenly her pussy and ass exploded with violent sensations almost making her drop to her knees. Kara was whining loudly as she pulled at the cuffs and chain desperately trying to find a way to free herself as the sensations changed and now she felt like she was being fucked by someone with a large dick stuck deep in her ass.

She had read how the vibrators could expand and contract not believing until now that they would actually feel like someone fucking her like the web site had said they would. Kara was beginning to feel pain from the plug when it slowed and her pussy exploded making her thrash and twist again while her climax continued to build. Kara had brushed her breasts against the railing several times causing one of the clamps to twist and was now turned under the rubber that was pressing it so tightly against her. Kara was whining loudly fighting her bonds and moaning when everything slowed almost to a stop making her scream into the gag. Kara stood whining her head hanging in front of her watching her chest heave seeing the bulge from the twisted clamp and whining because she knew she couldn’t do anything to untwist it. Kara lifted her head and slowly turned and looked at the table seeing the cup had dropped and whined grateful she would soon be free.

Kara eased forward a little looking under the table not seeing the plastic cup, frantically she looked around spotting the cup on the far side of the table. She stood looking in disbelief wondering what had happened and if she could still reach it or not. Kara’s long black hair was matted, soaking wet with sweat as she felt more sweat running under the hot rubber looking up and seeing the sun had moved considerably in the sky meaning she had been outside much longer than she had planned already. Kara caught her breath even though the vibrations were still arousing her deciding to scoot under the railing and see if she could reach the keys. Kara forced herself to duck under the railing sliding her rubber covered ass along the wooden deck kicking her high heels in the air as she slid back further.

Kara was trying to move around the table, the stiff corset and steel collar making it difficult to flex under the table when the vibrators started their assault on her again. Kara twisted and kicked as her orgasm felt like it was going to explode making Kara thrash and twist fighting the cuffs behind her back. When the orgasm slammed through her she screamed rolling over and started fucking the deck as she gasped and whined. Kara was enjoying herself immensely as the orgasm passed and lay gasping and whining as the vibrators continued their assault making another orgasm begin to build. Looking around she could see in her struggles she had knocked the table over and it was now blocking her path to her keys.

Kara rolled off her tortured nipples sitting back up trying to push the table with her shoulders as she drug herself towards the keys. The table was slowly sliding out of the way when Kara felt the chain pull on her collar stopping her from moving back any more. Kara screamed around the gag, she knew no one would be at the house for at least another week and that in the fading light she would soon be unable to even see the keys. Kara started to turn around twisting the collar around her neck as she turned her legs towards the keys. While Kara was turning around the vibrators where running and pumping inside her and just as she had turned around pulling hard on her neck she had another massive orgasm.

Kara was holding herself up with her pinioned hands pulling hard on the collar as she screamed and kicked wildly until the orgasm faded leaving her gasping and whimpering lying on her back staring up at the darkening sky smiling. Kara couldn’t believe she felt she was actually happy chained to the porch in her latex and leather unsure if she was going to be freed or not. The vibrators had gone back to their low setting but continued to pulse inside her as she forced herself to sit up, her body aching and her nipples screaming in pain. When she was upright again she looked for the cup and keys straining to see in the growing darkness finally spotting the cup several feet away from her well out of reach. Kara sat staring at the cup pulling on the collar unable to believe she had screwed up and got herself stuck outside bound and gagged.

After a few minutes Kara relaxed scooting herself backwards to ease the tension on her neck when she felt something under her thigh. Wiggling sideways she rolled to her side to see what it was and could barely make out it was her key ring! Kara rolled over grabbing the keys and quickly unlocking the manacles. It only took a few minutes before Kara had freed herself and was sitting in the kitchen drinking from a large bottle of water. She had removed the clamps through the rubber before unbuckling the gag and sat rubbing them as she drank and thought about being stuck in the belt until Monday. Kara stumbled to the bedroom peeling the rubber dress from her sweat soaked body falling onto her bed stroking the tight corset before quickly falling asleep.

During the next four days Kara was tortured by the inert vibrators unable to remove them due to the tight chastity belt they were under. The corset felt like it was slowly grinding her waist to dust and the tortuous high heels making her feel like her feet were on fire. She had bound herself a few times trying to relieve her sexual frustration only to end up being more frustrated. Thursday night Kara was desperate to orgasm and worried about being unable to remove her bounds knowing there was nothing at her home that could help her when her mother called. Kara tried to act normal even though she wanted to beg her mom to come help her when her mom asked her if she had seen the strange envelope she had gotten in the mail. Kara didn’t know what she was talking about until she said it had been addressed to Kara from Kara.

“Where is it?” is all Kara could ask as her mother continued to ramble on about it finally yelling “Where is it!” her mother fumbled for a second then said “I left it on the fridge, I figured you would see it there” Kara looked at the fridge she was sitting across from stunned at the envelope she had needed so badly staring back at her. Kara thanked her mother dropping the phone as she snatched the envelope off the fridge and ran to the bathroom unlocking the steel around her waist. Kara carefully removed the plug from her sore ass letting the phallus in her pussy slide out removing the shoes and corset then eased herself into the bath tub and lay thinking “I have two days left maybe I could enjoy another sunny day?” Planning what she could do to try and duplicate the first days experience and orgasm’s.      

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