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The Bucket Trick

by topgun1956

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© Copyright 2005 - topgun1956 - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; cuffs; naked; cbt; pins; stretchers; nettles; outdoors; cons; X

There is a secluded place near my house. It’s wooded, and fairly far off the “beaten path”. I’ve visited it before for some of my self-bondage games, but on this particular day, I had planned far enough ahead to make sure of a long session.

Here’s how I had the area set up;
There is a ravine about 200 yards into the woods. I had a plastic bucket down at the bottom of the ravine filled with approximately 3 pounds of stones. In the bucket, I put key #1. It opened the toolbox mentioned later. A chain was locked onto the handle. To the chain I had tied a long rope. The rope went up over a branch, and was tied to another chain wrapped and locked around a tree 100 yards deeper into the woods with lock #3. I had tied small knots into the rope at varying lengths for later torment.

At the base of that tree, I locked the small toolbox. The ground beneath that tree had been covered for years by dead leaves, and small branches from the trees around it. That would be perfect for my use. 

In the toolbox, I had put four of my homemade torture clothespin. I had soaked the heads in water to soften the wood. When the tips were soaked, I pushed thumbtacks through each end. This created a painful pressure when applied anywhere to the body.  Also I had put my ball stretcher/divider, an 18” hobble chain, a leather belt, my handcuffs, and key #2. It opened the lock I planned to attach to the ball stretcher (which was also there), and a second, six inch length of chain on it. As an added thought, I put in a few extra clips, clamps and weights. 

When all of my tools were set in place, I covered the toolbox with some leaves to hide it. The rope to the bucket was hidden well enough in the tree limbs, so I wasn’t too worried about it being discovered. I suppose anyone finding the bucket itself, would be confused, but there was nothing I could do about that. I wanted to wait a couple of days before finishing my session, so I had to live with what I had.

The last preparation I made was to go towards the entrance of the area, and find a depression in the path. I dug a small hole, and placed key #3 into the hole, burying it back up. This key unlocked the chain attached to the rope from the bucket. 

On the night before I had planned to spend my time in the woods, we had quite a storm. This is what I had hoped for, and Mother Nature hadn’t let me down. I heard we got about 2 inches of rain, and that had soaked the ground around us including the wooded area.

I woke up about 8am and waited for the commuters in our area to get their asses to work, before I went out. 

I dressed in a tee shirt, and flimsy shorts. I took a pair of denim shorts, and a second shirt, and tied them into a ball. In the front pocket of the shorts, I slid the key to my handcuffs, and the key to the lock for the ball spreader/divider. As I got to the woods, the heat of the day was just beginning. With all the rain and the sun, the humidity was already getting unbearable. I locked the doors to my car, put my car keys into the pocket of the balled up shorts, and went into the woods.

I entered the woods, and went to an area just inside where the bushes had grown up over my head. When I tried to walk into the bushes, I could feel the thistles scraping my bare legs. This would be perfect for later. When I got well into the bushes, I dropped my bundle of clothes. I made my way back out and onto the path. When I reached the tree with all of my supplies, I ripped my tee shirt off. I next slid my shorts off, and tore them into pieces as well. Now I was totally naked, and no way to cover myself until I got back to my clothes in the bushes.

I bent down, opened the toolbox, and removed first the divider. I wrapped, then snapped the leather band around my balls, and then snapped the dividing strap over my balls, separating them, and locked in place with a small gold padlock. I, then, locked the six inch length of chain to the “D” ring on the divider. Next came the clothespins. I opened each one, and placed them onto my nipples. Two clothespins on each nipple. The bite of the thumbtacks was already starting to burn by the time the fourth one was on. I used the hobble chain for my ankles, and soon I could take no more than an 18” step. I removed the lock #2 and hooked it through the last link of the chain around the tree. 

My last attachment was the handcuffs. I wrapped the belt around my waist, slid the handcuffs through the belt. As a last quick thought, I took a couple of the extra pins, and clamped one onto each side of my stretched ball sac, for added pleasure. Also, to each of the nipple clamps, I hung a 6oz weight. For a total of 24ozs. The last thing to do was to put key #2 back into the toolbox, and lock it with lock #1.

I locked first my left wrist into the cuffs, then, clicked my right wrist in.

Now I had to get all the right keys in the right order to get myself out of the situation.

My first goal was key #3, buried in the mud back on the path. It unlocked the chain around the tree. I began my trip towards the entrance. I found what I thought at first was the right mud puddle. I had to get down onto my knees, then thigh, and finally roll down onto the ground, onto my stomach, and into the mud. As I dug around trying to find the key, the first of the pins on my balls snapped off. The pain shot through my body. I jerked, and released a second one. I dug around for what seemed like an eternity, then realized I had the wrong one. 

Getting up was harder than getting down. I couldn’t use my hands, but finally achieved the upright position. I walked to the next puddle, and repeated the process for getting into the mud. I stuck pay dirt this time, and finally found the key. When I had gotten up this time, I looked down, and saw that my body was covered was the black mud. I guess the local bugs like the mud, because as I walked back to the tree, I felt their intense biting become almost a frenzy. My balls, cock, ass, chest—everywhere was being bitten repeatedly.

I reached the tree, and, since my hands were locked to my stomach, I had to start swinging my balls to try and catch the little piece of chain attached below them. I actually caught it on the third try. So, I took the end of the chain, and locked it to the stretcher. I used key #3 to unlock the chain from around the tree.

My balls were immediately pulled with the weight of the bucket at the end, in the ravine. Now, I had to pull the bucket up from the bottom with only my balls walking backwards. 

One of the problems I realized too late was that I hadn’t put any holes in the bottom of the bucket to drain any rainwater out. I found this out as I began my trek to the ravine. As the bucket was raised off the ground, I’m assuming that it began to swing more than I had planned. Either way, between the additional weight, and the extra movements, my balls were getting the stretching of my life. The pain was intense, and more than I had ever felt. I almost felt like passing out, but eventually I got used to the pressure.

Now, I had to put up with the knots I had tied. As each knot in the rope reached a limb, I was pulled forward, until I was able to pull the knot over the limb. The second problem: too many fucking knots. I had begun to sweat by this time, and it was running down my chest and over my stomach. My cock was hard as a rock, and I could feel the urge to cum growing stronger as time went by, so I had to stop occasionally to relieve the pull from the bucket. The mud that had covered me had hardened, and cracked. The most bothersome place was my balls. They itched like mad to add to the stretching. The mosquitoes were out in full force, and making a fine meal of my skin. The entire body itched from them.  The length of my cock even had a bite or two on it. Those were absolutely maddening. 

I slowly made my way to the edge of the ditch. Only being able to take 18 inch steps didn’t help. When I finally got there, I discovered the third problem. My hands were in front of me. The rope attached to the bucket was in BACK of me. Somehow I was going to have to turn around to reach it. I couldn’t step over the chain attached to my balls, because of the hobble chain. So, I tried turning around. Having my balls pulled forward was one thing, but turning, pulled them to one side painfully. I was finally able to get turned around enough to kick at the rope. As the bucket swayed, the pull on my balls tightened, then, slacked. I got a good kick to the bucket, and was able to grab the rope. 

My next task was to get the key to the toolbox back to the toolbox. I had two choices. One was to drag the bucket back with my feet. The second was to try to carry it with my locked wrists. I chose the easier of the two, and picked the bucket up with my hands. I made my way back to the tree, and set the bucket down. I had to turn it over to dump the key #1 out, and then roll around once more on the ground to grab it. I finally got the key, rolled over onto my ass, and began scooting over to the toolbox. The dead leaves, and branches dug then cut into the skin of my ass. My balls were still locked to the chain, and they got their fair share of the sharp twigs. 

When I was able to open the toolbox, I unlocked the chain from my balls, and let out a loud sigh of relief. At lease they were free of the torture.  I still couldn’t reach my burning nipples to get the clothespins off of them, or undo my balls from the divider until I got back to my clothing in the bushes. So, that was the next goal. I stood up with the help of the tree, and started walking back to the entrance. 

When I reached the bushes, I took a small step into them to see how bad they were going to feel. The bristles dugs into my naked skin more than I had thought. I still couldn’t step more than the 18”, because I had not removed the hobble chain back at the tree, so I had to step through then rather than over them. I felt one in particular grab onto my swollen ball sac and leave a bleeding scratch. I tripped as I got to my clothes (Of course), SO I FELL flat onto my face. More painful was that I fell onto my tortured nipples. The thumbtacks dug deeper and I started to see some blood oozing from my nips. 

I rolled over onto my ass, and felt into my pockets for the keys. I found first the handcuffs, which was great to get those clips off me. The blood gorged into my nipples as the pins came off. I almost screamed as the final one was removed. I got my balls undone, then my ankles. I finished dressing, and went back to the tree to clean up the equipment. After all was said and done, I had been in the woods for over 2 hours. My skin was burned, my cock, balls, ass, legs, chest—yep felt like everything was covered by bites. When I got home a shower wasn’t going to be enough, so I filled the tub and soaked for an hour.  Never have felt such a fantastic bath in my life.



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