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Building My Dungeon

by ElectricCD

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© Copyright 2001 - ElectricCD - Used by permission

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The motivation of this story starts many years ago when my interest in self-bondage began. During these early years I didn't have any partners that expressed any interest in my hobby of bondage. This caused me to explore many different ways of restraining myself. These ranged from rope to various types of cuffs. My collection of toys grew significantly over the years. Later on I married, but my wife only played on rare occasions. So this left me in the self-bondage mode most of the time.

One very strong interest in a specific type of restraint was identified during my school years when studying early American history. That is the use of Stocks & Pillories. The main problem was these are, they are large and hard to hide in an apartment. This all changed when I bought my last house.

My New Dungeon

While shopping for a house during the last relocation, we found this house with a very large basement with high ceilings. The layout was perfect. There was an alcove about 12 foot square with 3 walls of concrete under the area with the front porch. All I needed to do was build a wall across the opening. What I told my wife was this is where I'll keep my toy collection. The basement also had a large space to build my woodworking shop. This would allow me a place to finally build my large toys.

After about 6 months, my shop and dungeon were completed. I had my collection of cuffs and other toys displayed on the walls. The only thing left was to build the pillory I had been planning for a number of years.

The Pillory

The construction was out of 4x4 posts with routed tracks for the 2x8 sliding boards that held the head and hands. This was fully adjustable for height so I could be locked standing or bent at the waist. Either way the frame was solidly attached to a base that kept it and me from going anywhere. Also attached to the base was a set of stocks for the feet. This acted as a spreader and added to the limiting effect on movement. Now that all the wood was ready, how could I use it in a self-bondage mode and get in and out without assistance.

The release mechanism was going to be electrical. I know what you're thinking about reliability, but I feel I engineered this well with multiple levels of redundancy. The latch for the pillory portion was a large Electro-magnet used to hold open fire doors. This was connected to a set of 3 mechanical timers controlling the magnet. If any one timer failed one of the others would open the system. If the power failed the system would open. If the fire or house alarm went off the system would open. I tested and retested, all parts worked flawlessly. The latch on the foot stock was hasp and lock system that I could open when my head and hands were free. The only thing left was a real use test.

First solo use

The 1st time I was going to use the system was when my wife going shopping on a Saturday. She would be gone for about 3-4 hours. This should be enough time for a good test as I was only planning about 1 hour or so in.

As soon as she left, I placed a note on the kitchen table for her as a final safety and I striped and went down to my new dungeon. I should be out long before she returns. I put on a leather strap body harness I had made. It consisted of a waist belt with a crotch strap and straps over the shoulders and around the chest. I added a medium sized plug and locked the harness on. Next I added a leather ball parachute, this would be connected to a light weight bungee cord to a ring in the base of the pillory. This would supply light, but constant tension. I placed a leather lace up hood and a pair of nipple clips with weights within reach of the pillory. I set the timers for 90 minutes and stepped into the foot stocks and latched them. 

Next was the hood. It had a snap in leather gag and blindfold and laced up the back. I locked this on with a small padlock. In a breathing emergency I could just reach the snaps with my fingers while in the pillory. The last step, before I entered the pillory, were the nipple clips. With the weights, I wouldn't be forgetting these soon. I connected the bungee cord to the parachute and bent over and placed my head and hands into the cutouts in the pillory. I let the top half down slowly until it met. When I was sure there were no problems (pinching, etc.) and before I changed my mind, I pushed the button to set the latch. Now all I could do was wait. I tested how much movement I had. With the bungee cord, it was very little. Also, the weights on the nipple clips were noticeable every time I moved to try and get a little more comfortable.

As time passed, my mind drifted to various fantasies mostly me being punished and spanked. Little did I know at that time things were about to change. I heard what sounded like the garage door opening. But that couldn't be, she was not due home for a least 2 hours yet. After a while my wife found the note and came down.

She commented on my creativity and inspected me. After she finished pulling on the bungee cord and the weights, I heard her moving around the room. Turns out she saw the other toys on the wall, specifically the paddle and the crop. She spent the next 15 minutes making me very uncomfortable. She then left saying that I could wait for the system to let me out and if it didn't she would be back in a couple of hours. I was in the pillory about another 30 minutes before it opened. I released myself from the rest of the toys and went up to talk to my wife. I was tender for quite a while.

I was already looking forward to the next time...


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