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Bunny Hopping to Freedom

by Strange Mind

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© Copyright 2016 - Strange Mind - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; rope; harness; gag; manacles; toys; insert; nipple; weights; enema; soda; torment; cons; X

Pure fiction DON’T TRY THIS (at least don’t try it with the carbonated soft drink!)

Just about done Diane thought to herself. She had tied loops at her ankles and just below and above her knees. She had cinched these loops with another line first at her ankles, then at her knees before taking the ends of the cinch rope behind her thighs and tying them off on each side the rope harness caressing her upper body.

She loved the feel of the ropes as they squeezed hew breasts and held the dildo up her cunt and inflatable enema butt plug up her ass.

With her legs tied the way they were the only way she was going anywhere was to bunny hop. She strapped on a the large rubber ball gag in her mouth that she had made safer by drilling a hole through the center and inserting a small hollow PVC pipe through the rubber ball.  She left 6 inches of the PVC pipe extend in front of her mouth where she had screwed eye bolts on each side.

Now for the fun parts.

She attached Japanese clover clamps to her tits so the tension lines went up through the gags eye hooks which were then connected to 8 ounce metal balls.

The moment of truth had arrived.

Diane took the warm 12 ounce can of carbonated soda and poured half of it in the funnel that allowed the soda to go through the enema tubes and into her ass. She watched as the soda foamed up when poured into the funnel. She had only planned to use half the can on this first run but she could hardly feel the soda contents inside her so she poured in the rest of the can before disconnecting the enema feed line and pinching it off so what was inside her wouldn’t leak out. 

Finally she took the short chain that went through a ring in the front of the body harness and using locks attached the chain to leather wrist manacles. 

Diane now had limited use of her hands, she could reach things at waist level like the box fastened on a table in front of her. That box contained the keys to her manacles so all she had to do was get the keys out to release her self. 

But there was only one small problem. That box was locked and the key to the box was hanging on a hook at waist level on the other side of her unfinished basement. Those keys were easy to see, only a short 75 feet away.  

All she had to do to get loose was bunny hop over to that key and then bunny hop back to open the box holding the keys to her freedom. At least she had been smart enough to invest in cushioned gym mats in case she fell over during the trip.

Time to get started. Diane took 3 quick bunny hops before having to stop. The weights connected to her clover clamps were merciless and the swelling from the soda was building inside her. It took about 3 minutes before the swelling subsided and the pain on her nipples became manageable.

Diane looked at the keys hanging on the wall now only 70 feet away.

It was going to be a long and arduous journey to freedom.

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