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The Bus Ride

by Riche

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© Copyright 2008 - Riche - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; cd; chast; corset; hogtie; F/m; bond; cons; X

My heart beat quickened as the bus pulled away for the final time before my stop. This journey had started three months ago when I began chatting on an internet site with a lady called Susan, she was really easy to talk to and for the first time in my life had confessed to another human being my love of cross-dressing and self bondage, she was extremely understanding and over months leading up to me being on this bus asked lots of questions and even offered advice on how to dress. She also told me that she had a secret desire to be dominant and the thought of having a man dressed as a woman bound for her pleasure turned her on.

A few weeks ago Susan had suggested that we meet in person, I agreed instantly she said that there would be instruction that I would have to follow. Firstly I was to refrain from any form of sexual gratification before the day of our meeting and to prove my commitment to this I was to purchase a chastity device, lock in on and send her the keys. Second I was to keep my body free from hair and wear female clothing every day, including a corset which I was to lace as tightly as possible and keep on for at least twelve hours a day.

I began all of this with vigour, I sent Susan daily emails reporting my progress and when the chastity device arrived I didn’t hesitate before locking in on and posting the keys to the address that she sent me. It was the kind that allowed a partial erection but any more quickly became uncomfortable and full arousal and ejaculation were impossible, this wasn’t too bad at first but as the days became weeks the frustration and desire for release grew and grew. The more I thought about the coming meeting and the feelings that this would evoke the more turned on I would become only to be denied, the constant corset training didn’t help either. Wearing such a tight fitting feminine garment was heaven, it gave me a much more womanly figure and the way it held my body in a constant tight embrace, restricting movement was in itself a form of bondage.

Finally yesterday the email that I had been waiting for had arrived, I was to be at the address in the email by 8am dressed in my corset, stockings and panties, there were directions to the house and when I arrived I was to use the entrance at the rear of the property and go into the conservatory where I would find a wooden chest I had to remove my outer male clothes open the chest and follow the instructions inside, I was also to travel by bus, this I found a little strange but I just accepted it I was so elated that finally all my dreams were going to come true.

The bus jolted over a bump in the road and I came out of my day dream to realize that the bus had turned into the street where the address that I had been given was. My heart began to beat so fast I thought it would burst out of my chest, and my stomach felt like it had been tied in knots. My legs felt like jelly as I stood up as the stop came in to view, somehow I managed to get off the bus, I hoped that no one saw, what to me was an obvious state of nervous excitement. I could see the house now and the entrance to the side passage that I was to follow, the tension inside my chastity device tightened to an unbelievable level it felt as though it was going to burst, at last I was at the passage way, at that moment anything could have been going on in the street around me I was completely focused on finding the green door in the wall half way down the passage. I turned and quickly walked down the passage and there it was the small green door, I reached it grabbed the handle, turned it and opened the door without thinking, I was on some sort of auto pilot, I stepped through the opening and into a bright sunlit garden, I saw the conservatory at the end of a winding path and nervously made my way along, panic filled questions filling my already overloaded head, what if it was the wrong house, or the wrong day, I got to the door of the conservatory and with one last deep breath went in.

Sure enough against the far wall was a wooden chest on top of which was an envelope, I quickly removed my outer clothes and adjusted my feminine lingerie and stockings before opening the envelope, inside was a single sheet of paper which simply said that I was to remove the contents of the chest put my outer clothes inside and lock the chest with the padlock that I would find inside, I was then to put on the wrist and ankle cuffs that I would find inside together with the ball gag and then to lock myself face down on the floor into a hog tie using the length of chain and two further padlocks.

Through my many self bondage sessions I had plenty of experience of this kind of thing and it took me no time at all to prepare, buckling the thick leather wrist and ankle cuffs in place, locking the chest and finally buckling the gag tightly in place, finally I laid face down on the floor locked one end of the chain and my ankles together before securing the other end and my wrists together, as I clicked the last padlock shut my predicament sank home in a sudden surge of panic far greater than in any other previous self bondage session. I was trapped miles from home and even if I did escape my bonds I would have a highly embarrassing walk home, the significance of the bus journey suddenly becoming apparent, I was trapped and at the mercy of whatever came next, my mind began to whirl with possibilities, the pain in my groin intensified with the pressure of the hard floor and the thoughts of what was to come.

I had no idea how long I laid there it was some time and more than once I panicked that it had all somehow gone horribly wrong, but then suddenly I heard the faint click of high heels on a hard floor and then the door in front of me opened. I looked up and could see a pair of shiny patent red stilettos and beautiful black nylon clad legs, she took a step towards me and that was the last I saw before a leather mask was put over my head and tightly laced up.

"You are mine!" she said, "and forget anything that I have told you before, you are now my property and will remain here in my service forever!"

I was confused what was going on I tried to speak to struggle all in vain, I felt her doing something behind me, suddenly my elbows were drawn together as a belt was tightened around them and my ankles were drawn up almost to my hands as the chain connecting them was shortened, making my bondage incredibly tight much tighter and inescapable than anything I could have done on my own.

"When I come back your training will begin slut," she said and once again I heard her footsteps this time going away from me and then the door shutting.

I was alone helpless and frightened but also incredibly turned on and wanting to know what was going to happen next.


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