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The Bus Ride 2

by Riche

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© Copyright 2008 - Riche - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; cd; chast; corset; F/m; bond; bdsm; cons; X

Part 2

The time passed slowly as I laid there hogtied and helpless, wandering what she had meant by training and how long I would have to wait for it to begin, all of this mingled with the expectations that I had had before today whirled around my head, periods of intense arousal at the thought of what might happen were interrupted by periods of panic and anxiety at my predicament.

Finally I heard the click of heels once more and the door opened she moved around me and my restraints were removed until only the gag remained.

“Get onto all fours,” she ordered I did as I was told my head lowered in submission, my heart once again thumping in my chest in anticipation.

“Follow me,” she commanded, “on all fours!”

I looked up to she her shiny red stilettos and nylon clad legs she began to move away I hastily began to follow with one last thought that this would be the final chance that I would have to make a run for it but I was so immersed in my fantasy that I followed with out question.

I followed her into a bedroom and then on into a bathroom she walked behind me.

“You will bathe, shave your entire body and give yourself three enemas, then you will come back into the bedroom and follow the instructions on the bed.” She said, “and you had better be ready by the time I return.”

The bathroom door closed behind me, not wanting to fail on my first day I quickly set about following her instructions, the sweet smell of her scent lingered in the bathroom and it suddenly occurred to me that I had only seen her shoes and the bottom of her legs and I began to wonder what she looked like as I ran a bath and set about shaving, once this was done I found the enema equipment hanging in a bag behind the door and began to clean myself inside, once all this was done I tided the room and went naked except for my gag and chastity device into the bedroom.

On the bed was the now familiar sheet of paper with a list of instructions, the first of which was to go over to the dressing table where I would find a bottle of scent, I was to spray my whole body. I picked up the bottle read the label and began to spray, I had never thought of wearing female scent before and as the lovely feminine fragrance reached my nostrils once again I became uncontrollably aroused but in a new way the scent made me feel much more feminine than I had ever felt before and once again my arousal caused intense pain in my groin.

To take my mind off the pain I looked at the next instruction on the list, apply make up and wig, to look like a girlie slut it said. I had not had much experience with make up and it took some time to get it right, looking into the mirror as I finally put the wig on I was surprised at how girlie I looked.

The next item on the list told me to go to the dresser open the top drawer and put on the clothes that I found there, inside I found a pair of nude sheer tights, pink silk panties and satin corset which was at least one size smaller than the one that I had been training with over the last few weeks. A pair of black seamed stockings and pink high heeled shoes completed the outfit.

Despite the warning to be finished before she returned I took my time dressing luxuriating in the feel of the nylon as it moulded itself to the shape of my legs, the panties came next, they were a size too small for me and gripped my bum in a firm sexy feeling hug, the satin material of the corset felt wonderful as it slipped around my body and I took some time getting it laced as tightly as I could, feeling the now familiar embrace as it gripped my torso giving me a much more feminine shape. Finally I pulled on the stockings and ensuring the seams were straight, fastened them to the suspenders of the corset and then slipped my feet into the shoes. I stood up and went over to the full length mirror to admire my work I looked and felt fantastic and once more my heart began to thud in my chest

The final instruction told me to remove the cover from the bed and follow the instructions that I would find there, under the cover were in each corner of the bed a thick leather cuff attached to a chain which disappeared under the bed. A sheet of paper told me to put the cuffs on my arms and legs, lie face down and press the button that I would find by my right hand. Once again I was to put myself into bondage with no means of escape and once more my excitement and fear levels went through the roof as I completed my task. I found the button and pressed not knowing what would happen, there was a click and then a whirring noise and I realized that the chains were being pulled tight by some unseen mechanism. Tighter and tighter they pulled stretching me out helplessly on the bed, finally when I thought my arms were going to pop out of their sockets the motors cut out and I was left firmly secured to the bed and once again left wondering what would happen next.

This time I didn’t have long to wait the door opened and Mistress Susan walked in, first she went into the bathroom and then came over to the bed, she stood on my right hand side and for the first time I could see her, she was beautiful, long blonde hair framed a wonderful face and her curvy body was clad in a simple black satin dress which was cut low in the front allowing a glimpse of her ample bosom, which was encased in a red lacy bra which was tantalizingly just visible. She reached over to my back and gave the laces of my corset a tug.

“You haven’t done very well on your first try have you slave,” she said, “the bathroom is a mess, your corset is not tight enough and your stocking seams are crooked. I expect much higher standards from my slaves. I am going to punish you and will continue to punish you daily until you learn to try harder.”

She walked over to a cupboard opened the door and took out a thick three foot long leather strap. “Now this is not a game, there are no silly safe words, I am going to punish you and the punishment will only end when I am satisfied that you have learnt your lesson. You are now my property you will obey me, your old life is over and you are about to learn all about your new one.”

I couldn’t help once again becoming helplessly aroused, I could feel the pre cum oozing into my new panties, the first stroke of the strap crashed down into my left buttock instantly exploding into pain, this was quickly followed by another to the right. I cried out through the gag, she laughed and said that this was just the start, several more blows rained down in quick succession before she moved her aim and several strokes lit up the backs of my thighs.

There was nothing I could do I was completely helpless, the strap mercilessly continued to pound into my rear, I lost count of the number of stinging blows and just wished that each one would be the last. Eventually after what seemed to be an eternity the blows ceased, my bum was red hot the warmth felt good. I felt unbelievably disappointed when the blows finished, I was still incredibly turned on, almost as though she sensed what I was thinking Mistress bent over and said in quiet soft voice into my ear. “That was just the warm up when I come back there will be much more.”

With that she left, I was once again alone with my thoughts and the promise of another spanking, she had also given me an inclination that my predicament was going to be permanent and I wanted to serve her, I wanted to give my life to her, she was beautiful and in complete control of me and I knew that I would do anything for her.



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