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The Bus Ride

by Riche

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© Copyright 2008 - Riche - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; cd; corset; FM+/m; bond; bdsm; oral; anal; cons; X

Part 3

My training continued for the next two weeks. Each morning I would shower and shave my entire body and give myself an enema and insert a butt plug, the size of which increased as the days went by, before applying make up and finally dressing in whatever had been laid out for me, usually tights a corset and stockings followed by various dresses and high heeled shoes. I would then wait on all fours for Mistress Susan who would inspect my appearance. If I did not come up to standard I would be sent to the bondage bed and told to fasten myself to it and await punishment which was unrelenting and became harsher and harsher the more times that I failed. If Mistress thought that my efforts were to standard I was given lessons and exercises to complete such as correctly applying make up or walking in high heels. I also had chores to complete such as hand washing lingerie and hosiery.

Each evening I would be called to Mistresses sitting room and made to kneel before her she would put on a strap on and I would have to beg to suck it. Once given permission I would have to perform oral sex on it as though I were a real girl and I would have to swallow the entire length, each evening the size would increase and any failure to complete my task would result in punishment.

At no time during this two week period was I allowed to gain a complete erection or to orgasm although I was often rewarded for doing well by being allowed to give oral sex to Mistress. My chastity device was removed once a day by her to allow me to clean and shave but always under her strict supervision and if I began to get hard she had a small vicious whip which she would punish my member with until it went soft again.

Despite not being able to enjoy sexual release I relished every other aspect of my new life, I loved serving Mistress Susan and the fact that she had turned me into her sissy and I even loved her punishments being bound and at her mercy was wonderful and the warm stinging glow that her leather strap left was a constant reminder to try harder for her.

On the morning of the fifteenth day things took an unexpected turn I had just completed my ablutions and was about to begin my make up when the door opened, Mistress Susan came in and instructed me not to get made up but to dress as normal and follow the instructions on the bed. After she left I went into the bedroom to find on the bed the normal corset, tights, stockings and panties but also a long overcoat, a pair of thin trousers and a simple pair of trainers. Next to all of this was a note and a bus ticket, on the note was an address and instructions to take the bus to this address and ring the door bell and wait.

I did not have time to think about what I was doing I only had half an hour to get the bus and I knew that if I failed I would be punished. Once dressed I went out into the hall and to the front door, there was no one around and I went outside, down the street and found the bus stop indicated on the note. I had just made it the bus pulled up as I got to the stop, I got on and found a seat near the back. It was only then that I began to wonder what was going to happen.

I suddenly became aware that I was for the first time in two weeks outside in the open and although I had on the outer clothes I was still wearing perfume and after two weeks of acting feminine I was sure that someone would know and I became increasingly embarrassed, at each stop I prayed that no one would get on and sit next to me. This happened at the very next stop a big man dressed in work clothes like builders wear got on and sat down next to me, after all the feminine smells of the last two weeks the musky male smell of him was overpowering and I prayed that he didn’t want to start a conversation, I stared out of the window hoping not to be noticed and then another thought occurred to me what if he was staying on the bus after my stop. Panic engulfed me once again and for several stops I worried, my worry increased when I realized that my stop was next, my heart began to beat as I imagined squeezing past him and my coat falling open, it was a massive relief when the next stop came and he got up. My legs were trembling as I too got up and left the bus.

I quickly walked down the street and found the address and anxious to be inside and safe rang the bell. It seem ages before the door opened and a man dressed as a French maid ushered me in. I followed him to a room where I was instructed to remove my outer wear apply make up and wait. This I did with a renewed keenness I was back in the world that I had come to know and love and it felt so much better than the harsh outside world.

Once I was ready I got onto all fours and waited, it wasn’t long before the maid returned and I was led to another room as the door opened I once again nearly died of embarrassment inside was nearly a dozen people, men and women all looking at me, in the centre of the room was a leather covered bondage bench and at the head of this a dark haired leather clad Mistress holding a long riding crop.

"Come here slut," she ordered, "and get on this bench".

Heart pounding I went over to the bench and positioned myself over it, the Mistress then tied my wrists and ankles securely to the bench before saying to me, "Mistress Susan has begun your training slut, now we are going to take you to the next stage."

She beckoned one of the men over, "You won the draw Brian and may go first." She said and before I had chance to wonder what she meant Brian was taking his clothes of in front of me and I suddenly realized what all the strap on training had been for.

The Mistress bent over and whispered into my ear, "You had better do well to please every one of us otherwise Mistress Susan will hear and you will be severely punished!"

She then nodded to Brian who was by now naked and had a huge hard on which he positioned in front of my mouth, I had no choice, I was going to have another mans cock in my mouth for the first time and I wanted it, I wanted to please Mistress Susan and more than anything I wanted to feel him shooting his load down my throat. I parted my lips and took him deep into my mouth, at the same time the Mistress had moved behind me and I felt a slight pressure at my rear before her strap-on slipped into me. The feeling was electric I was being used at both ends, now I really was a sissy slut and I loved it and wanted more and more and I got it. Over the next few hours every one in the room took their turn with me. I was just their sex toy but I didn’t care I couldn’t get enough.

Eventually I was released tired and exhausted, I was given back my outer clothes and another bus ticket, on the journey back to Mistress Susan I did not care if anyone knew my secret, my new life was wonderful and I hoped that I would have many more adventures like this one.


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