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by Jessica H

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© Copyright 2007 - Jessica H - Used by permission

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Hi there,

My name is Jessica. I’m 28 years old and I’ve been into bondage since I was 12. I have only recently found a mistress so I’ve spent a LOT of time tying myself up. I had already had several close calls when I did get busted. Big time.

I was 19. I came home from school at noon on Friday. My mom usually gets home at five so I figured I had the whole afternoon to play.

I collected all the stuff I wanted to use from the various hiding places I had put them in and “borrowed” two of my mothers dildos. With everything lying on the floor in a big pile I started setting up my release mechanism. I use a clock that only has the hour-digit left. I always put a key ring with the key to my handcuffs in a notch that I made in this digit. The key ring is also tied to a piece of rope that hangs from the ceiling. This way the key swings conveniently towards me after it slides of the clock and it hangs at the same height as my hands. The ring always slides off around “seven o‘clock”. I set the clock to three o‘clock, plugged it in, placed the key on it and started to get dressed. I now had four hours to do my thing.

Uniforms are as much a turn-on for me as bondage is. Today I would dress and tie myself up in my old schoolgirl uniform. I started by putting on the short, grey skirt. Next I picked up the dildo I would be using as my butt plug. This dildo has a five inch long and one inch wide shaft followed by a one inch long, half inch wide section. My sphincter muscles have to grip around this. The dildo then has a flared-out knob that prevents it from going further into my ass. At the end of the knob this dildo has a one inch long and three quarter inch wide stub. To this stub I tied three pieces of rope so that I had two loose ends of eight inches in length and one of six inches. The pieces all had a little loop tied in the ends.

I lubricated the plug and then slowly worked it in. After shoving in the wide shaft I felt my ass tighten around the narrower section. I then pushed it until the knob was firmly wedged against my hole. Getting it out was going to be a bitch but having it in was just incredible! Next I picked up a short and narrow leather belt and felt around until I had found the short piece of rope that was hanging down from the dildo. I pulled this up my back, over my skirt, fed the belt through the loop at the end and buckled the belt loosely around my waist. Reaching between my legs I pulled the two longer pieces of rope forward. Putting one rope on each side of my vagina I fed the belt through the loops on the ends of the rope. Making sure that my skirt was hanging down normally at my sides but was scrunched up and completely exposing my cunt I pulled the belt up as high as I could and I buckled it as tight as possible above my hip bones.

I always put my butt plug in first so that I get a little extra pleasure/punishment moving around or bending over while completing the rest of my bondage.

Next I put on a pair of thick, black, over knee cotton socks. I wear these so I don’t chafe my knees and to keep my feet warm. Women in my family are notorious for having cold feet. After this I put my hair into two ponytails and pulled on a small, tight white blouse but didn’t button it up. To finish of the uniform I also put on my red and yellow striped tie.

Now came the tricky part. I picked up a piece of rope about five feet long and tied a loop of three inches in diameter in the middle of it. I then tied the rope to the centre of the chain of my handcuffs so that the loop in the rope was hanging down from it. Placing the handcuffs behind my back, just above my waist, I pulled one loose end of the rope tied to the cuffs over each shoulder and held them between my teeth so the cuffs would not fall. Taking a twelve foot long piece of rope I started coiling it around my waist, feeding each coil through the loop hanging down from the chain of the handcuffs. When I had wrapped the rope loosely around myself five times I let the ends of the rope hang down from the handcuff rope loop. Grabbing hold of the ropes around my waist and the ones in my mouth I pulled the handcuffs up my back until they were halfway between my shoulders and elbows. Once again I grabbed the two ropes with my teeth to stop the cuffs from falling down again.

Now I started tightening the coils around my body. I put three of them above my breasts and the other two below them making sure that my tie was between my tits and that my blouse was pulled to the side of my boobs, completely exposing them. I then tied the two loose ends together in front of me just below my breasts giving a very nice wonder bra effect. Then I took the ropes from my mouth and pulled them down between my tits and tied them of by cinching them around the loops around my chest. This squished my boobs just a little bit more.

I then prepared my “horse”. It’s made of a block of wood I found over at my fathers house. It’s three feet long, three inches wide and four inches high. The edges along the top are rounded off. On top of this I tied the other dildo. This dildo is ten inches long and one and a half inches wide. It has a flat base with about a half inch lip around it and large “testicles” on one side. I tied a piece of rope around the base of the shaft and looped the rope around the block of wood several times making sure that it went over the lip and the testicles every time. It was not going to slide off and deny me my pleasure. I also tied a piece of rope around the horse on the “testicle side” of the dildo. This left a four inch loose end with a snap hook on it. The horse also has two dog collars screwed to each side along the bottom.

I was on the home stretch and it was time to gag myself. I picked up the yellow foam rubber ball and shoved it in my mouth with both my hands. This thing forces my jaws apart, completely fills the dome of my mouth and pushes my tongue all the way down. Looking in the mirror I could see a yellow circle between my lips. Knowing that I would be able to push the ball out I decided to gag myself a little further with another sock just like the ones I was already wearing. Taking the long and stretchy black cotton sock I thoroughly mummified myself from just below my nose and ears all the way down my neck. Next I pulled a black aerobic sweatband around each of my wrists. They reach from the base of my thumbs to halfway my lower arms. I can pull my handcuffs tight around these without cutting of circulation or causing telltale marks.

Having used all the stuff on the floor I stepped over my horse so that I was facing my floor to ceiling mirror and my back was turned to the clock with the key. This way the dildo testicles would also be under my butt plug. Fingering myself to spread some lubrication over my labia I squatted down above the dildo and slowly slid down the shaft until it was all the way in. I immediately grabbed the snap hook attached to the horse and clasped it to the little loop of rope around the leather belt that kept my butt plug in. This allows me about two inches of travel. I can pump up and down but I can’t slip off the dildo. I now strapped the dog collars at the bottom of the horse around my legs, one just below each of my knees and one around each ankle.

I quickly put my hands behind my back in a sort of reverse prayer position with my left hand over my right shoulder blade and my right hand on my left shoulder blade. With my wrists crossed I fumbled for the handcuffs and managed to clasp one around each of my wrists to complete my bondage.

Then I admired myself in my floor to ceiling mirror. There are two reasons why I don’t use a blindfold when tying myself up. One is that I’m just not comfortable enough to have an orgasm when I can’t see the key. The other is that being able to see myself in the mirror is a massive turn-on for me.

Slowly I started moving up and down along my dildo. Every time I went down the testicles on the dildo pushed my butt plug deeper into my ass. Because of the knob on the end it slid out again every time I moved up again. I was being fucked in both my holes! After about fifteen minutes I had a huge orgasm and I still had a long time to go before I would be able to free myself.

Life was good.

Later, around two o’clock, I was in between orgasms and I was merrily pumping away, my tits were bobbing up and down and my ponytails were swinging from side to side. The sight in my mirror was just awesome.

Then I heard someone coming up the stairs of the house and walking down the hallway to my room. While she was nearing my room I heard my mother call out: “Hey Jess, your sister is in town! Let’s go shopping!”.

I panicked.

And then I saw the door open.

My mother walked in and stopped dead in her tracks. I just wanted to disappear into the carpet. She screamed: “What the f***!”. My sister now came charging up the stairs and ran into my room yelling: “What happened?” She stopped right beside my mother. Both of them were now just standing there with their eyes wide open and their mouths gaping.

My sister was the first to move again. She came in for a closer look and walked around me. She then spotted the keys on the clock and pointed them out to my mother. Both of them now looked me over and pointed out details to each other.

My mother stepped in front of me again and told me to look her in the eyes. I was somewhat blushing around this time and still hoping to disappear into the carpet. “You did this to yourself didn’t you?” she asked. I just nodded. She looked at me for a while, thinking, with a little smile on her face. “And all this time I thought you were just masturbating when you had your door locked. Well, technically you were.”

Then my sister said: “Hey, we should get the camera and take a few pictures for the family album!” I looked at her in shock but my mother just gave her a stern look and told her to leave the room.

My mother then also headed for the door but turned around just before she left the room and said: “By the way, I took the key of your clock” and she showed it to me. “Dinner is at six, I’ll be back with the key at five so you can release yourself and freshen up a little”. I quickly looked behind me and I saw that my key was gone. At the same time I heard the door close and the key being turned in the lock and pulled out.

I was completely stunned. I just sat there, staring at the door for a while but then my situation and my perverted mind got the better of me. While I was there I might as well enjoy it, I thought!

At five o’clock sharp I heard my mother and my sister walk up the stairs and over to my room. They unlocked the door and came in. At first I thought my mother had locked the door to add to my arousal, being locked in my room and all but later that night she said she did it to protect me from my sister. I also found out that both my mother and my sister had retreated to their rooms to “spend some quality time alone”.

My mother walked past me and tied the key ring back to the rope after which she let it swing down against my back. In the meantime my sister had pulled two easy chairs in front of me. They sat down in front of me and looked at me. My mother crossed her legs and said: “Let’s go , baby, I don’t want dinner to get cold”. The humiliation would continue.

I had spent more than four hours tied up, on my knees and with a large dildo in my vagina. I was very tired and sweating, my muscles were trembling, I was drooling around my gag and moisture from my vagina was all over the insides of my thighs, the lower part of my belly and my horse. Things probably wouldn’t get any worse than this.

First I undid my handcuffs and let my arms drop down my sides and slowly got some control back over them. I undid the dog collars from my legs and removed the snap hook that was keeping me from getting up.

Having spent hours on my knees hopping up and down I was more than a little sore. I also hadn’t been able to go to the toilet. Besides the cold feet women in my family are also notorious for having a small bladder. Trembling I managed to get of the dildo. It sounded like a plunger being pulled out of a toilet. My mother and sister were both gaping at me again. I managed to stagger to the bathroom without losing any urine but I didn’t quite make it to the toilet. I tripped over the threshold, fell on my hands and knees and practically squirted urine down my legs. I desperately wanted to become one with the carpet again.

After climbing on the toilet I let the remainder of the deluge go and unwrapped the sock around my head after which I pulled the foam ball out of my mouth. I croaked at my mother and sister that they could leave now. I could manage without them. “Oh, no Sweety. No, no, no.” my mother said “I want to see you remove everything.”

I untied all the ropes that kept my handcuffs in place and dropped them on the floor. Then I took of my blouse and my tie. After that I also pulled of my “somewhat damp” socks. My mother and my sister were still standing in the door opening looking at me.

“Do you do this a lot?” my mother asked.

“I regularly tie myself up” I answered.

“I meant the peeing over yourself” she replied with a huge grin. I was longing for the carpet again.

I really didn’t want them to see the next part but there was no way around it. I got up from the toilet and undid the belt around my waist. I pulled it out of the rope loops and let the ropes dangle down. “Honey, what’s that rope tied to?” I heard my mother say. I didn’t answer but took of my skirt, turned my back on them and bent forwards. “What the hell?!” I couldn’t suppress a grin, if they wanted to watch they were going to get every dirty little detail.

I grabbed a little towel from the sink, shoved it between my teeth and reached between my legs with both my hands. Gripping the top of the plug tightly I pulled it out feeling like I was turning myself inside out and screaming into the towel.  My mother was completely shocked that I had willingly shoved something that big up my ass. My sister just disappeared to her room to “check her makeup”.

“That’s it, Mom. Everything is removed.” I still didn’t dare to look her in the eyes and I could still feel my cheeks glowing.

My mother then said: “Clean up this mess and take a shower. And you can keep that dildo, I never want to touch it again.” She then turned around and walked back down stairs.

That night I had a very long talk with my mother. She was and is very understanding. Since then she has each year given me a kinky present for my birthday and for Christmas. My sister was also really cool about it. She has experimented herself a few times and she even “helped” me a few times.



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