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Cabdrivers Dream come True

by Harry

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© Copyright 2016 - Harry - Used by permission

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First, this is my first story and it is just fiction including some parts of real life and also my own fantasies. My name is Harry. I´m 35 years old and I live in a small town in Finland, northern Europe. I have found my  interest in bondage, or more accurate, self bondage, just recently, maybe a year ago. Self bondage because I have not found the right partner to do it with. But I have good imagination and after searching the web about bondage I bumped to Gromets site and read some of those stories, I thought to give it a try myself.


Part 1: Fantasy became reality

I was working at early morning, sitting in my cab and waiting for an order. I had been waiting already for an hour or so, and became very bored. Nothing much to do, but to just surf on the net or watch people go by.

About 5:45 the taximeter beeped. It was a pre-order for 6am. I looked the order again and saw the address and thought I was lucky. It was only a couple minutes drive from where I was waiting and it was a nice long drive with customer. He or she had told what the destination was to central dispatch and they added it to the order. The customers last name was also included.

I often try to guess what style of people my customers will be, judging by the area and the house they live. This time I thought because of the street the house were was a "wealthy area", and if I remembered right, there were no small houses in that area. So I thought there might be a couple going on a holiday, or maybe just 1 person going to business trip. The destination was the airport.

I arrived to the address at 5:57 and started to look if my customer(s) were already waiting.

No. Not yet. Well, some people want to be precise, but some people, who irritates me a lot, always comes late.

6am. They should have come out already. I hate waiting. I try to look if there is any movement at the windows, but no. Only light comes from what I think is a kitchen window. But no-one to be seen. I´ll just have to wait.

We have unwritten rule with collagues. If the customer had not shown any interest towards the cab 10 minutes after the ordered time, we can leave. This time I was willing to bend that rule a bit, just because the drive was to be that long to give me a good payment, and because that customer was going to airport. I did not want to be the reason he/she missed the plane.

So 6:10 I thought I´d go and ring the doorbell. Maybe my customer hadn´t realized the time and needed a reminder... I went to the door and just when I was about to knock on the door (there was no doorbell, strange) I saw the door was open. Just a bit. So little that it could not been seen from the sidewalk.

"Odd", I said quietly. I knocked the door, and said "Hello! This is your taxi driver. You had ordered a taxi at 6am, and I wanted to ask if you still needed it."

No answer. I pushed the door to open it, but it was jammed. I pushed harder and it gave up. There was a shoe holding the door still, but when pushed enough it opened.

I knocked again. "Hello! Anyone here?" Still no answer.

The light switch was just by the door, and I switched the lights on to hall. I shouted a little louder "Hello! Is anyone home?! This is the taxi driver here waiting to pick you up to the airport!"

Still no answer. I thought what the hell was going on. Door was open but jammed, and no-one home. I decided to go further inside and then I saw something hanging from the hall lamp. It was an un-sealed envelope attached to a thin line. I took it in my hand and opened it. Inside was just one folded paper and the text said:

"If you are reading this, it means that I will most likely need some help. Could you be so kind and find your way upstairs to my bedroom and you will see what I mean." Signed by Janica

"Ok", I thought. "This is going to be interesting". When I read the paper second time, an idea popped to my mind. "Could I be so lucky? Could there be a self bondage session gone wrong and there is someone stuck all tied up?" I took couple minutes to let my head go to my fantasies. I like to be at the commanding side, and this type of situation was actually one of my fantasies. To find a customer tightly bound, and gagged. And stuck. And ready for me to use as I wish. My cock was starting to show signs of life and I almost came there and then. "Wow, what a rush", I thought.

But soon I realized that to be found at that state is humiliating enough and asking for someone, total stranger to come and help had to mean that there might be someone in real trouble, and rushed to find the bedroom. At that point I was sure there was something I needed to see anyways.

When I climbed the stairs I shouted a loud "HELLO!!", and listened. Some quiet, muffling sound came from the room, just in front of the stairs. I pushed the handle and the door opened. There was no light, but with the light coming from the hall I could see that there was someone lying on the bed, spread-eagled. I immediately looked for the switch and put the lights on.

And there she was. A naked woman, cuffed to bed posts. Red ball-gag in her mouth, looked like the straps were tight, and, what appeared to be a black stocking, tied around her head covering her eyes. There was also a chain going around her waist and 2 other chains going over her crotch to her backside. They were holding a dildo in her pussy. She was covered with sweat and her own juices.

I estimated her age somewhere mid-thirties, so about the same age I am. She looked quite tall, maybe 6" and she had long brown hair. Her body was a bit chubby, but not fat in any case. Just a bit extra for a good grip. My heart almost jumped out from my throat. A fantasy come true. I thought my cock was going to rip my jeans zipper...

When she realized there was someone in her bedroom with her, she started to shake her head and tried to say something. "MMmmmpphhh!" was the only thing she could say.

I said "Hold on. Relax. I found your letter and I´m not going to hurt you. Be still"

I went to her, and opened the straps holding the gag in her mouth. I helped the ball out of her mouth and asked "Are you ok? Do you need any medical help?"

She stretched her jaws a while and said "I´m ok. I´m just stuck here. Could you please look for the keys for my handcuffs? My release must have been failed and they must be hanging from the roof above me".

I saw the keys, grabbed them and pulled. The thin wire holding them snapped and they were going straight to my pocket. She wasn´t in any real trouble, so I decided to play this game a bit before releasing her.

Then she said "While you open my cuffs, could you please be so kind and tell me who you are and what are you doing in my house?"

"I´m a taxi driver. You pre-ordered a ride to the airport, and when you didn´t show up I decided to come and ring your doorbell. Then I saw your door was open and I let myself in and tried to ask if anyone was home. Then I saw your letter hanging from the hall lamp. And now here I am."

"What time is it?" she asked with a little tremble in her voice.

"It´s 6:20AM" I replied.

"SHIT!", she yelled. "I´ll miss my plane. There goes that deal... Can you open my handcuffs please?"

I scratched my head and a little devil inside me woke up. I thought what the hell, if she has already missed her plane, then there´s no rush to anywhere, what harm could couple minutes of little mental play before I release her, do?

"First things first. Like I told you, I´m not going to hurt you. So don´t be scared. I just want to hear a bit more of why I found you like this. And also, I would like to have some kind of reward for rescuing you."

She took some time, clearly thinking what I just said, and what to tell  me.

"There is a water bottle at my night stand. Could you please give me some water first. I´m so thirsty!"

I took the bottle, opened it and put the neck of it to her lips. "Here" I said, and poured little to her mouth. She clearly wasn´t satisfied and I gave her some more and then put the bottle back to her night stand.

"There. Now, you were going to tell me about your predicament..."

She started "Umm, the way you are acting, I think you know exactly what is going on here."

She waited couple seconds, maybe to let me really understand what she said, and then continued "I know I´m at your mercy. If you wanted, you could do anything you want to me. But please, give me the keys to my cuffs. I already missed my plane, but I have to try and save the situation somehow. I was going to Tokyo for a business meeting, and I know if I don´t show there without an explanation, my career is over. I have to get out of these cuffs. Besides, they are already hurting my wrists and ankles. I have been here 10 hours already. So please, stop fooling around and give me the keys. I promise I will reward you for this, but after I do my job. Or maybe what´s left of it anyways..."

"You need your cell phone or what?", I asked. "I could free one hand, and give you the phone so you could make the call and then cuff your hand again. I too have to work, but I can´t be sure if there would be any reward left when I end my shift, so I could tie you up, and collect my reward after."

She gulped. There was a short awkward silence. "You said you weren´t going to hurt me..."

"That´s right. I´m not. I was just going to put that cute gag of yours back to your mouth. Just the same you did to yourself. Nothing more."

Good she had her blindfold, otherwise she would see my face with a big wide smile on it. I had to fight back for not to laugh out loud. But, I couldn´t spend much more time with her now, so thought it could mean that my possible reward was gone, I decided to give her the keys and let her free herself while I go out. She does not have to see my face, that may be better for both of us.

"Ok. I had my fun with you. I just wanted to mess up with your head a little, just for fun. Here are the keys, uncuff yourself. I´ll be gone by the time you get free, and this will just be a memory. And I hope it won´t go to the "bad memories" category. Job thing excluded of course..."

"Thank you. I was already getting a bit worried. I´m truly sorry for the trouble, but also relieved to be found by someone with a kinky, but warm sense of humour..."

I started my way out, and said my goodbyes. Just when I was leaving her bedroom she asked "What time your shift ends?"

"Around 4PM,why?", I replied, with a wide grin in my face and with a huge hard on.

"Maybe I can think for some kind of reward by then, if you like..."

Part 2: Warm-up

That day at work was a total bust for me. I was just thinking of what happened before. I forgot addresses, drove around without meaning and was just too light-headed to continue working. So I thought to give myself a free afternoon, I was not in any kind of working condition anyway. I went home and took my "uniform" off and just couldn´t help myself. Last three hours I had only one thing in my mind. And it was Janica.

Naked and cuffed to bed posts spread-eagled, blindfolded and gagged. And she could´ve been mine.

Maybe she still can. If she´s worth her word, I may have something special waiting for me at 4pm.

I pulled my almost painfully hard cock from my pants and gave it couple soft strokes... That was all I needed. I had been so aroused for last three hours, and afraid customers will notice but now I got my relief.

I was nervous. Almost shaking. Because of excitement of what could be coming. I had couple hours to spend before i had to leave if I wanted to be at her place 4pm. I grabbed some leftovers from yesterdays dinner and put it in microwave oven. I was not in mood for cooking right now. Too damn nervous...

I managed to not let my hands wander again, though it was hard. After shower I put my jeans and black shirt on and head to her place. The drive there took about 25 minutes, and before that I couldn´t have even guessed how many different scenarios one can think through in so short time.

Maybe she has left to that business meeting, a later plane. Or maybe she just came to other thoughts, and had left because she didn´t want to see me again. Or maybe she just would not open the door for me.

But what if...

I pulled over to a bus stop about a mile before arriving to her house. My heart was pounding. I was so excited. I was horny as hell too. It was 3:50. And it would take about 2 minutes from here to her place.

I´d be a bit early, but so what. I said around 4pm, not sharp. I parked my car about 100 meters before her house, so she would not her my car sound.

It was just like earlier. Little light came out from kitchen window. Otherwise the house was dark. The door was not open this time so I knocked. Almost immediately the door opened. I went in and it felt like my jaw dropped to the floor. The sight was just astonishing. There she stood. Wearing only that same cute red ball-gag deep in her sweet mouth and black stocking wrapped around her eyes. Hands cuffed in front of her with leather cuffs and padlock.

She had an envelope in her hands and without a word she gave it to me and lowered to her knees waiting for me to read the letter.

"For my savior. Your reward just kneeled in front of you. Tonight she is yours to use.
Forever grateful

Wow! And to a complete stranger. She must be crazy. But maybe she felt she could trust me, because of what happened earlier. And I was never going to break that trust.

I closed the door, and then my lust just took over me. I opened the straps holding the gag in her mouth, and slowly pulled it out. Still, without a word I unzipped my jeans and took my rock hard cock to her lips.

I´m not a monster down there, just 6 inches but that seemed to be enough for her. She licked and sucked. Sucked and licked. I was in heaven. She really knew what she was doing, and it took her only couple minutes to make me groan like an animal and ejaculate into her hot mouth. And she took it all so eager and passionately, I had never, ever experienced before. It felt like lightning hit my spine.

After catching my breath my mind was blank. What was I going to do with her? Should I just lead her to bedroom and fuck her in every way I know and can, or should I go easy with her... Well, time will tell.

I put the gag back to her mouth and helped her to her feet and started to lead her upstairs, to her bedroom. I could see from downstairs that the door was a bit open and a faint light came out. I hold her arm while climbing the stairs, pushed the door open and my eyes opened wide. She really wanted to reward me. There were candles what gave that faint light, and they also gave nice scent to the room. She had put ropes, cuffs, toys, and all kinds of bondage stuff on her queen size bed. There was also another envelope. I guided her to sit on the bed and opened the letter.

"Here are some equipment for you. Using them is your decision.

My God! She really had thought everything.

Part 3: Almost there

I gathered all of the stuff she had left on the bed, and moved them to her dresser table. Then I found a little cloth bag which had some padlocks and keys in it. There were 10 similar locks, and every one had a key attached to them. There was also one extra key, and I thought that had to be the one for the lock keeping her wrists together.

I took two leather cuffs and a padlock and couple about 3 feet long ropes with me and went to her. I pushed her from her shoulders and carefully placed her lying face up in the middle of the bed. With one rope I tied her arms to the bed post, lifting them up a bit to make her feel a bit of tension. Then I moved to her feet, strapped the cuffs to her ankles and tied them to other bed post with another rope. Now she could only wriggle and lift her hips but not much more.

Her breathing had gone heavier like she was anticipating something to happen. I gently touched both of her cheeks and started my way slowly down, caressing  her neck, then shoulders, down to her hips. I took my time to feel her body with my hands, caressing her everywhere. I avoided touching her tits or her groin area, but every other place got some of my attention.

Her moans and little squirming under my hands were like a drug to me. Her tits went up and down with her breathing. Her hardened nipples were virtually screaming for me to touch them. Her soaking wet pussy just begged me to stick my cock in it. I pulled her knees a bit apart. When I touched her inner thighs I felt her juices. I started kissing gently her legs. Slowly moved up to her thighs. I let my lips work her inner thighs and she was trying to move her pussy closer to my face. I wasn´t going to give her relief, not just yet. I touched her clit with the tip of my tongue and that made her squirm and moan even more. It was getting hot in there and I removed my shirt. I tossed it to the floor and continued my work with her.

I let my lips go up her body, kissing her hips and her belly, moving up to her chest. I kissed between her breasts, her shoulders, her neck and ears. I gave her couple kisses to her lips and cheeks. Her body was just shaking. I slowly move back down and gave both her tits couple soft kisses. I grabbed both tits to my hands, and started squeezing them softly. I started making rounds around her nipples with my tongue and occasionally let my tongue touch her nipple. I thought she was going to explode, her body was trembling so hard. I started to suck her nipples, lick them, even softly bite them. Her moans were music to my ears, at least what I could tell, it was from pleasure. I kept caressing her breasts with my hands while my lips went back down on her shivering body.

I worked my way to her pussy and without a warning gave her couple long licks down there. I tasted her juices in my mouth and watched her hips going up and down, obviously wanting some more. I circled my tongue around her clit couple times. I could tell she was close to cum. I started to fuck her with my tongue but it took only couple pushes and she came. Her body arched, she was trashing from side to side, moaning, almost screaming.

After her orgasm, she went almost limp. She was lying still, breathing heavily through her nose.

"That was just the beginning.", I said. "Let´s see what else we can do..."

I untied the ropes holding her hands and legs and turned her on to her stomach. I tied her hands back to the bed post, this time keeping them at same level her body was. Next I went down to her legs. I opened the lock holding her ankles together. Next I grabbed two ropes, and started to tie them to her thighs. I wrapped couple rounds of rope to both her thighs, then tied her ankles to the ropes. I lift her hips up a bit, and placed a pillow under her and pulled her legs apart. I slapped both her ass cheeks, not hard, but hard enough to make her squeal. I lowered myself next to her ear and whispered "I´ll be right back. Don´t go anywhere. The fun part is just about to start."

As I stood up I saw her trying to hump the pillow under her. I took the pillow and said "No, no, no. That´s not your toy. Let me see if I can find something what fits better." I went to her dresser table, and saw a small butt plug and a bottle of lube. I took them with me, and went to her bed, kneeling behind her.  I put the pillow back under her to lift her hips up a bit. I put the plug and the lube side for a moment, and started kissing her inner thighs again. I slowly worked my way to her pussy and started to stick my tongue again to her hot and wet hole. When I moved my tongue up towards her ass, she started to rock her hips back and forth. Her moans were louder and louder as she tried to push her pussy and ass to my face.

I took the plug, lubed it and poured some more lube between her ass cheeks. First I let my finger roll around her asshole, and after couple of seconds, I pushed it in, lubing her ass for the plug.

"I see you like your toys. Maybe this one will make you forget the pillow under you"

Then I put the tip of the plug at her ass, first gently teasing her, and then started to push it in. It went in quite easily and I gave it couple soft pulls to make sure it stays in.

At that point I just couldn´t wait any longer. I stood up, took my jeans and pants off and went back on the bed, kneeling behind her. I lowered myself, almost lied on top of her and kissed her neck couple times. My cock was sliding up and down between her ass cheeks and I whispered to her ear: "You want me to fuck you now, don´t you?"

"Uh-huh" was her response behind her gag.

Still with lowered voice I said: "And you want it bad, don´t you?"

"Uh-huh!" was her answer again, now with a bit more demanding way.

I put the head of my cock to her pussy and slowly started to slide it in. Her pussy just sucked my penis in, and her hips swinged, trying to get me in as much as possible. I grabbed her hips, and pushed my cock as deep as I could, then started to slowly fuck her. After couple of minutes, I worked my speed up a bit, and leaned forward. I moved my hands from her hips to her breasts, and started to play with her nipples between my fingers. I kissed her neck, bite her auricle softly as I worked in her pussy.

It didn´t take long when I felt I was cumming. So was she. I raised myself back to my knees behind her, put my left hand back to her hip and with my right hand started to pull the butt plug out from her ass. Couple pushes more and I was ready. She was cumming and so was I. I just got my cock out from her wet pussy and shoot my load on her back. She was shaking and screaming behind her gag. I almost collapsed on top of her, and laid there couple minutes, breathing heavily.

After catching my breath, I stood up and gave a kiss to her cheek. "Thank you. Thank you so much. You are amazing." I went to her dresser ant took the key for the padlock holding her wrists together. Instead of removing her cuffs, I took her hands behind her back and snapped the lock shut.


She obviously tried to tell me something.

"Mmpfhf! MMmmmpff!" she cried to her gag.

"Are you ok? Do you need something?"



She just nodded her head couple times.

I turned her on her side and opened the straps holding the gag in her mouth. I helped the big red ball out and massaged her jaws gently to help her speak. I held the bottle on her lips and poured some to her mouth. "Deja vu" I thought.

After she had enough, I put the bottle back to her night stand and asked: "Are you all right? Do you want me to untie you?"

"Wow. Yes, I´m ok. Or should I say I´m much more than ok! I´m in heaven..."

"Maybe you could take the blindfold off" she said. "Though as I wrote, I´m yours to use tonight so you do as you please. But I´d like to finally see you."

She has had her blindfold on all the time I was with her, so I was eager too to see her full face. I took the stocking off from her eyes and she tried to adjust to the faint light from the candles.

She looked at me and said: "Mmm. At least in this light you don´t look so bad", and giggled like a teenager.

I lowered to my knees to  the bedside. I just looked at her. She was absolutely stunning. Her long brown hair matched perfectly with her beautiful brown eyes.

"You are so beautiful" I said. "First time I saw you, lying on your bed, spread-eagled, I almost dropped my jaw to the floor. I was dying to see your eyes, but I wanted you to be the one who suggests removing the blindfold. And I´m very happy you did. Now when I look at you, I just can´t take my eyes off from you."

"I´m Harry, by the way."

Part 4: The closure

"Do you want to stretch your legs before we continue?" I asked, with a wide grin in my face.

"Yes please" she said. "What do you have in mind?"

I started to untie the ropes holding her ankles to her thighs. "You´ll see soon. But first I have to do something."

I went to her bathroom, and found two hand towels. One I soaked with warm water, and squeezed the excess off. She was still lying on her side, when I returned. I climbed over to her backside, and laid there facing her back. I started to wipe her back with the warm wet towel, cleaning the mixture of my cum and our sweat from her back. Her whole body flinched. I folded the towel and wiped my own frontside with it. Then with the dry one, I patted us dry, from both sides. I pulled myself to her back, put my hands around her and gave her nipples a little tweak. She let a little scream out from her mouth and then I pushed the gag back.

I kissed her cheek, strapped the gag and said "Now this is much better".

I thought what to do next. I needed some time to recover, so how to use it? I wanted to spice things up a little, to make all out from the situation.

"I´m going to tie your feet to the bed post, so you won´t run away. I need to make some preparations for what´s coming next." I knew she wasn´t going anywhere, but it was just for the show.

"Wait here. I won´t be gone long."

I left the bedroom, and thought to look for other rooms to use. Maybe there is something what can be used. I had no real idea, just wandering around to get one.  I found my way downstairs to her living room, and saw a big armchair. "That could be handy" I said to myself. I went to look closer. It had a mechanism which allowed you to lower its stance almost to a bed. Then I knew what to do.

I went back to her bedroom, and first put the blindfold back on. She tried to shake her head, but couldn´t do much more. I calmed her down. "Don´t worry. I will take it off soon."

After freeing her feet, I helped her to stand up. I took some ropes and lead her to living room. I put her to a kneeling position on the chair, and tied her ankles to chair arms. I put a pillow in front of the breasts, for softening, and then looped couple loose rounds of rope around her chest, keeping her from falling back. That was really all what was needed. Her hands tied behind her back she could just move with the chair.

I was ready again. My cock was eager to dive to one of her holes. I tilt the chair a bit back, just that she could easily suck me. I removed her blindfold. My cock was pointing straight to her face. Then worked the gag loose and told her "You know what to do with it".

She could move her head enough to give me a good blow. I just closed  my eyes and enjoyed the feeling.

Because of the recent activities, I wasn´t going to cum soon so I let her suck me for a good five minutes before drawing back from her. The moment my cock came out, I put the gag back to her mouth. If there was something she really wanted to say to me, she would signal it somehow.

I placed the chair back to its upright position, just perfect for me to fuck her from behind. Both, her pussy and ass right there where I wanted. I went to her back, lowered to my knees and tasted her running juices. I gave her pussy couple good licks before placing my cock in. Again I started slowly, building up the feeling. Her moans grew up with every thrust. I started to fuck her faster, pounding my dick to her pussy. I held her hips firmly and pulled myself deep inside her. After couple minutes, she started to cum. She was screaming to her gag while I worked behind her. I felt her pussy squeeze my cock while her body was shaking from orgasm. I pulled myself out and gave her a moment to catch her breath. Then I put a finger in her pussy, making it all wet from her juices, and started to lube her ass. She let a little squeal out and tried to turn her head to see me. She knew what was to come next.

"Is this ok?" I asked still circling my finger on her asshole. "I thought you were in to anal play, judging by your toys."

She nod her head slightly "Uh-huh".

That´s all I wanted to know. I just had to be sure. Though she said she would be mine to use, but better to be safe than sorry.

I placed the head on my cock to her ass, and slowly pushed it in. With short thrusts I worked myself deeper and deeper. Her ass was so tight, I knew I wasn´t going to last long. I fucked her tight ass about 5 minutes until I was ready to shoot my load. Janica tried to use the little movement she had to push me even deeper inside her, and then I felt my time was up. Just before i was about to cum, I opened the gags straps and took it out from her mouth. I wanted to hear her moans and screams. I grabbed her shoulders and pushed myself all the way to her ass, and pumped my load inside her. She was moaning and screaming, Her hands reached my cock and started milking its shaft.

"Yes! Yes! YES!" was all she could say when I emptied myself to her ass. I just stood behind her, leaning forward to her back and kissed her neck. "Amazing" was all I managed to say.

After a moment, I freed Janica from her ties, opened all the straps and cuffs, and helped her to stand up. I lead her to her huge divan, placed a blanket on it and sat down. I was laying down and told her to join me. We laid there, me facing her backside. Our bodies tightly pressed together. Again I placed my hands around her, this time softly cupping her tits to my hands, and whispered to her ear, "Maybe a little rest now"

She turned around, and kissed me with passion for a long time, and said "Yeah, I´m sure we both need it"

Maybe after ten seconds we were both in sleep.

When I woke up it was already 11pm. I had to leave soon, my work starts 5am tomorrow. Janica was still sleeping, her arms and legs tightly around my body. I started to kiss her, to wake her up. She woke up but instead of getting up, she tightened her grip on me and returned my kisses. After a while, my erection was building again. She noticed it, and without a word, her lips still pressed tight against mine, she climbed on me and began to put it inside her again. With a loud sigh, she lowered herself to the bottom, and just sat on my cock without moving. After a moment what felt like eternity, she slowly started to rock her hips back and forth. Then she arched her back and started the wildest ride I had ever experienced. She up and down, back and forth. I thought she was going to fuck my brains out.

After about fifteen minutes of wild riding, I started to groan and she knew I was near to cum. She had already worked her own pleasure and now she focused on mine. Quickly she pulled herself off, and lowered her head to my cock. She started to blow and I came inside her mouth. She kept her grab till my cock stopped pulsing, and without letting even one drop of my elixir come out from her mouth, she licked my shaft clean.

I took a hold on her arm and pulled her back next to me.

"I have to leave soon, early wake-up tomorrow. But before the night is over, there is still one more thing."

She looked at me and asked "Yes?"

Without more talking, I stood up and got her up too. I lead her to bathroom, where we took a long shower together. We had already done all the fucking we wanted, and while showering, our hands just wandered on other body, caressing.

After shower, I put my clothes back on, and went to kiss her goodbye. After a long kiss, she went to her dresser, opened the top drawer and took one more envelope from there. She put it in my back pocket and said, "Do not open until you are home".

The End (?)

Note from author: Thank You for reading my story. I hope You enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. This is my first story, and if the feedback suggest I have done something right, the story might have some continuation. So please, feel free to send your comments, they are most welcomed.


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