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The Cabin Incident

by Jere

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It is not something I do often but I do on occasion like to cross dress and try out different looks to see how they coordinate and how they feel. It helps me to get an idea of what it is like for my wife and the other ladies that I costume and tie for photographs. It also allows me to indulge in my fetish for hosiery and silky, shiny things. It is something that I keep hidden deep down for fear or shame, ridicule, rejection and abandonment. I have always been attracted to girlier things, and I find men’s clothing rather boring and uncomfortable. They always have the same drab colors. Plus, nothing feels like nylons or Lycra running tights on your legs.

When I first discovered bondage it was like many my age. There was a damsel, usually clad in Lycra or in some flimsy dress or skirt and blouse, wearing pantyhose, and tied up ever week in the serials of my day. Catherine Bach as Daisy Duke, Erin Gray as Col. Deering, and Heather Thomas as Jody Banks plus a myriad of others. The thing is I identified with the damsel! I wanted to be the one in the flimsy dress and pantyhose tied up tight. I would on occasion steal my mother’s old pantyhose she threw away and covet them into my room where I would put them on and tie myself up with tape and rope. I would gag myself with a bandana or duct tape and struggle around. When I hit puberty I discovered that if I pumped my hips against the nylon fabric I could generate enough friction to achieve orgasm. I once borrowed my sisters running tights for a layering effect and it was marvelous.

After becoming a teen I discovered that girls my age were starting to wear running tights to school and wore pantyhose with their skirts and dresses to school. I had a new source of fulfillment for my fetish and passion. Especially with the cheerleaders! Back in the day they all wore pantyhose with their short, pleated skirts and tennis shoes. Which is another fetish of mine. During this time my dressing slacked off. I met the person who would become my wife and we dabbled in bondage, both of us, but more me tying her. She was not terribly into it, nor did she want to explore different sexual elements or practices. When I met her she wore dresses and pantyhose a lot, for band and church. Though I did not find until after we married that she hated them so much and basically stopped wearing them unless societal pressure dictated the necessity.

So, I started wearing nylons again on occasion. I would wear them under my jeans or just around the house if I were alone. I would wear them if I tied myself up to protect against rope burn and tape marks. She even had two elastic waist skirts that I could fit into and I wore them on occasion as well. It is an immensely thrilling feeling to feel a gust of wind fly up your skirt and caress your hose covered flesh beneath. However, time moved on, kids came into our lives and these practices stopped… by in large. At this time I had also, covertly started to experiment with anal play. I had seen it in BDSM magazines and movies. I had read about it in many sexual development books of the time. There was a large adult store near our house and I bought a butt plug to try.

One night, my wife was out and would not be back until late with our daughter so I took the time to experiment. I went into our spare bedroom, that did not have any windows and set a chair in the middle of the room. I had purchased a pair of thick, black tights and cut the gusset out leaving the stitching intact so they would not unravel. I taped the butt plug to the chair with enough duct tape to repair the Titanic. It was NOT going anywhere! I was sure to lube it up heavily as well as myself. I kneeled down on the edges of the chair, my tights making it slippery, and I tied my ankles to the edge rails so that I could not use them for help. I had a pair of handcuffs that I had looped through the cross member of the legs with a piece of rope so that I could not use my hands either.

The key was attached to a thin string that was tied to the outside rail as well. When I wanted to get free I would have to find it and negotiate the lock without being able to see. I was not going to be able to see anyway because I had plans to keep myself quiet and eliminate my vision. I had grabbed a pair of my wife’s panties, a knee high stocking and the roll of duct tape. I packed the panties in my mouth, pulled the stocking over my head and then proceeded to wrap 10 wraps of duct tape around my mouth and another 3 around my eyes. The smell of duct tape is SO sensual and it just triggers a helpless feeling. I tested the gag by screaming for help and I only heard a muffled incoherent noise.

With that I lined up the plug with my anal opening. The lube was cold and with trepidation I explored the opening with a little pressure and left just the tip engaged. Before I lost my nerve I quickly reached over the back of the chair and found the cuffs. I oriented the keyhole facing down and I ratcheted them down on my wrists. They were tight but not painful, however, I was not getting out without the key. I tested all of my bonds and the gag and nothing gave way.

With that I slid my knee off of the sides of the chair and felt myself descending onto the plug. I squirmed and struggled but I could not regain purchase on the chair wearing the slippery nylons so I descended further onto the plug. I was being stretched and the fullness was delicious. There was some mild pain as the flared base started to force its way inside me. I groaned and struggled. Clenching my ass did not help only intensified the burning. I could not find the key string and I could not stop the onslaught.

Finally, I just gave in and sank onto the plug. Once the flared base was in and my sphincter slammed shut around the stem I felt some relief… and fullness. I rocked around and wiggled side to side to feel the sensations. I tried to rise up but I was stuck to the chair. The helplessness was magical! I imagined I was a helpless damsel at the mercy of my captor. I only wish I had done something to my cock so that I could stimulate it while helpless. I stayed like that for probably twenty minutes until my ass became sore. I searched around and eventually found my release key and unfastened my hands. I next untied my legs and then removed my makeshift hood. I was still gloriously impaled upon the chair and I decided to struggle to break free, which I did with great effort. Once free of the chair I dropped to my knees and masturbated my release with a duct-taped plug in my ass still.

On to the cabin.

It had been a tough couple of weeks at work and my wife and I were going to get away for the weekend to a cabin in the mountains, she is a big mountain person, I prefer the beach. In any event, I went up ahead of her as she had to work that Friday and I did not. I was taking along our bondage gear for some shared fun but I also decided to take this opportunity to dress a bit before she arrived. I checked into the office and got our cabin key then proceeded up the mountain. Our cabin was up at the top and there were no neighbors for miles. I unpacked and ran a bath. While in the bath I shaved and let the warm water sooth my soul.

After the bath I selected an outfit and set about getting dressed. I have never done makeup or a wig, I have not really explored that. I just like the sensation of the clothes and the feel of stockings. I decided to go for a layered look with stockings over pantyhose. The sensation of feeling the material rub against one another as you walk is tremendous. I had purchased my first pair of heels for this session, as I wanted to explore what that felt like too. On went the layers of nylon and I topped it off with a sweater dress lined with satin. I thought I heard something in the front room and went clumsily in my heels to investigate. As I exited the bedroom a sharp pain hit my neck along with a blinding flash and I was out.

When I came too I could not see anything and I was a bit disoriented. My jaw was sore and my mouth dry and as I tried to work it I discovered that I couldn’t. My tongue traced the outline of what I assumed was a ring gag. I tried to open my eyes but there was darkness and the smell of leather. I started to panic and I soon discovered I was tied down facedown. My arms were outstretched to my sides and in mittens. There was something under my hips pushing my ass in the air and my legs were crossed and bound at the thighs, knees and ankles. My ass was cold and I soon realized that my pantyhose were pulled down, and my dress pushed up leaving me exposed. Soon white noise appeared in my ears and I was deaf as well.

Someone had used my bondage gear to turn me into their helpless, mute sex toy. I also felt something hard around my penis and scrotum. I tried to wiggle a bit to see if I could discover a weak spot or identify what was attached to my crotch when a sharp current surged through my glans making me cry out. I was in an electrified chastity! I had purchased this for this weekends getaway but had not used it. Whose captive was I?! I bucked against the pulsing electricity in my groin but I could not escape it. The more I struggled the faster the pulsation. I tried to collect myself and stop struggling and the pulsations finally decreased in intensity.

I was still tied up tight on my stomach like a crucified sex doll. I felt a presence in front of me and then this person was buckling a collar around my neck. I felt a sharp tug on an attached leash, which let me know starkly who was in control. There was the noise of a zipper and then a probing at the open in of the gag. I tried to pull back as much as I could but the leash was pulled tight and the head of my assailants’ penis popped into my mouth. He let me move a little by slacking the leash and then pulled me down again each time going a bit deeper. I thrashed and pulled but I was held tight. I was forced to fellate the engorged cock in my mouth.

While I was dealing with that I felt a weight climb on the bed behind me and the some cold lube was dripped onto my anal opening. The man sodomizing my mouth pushed deep and at the same time my other assailant pushed into my ass. I could not buck forward as there was something keeping my ass up and head down. Another sharp shock went through my cock and it caused me to thrust back and onto the shaft of my assailant. I was being spit roasted and I knew not by whom. My mind reeled as I tried to cope with my sodomization.

Both were incessant in their pace and were pounding me from both ends. Without warning I heard a groan and a salty load of jiz hit the back of my throat. I could not spit as the gag was in place so I swallowed most and some dripped out of my mouth onto the floor. Not to far behind I heard the one behind me groan and felt him pulsate in my rectum. I was full of cum and helpless to do anything about it. A sharp slap on my ass made me trash some more and the current to my groin increased. Someone was having fun using me as their toy. Soon the cycle repeated and I can only assume they switched. Soon more cum filled me and was dripping everywhere.

I heard the two people moving around and then a cold object pressed against my ass. It felt like a plug but it was huge! Once inside the fullness increased as I felt a click. The unknown assailant pulled on the plug and moved me all over the bed. One lifted my hips and the other connected what must have been a chain from the ceiling pulling my hips up more. My ankles and legs were untied only to be roughly folded onto themselves and I was frogtied. My arms were next. They were pulled up behind me and the rings at the end of the mittens were attached to what I presume was the same chain.

The final defilement came when the electric cage was removed from my cock. A rope was tied around the shaft and scrotum before everything was pulled back between my legs and tied to the bed. Cold sticky patches were placed on either side of the plug in my ass and also on the head of my penis. Soon more current was pulsing through both making my ass clench and my penis jerk. Before leaving a rubber plug was pushed through the ring and inflated. I was a helpless piece of fuckmeat in their larder.

The white noise soon faded to a voice. The voice was my wife saying; “ I found your dirty little diary of sex fantasies when I was putting your clothes away, I hope you do not mind that I arranged for you to be taken captive and turned into a party favor, but we can discuss it more when I get there. I am horny thinking about how you must look in your bound and defiled state. I am super wet and you can lick my juices from my pussy when I get there, I am sure you want that taste of cum out of your mouth. If you disapprove then you can punish me when I let you go.”

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