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Caged & Left

by Steven

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© Copyright 2013 - Steven - Used by permission

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The following is true, these notes were written the evening my ordeal.

During a hike thru a wetlands/wilderness area, last month I had found an ancient steel fixture, kind of a cage of bars, out in the middle of a stand of trees that were in the middle of a fenced 50 acre wetlands reserve. Hiking trails ran thru a large area that bordered this fenced off reserve. A couple days ago I did a hike thru the wetlands, and noticed how few people were on the trails weekdays in the early afternoon.

Last night I froze a pair of keys in the middle of a soda can, and went thru my toys and filled a small duffle bag. Keys would drop and thaw after 2-3 hrs (78f). The next morning I put the frozen keys in an ice chest had a light breakfast, and drove to the trailhead, as I usually do. Carried the duffle and a small blanket (camo) about a mile down the trail into these wetlands. Soon I cut around a fence, and walked another half mile, to my spot of confinement.

This fenced reserve was one corner of the entire area, my spot was about 150 yards from the nearest fence line, buried in a grove of trees, was my “cage”. Must have once been to hold bales of hay for feeding, now was about 6’X8’ about 5’ high, made of heavy rebar type horizontal bars about every 9-10 inches, with vertical beams, welded construction. Open top (with a large tree laying over) only entrance is crawling around one back corner.

So I lay out my blanket inside on the dirt, twigs & leaves, crawl inside, and undress. My heart is racing as I think over my plans to lock myself to/into the cage, ankles, & wrists, plus a few other goodies, like the iron cock shackle (1.5” wide), I secured around the base of my C&B, a small padlock secures it and attaches a chain that runs to a cage bar about 15” away (locked there). I moved the spare set of keys out of reach at the far end of the cage. Hung up the frozen keys where they would drop within reach (sometime soon).

Enjoying my “caging” I took a few hits of some fine pot and sunk into my sub-space. Imagining that I was locked in place and caged like lifestock. Left by the women that run this ranch, with a promise that I would be let out “soon” (to laughter as they rode away….)

Soon I attached a pair of alligator clips, with connecting chains to my nipples, my ankles were already cuffed & chained to the far end of the cage. Another chain was locked to cage bar and to nipple clips.  (These were steel alligator clips that if pulled off will rip & tear skin) so I was now locked ankles, cock, nips, and the wrist cuffs were individually locked in place with large padlocks. In the Ice was only the key for the small padlocks attaching ankles, cock, nips, and soon wrists. The cock & nipple chains forced me to lay on my left side, face up or down impossible. First a harness ballgag was fit in place, with only a cliplink was used to secure, so I would have a chance to remove it without unlocking/caging mtself.

Tightly the gag-harness was secured, a cord attached to the top-ring and strung to pull my head up later when stretched out & locked. With a length of medium chain, I looped it around the bar at the far end of my cage, thru the rings on my wristcuffs, and locked the chain to itself. My slack was about 6-7” ankles to outstretched wrists. Chewing on my ballgag, I struggled in my cage, not only locked to the cage, at several points, but gagged & abandoned to wait for rescue (or my ice to melt 2-3hrs). Oh those nipple clips hurt, even without struggling and pulling on those clips.

So I was laying on my side stretched out with ankles & wrists chained to opposite ends of my cage. The chains to my cock & nips kept me on my side with arched back. Knowing that no matter what I would/could do, I was locked in place for a couple hours at least, left me enjoying my bondage. The gag’s clip I could barely reach, and maybe the nipple clips, but wrists, ankles & cock I was locked to and inside my cage for the duration.

After at least an hour, my struggles decreased, as the realization that I had been left, caged & locked up by those bitches that run this ranch. My imagination had one of them stopping by to check me, and pulling the cord that attached to my ballgag harness. Moaning as she pulled the cord that lifted my gag harness so my chin was about 10inches off the ground & tied it there. Less motion possible as the clips bite and pull on my nipples. My position alternated from squatting elbows & knees (drooling), to laying on my side and drooling thru my gag. Thinking about these woman that had left me here, and what could happen when they come back.

Loving my bondage, imagining the ranch hands (those bitches) riding by to pull on my chains & tease me thru the cages bars. Leaving me to suffer, drooling thru my ballgag. After an hour & a half, I had removed the clips from my nipples, ohh they hurt soo good! But I was still on my side stretched out and locked in place. As I sweated with the warmer day, I thought at least the ice will melt quicker. But no, it was almost three hours before those keys dropped!

In my gagged, bondage I had dozed off, locked livestock that I was. It took almost an hour to free myself, because the keys to my cuffs were about 30-40 feet away, only the key that locked me to the cage dropped, but I had to crawl out of the cage (wrists & ankles locked to each other) and about 25-30feet, to get the keys to wrist & ankle cuffs, as well as to the cock-shackle. Crawling across dirt, sticks & leaves, to get my keys, and loving it.

Finally I dress & hike slowly out of the reserve, no one around, those bitches were gonna leave me till after dark! Then, I finally sit in my car with a bottle of water, I take stock; The amount of small cuts & bruises all over my body is amazing, Cock is soo tender from it’s shackling of 3 hours. Nips need antiseptic with a little damage, very sore 12 hours later as I write this. OMG what if I had brought along a butt-plug & tiedown to hold inside also?

There is always next time..


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