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Caged Self Bondage

by selfhelp

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Storycodes: Solo-M; M/m; naked; chast; cage; padlocks; hood; bfold; clamps; toys; true; cons; X

This story is true. A friend whom I met on the plaza forum and I are involved and well understand each other's situation and have great rapport. Here's our story.

Hey Metal. Glad to be able to submit (pun intended) this description of how we play the game. My partner Jack lives far away so real life meetings are few. Therefore when we need a bit of bondage, we have to coordinate carefully. But if no contact is possible, any keys to freedom are locked in a box with a combo lock under the popular program Timelock for some random period of time.

But it's much better to be controlled we'll all agree. So here's a description of one such session where Jack held my keys and I was locked in a dog cage. Cages turn me on ever since being locked real time in Florida once. or twice.

My own cage is the standard wire cage variety from Petco, 48 inches long, 30 inches wide and 33 inches tall. It has two doors, one on the end which is permanently locked and the side door which during a session is secured with much chain and the combo lock. (before I forget, a metal file is kept in the cage for emergency use.) One can't stretch out fully. Sitting against the back of it, legs can be extended, but head is just a tad below the top of the cage, and becomes tight when the leather hood is locked on.

To start a session, a randomly set combo lock is scanned into a jpg file and emailed to Jack. he verifies it is readable. It is then deleted from this computer, not that that matters, since I won't have access to the computer while caged. Release will come when Jack decides and a land line telephone is with me in the cage to receive that vital call with the combo.

Naked now, I apply whatever chains and locks necessary to restrict movement. It's easy to go overboard at this point where the hormones are raging, but the better part of valor is discretion. A small baggie with heavy towel inside goes into the cage in case I need to pee. Maybe a bottle of an energy drink, the heavy leather hood, and the key to all it's locks frozen in a two ounce bottle of ice.

Oh yeah, nothing like a hood you know. A chastity device has already been locked on, but I'm already hard with anticipation. I email Jack with starting time then make one last systems check. Everything is in place, so I can now enter the cage and lock myself in.

There's the click of the lock and I know I'm in it for the long haul. it's a delicious feeling. Now it's time to lock the heavy leather hood on with the three locks. Done. Earplugs help deaden sound along with the thick ear pads in the hood. Only blackness and aware of my cock straining against the plastic case.

Time stands still. I can of course wrap my hands around the ice bottle with hood keys, but resist, knowing that it should take about 2 and half hours based on past experience. Just hope we don't suddenly have another ice age!

All kinds of fantasies fill my brain. Random thoughts also about what if something happens to Jack way out there.

The feelings of horniness cause a peaceful feeling, knowing that there's nothing I can do either to get free or have an orgasm. Silence. Blackness.

Why did I do this? Why DO I even want this? Not sure I even want to know why. Just go with the flow. Relax, enjoy. I doze off with no idea for how long.

How much later? Don't know, but I feel the bottle and the ice has melted and I now have the key to unlock my hood. Partial freedom at last. But not total freedom, because Jack still controls and I just stare at the phone.

In the cage with me are those painful clover clamps, and a life size silicone dildoe for sucking on. These, plus a certain medium size insertable plug are there to "entertain" me until the phone rings eventually. No clock, no computer, and no idea of what time it is.

Yes, eventually the phone rang and release was at hand. (another pun? forgive me)

Now if any reader thinks about doing this, make sure you trust your long distance partner, especially if you forgot to have a metal file in the cage. That will work to cut the heavy chain, but it is a long and slow process. What if the locks jammed on the hood? A single edged razor blade was in the cage to use to cut the expensive hood off. Not a good option.

All in all, it's a good ride, especially if you haven't cum in a week. (grin

Sincerely bound,



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