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Caitland’s Perfect Evening

by PetulantKim

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Caitland couldn’t wait for the hours to pass until quitting time Friday afternoon. She was finally on her own after all those years of high school, living at home; and college, living with a roommate. She had landed a well paying job as a public relations rep for the city health department which had enabled her to get a beautiful apartment that afforded secure entry to all but tenants. The apartment was small but well appointed in a quiet upscale neighborhood. Caitland had kept her nose to the grindstone learning her new job and getting settled in over the last six months.

Tonight, she was ready. She had spent the last six months ordering real restraints to pursue her passion. Leather cuffs with brass locks, adjustable spreader bars, gags, patent thigh high spike heels, adjustable clamps, super soft cotton/nylon ropes, a genuine discipline hood with locking collar, and of course, the indispensable handcuffs. The handcuffs were the only items she played with putting them on her wrists and locking and unlocking them over and over in front of her, behind her, and in the dark. When she had mastered them, she added leather gloves and practiced again until she assured herself she could remove them quickly and without difficulty.

She had purposely refrained from trying on and playing with any of the items enjoying instead the anticipation of using them all together when she had assembled everything. No longer would she have to satisfy her needs with a hodge-podge of belts and homemade items. Tonight she wouldn’t have to worry about her brother, parents, or roommate coming back unexpectedly and catching her. Tonight was hers and the next and the next.

Caitland took the elevator up to her floor and went to Sheri’s apartment across the hall from hers. Sheri worked a part-time job from six to ten-thirty at a local sports bar Friday and Saturday. Sheri’s door was open. Caitland knocked and went in.

"Hi," Sheri called from the bathroom, "your Fed-Ex package came today."

"Thanks, Sheri," Caitland called as she scooped it up from the couch.

Sheri came out ready for work. Caitland told her that when she got home from work, if she would use the key she had given her to come in and wake her up, as she was tired and was going to nap on the couch. Sheri said great, then we can go out together. Caitland said that would be great, but even if she changed her mind, if she would still please come in a wake her up, as she needed to place a call back to California to talk to her brother. Sheri promised her she would.

Caitland closed and locked the door to her apartment. She adjusted the heat and started a bath running. She opened the Chinese beef and broccoli she had brought home with her and started eating as she opened the Fed-Ex package. She knew exactly what was in the box and that it would arrive today. She withdrew from the box the most exquisite black and red, satin and leather corset. The Victorian style corset had been carefully custom made by a corsetiere in Philadelphia to exact measurements and had cost her three weeks pay. It had been carefully and meticulously crafted to lace in front with custom overlays to hide the lacing. She laid it over the back of the couch to admire it while she continued eating. It was designed to mould her from her hips to her armpits. It had a shelf bra fashioned and boned to lift her breasts high and thrust them forward. She shuddered just thinking about how it was going to feel tightly laced just a few minutes from now.

She finished eating and than carried it to the bedroom where she carefully laid it on the bed along with the other new equipment she would use for the first time tonight. She then moved the padded frame she had constructed out of the closet and into the living room. She positioned the frame precisely on the carpet guided by tiny marks she had made with a pen a shade deeper than the carpet. The frame had been easy to make after the years she had spent watching her brother construct furniture above the garage. Using a saber saw, drill, and sander, she had bolted it together, placing eyehooks exactly where she needed them. She had than padded the top with foam and heavy velvet. The last thing she did was to place a large envelope on the coffee table that said, "Sheri Read Me" on it.

It was six-thirty in the evening. She went to luxuriate in a bubble bath until seven. While taking her bath she went over the procedure she would use to ensure her complete self-imposed bondage from seven-thirty pm until ten, when she would release herself and put everything away in preparation for Sheri’s return home. Sheri was Caitland’s safety; carefully set up in case anything went wrong with her planned evening.

Caitland towelled dry and carefully powdered herself to ease getting into her restraints. She started with the beautiful corset. It had triple laces. She used them to lace and tie and lace and tie until her already lithe twenty-five inch waist was severely corseted. She picked up a sewing tape and measured her waist at twenty-two inches. She than turned and gazed at herself in the full-length closet mirror. Her thirty-five inch breasts were pushed forward, her nipples already hard with desire from the feeling of the deliciously tight lacing. She resembled a picture of a Victorian lady in the late 1800’s, severely corseted with a wasp thin waist.

She next placed a bondage hood over her head with cutouts for her eyes, nose and mouth and using a small padlock secured the collar to her neck. Both keys were placed on her bedroom dresser. The only key she was concerned with tonight would be her handcuff key. She would have plenty of time to devise more intricate scenarios later. Tonight she just wanted to feel what real restraints felt like. She then picked up the new ball gag and fitted it with the medium size red ball. Although she liked the feel of the large ball, she felt it might detract from the overall enjoyment of her restraint tonight. She fastened the gag securely behind her head cinching it tight, not bothering with the lock. The gag fitted comfortably preventing her from talking, if there had been anyone around to talk to. Once again she gazed at herself in the mirror. This was becoming better and better.

Although herself and others had always appreciated her beauty, now she was absolutely breathtaking. She had pulled her long blonde hair through the one-inch opening at the top of the discipline hood and it hung down her back. Her natural blonde hair accented and enhanced the sight of herself in the corset, hood, and red ball gag. As an added touch she hadn’t planned, she took time to add eyeliner, silver sparkling eye shadow, and black mascara. She looked in the full-length mirror again pleased with the result. Caitland now sat on the bed in front of the mirror and put on a pair of real black silk stockings with very small intricate red satin bows at the top on the front and back to match the red trim of her black corset. It was now seven-ten. She pulled on the thigh high boots. They hugged her feet tightly. She zipped the concealed zipper on the inside of the boot and quickly pulled the red laces that went from her ankle to thigh-top on the outside. At last finished she pushed herself upright in front of the mirror. An almost unrecognizable submissive goddess stared back at her. She longed that she had a friend she could trust to take a picture.

Almost seven-thirty now, she picked up two leather cuffs and her handcuffs. Slowly making her way into the living room, not wanting to topple over in her five-inch spiked boots, she put her cuffs on the padded frame. She than slowly made her way to the kitchen to retrieve four ice cubes she had previously frozen all timed to melt in two and one-half hours and returned to the living room with them. Three ice cubes were at the end of long strings. She used a wide footstool to stand on so she could reach the small hooks she had placed in the ceiling. For a minute she thought she might have to remove the boots to get up. Teetering precariously she attached all four ice cubes to the hooks positioned over the bench, and carefully got down. Three of the large ice cubes hung down about a foot above the bench.

Turning to the full-length mirror she had installed on the back of the front door to the apartment, she took one last long look at herself. She had tried to imagine how this would feel ever since she was fourteen. Her brother had gotten mad at her one weekend while her parents were away and had tied her in a chair while he went two doors down to play football with his friends. She had been insisting on going to the mall with her friends even though her parents had told her no. Her big brother had solved the problem of her sneaking out on him by tying her to a chair in the kitchen.

At first she was furious with him. But as the first hour passed, she realized that it was strangely exciting to be tied up alone. In the fight she had given him, he had looped a yellow ski-tow rope both above and below her already well-developed breasts and around her thighs and legs. She imagined her best friend Beth, who made no secret she liked girls, finding her. In her imagination Beth would French kiss her as she struggled to get free, while she secretly enjoyed it. When her brother came home and untied her, she swore at him so he’d think she was mad and ran to her bedroom. She had really run to her bedroom so she could rub herself to a shuddering, pounding orgasm.

Ever since that day she had devised ways to tie herself up always becoming sexually aroused. Once while alone she had managed to tie her feet and wrists so well she couldn’t get herself untied. She finally got loose by putting her brother’s hacksaw in the vice in the garage and sawing through the ropes. The fact that her parents were due home any moment had made her both horny and frantic at the same time.

She smiled as she thought about it at the same time noticing that her ice cubes had started to melt. Smiling at her picture in the mirror as much as the gag would allow, she sat down on the end of her frame. She put a leather cuff around each ankle and using a spring clip attached to a steel eye at the bottom of each leg attached her cuffs to the legs. She then swung around carefully under the hanging ice cubes laying flat from knees to head on the padded frame. The ice cube almost directly over her head had two strings frozen into it. One long string with a weight attached to it hung down touching the edge of the frame where her head would be. The other string was shorter with the key for her handcuffs tied to it and frozen in the cube. The little hole in the key was threaded through the long string. Because of the way she had devised to secure herself, it was important the key come down directly into her waiting fingers. The long string would serve as a guide and she had thoroughly tested it. She would have liked to have blindfolded herself, but all of the Internet sites she had looked at had advised against it as being a poor idea when alone no matter how enticing.

At last she was ready. She wriggled her body to get her back, shoulders, and head comfortable on the padded frame. Everything was very quiet, without any sounds coming from other apartments or the street. She reached behind her to find the spring clip on a little three-inch chain hanging from the front. She lifted her head slightly to find the D ring at the back of her discipline hood and attached it. She than took the handcuffs from her chest. She had already attached a double spring clip to the chain of the handcuffs. She reached back and secured the handcuffs by the clip to the chain securing her hood and neck. Feeling for the long string, she made sure that it was inside the cuff with her right wrist and closed it. She than closed the other cuff around her left wrist.

She listened to the sound of her breath. She felt the tight lacing of the corset. She felt the boots pulling at her knees, the new patent leather stiff and tight. She remembered what her face looked like with the hood, red gag, and silvered eye shadow. She tested the restraints but the handcuffs, neck chain, and ankle cuffs held her secure to the padded frame. She looked at the ice cube over her head holding the handcuff key out of reach. She then relaxed. As the three ice cubes suspended six inches over her stopped swinging, they began to slowly drip small drops of cold ice water. She had measured perfectly. An ice cube hung suspended over each exposed breast and one over her exposed vagina. She had purposely not used anything to stimulate her nipples, vagina, or nether area. Her intent was to simply enjoy being comfortably restrained in tight bondage. The ice cold drops of water dripping on each breast and her vaginal area would keep her from falling asleep after a long week of work and the warm bath she had taken.

She closed her eyes. She was bound with no hope of release for the next two and one-half hours. Thinking about it immediately began to sexually arouse her as it had when her brother had tied her to the chair eight years ago. Only this was better. Tighter, closer, and more intense than she had ever imagined it would be. A cold drop of water fell directly on her clitoris and she jerked slightly and felt the cuffs holding her ankles. Eyes closed, she drifted into fantasy. There was Beth her high school friend standing before her holding a whip tracing the handle of it along her thighs and around her breasts. She imagined her big brother stumbling upon her. Would he take advantage of his own sister, lying bound, more beautiful than a supermodel? Now the frame was in a display window of a large department store. She looked out at complete strangers pausing to look through the window at her. It disappeared and her boss, a tall fiftyish severe woman, sat on the couch in her living room not saying anything, just smoking and staring at her.

Caitland, eyes closed, drifted from one fantasy to the next, cold drops of water, prodding her gently from one to another. After a while, she finally opened her eyes. The ice cubes were almost gone. How strange, she thought. Every article and story she had ever read on the Internet had always talked about how slow the time seemed to pass while restrained. Here two and one-half hours had almost passed seemingly as if in the blink of an eye. When she had closed her eyes it was still light outside. Now it was dark outside her fourth floor living room window. So quiet and peaceful, with only the dim light from a small table lamp illuminating the living room. Caitland closed her eyes again. What a wonderful, perfect Friday evening. She knew the key would descend in a few more minutes. She lay quietly savoring these last moments.

The sound of the key turning in her front door reverberated around the quiet apartment like the shot from a gun. Jumping up from the frame, Caitland made a mad dash for the bedroom. Or, at least that’s what her brain told her to do. The short three-inch chain attached to the discipline hood jerked her head back to the padded frame. Her feet never moved securely attached to each leg of the frame.

Oh, my God! Caitland thought as Sheri stepped into the living room, the bright light from the hall spilling across the couch where she was supposed to be sleeping and the padded frame across from the couch and coffee table displaying her bound body.

As Sheri’s eyes fell on Caitland’s bound body, she shouted, "What the hell?"

Part II

Sheri quickly fumbled for the small pepper spray attached to her key ring. She could see through the breakfront that the small kitchen was empty. Holding the spray in front of her, she checked out the bathroom and bedroom flicking on the overhead lights. Satisfied that no one was there, she went back to the living room. Once again she took in the strange scene. She took in the string over Caitland’s head where the key to the handcuffs was half-exposed, the brown envelope on the coffee table that said 'Sheri Read Me', and remembered the other bondage gear on the bed. It all made sense so suddenly that she threw her head back and started laughing out loud, saying, "Oh my God, Oh my God" still laughing as she strode to the front door, closed it and threw the deadbolt. Still chuckling she walked past Caitland to the kitchen. Caitland was simply just embarrassed. Thinking what she must look like to Sheri with a hood and red ball gag on, unable to move. Although initially she thought she would just die, Sheri’s laughter calmed her down somewhat. Everything may be all right she thought.

Caitland heard her refrigerator door open. Sheri came back in the living room, retrieved her purse where she had dropped it, and came and flopped down on the couch. She poured herself a glass of wine and set the bottle on the table. She picked up the brown envelope looking at Caitland devilishly. All Caitland could do is turn her head and watch her. Caitland opened the envelope and read out loud: "Sheri, if you are reading this, it is because the key I locked my handcuffs with didn’t come down properly leaving me in this rather peculiar situation. Please don’t be shocked; I’ve been doing this since I was a teenager. Retrieve the key and unlock the cuffs and I’ll explain everything".

"Well aren’t you just a sight," Sheri said. "Here I thought you were taking a beauty nap while I slaved away waitressing, but instead you’ve started a fine evening without me." And she added: "Tsk Tsk, you weren’t even going to tell me. You evidently had everything planned down to the last detail for tonight except me arriving early because the large screen television broke at the sports bar. When the customers left, so did I."

Sheri took a deep draught from her glass of wine and standing up, reached up and took hold of the handcuff key with her fingers. The key broke away from what little remained of the ice cube. All Caitland could do was watch. Sheri holding the key and attached string, tied it in a bow to the string that had, until recently held an ice cube over her breast. Caitland’s only means of escape now dangled in the air six inches over her left breast.

Sheri moved the coffee table out from between the couch and the padded frame, and moved the couch closer to the frame. Sitting down, she refilled her glass, removed her shoes and propped both feet across Caitland’s midriff. Sheri looked at her and said, "Now that I know your secret, I’ll let you in on one of mine!" As Sheri rubbed her feet back and forth across Caitland’s stomach, Caitland slowly relaxed and in the next second realized that a slow sexual arousal was beginning in her body again.

Sheri lifted her head and unfastened her gag, helping her off with it. Caitland thanked her and started to say something. Sheri shushed her with her finger.

"If you went to all the trouble to tie yourself up, it can only be because you have never met anyone you trust enough to do it for you. You see my secret is that I have wanted you ever since I first laid eyes on you." Sheri was slowly tracing little circles on Caitland’s breast with her fingers while talking.

"You must be thirsty after being tied all this time," Sheri said, than laughed and said, "Oh my, you’re still tied aren’t you? I’ll tell you what, I’ll take a big drink of wine, lift your head, and you can drink from my lips."

"Ok," Caitland answered.

Sheri pressed her lips to Caitland’s, filling her mouth slowly with wine, allowing her to swallow gently, and than deeply probed Caitland’s mouth with her tongue. Caitland exploded with pleasure, six months of pent-up sexual energy finding its outlet in Sheri’s lips and mouth. Caitland’s tongue probed against Sheri’s and she strained against her bonds and excited herself even more.

"Oh My," Sheri exclaimed, "You are the wanton little bitch, aren’t you?" as she took another drink of wine to give Caitland.

Part III

Sheri could not believe her good fortune. Sheri had broken up with her girlfriend a couple of weeks before Caitland had moved in across the hall from her. Caitland’s beauty had caused Sheri’s heart to pound the first time she saw her. Caitland’s long blonde hair, blue eyes, her 34C-25-35 figure on a 110 pound five foot, seven inch frame was absolutely breathtaking. She lost no time in getting acquainted. Caitland’s main concern was with doing well with her first real job until her six-month probationary period was over. Caitland came home late from the office every night carrying even more work, regulations and manuals to read over.

Sheri had made herself as indispensable as she could to her. She would cook and bring her over food to eat while she was working. Then she would sit and read a book ostensibly so as not to disturb Caitland, but really just so she could be near her. As she got to know Caitland, Caitland opened up to her. She hadn’t dated much and had been concentrating on studying hard and making good grades. Her greatest desire these last few years was to have her own car and a luxury apartment of her own. She wouldn’t feel it was really hers until she finished the probationary period for this job and was determined to excel at it. Only than could she relax she told Sheri.

Sheri looked at Caitland, this bound goddess and said, "Tonight was your reward to yourself for completing your probationary six months, wasn’t it?" Sheri told her that it was. And also that she found the anticipation of being bound almost as delicious as being actually restrained. It was a game she played with herself to heighten her sensations. Sheri told her she was sorry she had spoiled her perfectly planned evening by arriving early, but to just wait a minute and relax because she knew how to make it perfect again.

Caitland was tired but relaxed again and quite comfortable. All the time they were talking she was aware that she was still bound, the key to her release out of her reach. Sheri had not only become her best friend over the last few months, but with her workload, her only friend here in the city so far. This was fine with her, as she didn’t want a lot of friends calling or unexpectedly dropping by while she pursued her, as Caitland liked to call it, "her hobby". She also realized that Sheri, once she had gotten over the initial shock of her "peculiar" situation, had not only not been upset, but relished being in control of her. She had dreamed and fantasized about having someone in control. And now it was actually happening. Thinking about it stoked her sexual energy again and she could actually feel herself moisten with desire.

Caitland could hear Sheri moving about her apartment. Sheri returned with duct tape, a twenty-five foot length of the extra soft white cotton rope that Caitland had ordered from a bondage supplier for future bondage sessions, and another item that she kept concealed from Caitland’s view.

Caitland watched as Sheri peeled off her clothes in front of her. Caitland had never seen such a delicate woman. Ten years older than Caitland at thirty-four, Sheri stood five foot, four inches, and barely weighed ninety-five pounds. She wore a padded 32B bra over a 32A bust to prevent her from looking completely flat chested. Although she had a nicely rounded derriere, her hips were almost non-existent. She kept her brown hair long, and without make-up and jewelry had told Caitland she was frequently mistaken for a teen-ager. Caitland admired Sheri’s lithe, willowy body as Sheri pulled her scrunchie off, flipped her hair, doubled it and fastened it again close to her neck.

Sheri folded her panties as she talked softly to Caitland now. "I hope you don’t mind me playing with you for a while," Sheri said, as she laid the folded top half of her panties over Caitland’s eyes and arranged the crotch of the panties over her nose. She than took a long length of duct tape and placed it directly over her panties and secured the tape under the frame on either side, not only blindfolding Caitland but also holding her head unmovable on the padded frame. Caitland’s sight was replaced by the deep musky odor of Sheri’s panties worn all day to her regular job and the evening’s part-time job. Sheri told Caitland not to talk anymore, just to lay back and relax. Sheri knelt beside her and massaged her breasts. She told her how much she had wanted to reach down and massage these breasts those times she had massaged Caitland’s shoulders whiled she toiled late in the evening.

Sheri whispered how breathtakingly beautiful she was and how she had secretly desired her all these months. Caitland’s passion and arousal deepened listening to Sheri’s love murmurings and the feel of her delicate fingers on her breasts. Sheri stopped massaging her breasts. For a couple of minutes all Caitland could hear was the sound of her breath and Sheri’s. She then felt Sheri’s hands moving on her chest below her bust. Another minute passed and then she felt rope being pulled tight pulling her torso to the frame. Every three or four loops, she could feel Sheri pull the rope tight and put another knot in.

Sheri worked her way down from just under her bust to her lower abdomen. When Sheri was finished she was totally immobile on the padded frame. Never had she been tied so tight. She whispered to Sheri how she had always longed to be bound this way, and how deliciously good it felt. Sheri responded by lightly kissing her. Sheri couldn’t believe the turn that events had taken this evening. She wanted to just untie her and take her in her arms and make love to her. On the other hand this secret yearning of Caitland’s to be bound had delivered this voluptuous, passionate young woman directly into her hands.

As she took the two long loose ends of the rope and slowly started binding Caitland’s feet to the legs of the frame wrapping each one from ankle to just below her knees and tying them off, she realized something else. Caitland had never talked much about dating over the past few months even mentioning she had never had a steady boyfriend. Just occasional dates for the prom or the movies. Now Sheri knew why. Caitland had spent her time studying and relieved herself sexually through self-bondage.

Sheri moved back up and knelt beside Caitland, kissing her gently. She said softly and gently out loud, "Caitland, if I ask you a question, will you tell me the truth?" As she asked her, Sheri’s fingers softly stole down between Caitland’s legs as she softly began to run her small fingers over Caitland’s outer lips.

"Yes", whispered Caitland murmuring how good Sheri’s fingers felt.

"Are you a virgin?" Sheri asked softly.

"Yes" Caitland answered, "But how did you know?"

"Oh I’ve gotten to know you pretty well over the last six months," Sheri answered, "and I’m just a little older and wiser than I used to be."

Caitland was beautiful, talented, intelligent, poised, and independent. But Sheri also knew now that Caitland longed for another to control her. Self-bondage enabled her to express her need to be controlled without exposing this need to others. Sheri knew that she had finally found the beautiful woman she had always desired. The woman who would always satisfy all her needs, both emotionally and physically. Sheri smiled and kissed Caitland again deeply. Still stroking her outer lips, Sheri asked Caitland, "Do you promise to always do whatever I tell you?"

"Oh Yes!" Caitland hoarsely whispered, "Always!"

Sheri than reached for the nipple clamps she had hidden from view when she returned from the bedroom with the duct tape and rope. She quickly sucked Caitland’s breasts until both nipples were firm and erect. She than dried them off and quickly attached the nipple clamps. Caitland sucked in her breath as they were attached. At first they hurt, but in her high state of sexual tension, the hurt quickly turned into pleasure. And than Sheri kissed her again and moved to the end of the frame and buried her face deep between Caitland’s legs. Sheri skillfully and delicately transported Caitland from one peak to the next, until Caitland’s sweet song mingled in a chorus with the nightsong floating in through the open window. The moonlight streamed in the room illuminating their blissful delight!

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