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Calculated Misfortune

by Maxxster

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© Copyright 2006 - Maxxster - Used by permission

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I recently took a vacation to a town where a friend of mine lives due to some work related stuff. I haven't seen my friend for almost two year’s and I looked forward to seeing her. We had always been close to each other and had a special friendship, which allowed us to be there for each other without getting lost in the throws of a relationship.

She had moved away and we had always kept in touch with each other, a call every month was always welcomed and we understood that when we got together, it was like we had never been apart. I would always call her first whenever anything important was facing my life. I always appreciated her views and opinions and considered her my mentor in many ways. I was always thrilled to hear about the many different projects she had been working on, and it was apparent that her decision to move away was a wise one. She was extremely successful, both professionally and financially. She was very secure, stable and beyond beautiful with her long hair and seductive Librarian look. I never envied her success but knew that she was destined to be more than the average woman.

I was also aware of the many different aspects of friendships, which people have with each other and there were a few areas, which we shared with each other as much as any other conversational strings. That was bondage. Although we share the same interests in bondage, she is far more dominant than she is submissive. We have been friends for a few years now, and she has come to know my passion for bondage and all related interests.

Although this story has something directly to do with her, it came about indirectly, and then turned into something more than what was meant to be when it all started. You see my friend has one of the absolute best working complete dungeon’s I have ever seen. Everything one could hope to imagine or want was there and I often would take the time to praise her on her art form. I was always given the same response "anytime you want to try it, it's yours, maybe you could spend a couple days in it while I enjoy teaching you a thing or two, LOL"

That was always a great sense of fear and pleasure to hear her say that and I never knew if one day that would come true. Anyway, on this trip down I was by myself and was more concerned with a nice visit than anything else. I was given a tour of the recently updated dungeon and was taken aback by all the new accessories, which were provided to stimulate, and tease/torture any man who entered her world.

I was given keys to her house because she was going out for a dinner engagement with one of her close girlfriend’s and she stated she wouldn't be back for a couple of hours and if I wanted to look around and test anything out to go ahead and feel free. This is where I got into trouble with myself. No sooner had she left I was down the stairs and into the basement to check everything out a little closer. Upon a better inspection I was so turned on by everything and knowing I was alone I could take full advantage and try out different handcuffs restraints and devices.

On her massive wall of restraints was a Steel Chastity Belt, which I just had to try on. I had always had a fantasy about being in a Chastity belt, unable to free myself, or have a way to remove it without the help of someone who held the key. This was always the kind of thoughts I dreamed about, but not knowing where to get a belt, let alone anyone else who was into them caused me to always wait for the opportunity to find someone who knew about them. I was very impressed with my friend, her determination at acquiring a belt and what it must be like for her to control someone while she held they key to their freedom. At any rate I continued.

I took it off the wall and found the keys, which were inserted into the lock on the front of the Waist Band. When I went to use the keys to open the lock on the belt, I realized I didn’t need them because the lock was already open, so I then placed the keys on the table and continued with the Chastity Belt.

This Chastity Belt was one of those custom made ones from Walter Goethals so I didn’t know if it would even fit or not. It had a fixed tube, which appeared to be my size, a rear shield that connected from the center of the rear waistband to the lower portion of the front tube. I was hoping the sizing of this belt would allow me to wear it for the next couple of hours. I remembered seeing someone putting on a Chastity Belt over the Internet, so I did what I had seen being done and it worked.

I found an Allen key, which was needed to remove the front plate after the lock was removed and I then removed this front plate portion of the belt and tested opening and closing it so that I would be able to work it properly when I put it on. I then stripped and placed myself into the tube on the front of the belt, closing the waistband onto the front plate, and then using the Allen key to tighten everything down I then closed the lock into place. What a sound the lock made.

I pulled and tugged the belt checking to see how secure it was, I was amazed that I was completely unable to touch myself or feel anything under the front tube. I was completely locked in tight until I chose to remove the belt. What a feeling it was to be wearing this foreign device. It held my member firmly into place and would not let me even get close to touching my self. What a turn on this was for me. I fantasized about being locked into the belt without being able to get it off, which only made be more aroused.

I then removed a back lacing/locking leather hood, which was on the wall and placed it over my head and pulled it tightly into place. I locked the hood with the special lock, which was there. I then placed a five-inch posture collar around my neck and locked the special clasp into place. The collar fit perfectly over the collar of the hood and did not cause any discomfort, so I thought I would use them together.

The collar had been modified with a special locking mechanism, which needed a key to open it, but since it was already opened I didn’t need to use this key, which was connected to the key ring I had already placed on the table after finding the keys in the Chastity belt. I then placed a large gag into my mouth, checking to make sure I could not push it out and then pulling it one notch tighter just to make sure. I then proceeded and attached a set of nipple clamps to my pierced nipples. I also took the blindfold, which went with the hood and went forward to my choice of restraining devices.

I had turned my attention to what is referred to as an ADEC Restraint chair. This is a chair used in prisons to control violent people, anyway, once you are locked into this chair, you cannot push it over, or get free without a key. I figured that if I put myself into the chair and had a key it would give me the sensation of feeling stuck, but also let me out when I wanted.

I sat into the chair and attached my legs into the special holding positions and tightened the locking Velcro straps before pulling first of several seat belts which control movement in this chair. I pulled over my waist another strap which when closed disabled me from standing up. I then took the first shoulder strap seat belt and pulled it across my chest before locking into place in the special lock retainer. I then continued with the second strap and I was now fully restrained except for my arms, which I slid behind my back into the special moulded backrest which allowed you to sit cuffed with your hands behind your back without putting any pleasure on your arms. I then placed the blindfold into place and ensured that I could not see anything and waited for a second before continuing.

I slid my hands behind my back, this took allot of effort and I then struggled to attach the second handcuff to my already Handcuffed wrist. I should have known better at this point, the harder you have to struggle to get a handcuff on, the more difficult it will be to get off. I was now firmly restrained and completely held by the bondage position I had placed myself into. My mind slid into oblivion enjoying the moment as I struggled to get free.

I checked out the position for mobility and unfortunately there was none. I could not move in any direction, I had really outdone myself by putting myself into this chair. I couldn't look down at all and the pressure from the nipple clamps was a constant reminder of my predicament. After squirming for what seemed like an eternity, which was probable 25-30 minutes I decided to try something new and grabbed the key which I had taken with me before locking the cuffs into place. This is where I ran into a problem.

Usually I place the keyholes facing upwards and this doesn't pose any type of problems, but in this position you can't twist your wrist’s to get the keyhole facing down to where you can place the key into the hole easily. I found this to be because your hands are in a rigid position due to the backrest style of the chair. I immediately started to panic at the thought of being stuck like this. I struggled for all it was worth and there was no way I was getting that little key into the key hole. I started to sweat and this only posed further problems because my hands could not hold the key very well, it was slipping out of my fingers and onto the seat rest continually. I was lucky to be able to feel around behind my back to find the key and pick it up and try again. I must have tried for at least forty-five minutes without any success.

I was now in this restraint chair for over an hour and a half and attempted time and time again to relax enough to concentrate at manipulating my hands enough to get the key into the lock. Every time I thought I had it, the key would not go into what I thought was the hole. I couldn’t do it at all and I was a complete mess, I have not had to struggle so hard before. I was also very excited and as hard as I could get inside that chastity belt without being able to touch myself. This only added to more than I could bear, it was frustrating as hell to have the key in your hand, but not be able to use it.

It was then I heard a noise and it was my friend entering the room. She quickly stated, "She was enjoying watching me struggle and would enjoy me even more when I realized what was going to happen to me". I was told that she had been watching me the whole time from her room, on a closed circuit TV, which was connected to a camera well hidden within her dungeon. I grunted and attempted to thrash around in the chair to get out, but she just laughed and stated, "Go ahead, try harder, you can get out, I know you can. I am glad that you are so predictable, you have no idea how long I have waited for you to get yourself into something in my dungeon that you have no control over".

She went on to say, " Did it ever occur to you how easy this was? Do you actually think that you have keys that work in anything, they are just blanks, props, they will not work in absolutely anything that you have on".

I was completely shocked at what I was hearing, I couldn’t see her, but I knew she was getting closer to where I was sitting, I could hear her voice getting louder, and the clicking of her shoes on the concrete floor. I could now smell her distinct perfume and knew she was standing right in front of me. I then felt her warm finger pulling on one of my nipples. I tried to pull away, but I could not move an inch, I was stuck, and at that point, I knew I was in trouble.

I was told that this was a complete set-up; she had been planning this ever since she knew I would be coming down for a visit. Every aspect of my position was thought through to ensure I would be in one form of restraint or another without being able to free myself so she would end up having total control over me. I was informed that she could not have picked a better position for me, and the chair was the ultimate form of restraint, and that is what she had always wanted to see me in. She went on to say, that the Chastity Belt lock was left open for a reason, and that the keys I had found wouldn’t open that lock or anything else. I was now totally in her control and that the almost two hours I had been struggling was only the beginning of my ordeal.

She asked me why I couldn’t get the Handcuffs Off? Knowing that I couldn’t answer; she continued to speak to me and stated that it was impossible at any rate. Lucky for her plans, which she had so enjoyed watching on her TV were finally coming to fruition by my own actions. This was comforting to her because it showed that she did a good job planning and by me not checking all the locking mechanisms first meant that I was in a position, which I could not get myself out of. She told me I should have checked everything first and had I, I would have known that the key wouldn’t work because she had plugged the end of the hollow key with a toothpick. Having done that is why the key would not go into the keyhole of the Handcuffs.

If she had not done that chances are I would have been able to get free and release myself, if she had not thought ahead about what I would try as a form of self-bondage I would not be sitting here totally helpless and unable to free myself. It was my weakness to Handcuffs, the pleasure of using something so strong and final when applied properly. A set of handcuffs are not toys when used properly, they are unforgiving and final with no recourse for freedom when used by someone who knows how to use them and it appears that she used my own weakness against me. I was completely overwhelmed with hearing how calculating she had been about my current predicament and how I was completely unable to free myself at all and how I was now her absolutely controlled property.

I pulled and struggled against the bonds that held me, and I knew that I was not going to be getting out of this position or any other that she would be putting me into. I knew all to well that she was truly a women who knew what she wanted and how to keep it. I lowered my head as best I could and stopped struggling; I had to allow myself to try to understand what my choices were and what plan of strategy I would need to use to get out of this predicament I was now in.

I could hear myself thinking and saying to myself that If only I could talk, I would make her let me go, but the GAG stopped me from saying anything but a few ineligible grunting sounds. If only I could have one hand free, but the handcuffs kept me so well confined that there was no way I would be releasing myself without her help. I could even over-power her and put her in this position to teach her a lesson, if only I was in the current position. If only I could see what was going on, I would be able to predict her actions and then find a weakness, but I was not in a position to do anything for myself.

I was now playing possum and knew I would have to be as calculating as she was to be able to get myself out of this unfortunate circumstance I had put myself into. I then heard her say, "It is OK, I can only imagine your brain working to find a way out of this, don’t worry, I Know you, and I can predict your every move. I have made special arrangements, just for you. I have no way to remove the Handcuffs from your wrists, my girlfriend came by just after you handcuffed yourself, on her way to the Airport and I gave her the only keys for them and she will not be back for two days. I also think you should know, her flight left a half hour ago, and there is nothing you can do about it."

"That Chastity Belt you have on, well, how do I say???? Was made Especially for you, and has never been worn by any other man. I took your measurements the last time you were down and I had it made and sent to me, just for you. I have been waiting for this day for a very long time, I am not going to digress anymore, I think you will understand my intentions in a minute."

"I don’t have the keys for the Chastity Belt either, they are in a safety deposit Box at the bank, and it doesn’t open for four more days as well. I am not saying I am going to get them in four days, but you should know that they are not here and it is not coming off you without my assistance. I always thought you should be smarter than planning your vacations on Long Weekends. The keys that were in the lock, didn’t even belong to the lock on the belt, you would have known that if only you had checked the lock before putting the belt on. I think you wanted this and I think I know more of what you need than you do, so here is the deal."

"1. You will be handcuffed for as long as I say without them coming off."
"2. You will wear the Chastity Belt until I decide to take it off you."
"3. You will refer to me as Mistress when you are able to speak."
"4. You will not be in any position to escape, so don’t even try."
"5. You will sleep in the cage every night."
"6. You will serve me the way I tell you and when I choose."
"7. You will earn the right to sleep beside me in my bed."
"8. You will learn that I have always wanted you and Love you."
"9. I will never let you go, we will always be together."

I was now completely shocked and resigned myself for the reality that I have been played by a pro, my friend had always said we should be together, but I never knew how strongly she felt about me. It was the first time in my life that I was completely unable to make a decision for myself, I was completely beat and knew that there was no way I would get free. I was totally and completely at her mercy, and if her resolve was any indication of her intentions, there was no way I was going to be getting away from her.

She then told me that things were going to change quickly between us, and I would soon learn my role and what she expected from me. She asked me to nod my head yes or no, and then asked if I understood everything she had said to me? I nodded my head Yes. She then asked me if I was willing to comply with her requests of me? I then nodded my head again indicating, Yes. She then asked if this is what I had always wanted, I took a few moments and then nodded my head, Yes.

I was then told that I could sit as I was for a few more hours and think about what was happening to us and I should learn to be appreciative for even the smallest of things. She also stated that maybe she would come down and release me from the chair before putting me in the cage for the night, but I shouldn’t be concerned because she will not only be watching me from her room, but she is also able to hear me.

I struggled as best as I could in the chair, but history always repeats itself and I was completely unable to move or free myself from her restraining device. I thought ahead wondering what this inability of freedom really means for me? I can only sit and wait for her return now, and attempt to earn the ability for her to let her guard down for a moment so that I can escape, for that is what I really want isn’t it?


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