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The Campground

by Tieutite

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© Copyright 2004 - Tieutite - Used by permission

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The Campground by Tieutite

There is this camping area that I visited one time for a birthday party that is about 1½ hours from my house. A few months later, I started thinking that the set up of the campground would be great for a self-bondage adventure. It was the perfect campsite. Just out of sight, but kind of visible if you were walking by. I arrived at around 6 o'clock, and the sun was just about setting.
I got out the duffel bag I kept all my gear in. I first started with a very tight fitting wetsuit thong. Next comes the black silky bra, and my inserts. I then put on my hot pink mini dress, which is so short, that I use it as my garter belt. I have 10 garters attached on each side so I can feel all the straps pressing against my thighs as I walk. I then strap on my Ice Blue corset and lace it all the way closed. I put on a brand new pair of Lycra thigh high stockings that are very supportive and are somewhat tight on my legs. I attach all the garters to the stockings and make sure they are straight. After I finish this, 

I get out my 6 inch heels and slide my feet into them. I love the feeling of how high heels make your foot arch as soon as they are put on. I lock them on my feet by locking an ankle cuff on my ankle, then draw a chain up around the heel and lock it to the other side of the cuff. With this, I cannot remove my heels until the ankle cuff is unlocked. 

I had put a set of keys out at the entrance to the small road that lead to my campsite. The idea was that I would tie myself up while it was still light outside, then have to wait till it got dark until I could release myself. After it got dark, I would still have to travel on the dirt road to get the key for the handcuffs and the ankle cuffs. I decided to wear my spandex hood with eye holes and a mouth hole and attach the shoulder length gloves to the rear of the hood so they would not slip down. I also had a very restrictive, 6 inch posture collar that I was going to also include. At this point I was ready to finish my self-bondage. I slid the velour gloves up my arms and pulled the hood over my head. I adjusted the eye holes and mouth hole to be straight, then I put on the posture collar. This collar is very restrictive. I can barely turn my head either direction, and no way at all to look down or up any farther. After the collar was in place, I then locked the heavy weight handcuffs to a belt I had locked around my waist. It has lots of O-rings on it for many attachment points. I then put on some wetsuit cuffs that I use to ease the metal cutting into my wrists. This also helps so that I can tighten the handcuffs more than without them. I quickly locked each wrist into the cuffs to make sure I didn't have a chance to change my mind and back out. 

I was now completely helpless unless I went to go get the keys about a hundred yards away. It was still about an hour till dark, 2 till I could make my way to get the keys. I looked around my camp to see if there was any other place, maybe the next day, that I could do one more session before I left the forest. After about 45 minutes of waiting for darkness, I heard someone walking close to my camp. They were calling out to see if anyone was there. It was one of my campsite neighbours. I panicked and scurried into my van to escape from being seen. I looked through the van window to see if I could see who it was. It was a beautiful brunette dressed in a patent leather tank top and hot pants. There was no way I could close the doors on the van to not be seen, so I tried to crouch up in the corner to try and hide myself. She didn't stop. She walked around the side of my van and spotted me dressed as I was, and tied up. Her eyes opened wide. She said her name was Cindy, Sin for short. She grinned. She said that she had just stopped by to see if I had an extra bottle of propane, but said it looked like I had more problems than that. She told me that back at the camp, her girlfriend/mistress was mad, and she was going to be punished for forgetting to get propane. I noticed as she sat down on the edge of the floor, her skirt rode up just enough for me to see the tops of her stockings. I love to see just a hint of the stocking tops when a lady is just wearing everyday clothes. It is so sexy.

I told her about what I had planned, thinking that she would leave after a few minutes and head back to her campsite. I wanted to make my way to get the keys, get untied, and leave the area right away. But as soon as I mentioned that the keys were down the road, she smiled big. I was informed that she would go get the keys, go to her camp to get some additional supplies, and be back in 10 minutes. I was stunned. What had I gotten myself into. I tried desperately to try to remember if I had brought the extra key to the handcuffs. I didn't. Again I heard footsteps approaching. Cindy returned with a small purse type bag. She produced a very large ball gag with many straps on it, a blindfold, leg cuffs, and a leash. I was then informed that I was to be a sex slave for these 2 women tonight. 

Before I had a chance to protest, the ball was pressed deep into my mouth and set securely behind my teeth. I felt many straps being wrapped around my head. Then came the blindfold. It was a padded leather blindfold with a small hole for my nose to fit into. There was no way of getting this off unless it was unbuckled. After it was on, my balance started to go, and I wobbled in my heels. I love the unsteady feeling I get, when blindfolded, when I wear very high heels. The leg cuffs were next. After they were closed tight, Cindy to a small padlock, and shortened the chain between the cuffs so I could only take small steps. I then felt the leash being attached to the D ring on my posture collar.  After I was ready for my journey to the next site, Cindy rubbed the stockings on my legs and I got very aroused. 

I felt tugging on my collar, so I started walking in that direction. It seemed like we walked a mile. The road wasn't rocky, but the dirt was a bit uneven so I had a bit of trouble walking. The short chain ankle cuffs weren't helping the situation either. When I thought I couldn't walk in my heels anymore, the blindfold was removed and I saw 2 tents set up. There was a fire pit with a camp fire, a standard picnic bench with a hole in the middle for an umbrella. I could hear someone else in one of the tents, but I was in no position to ask anything, nor could I with the gag securely fastened with the many straps. 

I was lead over to the head of the picnic bench. Cindy took a set of keys and unlocked the ankle cuffs, and picked up a 4 foot spreader bar and attached it to my ankles. My legs were spread wide. I was then bent over the table and the leash was replaced with a chain that threaded thru the umbrella hole and locked. I was bent over, legs spread wide, unsure of what was going to happen to me. Cindy then disappeared into one of the tents. Seconds later I heard a small giggle and then a voice that wasn't Cindy's.

I wondered how long they would leave me tied here, and if the campsite was as secluded as mine was. I had already been discovered once, thank god it was by 2 women. I didn't want anyone else finding me in an even more vulnerable position. I heard the sound of leather rubbing against each other and had crazy thoughts running through my head. After what seemed like 30 minutes I heard the zipper on the tent opening. I couldn't turn my head very much because of my collar. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw 2 ladies dressed in black leather from head to toe. When they got into full view, I got a very good look at both of their outfits. Cindy introduced me to her Mistress Jennifer.

Cindy was dressed in a very unique corset outfit. It appeared to be a regular corset, except the 3 inch wide strap that came up between her legs and buckled at about her waist. A collar attached by some chains connected to the top of her corset. Her breasts were pushed up and out and her waist was cinched tight. Multiple garters attached to her black back-seamed stockings. Tall 5 inch pumps, and a large ball gag completed her wardrobe. Handcuffs attached her wrists to the same place the strap between her legs connected to her corset.  Mistress Jennifer had on a black corset also, but along with her black stockings, she had on thigh high leather boots with 6 inch stilettos. Mistress Jennifer also had on shoulder length gloves, and a skimpy leather thong. They looked incredible. I couldn't have dreamed of a better vision.

Mistress Jennifer lifted up my head and asked, "Cindy told me she found some dildos at your camp, it that right?" I shook my head yes in embarrassment. "So your a little slut whore wanting to get fucked in the ass by a leather Mistress huh?" I again shook my head yes. "Well guess what you’re going to get!" 

She grabbed a black bag on the other end of the table and produced a very large strap on dildo. It also had a large plug for her pussy on it. The dildo was bigger than most I had ever used on myself. I pulled at my bonds trying to get away from what I now knew was inevitable. She strapped on the dildo, inserted the plug in her pussy, and started to walk behind me. She leaned over and quietly whispered in my ear. "Have you ever been fucked by a woman with a strap on before?" I closed my eyes and shook my head no. She said I was about to get fucked like never before. 

I felt Mistress Jennifer pulling my thong out of the way. She then pushed a well lubricated finger into my ass. I gasped. Then I felt another finger, then 3. She wasn't wasting any time at this. I was dressed like a slut whore, tied to a table with my legs spread wide, hands cuffed behind me, about to be fucked by a leather clad mistress with a huge strap on. I struggled more because I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to take the whole thing.

I noticed Cindy try to reach down to play with her pussy, but the handcuffs made this very difficult. The strap was cinched so tight that reaching the spot she craved to touch so much was just about impossible. She just moaned and grinded herself into the wide strap cinched between her legs. After Mistress Jennifer felt my ass was ready, I felt the head of the dildo pressing against my ass. I panicked and tried to reach down with my cuffed hands to stop the intruder, but it was no use. I was tied too tightly. Mistress Jennifer pushed harder and the head popped into my ass. I winced behind my gag. I felt some cool lubricant being poured around my ass and Mistress Jennifer started pumping in and out with a slow rhythm. Cindy was getting more aroused, wiggling even more to try to drive the strap harder into her pussy. Mistress Jennifer wasted no time in picking up the speed of her thrusts. Soon I was completely lost in the whole scene. I was dressed as I was, tied helpless, gagged, and being fucked harder than ever before. 

I felt Mistress Jennifer pull out abruptly and called Cindy over to her. Mistress Jennifer removed Cindy's ball gag and ordered her on her knees under the picnic table. She was told by her mistress to start sucking my dick, but not to make me come until she ordered it. Cindy complied without any protest. I was worried that I would explode from the stimulation, and would be punished further for my lack of control. The fucking and sucking started as fast as it stopped. Within 5 minutes, Mistress Jennifer seemed my excitement growing and told Cindy to go all out. With that command, Mistress Jennifer switched on the vibrator on the strap-on and I couldn't take it anymore. I came harder than I had ever before, all my muscles were spent and I collapsed on the table. 

I thought this was the end of my ordeal but I was wrong. The spreader bar was removed, and my collar chain was unlocked. I stood up slowly, a little light headed. Mistress Jennifer told me to use the smaller of the 2 tents, go to sleep, and I would get the keys to my cuffs and heels in the morning. I had thought as I was dozing off that I would be these 2 ladies slave forever. That was fine by me. 

The morning came quickly. I heard Cindy and Jennifer already up and it sounded like they were packing up to leave. I called out to them to let them know I was awake. Cindy came over and unzipped the tent for me. I was still dressed in my corset, stockings, heels, and still handcuffed. Cindy helped me out of the tent and sat me down on the bench. I felt so exposed. It was mid morning and I heard cars in the distance, worried someone would see me dressed and tied as I was. 

Mistress Jennifer was wearing a tight fitting black leather skirt, black stockings, black patent pumps, and a white blouse. Her black bra was visible through her top. Jennifer started to walk over to me and produced a long rope from behind her back. Cindy was filling up a white sock with ice and tied it into a knot after it was almost full. Cindy handed the ice filled sock to Mistress Jennifer and I was lead over to a tall redwood tree that had an O ring tied to a branch that was about 10 feet high. Mistress Jennifer then tied one end of the rope to the front of my posture collar, then threaded the other end up thru the O ring tied to the tree. She then tied the sock filled with ice to the other end of the rope. I was now tied standing up to a tree still dressed as a slut. Cindy told me that they were going to leave now, and as soon as the ice in the sock melted, I would be free to go back to my camp. My keys would be on the floor of my van, and would be able to untie myself finally. Just as I was about to ask them to reconsider, the ball gag was stuffed into my mouth once again. I had no choice in this matter. 

I watched as their car drove down the dirt road and then it was very quiet. Every noise I heard, I feared being discovered again. I tried many times to kneel and pull the sock through the ring, but it was no use. I just had to wait for the ice to melt. Luckily, it was a warm day, so the ice melted within an hour. As soon as I was free from my tree captor, I made my way back to my camp. Luckily it was Sunday afternoon, and most campers had gone home for the weekend, so I saw no one on my journey back to my own camp, thank goodness. 

When I got back to my van, I spotted the keys on the floor along with a piece of paper. I had the handcuffs on all night and wanted them off badly. After I removed the cuffs and ankle locks, I looked at what was written on the paper. It said, "Same date, Same time next year. See ya then!!  Sincerely, Sin :) 

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