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Can’t Blame A Girl For Tying

by Alina Aamu

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© Copyright 2007 - Alina Aamu - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; rope; gag; cons; X

I hated when this happened. There I was at work, doing some paperwork when all of a sudden a strong urge took me over. It began from the stomach and shot its way upwards. I could feel my heart picking up the pace dramatically and my face started to blush. Finally the feeling went down affecting my private places as well and I knew work was over for today.

I looked around to see if anyone had seen my sudden blushing. I knew that they wouldn't know what had caused it, but it still was a relief to comfort myself with the fact that nobody even would have anything to speculate. Because I had suddenly, and violently gotten the urge and I knew I couldn't do anything with a clear head before I could get rid of it. And unfortunately, there was only one way to get that done. This was the urge that could only be satisfied by tying myself up tightly and bringing myself to an all-encompassing climax afterwards.

Fortunately I had finished most of the work and I knew I could go home without drowning myself with work the next day. But it was still annoying. I had plans for the night. I was thinking of working late and then catching a movie, but I knew that I couldn't concentrate on anything now. Fortunately this didn't happen to me very often anymore, but to my opinion, even this was way too often.

It had its benefits, of course. I knew that I would enjoy my session a lot more now that my body was screaming for it and the orgasms I was probably going to get would satisfy me for awhile so I wouldn't have to do this again so soon. But still, it felt almost like your body would hijack your mind and force you into doing it, even if would admittedly feel better than almost anything in the world.

Driving home, I wondered how long it had been since I last had had one of my sessions and I was surprised to realise that several months had passed since I'd last tied myself up for a good afternoon of restraints. Now I wasn't so surprised that I had gotten so hot all of a sudden, but I had had so much to think about lately and I didn't deem it to be fair for my body to take action because of it.

But there was no going back now. I started to become so excited that I could already feel my hands locked behind my back and how good it would feel once again. I got the feeling every now and again and I'd sometimes put my hands behind my back even at the office and pretend like they were tied in place. Of course I couldn't do it very often, but having been tied so much like that, it felt like the muscles needed the strain or their wither away.

I even considered for a moment to visit the equipment store and maybe look up if they had any new exciting things, but I firmly decided against it. First of all, I really didn't have the money right now and secondly the place had really started to loose its charm lately. With the new owner, the section of the store for the BDSM-related items had been getting smaller and smaller and I was fairly sure that they would get rid of it pretty soon. I'd have to find another place, although I'd hate that since visiting one of those places gave me a moral hangover, let alone visiting several of them.

Pulling up the driveway, I had a pretty firm plan in place for the session although my mind was still fighting. One part of me wanted a long harsh session with complex setup and the other part of me just wanted to get over with it as soon as possible and maybe still have time to see the movie. In the end, I knew that what would happen, would happen regardless of how I plan it since there's nothing better to get rid of one's sense of time than engaging in one of these sessions.

Entering my house, I put the extra locks in as I always did when I was about to do a session. I also went trough all the windows and pulled down the blinds even though I knew that I wouldn't come downstairs in any shape that would embarrass me. I probably couldn't do it even if I wanted to, but it was still a comfort factor.

I was already taking off my shirt as I leaped upstairs. The urge had only grown stronger the closer I got to home and now my hands were shaking. I knew that it would ease once I got into my bedroom and explore my equipment, so I wanted to get there as soon as possible.

The windows upstairs were always covered so I didn't have to worry about them when I took more of my clothes off when I went to the bedroom. I shut the door behind me, locked the door and threw my skirt to a corner of the room, leaving me naked except for my panties. Then I realised that I'd have to pee before my session.

So I had to unlock the door, get myself relieved and came back to the bedroom completely naked, since I had simply abandoned my panties to the bathroom. Locking the doors firmly behind me again, I was ready to begin.

The plan that I had was something that I had wanted to try for a long time, but I hadn't for reason for another. Mainly because doing something new was always a bit more risky. Not because of safety issues, I was always very careful about those, but because if I'd fail in rigging myself, I'd have to start again and that always took excitement from the process away from me.

I dialled in the correct combination for the lock that was keeping one of my closets closed from the prying eyes of visitors and revealed my gear. This was always one of the favourite moments for me, because seeing it all opened so many possibilities in which to play with myself. I had pretty simple stuff, though. I preferred ropes, scarfs, belts and simple things like that over the more complicated equipment which I usually found hard to use or just simply uncomfortable. The only thing that was more complex than that of a regular gearstash was my huge collection of gags.

But I left the gags alone for a moment. I always picked the gag that I would use last, because that was the most important part for me. Bondage without a gag wasn't bondage at all in my opinion. In fact, I had always thought that the other parts of the bondage were just there to keep the person incapable of removing the gag.

For this adventure, I chose a long scarf, three long pieces of rope, one impossibly long piece of rope, a belt and a padlock. I threw it all onto the bed and then I opened the box that contained my collection of gags.

I knew I could've spent the rest of the day choosing, but this time I decided to use my favourite one, the simple red ball gag. The first gag I had ever bought and the one that I still valued the most. If I didn't knew what to choose, I always chose that one.

Now I set into the actual work of rigging myself into position. The first thing I did was to take the keys from the padlock and tie them to the other end of the extremely long rope. I then put the other end of the rope and placed it approximately to the place I thought my feet would be when my bondage was complete. Then I threw the end to which the keys were attached to the other end of the room so that the only way for me to get the keys would be to work them to me with pulling the rope with my feet.

Then I sat on to the bed and started to tie my legs. I used the long scarf to tie my ankles since it was quite a lot more comfortable there than the rope I had a stack of. Then I took pieces of the rope to tie my legs below and above my knees. I waited for a moment to let the bondage settle to its place and when I was certain that it was tight but not too uncomfortable, I resumed my work.

I worked my way to the floor and sat so that my back would be against one of the long bedposts of my iron bed. The bed wasn't attached to the floor in any way, but it was so heavy that I wouldn't be able to move it very far in any decent time, so it was a good item to tie myself to.

As I had suspected, I had approximated the long rope incorrectly, so I had to adjust it so that I could reach to it but still have a long length of rope to work trough until the keys would be in my hand. At this point I made sure that everything I needed for the rest of the rigging would be within my reach. As the backup safety plan, I had placed my cellphone to the floor as well so that if I wouldn't be able to get out, I would call to a friend of mine and she would know what it meant if I call but didn't say anything. This was the first time that I had this arrangement as my backup plan and I have to say that even though she knew what I was doing, I still wouldn't be very eager to use it and see me tied up naked like I soon would be. So I had a backup plan, and incentive to not use it unless in an emergency. Perfect.

Next I took the belt from the bed and worked it under my chin and behind the bedpost. I was extremely careful in not tightening it too much. Just enough to keep me against the bedpost. Then I began working on the first phase of getting my hands secured.

I used my now regular method of wrapping the cord around my other hand first, just loose enough that I'd be able to work the other hand into it when it came the time to do that. With my hands still in front of me, it was easy to work the cinch to a point that there was still sufficient rope to make a good knot. I then took the other end of the rope and worked my right wrist out from the loop. This was pretty hard because the loop was already very tight even when it hadn't been tightened and tied, but I managed to do it after some effort and cursing. Now the ends of the rope were at opposite sides of the cinch and it would be easy to tighten and secure the rope when it was the time for that.

But now became my favourite moment of any session. I had been a bad girl with cursing and making all those offensive voices during the previous part of the setup and I needed to be taught a lesson. I needed to be gagged like bad girls always are.

It's really a shame that the moment when the gag finds its place is so very short. The rush never seemed to loose its appeal that comes when the familiar feeling of the ball gag filling my mouth generates. Especially when it came to this particular gag that I had treasured for so many years. Caressing the rubber ball with my tongue, I could feel all the familiar imperfections and textures and I had to once again fight back to keep me from taking my hand and bringing myself over the edge. I strapped the gag in place. That, too, had become a disappointingly speedy process since I knew by instinct just how tight I wanted it to be.

Now I had only one step to go. I took the padlock and brought my hands behind my back. I placed the padlock on the floor so that I could reach it easily and then slid my right hand back through the loop that was waiting for it. It still took some effort, but it was lot easier than working it out the first time. Then I took the ends of the rope and pulled as hard as I could and I deliciously felt how the rope tightened around my wrists. I had left so much rope over that it was easy to tie four knots to the rope and my hands were locked in place.

But I wasn't yet finished. I took the padlock from the ground and left it hanging from one of the support bars in the bed's structure. I worked the rope between my wrists to the padlock and locked it in place. With the lock in place, I was finally finished. My hands rested, I was firmly attached to the bed with my hands and the belt going around my neck and my legs were so firmly tied against each other that I didn't even get any airflow between them. The scarf was just as comfortable at my ankles as I had hoped and I was set for a long session if I chose to. I tested the rope holding my wrists together and once I was sure that I could get out easily, I finally relaxed and closed my eyes.

I had been so focused on setting up this tie that I really didn't realise until now how turned on by it I was. I felt the kind of inner peace and happiness I only seem to get while tied up. A pulse of warmth encompassed my entire body to the rhythm of my heartbeat and for a moment, I was perfectly happy to be right there, right then. Of course my nipples were standing at full alert and my crotch was very moist, but this was so much more than sexual that I almost ignored the heightened sense of arousal altogether.

I was safe. I was home.



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