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Capri 1: Capri’s Daytrip

by Rawl

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© Copyright 2001 - Rawl - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; rope; glue; breast torture: toys; cons; X


1: Capri's Daytrip

She did not know what kind of bondage it would be called all she knew was she wanted it dressed relatively normal but that it needed to be very long term. Capri started out with having a long hot and fragrant bath during which she shaved various parts of her body including her pink pussy. She loved how she felt after shaving all smooth and tingly. After drying herself she padded down the hallway to her bedroom.

Once there she donned a pair of black satin French cut panties but not before lubricating and inserting a large plug for her bum and another for her clean shaved pussy. Then she rolled a black silky pair of pantyhose up her long lean legs. Taking a long white rope she circled her waist tightly again six times and knotted it off in front leaving one long end. This she passed through her legs and hooked it through the waist cinch. Then she pulled it back down and up the front. She pulled this tight positioning the rope to cut into her filled pussy pushing the plug deeper.

Over this Capri struggled into an extremely tight black heavy elastic high waisted panty girdle. The girdle cut deep into her abdomen and once positioned properly pushed her plugs further inside her. A chill of excitement ran through her and she faltered for a moment, thinking about just getting off right then.

With sheer determination though she proceeded with her plans for the day’s entertainment. Next she bent at the waist to allow her ponderous breasts to hang straight down. With a ¼ in thick cotton rope she started at the base of one tit and wrapped six wraps tight. This caused her breast to bulge over the rope. She wrapped the rope in such a way that there now was a band of white around her breast an inch and a half wide. Capri did the same to the other tit as well.

When the big woman stood up her breasts jutted straight out in front of her looking like two large round pink melons attached under the rope to her chest. Then she played with her nipples making them hard. Satisfied with their alertness she took a thin string and wrapped it around the base of each nipple wrapping six wraps again. The nipple now bulged over the tight string. To ensure it could not unwrap any time soon she smeared instant acting glue over both the nipple wrappings and the tit bindings. It sealed not only the string to itself but also to her skin. She would need a special remover to remove the breast torture and that in it self would be painful.

To further her distress she now added a long line bra also in black. Into the cups she had sewn tiny metal rings with angry points on them. She sewed them point in to contact the trussed up breasts she had also padded them prior to the metal to conceal the truth of the bra. Any movement would be immediately transmitted through into her berated tits. The bra was also of a heavy elastic material and hooked closed down the front. Capri struggled the bra into place and hooked it closed. The initial contact with the tiny points took her breath away and she almost quit.

Capri had had the bra and girdle modified to fit her kinky needs. The bra closure had a double flap with steel inserts to cover the hooks. It was designed in such a way she could add tiny locks every inch to lock it on. The bottom edge of the bra had been reinforced with thick rubber and then grommets half inch in diameter had been spaced along it every inch. The top of the girdle had been likewise reinforced as well as grommets again every inch.

Through the eyeholes she threaded a thin steel cable with eyes in the ends. The cable was short enough that it did not meet at the front instead allowed for another small padlock to be fished through its ends to lock it on. This ensured she could now not get out of her outfit with out either the keys (which were no where near) or a knife to cut it off. Capri’s boobs were starting to tingle because of the tight cording around them. She knew that was only the beginning.

Next the large breasted woman pulled on a burgundy rib knit turtleneck bodysuit with long sleeves. There were no snap openings at the crotch. Then the bizarre woman added a thin metal collar that hid nicely under the roll of the turtleneck and locked it on. Now she could not take the top off. Before she added her skirt she took another length or white rope and wound it around her thighs again six times and then cinched it tight between her legs. This would demand she walk carefully.

The skirt was a mid calf length cream-colored denim skirt that buttoned down the front and nicely hid the rope work. Through the belt loops she fed a decorative chain that too locked on. Capri then fished out a pair of cream colored elastic strapped pumps with four-inch heels. She loved how the elastic crisscrossed over her arch tightly but pouted slightly because these were the only clothing item she had not redesigned to be locked on.

Capri had pre planned for a day like this but had never really sat down and decided which day it would be. Having been restless the past week she woke this morning and resolved today was the day. She had put certain keys in her safety deposit box at the bank weeks ago. The tall woman had kept the locks to those keys safely tucked away for just this day.

The tall brunette then stilted to the bathroom to finish her make up and do her hair. Carrying a number of keys in her hand she made her way to the kitchen. There she sorted out different sizes of plastic containers and added water to each one. Capri measured a length of string for each key. She then retrieved some saved Popsicle sticks and having tied one key to each string she hung those keys separately from each Popsicle stick in its own container. Each container was then carefully transferred to her deep freeze.

Her release mechanism was now in the making. Looking at herself in the floor length mirror she decided she was ready to meet the day. Capri grabbed her car keys and headed out the front door. Every hobbled step and bounce caused ravage to her breasts. It also was causing a great deal of excitement and wetness between her legs. Movement also prompted her intruders to dance inside her adding to her excitement.

Seating herself carefully the tall brunette started the car and headed to town. The drive itself was uneventful but every bump in the rode aggravated the two plugs deep inside her. Her breasts were beginning to protest the torturous bondage as she wheeled into the bank parking lot. Capri began wondering if she had not gone too far this time. Even once she recovered the keys she could not release herself. She still had other things she had to do today. One was to meet with a colleague and go over some plans that needed to be finalized. That would only take about two hours.

The thigh hobble made Capri throw one foot in front of the other and walking gracefully in the heels added to the challenge. She looked at her watch ten-thirty, still time to deal with the bank and make her appointment. It was busy in the bank and it took a few minutes before the bound woman could gain access to her lock box. No one seemed to notice her distress and having retrieved her keys she quickly exited the financial establishment.

Capri drove to her meeting in increasing discomfort. Because of the metal poking at her breasts the tall brunette could not massage any comfort into them. And because of the tight thigh hobble she could not get more than a finger near her wet pussy to relieve her sexual tension. Her meeting took longer than planned and by the time she left the tortured woman could have cared less about the project. She had one more stop before heading home. A drug store to pick up some alcohol to release the glue holding the string and ropes onto her tits.

The drive home was as uneventful as the drive in. The only difference being that now she was in extreme pain. Her tits were not happy at all. They had been bound for over six hours by the time she reached the sanctity of her home. Capri quickly made her way into the house and headed straight for her bedroom with the keys to her release in hand. Once there the tortured woman fumbled the keys into locks and released herself from her clothing. Angry red marks dotted her purple breasts. Taking a cotton ball and alcohol she dabbed at the ends her tits. The solution felt cold but soon started to sting. Tears welled in her brown eyes as she fought the bonds around her nipples.

Forcing herself to work slowly so as not to increase the pain Capri wound free breasts free. Dabbing and tugging a little at a time. It took her almost half an hour to free her battered melons. With her large boobs regaining their proper color Capri lay back on the bed in relief. That relief soon faded and the urgency of sexual relief infused itself into her. Her hands worked feverishly at the rope binding her legs. Capri’s fingers tugged the tight girdle down her legs and she quickly rubbed her self through the panties and rope. The rope added to her fire and she tugged at it and rubbed around it. She could feel the tension building and soon she arched backwards and screamed into the afternoon light.

I must thank Gromet for allowing me to post my stories here. This is a fictional story and is going to be a continuing saga.



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