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Capri 2: Latex Selfbondage

by Rawl

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© Copyright 2002 - Rawl - Used by permission

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(This story originally listed as Selfbondage Latex)

Capri 2: Latex Selfbondage

What a shitty week ! Damn those ingrates! All of her hard work all the time she had put in on the project thrown out as if she didn’t count. The blonde woman fumed as she threw her clothes off. She spat profanities around the room. Fuck them all.

She knew she was the best thing that had ever happened to that office. Still cursing the tall blonde ran water for a hot bath. It was not the first time she had been shut down with out a reason. She could accept having her ideas being not approved but without a reason! Those bastards she thought again.

Capri slid her long legs into the steaming water. As it caressed her tense body other ideas formed in her mind. What she needed was a way to relax and take her mind off the past weeks events. Then she hit on it. Why not put all that planning into action. Lord knows it would be a welcome distraction and she really did not want to be angry all weekend.


Capri closed her eyes and inhaled the pungent aroma. Her heart rate picked up a pace, and she flushed slightly at the thoughts of what was to come. Silently she scanned her goodies, a black latex bra, with holes in it to fit her ample 42 D tits through. It would fit tight to her ribcage forcing her breasts through the opening and then roll back to pinch the base of them turning them into solid large round globes. She milked her heavy tits through the openings making sure the bra fit tight.

Next she pulled on a tight fitting pair of latex panties with openings front and back. She rolled long latex stockings up her slender legs smoothing out the air as she went and shoulder length latex gloves. Over this she slid a figure molding body stocking of black latex covering her from toes to neck. It too had openings in just the right places for use later.

Time for the gag. It was a floppy supple rubber bladder attached to a sturdy leather strap that buckled behind her neck. She fitted the bladder into her mouth and pulled the strap as tight as she could then locked it in place. Two tiny tubes stuck out the front of the gag one was to attach the air line to that would fill the soft bladder, the other provided air to breathe in case her nose plugged up. The second tube also allowed her to drink from strategically placed water bottles. Once inflated the bladder would also cut off her ability to taste for which she was glad. Her refreshment tasted foul because of all the ingredients in it to sustain her while in bondage and covered in latex.

Capri then she added earplugs depriving her of one more of her senses and pulled on a tight black latex hood with eye, nose and mouth openings. This did three things, added pressure to her face, kept the lock from reach once she tucked the hood into the neck of the body suit and zipped everything tight and added further to deafening her. Again padlocks were used. The only way out of her clothing was either the keys, which weren’t handy or cutting them off; which she wasn’t about to do.

Already she was breathing heavy not only from the exertion of her chores but from the excitement building inside of her.

Now came a heavily boned rubber corset that covered her from just below her tortured tits to her hips. For this procedure she required help. As tightening the laces, as tight a she wanted was beyond her own abilities. She stepped over to a machine designed for just this. The laces were already fed through the eyelets. Stepping into the corset she worked it up over her hips and into place. She could tighten it some by herself but for today’s sojourn she wanted it tighter. Wrapping the laces one around each of the two spindles on either side of her she toed the switch that would turn the spindles drawing the edges of the corset closer together.

She had to work in stages with this machine. It still required her to help with the lacing but she could turn the machine on and off as needed. Finally satisfied she tied off the laces. The corset wasped her 36 inch waist down to 30 inches. This shortened her breath forcing her lungs up into her chest. Panting she took a short break, she needed to get used to taking short breaths. Capri took a sport bottle full of liquid and touched it to the breathing tube for her mouth. A mixture of water and nutrients tickled down the tube.

The blonde woman had added another ingredient to the mixture though. This once was a type of anesthetic designed for one purpose, it would silence her vocal chords. She would not be able to grunt or hum to herself, further isolating herself from noise.

As she got used to the pressure around her waist and ribs she took stock. She was in the final stages now. Glancing at the clock Capri knew she needed to finish soon. Light played a large part of her scenario. Unable to bend at the waist anymore Capri bent at the hips and retrieved her thigh high boots. These were, as in keeping with the rest of her outfit shiny black they also had extremely high heels forcing her to walk on the balls of her feet. These also would be laced and locked on.

The blonde had to almost lie on the bed to pull on the boots. One at a time she donned the boots lacing them as far as the knee and tying them off. She still needed to be able to bend her knees and with the boots completely laced up she would not be able to bend her legs as much as she needed. Now came a short bar with heavy leather cuffs attached to it. She secured a cuff around each ankle closing tight and locking it in place. The bar had a short pipe with holes in it welded to its center.

The blonde woman now added a long pipe to the center pipe on the bar and used a longer lock to secure it in place. This bar had a very heavy spring about half way along its length, that would become apparent later. Capri then stood, the bar waved between her legs brushing her latex covered pussy. Difficult as it was she bent at her hips and curled what she could of her waist. Doing this cut off any air intake so she worked as quickly as she could lacing the remainder of the boots up her legs. She had to stop a number of times to breathe. With her legs tight laced into the boots Capri could barely bend at the knees as the boots were made of heavy leather.

Capri took stock, her special chastity belt, a butt plug, modified dildo, thick leather helmet, heavy rubber dress, posture collar, chains, bondage belt and wrist cuffs. Almost there she thought. She lubricated the plug and eased it in place, it was large and filled her to capacity. Next she eased the gnarled dildo into her already dripping pussy. It had built onto its end a flange with a pipe similar to the one on the bar separating her ankles. Over this she tightened the chastity belt. The pipe on the dildo pushed through an opening in the cross strap that ran between her legs.

It was a challenge bending the spring on the pipe to fit it into the pipe of the dildo. This too was fitted with a lock. With the pipe locked in place and the strictness of her boots Capri would be very hard pressed to bend her legs but that was the idea she smirked to herself. Now she added the heavy leather hood, it also had opening for her eyes nose and holes for the mouth tube and air filler tube to poke through. The nose opening had tubes running out that were fitted into her nostrils. The eyes had lens over them and the room darkened as she fitted the hood. The lenses were smoked to further impede her senses. Bright sunlight allowed her to see but if it got cloudy she would be almost blind. At night she would be completely without sight. Capri drew the laces tight and pulled the zipper down enclosing her head, further silencing any outside noises.

Over all of this the blonde pulled on the heavy floor length rubber dress. Its high collar would cover the neck of the leather hood. The dress weighed six or seven pound on its own, this would add to her distress as time rolled on, long tight sleeves. It was tight waisted and flared at the hips to a full long skirt. As she dropped it in place over her head she realized the weight. She hooked the zipper pull into the tab of the zipper and hauled it up over her shoulder, pulling the dress around her tight. Working quickly now she added the posture collar again locking it into place. This effectively kept her head high and removed much of her side to side ability. She would need to turn her whole body to see what was going on beside her.

Her hands trembled slightly with anticipation as she clipped the air pump onto the fill tube. It was like a bicycle tube filler, valve stem and threaded for a cap. Her pump had a quick release so as not to loose much air when detaching the pump. She pumped slowly. The bladder sprung to life filling her mouth, forcing her jaw apart as it did. It was designed to inflate separating her gums and teeth, force her tongue down and keep it there. The rubber filled her mouth cutting off any taste and crushing her lips against the hard leather. Her cheeks expanded and soon she could do nothing inside her mouth but allow syliva to trickle down her throat. She relished the feeling it created in her, total helplessness. Satisfied she screwed the metal cap on and retrieving a pair of pliers she tightened the cap. Now she could not release the air without the aid of the pliers.

Already the dildo was working its magic. Every movement was transmitted through the pole attached between her ankle and it. It would twist and pump in and out with each step. This also bumped the large plug in her ass through the membrane separating the two. Capri shuddered as she continued her self-imposed bondage. The climax, intense, rocked her. Recovery took time and she tried to work through it. Time was her master now. She had to have enough time to get to the keys and she needed light to do it.

Capri now tightened the bondage belt around her waist and threaded the chain through a ring in the front to the ring in her the front of her collar. The bizarre black clad woman ran through the scenario again. There was no turning back now even with her hand free she needed the keys and they were at the other end of the property. She drew as deep a breath as the tight heavy clothing allowed and wrapping her wrists in leather locked them to the chain running between neck and waist. The chain would allow her to move her hands up and down by rattling through the rings of the collar and belt, but would not allow her to reach any more than a few inches to either side or in front.

She moved her hands, the chain rattled but Capri heard nothing. Only the tug and vibration registered to her. Retrieving a full sport bottle and with her head held high she made her way to the back door of the house. Each step sent wild thrills through her pussy and she knew this was going to be a long trip.

Planning is the cornerstone of a good self-bondage session and Capri had taken the time to do that. Having walked the course in sneakers she knew that she needed to, at the very least double the time needed to reach the keys. She also knew from past experience that she needed to keep her fluids up because of the latex cocoon she was in, and had stashed bottles along the track she had to follow. Deviating from the course would cause her more danger than she had already placed herself in.

Although falling would not mean she was doomed it could cause her injury. Capri had tested her boots and bar contraption in the house many times making sure she could regain her feet should she fall. She also knew that even with that testing she was not assured but that was part of the thrill. Even when she reached the keys she would not be able to free herself. She would need to return to the house where the key to the strong box was, which at the moment was suspended in a gallon jugs of frozen water high over head. It would not swing into reach until sometime tomorrow. Either way she was now committed until that time.

Capri felt another climax building as she shuffled around to close the back door set to lock automatically. The key to which was with the other keys in the converted grainery at the other end of her property. It rocked her, if her knees could have they would have buckled but the blonde kept her balance and proceeded on her way savoring the bondage and lack of senses. The high heels made progress slow and Capri was nervous she would not make it to the cabin before dark. That would mean staying where she was until the sun rose again, she did not want that. At least the cabin offered a modicum of protection for her overnight stay.

Stumbling, shuffling and climaxing our heroine made her way towards freedom. The sun was almost down when Capri made the outline of the cabin. Her journey had not been without incident, having fallen once. She had misjudged a branch lying on the ground. Since her line of sight was hampered by the severity of how her head was held, she could only see out of the bottom of her eyes. Like she was looking down. It had taken her precious time to regain her feet. With her knees encumbered as they were and her waist unable to bend she had to fight for purchase on the ground. Rolling toward the tree she eventually used to right her-self was just as demanding. Her shackled ankles being splayed apart as they were didn’t like to roll.

Bending her legs hurt, crushing that much leather into the hollow of her knees. The heavy spring in the center of the bar kept trying to force her legs straight. She only had little distance with her fettered hands as well. Although she could reach up she could not open her hands any more than a few inches apart. As she squirmed around on the ground the little devils buried inside her made their presence well known and before she could right herself she had another earth shattering orgasm.

Recovering, she renewed her efforts to right herself. Bending at the waist cut off her air, as bending the heavy stays forced the air from her restricted lungs but she had to roll into the fetal position in order the get her legs under her. Once she was kneeling she steadied herself against the tree and with the help of the heavy spring straightened her legs. That left her leaning precariously against the tree. Capri shuffled her feet forward until she could push off with her fingers and totter upright.

That little adventure had cost her almost thirty minutes and the sun had dipped lower in the sky. It was already dusk and she knew she was not even half way. She realized too that the anesthetic was working she knew she had screamed during the fall but no sound however even muffled had erupted from her.

As the light faded Capri’s progress slowed. She now shuffled her feet to avoid taking another tumble. Scary thoughts crept into her head. Maybe this hadn’t been such a good idea. With all of her planning Capri had rationally known there would be dangers, even extreme dangers involved in doing this, but that was while she was free. She could write those fears off as cowardice. Now however was another story. She could have seriously hurt herself in that fall, knocked herself unconscious or broken a leg or something. This wasn't fun any more, even her little devils were not relieving the fears.

Capri continued her slow painful progress. Painfully because even though she had come out of the relatively unhurt she had bruised her hip in the fall. This added to slow her headway. She had tried to shuffle fast but that almost cost her another tumble. She slowed again. As she calmed the twist and bump of the ever present dildo re-ignited her passion. It was almost black out for her now. Without sight she had to rely on her last sighting. Bump! She had hit something. Questing with her latex covered fingers she discerned in was her bastion of safety, the cabin. Finally!

Working in total darkness and silence Capri fumbled her way inside. She hunted down the thigh high cot and worked her way onto it. Exhausted she slumped on her back and moments later was sound asleep.

Morning light filtered through that side window of the cabin. Capri stiff and hungry awoke. She had no idea of how long she had slept or what time it was she did know that she could not go outside until the sun started to decline in the west. It would be far too hot outside to travel during full daylight. Dressed the way she was she would roast inside the heavy rubber and leather garments. All she could do was drink and wait.

The bizarre looking creature spent her time carefully wandering around the small confines and sipping at the life sustaining elixirs she had concocted. With no sound or taste and limited vision Capri found herself bored and her small excursions around the cabin helped by bringing to life the intruder in her now sore pussy. But she could not help herself. It was that or complete boredom. She made a quick trip outside to relieve herself allowing the piss to trickle around the dildo and down her boots to the ground. Taking the time as well to note where the sun was still early she grunted silently to herself. Probably no more than ten or eleven o’clock. This would be a long day.

Capri dosed off and on trying to conserve energy and give her beaten clit a break. The trek home would be no less trying than the trip here. When she figured it was safe to start her trek home the bound blonde gathered her strong box and house key and dropped them into a canvass bag with a draw string. Tying the draw string to her belt she started out.

The heat of the day instantly made its presence know. Black drew the sun towards it and intensified the rays. Capri immediately started slicking the inside of her latex prison. Looking towards the sun she estimated it was around seven. That would give her plenty of light to get home even if the going was slow. Moving a bottle to the tube she drank what she could. Dropped the empty and grabbed a new one.

Like a drunk she stumbled and lurched through the trees along the path. At least they provided some protection from the sun. Working the dildo back and forth in her as she took each step she built to another orgasm, much less strong now than the ones of the previous day. Although her privates felt like they had been hammered on she still aroused and peeked.

The journey home took less time as the route was shorter and Capri made no missteps. As tired and beaten up as she was she started thinking ahead as she unlocked the back door of the house. Maybe next time she would try a short route but with blacked out eyes. Do it sightless. Hmmm!!


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