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Capri 3: Beverly’s Designs

by Rawl

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© Copyright 2002 - Rawl - Used by permission

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Capri 3: Beverly's Designs

Beverly had studied the Internet sites on Self-bondage, paying particular attention to the techniques that people offered. Since finding out her best friend was into self-bondage and latex clothing the tiny brunette had soaked up information. The idea of being tied up intrigued her and she had spent that weekend with Capri learning all about different ways of securing herself. The tiny woman had nearly depleted her savings account since then buying latex clothing. Her favorites were catsuits and body stockings. She had also found some exotic vibrators and dildos to add to her growing collection of toys. The tiny woman stopped short of buying the expensive boots she so craved though. She wanted more latex first.

She found a picture of a girl bound with her hands in a prayer position behind her back, the fingertips brushing the back of her neck. Beverly tried to reach up behind her. She could feel the strain it would put on her but she really wanted to feel that. She wanted more than that she wanted to feel crushed as well. The tiny woman rolled herself away from the computer and tried to imagine a device that could do that for her. She knew that it would require Capri’s help but knew also that would not be a challenge.

Over the next week she designed the type of garment she wanted. She kept this to herself not telling even Capri. When she had the plans done she contacted a business that built bondage clothing from leather and latex. They agreed to see her design and suggested she bring it to them in person. Beverly booked a long weekend off and drove two hundred miles to the manufacturers' plant. With the help of the resident designer they fine tuned her creation and agreed on a suitable price. They also struck a bargain on royalties if the design worked out.

Beverly was nervous when she returned from her trip and Capri badgered her about the mystery. The blonde woman put it off to feeling a little lonely and hoped they could spend another weekend together soon. That seemed to mollify her large breasted friend. They arranged to get together that weekend. During the following week the manufacturer phoned to say the product was ready and did she want to come down for a fitting. Beverly made the excuse she could not get away again so soon and would they please courier it to her. It took some convincing because to makers wanted to see if her design really worked. She assured them she would model it for them and have some pictures taken to prove the fit.

The young woman was beside herself for the remainder of the week. By Friday when the package finally arrived she could barely contain herself. She ripped open the paper wrapping noticing how heavy the garment was. She had had the builder make it out of thick leather and line it with latex (her two favorite materials).

The basic design was a long vest that covered her from the neck to mid-thigh and laced down the entire length. She had ordered that it be lockable and to that end the builder had sewn in two flaps that over lapped each other over the laces. These flaps had hasp like buckles that padlocks could be fit through. On the back of the vest was a laceable sleeve running from the neck down about eight inches. There were also, a number of other flaps that would become apparent once she donned the restrictive device. She knew that once she was laced into this there would be no freedom until released. Not wanting to spoil the surprise for her or Capri the tiny brunette folded the heavy garment back up and packed it in her suitcase for later that night.

As she drove out to her friend’s house she wondered what it would feel like. Could she handle the strain? For how long? Would Capri force her to stay in it? Many of these things ran through her mind as she dodged traffic toward her weekend retreat. Beverly knew that she would find Capri bound in some fashion and that too bubbled through her mind.Beverly wheeled her car through the open gates to Capri’s estate. Pulling up beside the house she killed the engine and quickly exited the auto, she grabbed her suitcase carrying all of her fetish clothing and little else. The case was heavy and the small woman struggled up the steps with it. Anxious to get started, chafing at the time it seemed to take Bev opened the back door of the house. As expected Capri was nowhere to be found.

The brunette searched the house and finally discovered her friend in the weight room. Beverly took in the sight Capri had dressed in an electric blue latex catsuit, knee high ballet boots and black elbow length leather gloves. The only thing not covered by latex or leather were her eyes, which was half hidden under a thick black neck corset half mask made of rubber. Her friends piercing blue eyes glittered with excitement and she gave a frantic grunt into her gag.

“Fixed yourself good did you?” Bev laughed. “Well you’ll just have to wait until I have showered and changed.”

Capri whined behind the mask and tried to thrash around. She couldn’t move though and the attempt send shock waves through her.

“You can always use your fail safe!” the little woman teased. She knew Capri would not use her back up now that she was there, it would cost too much.

Capri had a string tied to her wrist, which was connected to a key. The devious thing about that was that the key is pulled from its resting-place would set off a cascade of events. These events would eventually destroy Capri’s hard-drive in her computer. It was set up in such a way as to also erase any back up files on her other computer at head office. This was not an option for the strained blonde unless her life was in mortal danger. Bev wiggled her fingers at her friend and turned back to the guest bathroom.

The tall blonde had bound herself in an extreme hog-tie. Over her blue latex suit she had fitted a tight thick leather body harness. The straps wound around her waist, shoulders upper body above and below her ample tits. It also wrapped itself around her hips and through her legs to be secured in front with a padlock. Under this; cinching her waist was a wide heavy bondage belt that had heavy steel rings imbedded in it at strategic places.

She had strapped her thighs, knees and ankles together with wide leather belts. Then Capri filled the inflatable gag, under the half mask; to capacity. The mask was molded into the top of the neck corset, and eliminated most head movement. Around her wrists and elbows she had leather cuffs these had been drawn together with 3/8” cotton rope. Her booted feet had been drawn up toward her shoulder straps by similar rope run through a cinch. This allowed her to tighten it and not have to keep pressure on. The cinch acted as it was built to clamping down on the rope holding it tight.

Capri had threaded the rope between her ankles up to the cinch and with brute arm strength pulled on it until she had arched herself into a tight bow. Then working quickly she had fed another rope through another cinch attached to her elbows. She connected this to a hook hanging above her. The hook was attached to a weight that was being held up on a cable. The cable was connected to a winch that could free wheel and it was set to drop with in a half-hour after Capri began her internment. After connecting her elbow cinch the tall blonde shackled her wrist to a chain imbedded in the table she had chosen for her bondage scene. Now all she could do was wait for the weight to fall.

When it did the cinch dragged her elbows together behind her back. She was truly stuck. Her only way out was the key set to destroy all of her work or her best friend. The only thing Capri had not figured into her scene was Beverly not releasing her immediately upon arriving. Every time Capri had tried to move the weight of the elbow cinch gained more ground and soon the busty blonde’s elbows were touching. She knew it would be extremely hard to release herself because of her limited finger movement should she need the key.

Beverly took her time, giggling to herself at her friends’ predicament. After she removed all of her unwanted body hair and toweling dry, the brunette set about garbing herself in tight shiny black latex. First she lubed the medium sized butt plug and eased it in place. Then she eased a large liquid filled dildo into her already moist pussy. Next came tight panties, followed by a pair of latex pantyhose and a turtle neck body stocking. To finish the ensemble she added knee high, high-heeled black boots. They were not as high as she wanted but she had not had any real time to properly go shopping. She left her head and face free because she wanted to try the device Capri was currently wearing.

Satisfied with her attire she strutted back into the weight room. There she found a very frustrated and sweaty blonde mruphing into her gag. “Alright sweet cheek. How do we go about letting you out?”

Capri’s eyes darted to the table near her where a set of keys lay.

“I see you have your fail safe set up! How much longer do you think you can go before you have to use it?” Mischievous light danced in her dark eyes, “I’m betting you would stay like that all night before you pulled that string.” Beverly paused; “wanna find out?”

Capri mruphed excitedly into the gag and tried again to move. That only created a more strangled cry and she stilled. Tears welled in her blue eyes. The tiny brunette clicked her way over to her bound friend and wiped the tears away.

“You are going to owe me!” she said matter of factly. “Do you agree?”

No response.

“Capri, you will agree to be my slave for one full weekend. Not this weekend; some time in the future. You will agree that anything and everything I tell you to do will be done. You will also agree that I am your OWNER for that weekend. If we go out you will wear a sign stating your devotion to your owner. AND you will say nothing to anyone how I gained control over you.”

Again the tiny woman paused.

“Do you agree?”

Capri’s eyes flashed fire but she made no response. “OK” said the tiny woman “I can wait.”

With that Beverly found a chair and began rubbing herself pushing and jostling her two intruders, the entire time watching her blonde slave to be. Bev’s hips started rocking as she fucked herself. Half an hour later the brunette satisfied and glowing repeated her demands. By now the blonde had tears freely running down her face and acquiescent to the rules of her release. Beverly quickly found the right key and release her captive’s wrists. Then lifting the weight onto the table released the cinch to her elbows. It took a few minutes to free the hapless blonde and eventually she was free.

As the blonde rubbed circulation back into her limbs she quietly spoke. “You are going to pay for that you little witch!”

“Capri I certainly hope so.” And both broke down in a fit of giggles.

When they regained their composure, with Beverly’s help they worked their way into the living room. Even for all her aches Capri was not ready to take off the torturous boots. She did however remove the tight body harness and waist cincher. With her hands free she and settled on the sofa she started rubbing herself. She needed release from her sexual frustration. Bev watched as her friend climbed toward the needed climax. Once Capri had satisfied her need the brunette poured them each a glass of white wine. They sat, sipped, and explored their weekend’s events.

After some minor chitchat Bev could wait no longer and blurted out “Capri I have something that I had made for me. It cost me an arm and a leg but I think it will be worth it. I have been on pins and needles since I ordered it. You know that long weekend I took off?” Capri nodded mesmerized by her friends’ tirade. “Well it was so I could take the design down to a company that makes bondage equipment. I really, really want to try it on to see how it fits. I have it with me but haven’t tried it on yet. I need your assistance to do it up.”

Beverly took a breath and Capri cut in, “Well silly what are you waiting for go get it!” That was all the tiny woman needed and she bolted from the room; returning a moment later with the heavy black garment in her arms. “That looks very complicated and heavy!”

“It is heavy but not all that complicated. I saw a picture of a woman on the Internet with her arms bound behind her. Her hands were near her neck it looked like she was praying backwards.” The little brunette took a breath. Capri silently waited for the rest of the story. “I got this idea of making something that could do the same job without the trauma that rope can cause. So I designed this suit. I had it built and when it was ready they shipped it to me. Oh I almost forgot. I have to take pictures to show them. I made a deal with them that if it works they can start producing them for other people and they will pay me a commission for each one sold. So can we take pictures as we go along?”

Capri started laughing and threw her arms wide “Oh course Dear sweet friend Of course!” with that she tall woman stilted over to her bank of electronics and flipped a number of switched. “These will take a DVD of our proceedings. I will be able to take some stills from them that will show your manufacturer how it went.”

Bev dove into her arms with a squeal of delight “Can I try it on now?”

“Are you sure you want me to put this on you?” Capri asked raising one eyebrow. “After how you treated me just a short time ago!”

Beverly smiled shyly and said “Of course. Who else could I trust?”

“Alright let me see how this thing works.”

The two girls spread the garment out on the floor and Bev explained how each piece was supposed to work. After the brief definition they set about binding they smaller woman. First Capri demanded that Bev wear the stiff leather bondage mittens, then helped lace the garment tight around Bev’s small body. There was also a wide strap connecting through the legs forcing her toys deeper inside her. The garment had been designed to allow Bev’s perky tits to be forced through small holes in the front of the vest. To these holes were attached one cap for each breast. These were on short rubber straps.

In the center of each cap were drilled two holes no larger than a pencil eraser. When the brunette pouted they were too small Capri soothed her saying she could fix that after they had her firmly bound. A shiver of excitement and dread ran down the tiny woman’s back at those words. Once the vest was tightly laced from neck to knee Beverly bent her arms around and up behind her. With some help from Capri they fitted her arms into the short sleeve waiting there. The blonde laced the arm binder tight pulling her elbows close together. Now two flaps from either side were tightened over her upper arms securing them even closer together. All that could be seen of her arms now were her shoulders and the tips of the bondage gloves. This in turn forced her latex covered breasts further through the openings in the front.

There was a ridge of eyelets up the side and onto the shoulders to this Capri laced another flap that folded up over the elbows and covered everything except the rings to the bondage mitts. Over the laces buckles could be locked and Capri did just that. Beverly’s upper body was now completely helpless. “Can I try that neck thing you had on earlier?” she asked hopefully.

“OK give me a moment to clean it.” Capri agreed. She quickly cleaned the stiff rubber gag. “Chin up!’ she said as she fitted it around her friend neck. “This might be too long for your neck. I can tighten it enough to fit but it might be uncomfortable. Do you still want to try it.”

Bev just nodded her eyes bright. Capri fitted the gag into place, tightened the straps this forced her chin higher and pumped the gag to capacity. A grunt told the tall blonde it was full enough.

“Now to see about these caps.” she told her gagged friend. With that she disappeared into her room and returned moments later with a ball of thin string. Beverly’s eyes widened as she realized what Capri intended. She turned to run knowing it was useless but even in her ballet boots her captor was too fast and too strong. Capri circled the tiny woman’s waist with one arm and swept her into the air, then bracing herself against the wall with the other arm stilted in to the weight room.

Bev kicked and screamed into the gag as the blonde amazon carried her prey into the weight room. There she attached a hook to the rings in the fingertips of the mitts and hauled up on it until the tiny woman stood on her toes. “You don’t get away that easily” She commented tying the rope to the hook off to a hook on the wall. She then pulled a length of string off the roll and cut it off. With practiced ease she flicked and pinched her victim’s nipples until they pushed out against the latex covering them.

Looping the string she wound it around the right nipple at its base. She made a number of wraps below the nipple then started out toward the end, making sure to wrap it tight. Bev screamed into the gag with each wrap. Satisfied she had enough of the nipple compacted Capri picked up the cups and fed the long end of the string through the tiny opening. She fitted the bra against the crushed nipple and began pulling the string through. The string in turn pushed the bra down over the nipple. When she was done Bev’s pert nipple stood outside the bra cup pinched at the base unable to retract through the opening. She performed the same task on the other nipple.

Capri stood back to admire her handy work before she attached the strap of each bra to their opposite hook in the vest. The rubber straps squashed the tiny woman’s breasts underneath them. This too kept the nipples from retracting to comfort. “Now how do you like your new toy?”

Bev’s eyes were wild; she could do nothing but stand on her toes and grunt. Even through the pain in her tortured breasts she managed an affirmative grunt. “Good. I have something else for you. I bought it after we decided to play this weekend. And I think Now is the perfect time for them.” With that she ungracefully left the room to return a few minutes later with a pair of ankle ballet boots. The bound woman eyes lit up, ever since seeing Capri’s boots she had wanted a pair but they were frightfully expensive.

Capri lowered herself to the floor at Beverly’s feet. First she unzipped each boot and pulled them off. This along with the jostling around left the helpless brunette swinging by her fingertips. In turn this put more stress on her arms which added to the pain in her breasts. The big blonde pulled on the first boot and began pulling the laces tight. The boots were designed to be laced tight putting further pressure on the feet. At the top of each boot was a wide strap that could be locked on.

Satisfied at her victim’s discomfort Capri stood and surveyed the sight. There stood her best friend wrapped tightly in a leather sleeve of her own design and standing on booted toes. “You look gorgeous!” she breathed. “You absolutely look gorgeous. I must show you!” With that the tall blonde tip toed to the corner of the room and flipped a switch on the 42” plasma screen on the wall.

Bev looked at the bizarre sight before her. This was she; it was hard to believe the creature looking back at her was actually her. Capri broke her reverie “Oh you know what sweetie? We did not agree on how long you were to stay like that.” A wicked grin crossed the amazon’s face. “I think you will have to get yourself out! How does that sound.”

The tiny woman screamed into the gag and tried to shake her head. She mruphed and squeaked trying to make her friend understand that she could not possibly get out of this herself. Capri began to laugh. A dirty evil laugh. “You will pay for making me suffer when you first showed up you brat.”

Will Bev get free? Does Capri relent? Stay tuned for the answers to these and other tying questions.
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