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Captive of an Evil Queen

by Jimdini

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© Copyright 2017 - Jimdini - Used by permission

Storycodes: Self/m; F/m; cuffs; handcuffs; gag; bridle; chain; locks; ice-release; clamps; chastity; anal; inserts; vibrator; pain; discovered; cons/nc; XX

Simple things can trigger happy memories, for me it’s the sound of a key in a lock, until now.

It was Friday night and I had the house to myself, my housemates had either gone home for the weekend or to a late night concert. I had the place to myself, so I could indulge myself with a little self-bondage and mild torment. I quickly got my toy box from the back of my wardrobe and started to select what I was going to use.

First came my restraints. Darby leg cuffs separated by an eighteen inch steel bar, Darby adjustable hand cuffs, scolds bridle with rubber pear gag, an eighteen inch chain, three padlocks, and my Neo steel chastity belt. I got out my remote controlled vibrating butt plug, some lube and a pair of clover leaf nipple clamps with attached weights.
Then I stripped naked and had a shower, once I was dried off I began my preparations. I left the key for the chastity belt on my bedside table and took the remote control, chain, padlocks and the keys for the locks and Darby irons downstairs. At the bottom of the stairs I put the remote control on the hall table and locked one end of the chain to the wall mounted ornate coat rack opposite the full length mirror.

Next I went to the kitchen placed the keys on the breakfast counter and opened the freezer and got my ice lock out from under the frozen vegetables. Returning to the hallway I locked one end of the ice lock to the end of the chain and left the other padlock next to the remote.

Running upstairs to my room I lubed my ass and the butt plug and carefully inserted the plug and switched it on. As the plug vibrated gently away I fitted the steel belt around my waist and fitted my rapidly erecting penis into the tube of the chastity belt I swung the crotch strap between my legs and locked it to the waist belt. Now the vibrating plug was trapped inside me until the belt was removed. I picked up the sets of cuffs, the nipple clamps and the scolds bridle and went back downstairs.

Switching on the remote I placed it on the hall table directly below the rise and fall pendulum of the wall clock, each time the pendulum weight descended it would push the mode control button. Now every time the button was pressed the butt plug would vibrate in another sequence. Next I locked on my ankles in the leg irons and picked up the scolds bridle. I worked the pear gag into my mouth and closed the metal straps around my head. I locked my left wrist into the Darby handcuffs and fitted the nipple clamps, letting out little hisses of pain as they grabbed hold.

Next I picked up the final padlock, now I was at the point of no return, I grabbed the loose end of the ice lock and passed the hasp through the loop and the steel loops securing the scolds bridle, now I was locked in place until the ice lock released. Finally I locked my right wrist into the Darby cuffs behind my back.  Now I was locked securely to the wall, gagged and manacled with weighted clamps on my nipples and a vibrating butt plug locked in by my steel chastity belt.

I looked at myself in the full length mirror, a helpless prisoner looked back at me. I fantasized that I was imprisoned in a dungeon captive of an evil Queen. Just then the clock pendulum reached the bottom of its chain and activated the mode change button on the remote. As the vibrations changed from a steady buzz to a rise and fall, I jerked in surprise setting the weighted nipple clamps swinging.

Wow! I was getting pain from my nipples and pleasing vibrations from my ass.

This was going to be a fun session, I had at least another hour and a half before the ice lock would release to allow me to get to my keys and unlock my restraints. That meant at least three more changes to the vibrator, plus pain to my nipples every time I forgot and moved suddenly. I would be forced to stand here and watch myself suffer.

I had been happily enjoying my predicament for about twenty minutes when I heard the unmistakable sound of a key being turned in the front door lock. I turned as far as bondage allowed and looked at the clock, nobody should be coming back for hours yet! My heart went into overdrive and I futilely fought my bondage but I had made far too good a job of imprisoning myself!

I turned toward the door and it swung open to reveal Cate, our resident Goth girl, with an evil grin on her face!!

It looked like my fantasy might come true!

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