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Captured CD

by Beverly

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© Copyright 2001 - Beverly - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; cd; outdoors; caught; M/m; hum; M/f; oral; reluct; X

I’m not sure which was the most humiliating part, cummimg as she smacked my balls, or being tied to the tree wearing tights (pantyhose).

Let me explain. As a closet crossdresser with a love of bondage, I often put myself into these strange predicaments, but this time it had all gone wrong.

It was a Wednesday morning, the wife is at work and I’ve got a day off. No sooner had she gone, had I changed into some barely black tights. Whilst I pondered what to wear next I logged on and surfed the net for inspiration. I got the idea to go outside, and saw a site on outdoor bondage. It was written by a guy fairly local to where I live, and it recommended some suitable locations. I knew a wooded area that he referred to, so that was my plan.

I put on a bra, and some loose sports wear, and loaded everything else into a sports bag. I drove to the area, and found a remote car park. Dressed as I was I checked the area and deposited a set of keys about ½ mile from the car. I went back and quickly removed my male outer clothes and slipped on a nice miniskirt, a nice top and padded out the bra with rolled up tights. The wig was a cheap affair from a joke shop. I was never going to look convincing, but that wasn’t my aim. I locked a short chain around my ankles and placed my feet into my 4” heeled sandals, and then I locked the ballgag in place. I gingerly stepped from the car, and locked the car and placed my keys through the gap in the sunroof. They fell behind the drivers seat out of sight, just as I planned. I then placed the handcuffs on my wrists at my back. Now I was forced to retrieve the keys from my hiding place, ½ a mile away. There were keys to the car, and my ankle chain, but my handcuff key remained in the car, with my clothes.

I moved as quickly as I could trying to listen out for anybody in the area. 

I thought I had heard steps, so I hid as best I could in the bushes. After a couple of minutes, I carried on my way, realising I was making very slow progress. Again I thought I heard something and tried to move for cover, but I was too late. The young man stood in front of me. I thought I would faint my heart was beating so fast. I turned to run, but it was no use, he could walk faster than I could travel at top speed.

He grabbed me and asked what I was up to, but he had a certain look in his eye. He laughed as I tried to communicate with him, and plead for him to let me go.

He started to pull me off the track, and as I tried to fight him he held up some keys. I quickly realised they were mine. I almost passed out and began to cry. Here I was prisoner of a man of 10 years my junior, in his early twenties, and I was dressed as a woman.

He took me to a small clearing in the wood, and threw they keys on the floor next to a sportsbag. He explained it was his website, detailing the areas for outdoor bondage, and he caught one person every week, sometimes more. Such a simple plan but it proved faultless. Today was my turn. He explained he would free me, but not until I had served my punishment for getting caught. 

He placed a collar on my neck, and attached a leash to this, which was then attached to a branch of a tree. He then said he was going to remove the handcuffs, and re-tie me, and I wasn’t to struggle, and he showed me a riding crop. I nodded my agreement, and he then first blindfolded me. The cuffs were duly removed, and I was told to keep me hands at my back. It began to dawn on me he had seen me from the moment I had arrived, how else would he have found the handcuff key, it was in my car. First he tied my wrists, palm to palm, then I began to realise, it was a single glove armbinder he was putting on me. I had never been in one of those and I soon realised how effective it would be. He then removed my skirt and the blindfold. He pointed and laughed at me with only the nylon of my tights to protect my manhood.

He then removed my leash and made me kneel. He began to remove my gag, and told me I should know what to do. I proceed to give him a blow-job, and when he had unloaded into me, he immediately gagged me again. “Enjoy the taste of that, bitch!” What a way to experience giving your first blow-job. I had always been straight, but when dressed I was very submissive, and now also incredibly horny.

I was re-positioned by the tree, now aching for my sexual release, and my physical freedom. He smiled and said he would return. He playfully stroked my aching cock, then turned and left.

I struggled and fought for hours to gain my freedom, and when I couldn’t I began to panic. I was stuck. I then heard voices, and he had returned with a woman. She was about mid –forties, and incredibly sexily dressed. She was very attractive, and dressed in barely black tights, and a black leotard, and high heels. It was then I realised she was also tied up. 

“Two in one day, I can’t believe my luck.” I looked sheepishly away, as did she, both of us suffering undreamed of humiliation. I was unleashed from the tree, and she was leashed in my place. 

“I’ve already had my pleasure with her, now you can give her the release she desires.” My gag was removed, and I was directed towards her crotch. The musky smell of a horny female was all too apparent. Even with the leotard and the tights in the way it took about two minutes and she was convulsing with the most violent orgasm. 

He approached behind me and released the single glove slightly at my wrist. He ordered me to pull my wrists as far apart as possible, he then dropped a set of keys down the glove, and shook me until he was sure they were at my fingertips. 

“They are your car keys lady, but the key to this lock is where this lady, had left his keys.” With that he placed a padlock on the single glove. He then released the leash from her and explained we now needed each other’s help to be free. 

“I won’t follow you or ever bother you, but you may see some familiar pictures on my website. You already know I do not give away identities. Good luck.”

As he left, we turned and looked at each other.  I turned and began to walk to where I had hidden my keys, progress was painfully slow, and I had no feeling in my back, arms and shoulders. A single-glove is just the best.

We retrieved all our keys; all except this woman’s car keys were there. They were by my hands. She freed her hands, and then the ballgag. As she looked at me I panicked, she had such a look in her eye. She spoke to me for the first time. “I’ve had my release, you can have yours before I free you.” With that she knelt in front of me, and it took about 30 seconds. I almost collapsed, and then I began to feel the pain. She quickly untied me and we headed for the cars. We agreed to meet at the entrance to the park, and we swapped numbers to meet again.


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