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Careful What You Wish For

by sissy susan

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© Copyright 2011 - sissy susan - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; outdoors; rope; hood; cd; gag; cbt; caught; F+/m; hum; sissy; cons/reluct; XX

I found a secluded spot not far from home where I could finally put myself into some outdoor bondage, something I hadn’t done in years.

The night before I filled a plastic jug half way with water. After it was frozen I put the keys I would need on top then filled it the rest of the way. Once frozen it would take about four hours to melt before the keys could be retrieved.

I packed my backpack with pantyhose, scissors, several small padlocks all keyed alike, leather wrist and ankle restraints, a leather bondage hood, several sections of rope, rope carabiners, a few tent pegs, bondage parachute and a five pound weight. I keep my private parts and legs completely shaved so a quick cleanup was all I needed. I painted my fingernails and toenails pink, checked everything twice and went to bed wondering what tomorrow might bring.

Wednesday arrived without a cloud in the sky. I took my time checking my pack again making sure everything I needed was there. I removed the ice from the freezer with the keys frozen inside. I wrapped it in a plastic bag and put it into my backpack with the rest of the items. I got dressed in pink thong panties, shorts, t shirt and shoes. I had breakfast. While eating I sat and read story after story of self bondage adventures. By the time I finished I could have climaxed on the spot. I cleaned up, locked up, and headed out on my bike.

I arrived at the spot I had chosen and pushed my bike into the woods. I found a secluded spot and took everything off except my panties. I wrapped everything up and hide them with my bike. It was exhilarating standing in the middle of the woods with my toenails and fingernails painted wearing nothing but panties. I immediately got excited. Walking barefoot and exposed really got me excited. The trees were thick and tall making it quite a bit cooler than in the sunlight. I found a perfect spot for what I had in mind. Small clearing with trees all around, several fallen over, tree branches all about, a few stumps still rooted into the ground, and one broken tree about two and a half feet high from the ground but still attached to it’s base. It made for a perfect bondage horse.

I stood against the fallen tree and spread my legs as wide as I could digging my toes into the ground to mark the spots. I took a section of rope and tied it around the base of one of the trees, then did the same around a tree on the other side. I straightened the ropes out and cut them to the length of my feet marks. Knowing how to braid rope I fashioned an eye into the end of each, then placed a padlock by each. I went back to the middle of the tree stretched my legs to make sure the two ropes would reach. Then bending over the tree I made marks where my hands would reach stretched out as far as possible. Beyond the marks I drove a tent peg in for both hands. I measured the ropes, cut them to length and put an eye in each.

This time I put a padlock near one and attached a carabiner to the other. I took a small twig and wedged it into the carabiner keeping the latch in the open position. I placed a few small stones around the carabiner to keep it in the upright position. A large tree branch was hanging over the fallen tree so I tossed a section of rope over the branch and left it hanging over the area where my head would be. I measured it so when attached to the top of my hood it would keep my head level with the height of the fallen tree, I then attached a carabiner to the end of the rope. Almost ready I placed the ice containing the keys near the area of the left hand. Once melted it would give me access to the keys. Time to get myself ready.

I took my panties off and put on the pantyhose cutting a slit in the center of the crotch, then pulled my privates through the opening. I put the parachute around my sac snapping it securely into place. I placed the five pound weight at the center of the tree where I would be standing. Next I put wrist and ankle restraints on, then my bondage hood. It’s a full hood with four rings around the neck area and another at the top. The eye and mouth pieces can be removed or snapped into place at all four corners. I snapped one side leaving the other undone. Once the hood was on I locked it in place. I went to the center of the tree and snapped the first padlock on my left ankle, then the right. I hooked the weight to the leather parachute. I knew after a few minutes pain would begin.

I bent over the tree and snapped the hook hanging over my head to the bondage hood. I shoved my panties into my mouth and snapped the mouth piece shut. The inside of the mouth piece has a hard plastic oval that fits into your mouth preventing you from closing. It also makes it impossible to push anything out of your mouth. Next I locked my left wrist. With my right arm still free I began to shake and wondered if I screwed up by putting myself in this situation. I knew there was nothing I could do till the ice melted so now it was to late, I might as well go all the way. I snapped the eye piece shut remembering where the latch was for my right hand.

Carefully I moved my right hand to the area of the open latch. I moved until I heard the metal ring of the wrist restrain hit the metal latch. All I need do now was pull and the latch would snap shut. I felt the resistance of the small twig give way and the carabiner close. Done! The sudden rush of what I had done was beginning to set in. I was now bent over the tree, arms and legs stretched wide apart, my head held level with the tree, unable to see, speak, or even yell if I wanted to. Not only that but the five pound weight was beginning to take it’s toll.

Time slowed down and I could hear and feel my heart pounding. I heard an occasional bird, and the sound of leaves and twigs moving all around me. I moved my hand to the area of the ice. OMG, it would take hours before it melted. The pain between my legs was becoming excruciating. I couldn’t bring my legs together even for temporary relief. If there was one good thing, I was out of the sun and the air was cool but it would take the ice longer to melt.

The excitement and anticipation of my adventure wore off and now it was just agony for my private parts. After a while the pain was gone, my privates were totally numb. I felt the ice again, it would take at least another hour or two before the keys would be free. Thinking about the ice I didn’t hear the chatter and leaves moving not far from my location. The chatter got louder and the sound of the leaves turned into footsteps. I thought to myself, please don’t see me. The chatter stopped along with the footsteps. There wasn’t a sound anywhere. Whoever it was left without seeing me.

Wow, way too close. Then something hit me in the head, not hard. Again something hit me in the head. Great! Rain! Wait, can’t be, it can’t just be raining on my head. (Later I found out the girls were tossing pebbles at me to see if I moved.)

I heard faint chatter again and leaves rustling. The rustling got louder then a female voice asked, "Are you alright? You alive?" I nod my head, yes. "Should we leave you alone?" I nod yes. Then I hear, "he did it to himself!"

"How do you know?" Another female voice said, ""look at the ice, there’s keys inside, no one else is around, just him". A pull on the hood yanked my head up, "did you do this to yourself?" I nod yes.

"Do you like being tied up?" I nod yes. "You like bondage?" I nod yes. "Can’t you speak?" I nod no. "I see, are you a submissive?" I nod yes.

"Do you like being told what to do by girls, and love doing whatever they tell you to do?" I nod yes. "Great! My friends and I took time off to go camping now we’ll have a sub to do all our work". I shake my head no. She smacks me several times in the head, "No! You don’t think we’re gonna give you your keys back without you being grateful, do you? Sarah get the keys". I hear the ice being broken, then, "got them!"

"I told you we would help you and now you owe us". She unsnaps the eye piece. There’s three girls all around mid to late twenties or early thirties. They introduce themselves as Sarah, Kim and Tonya. Tonya was doing all of the talking.

Tonya asks, "do we release him or not?" The others agree as long as I repay them with my services. "We’ll make him work hard for our help, after all he owes us?"

The three talk it over and come up with a plan. Kim gets behind me and grabs my balls, hard. Tonya walks over and removes my hood. She’s holding her cell phone in her hand. "Look what we found girls, a little boy who wants to be a girl. He must wanna be a girl he’s wearing pantyhose, his toenails and fingernails are painted and what do we have here?" Kim squeezes my balls hard. I open my mouth and Tonya pulls out my panties.

"Wow, not only does he like wearing panties he must love them to keep them in his mouth all day! I think you need a girls name since you want to be one. Lets call her susan. From now on your slave susan".

"Well susan do you want to be a girl?" Kim pulls and squeezes again, "Yes Ms Tonya".

"Do you want us to teach you how to be a girl?"

"Yes Ms Tonya."

"Are you going to do everything we ask?"

"Yes Ms Tonya".

"Well part of being a girl is knowing how to please guys, right?"

"Yes Ms."

"And your willing to do anything to please a guy, right?"

"Yes Ms".

"So you’ll suck cock?"

"Yes Ms".

"And swallow every drop of cum?"

"Yes Ms".

"And are your willing to learn how to deep throat cocks?"

"Yes Ms".

"Have you sucked cocks already?" Kim squeezes harder then ever.

"Yes Ms Tonya".

"How many susan?"

"Twenty or more Ms".

"Wow susan you must really love cock. Did you like the taste of their cum?"

"Yes Ms Tonya".

"That’s wonderful then I guess you wanna get started."

"Yes Ms".

She grabs me by the hair and tells me look, she replays what was just recorded. All you see is me in the picture but you hear the entire conversation. No one knows what Kim was doing. Tonya sends a copy of the video to the other girls. "Now we all have a copy. If you don’t do everything we want we’re gonna put it on the web for all to see. You better be a very good little girl and do everything we want". The girls untie me and order me to put up their tent and get the entire camp site ready. After everything is done the three have me stand in front of them totally naked.

They order me to put my hands on top of my head and don’t move. The three sit there laughing and verbally humiliate me. They have me tell them the dirtiest fantasies I’ve ever had, why I love bondage, being submissive, and why I want to be a girl. They also want to know how serious I am about becoming a girl.

Tonya orders me to put my panties back on and a new pair of pantyhose. She says, "it’s time to start your training".



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