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Carey’s Rack

by Carey

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© Copyright 2003 - Carey - Used by permission

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Hi my name is Carey I am a 23 year old female who has been turned on by bondage etc for as long as I can remember. I first discovered bondage as a kid with my friends. As I got a little older I began to make the connection between bondage and sexual pleasure. As an adult I have enjoyed bondage with others and most recently alone. I should mention that I have been a fan of Gromets page for quite some time. In fact it was from repeated visits to the site that I finally pieced together some ideas to try on my own.

One of the things I have always been fascinated, (turned on) by is idea of being stretched on a rack. I love to go on the net and find sites dealing with the subject. Photos and drawings of women stretched to the limit really stoke my furnace. I love to look at the images and fantasize about the delicious tortures awaiting the stretched victims. Sometimes I imagine myself in that position and it really makes me hot!  The reality is that I certainly wouldn’t want to experience, as much pain as I fantasize about, yet some pain is good and the thought of more---ohhh!

When I first decided to actually go ahead and do some self-bondage I wanted it to be good. I had been tied up many times before so I was no stranger to the feel of bondage but this would be the first time there wasn’t anyone around to set me free. I wanted to come up with a way to experience my rack fantasy that was realistic yet safe. I went down to the basement, which is the best spot in the house for such purposes. There is a laundry and furnace room, and an exercise room that take up about half the space. The other is unfinished. The block walls cement floor and beamed ceiling makes it the closest thing to a dungeon I could gain access to. Except for a stack of boxes in one corner the space is basically empty except for my dads pool table that hasn’t been used in ages.  The pool table an obvious solution to one problem so I just had work out the rest.

My chance soon came when my parents asked me housesit for two weeks when they went on vacation. This was perfect I would have the house all to myself with plenty of time to hatch my plan. I arranged my own vacation schedule around theirs and moved in the day they left. I stocked the house with food and everything I would need. Then I sat about putting my plan into action. 

To make the rack work I needed a way to make it stretch me. I wanted it to be secure and feel as realistic as possible. It also had to be escapable when the time came. Building on the old key in an ice cube idea I filled four 5-gallon plastic jugs with water. I took four thick dowels and place an eyehook in one end of each. I stood a dowel in each jug hook side up and placed them in the freezer. I took a coil of rope out of my bag of tricks and cut enough to run one piece each through each of the corner pockets of the table down to and out of the ball pocket at one end. Next I attached a clip hook to each end of the ropes. I laid out the leather and wrist cuffs I would use and unpacked an assortment of clips clamps etc I could choose from later. One thing I decided I would definitely use was a sterling silver g-string. It was adjustable so I could make it as tight as necessary to keep up aroused during my ordeal. (Like that was going to be a problem!).

With all the basics covered I could turn my attention to setting up “other tortures”. I mean what’s a day on the rack with out a little torture? I had this planed out as well. I had bought four clip lights and sun heat lamp bulbs along with a lot of other stuff at home depot. I sat them up on stands I knew my dad had in his workshop. I attached them to a power strip and the power strip to a timer. I set the timer to go on and off at various intervals over a 24-hour period, I placed two of the lights at the foot of the table aiming at where my feet should end up. I aimed the other two over the table where they would be sure to cover my breasts and pussy. Finally I set up a lamp and put a timer on it. I set the timer I would set tomorrow. With everything in place I went up stairs to wait anxiously for tomorrow. I went to bed wet with anticipation. I had promised myself not to gratify myself in any way for a full 24 hours prior to my ordeal.

I arose at first light. Dressed only in robe and slippers I went straight down to the freezer to check the jugs. They had frozen nicely over night and were ready to go. After breakfast I watered the plants and did a few chores. After putting my away message on the answering machine I took a long shower. I made the rounds one last time making sure the house was locked and that I hadn’t forgotten anything. With every thing done I retrieved the jugs from the freezer and headed to the basement. Turning on the room lamp I set it’s timer to go off in 20-minutes and back on again in 4-hours. I sat each of the frozen jugs on one end of the table. I fastened one end of each rope to a hook now frozen in the jugs. I took off my robe and slippers and tied my hair back. I put on the chain g-string and tightened it so it dug firmly in both cracks. 

Next I buckled a cuff on each ankle and then each wrist. Activating the heat lamp timers and making sure everything else was in place I hopped up on the table. Taking two 1-foot length pieces of string I bound my breasts separately as tight as I could. (Others have tied them tighter). Then I place my favorite ball gag in my mouth. Nice and snug. Next I grabbed the itching powder and applied a liberal amount all over my feet and between my toes. I dusted my pussy and thighs, more powder on my nipples, beasts and a bit in my pits. Next came the clamps, one on each nipple but not too tight. Finally I fastened the loose end of each rope to my ankle and wrist cuffs. I knew what was next. I lay back on the table and after only a seconds hesitation I kicked the first two jugs off the edge. They fell to the floor with a thud, pulling their ropes tight. I had measured properly; my wrists were now pulled tightly toward the upper corner pockets nice and tight. I took a deep breath and kicked the last two jugs off. They dropped down and in a split second my legs were now stretched wide apart. I was stretched spread wide on my rack! Not quite as tight as I had imagined but as tight as I could reasonably stand for more then few minutes. 

Just then the room lights clicked off and I was plunged into almost total darkness. It was then I noticed the itching powder starting to work. From my nips to toes I was starting to really feel it. The nipple clamps were starting to hurt and the g-string was already in business for it’s self. The shadows in the room made it really eerie, almost like someone was coming. Oh no! My inquisitor was approaching! What unthinkable tortures would he subject me to? Just as I was starting to think about them the heat lamps clicked on. Not only did they almost blind me they through such heat it was like being roasted alive! Within a minute or two I was sweating and on fire. Between the intense heat and the itching powder I was ready to confess to anything. Problem was I didn’t have anyone to confess to! Just when I thought I was going to burst into flames the lamps clicked off. My body tingled from the heat and besides I was horney as hell. The g-string now feeling good, but not good enough. I wanted to cum so bad and not a chance of that happening. 

I tested my bindings. I had done a good job. I was down there good and tight. It would still be some time before the ice in the jugs melted enough for me to be able to release myself. In the meantime all I could do was lay there and fantasize. Here I was in the dungeon of the grand inquisitor. Stretched on his rack naked and at his mercy.  Would I be whipped, burned, slowly stretched to death? What horrible, unspeakable thing would he do to amuse himself before the end? I was getting even more worked up then before when the heat lamps went back on and I was jolted out of my dream by the vary real torture I had created for myself. I tried to focus on what was happening, The heat was intense but not really that unbearable once the itching powder wore off. 

The lamps went on and off nine more times in the five or so hours. Finally the ice in had melted enough for me to be able to free myself. The moment my hands were free I brought myself to an earth-shaking climax. I removed the gag and nip clamps but remained on the table pleasing myself for a while longer. All in all it was a really wild self-bondage experience.


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