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Carly and Gina: Weekend Wager

by Igor Stravinsky

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© Copyright 2020 - Igor Stravinsky - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; M/f+; Sbf; bond; rope; harness; cuffs; gag; pump-gag; toys; predicament; force; cons; X

Carly and Gina sat on their couch, lazing through a Friday morning at the beginning of a four-day weekend. As “Real Housewives of Atlanta” played on the television, Carly sat with her bare feet tucked under her, grey leggings popping out from under an oversized red Karl Marx t-shirt., long hair cascading over her shoulder. Her roommate, Gina, lounged in light green pyjamas, her feet propped on the coffee table clad in rainbow striped socks. Carly sipped her coffee and put it down.

“This show sucks,” she said. “How do we end up like this? We should do something fun, not waste the day with crappy TV.” She looked over at Gina.

Gina heard none of Carly’s monologue. Her eyes were unfocused, and she appeared lost in thought, oblivious to the television.


“What?” Gina shook her head and finally looked at Carly.

“What’s up?”

“Just thinking.”

We should take a moment and describe the relationship between these two young women. The reality is that they shared more than a house – much more. They shared similar tastes in food, and film. They shared an appreciation for classical music. They shared a drive to be athletic. They shared an interest in history, in fashion – and in sex. Their interest was open and enthusiastic, and led them further to share their bodies with each other, zestfully. There were other partners, men, and women, and sometimes they shared them too. Their affairs were short-lived, for they were young, attractive, and curious. They did not worry overmuch about the future – there would be time for that later. Their shared interests led them to form a friendship about two years prior, and a revelation a year after that led them to the conclusion that they should share a dwelling as well.

That revelation was the discovery, one night at a house party over multiple cocktails, that they shared a kink, too. The kink they had in common will be revealed shortly.

“Thinking about what?”

“You know... stuff.”

“C’mon, Gina,” Carly put on a façade of petulance. “Just tell me!”

“Well, I got bored with this show, my mind started wandering, and I just started thinking about...” she trailed off again, clearly playing Carly this time.


“I was just thinking about a lot of things, and then I started wondering... how fast could I get across the house if I was tied up?”

Carly perked up at this. “Now that is interesting. Tell me more.”

“Well, if I got tied up, and I had to get across the house for some reason, how long would it take?” Gina was more animated now.

“Tied up how?” Carly’s look was intense.

“Oh, probably hogtied,” said Gina. “It would take a long time to get across the house like that.”

Carly thought for a moment, then said, “Well, one thing is for sure – I could do it a lot faster than you!”

“Unpossible!” said Gina, laughing. Another thing they shared was a strong competitive urge.

“Oh, I would totally kick your ass!” exclaimed Carly.

“You think you would, do you?” Gina replied. “Care to make it interesting?”

“Clichés are so unattractive on you,” Carly said. “But yes, consider it a bet. A race, fair and square, both of us tied up.”

“Okay, let me think for a minute,” said Gina.

After a moment, Carly asked, “So what does the winner get in this race? Does the loser have to do the dishes for a week?”

“Boring!” said Gina. “No, I think the one who finishes first gets to keep the other one tied up for the whole weekend and do what they want to them.” She crossed her arms.

“I don’t know if I would mind losing that bet,” Carly said dreamily.

“...and $200,” Gina finished. Carly snapped back into focus. “Plus, when I beat you, I will make you regret it.”

“‘When’?” said Carly. “Oh, it’s on now, bitch! Pinky swear!” She held out her finger and Gina crossed it with hers.

“Alright, we need to set this up. Let’s think about it,” Gina said, picking up her coffee.

They talked for a bit, hashing out and arguing over details. Finally, Gina got up.

“Let me pace this out.” She began walking from the breakfast nook to her bedroom, carefully counting steps. The nook extended out from the living room with a sliding door leading to the kitchen. The house was spacious but somewhat down at the heels, which suited them, and the spacious living room was ideal for the parties they liked to host. Cheap rent, easy upkeep. Gina came back into the living room, thinking. She began to pace the other direction, through their kitchen, laundry room and finally into the garage.

“That should be about the same distance,” she concluded.

“Why different directions?” asked Carly.

“Makes it more interesting. After a little bit, each of us doesn’t know how far the other has gone. Should be a good motivator.”

“Two hundred dollars is a good motivator,” said Carly. “But, Gina, the garage? It’s all icky.”

“We can flip on it. Let me get a quarter.” Moments later she appeared with the coin. “Call it,” she said, flipping it in the air.

“Heads,” said Carly intently.

Gina caught the coin, looking under her hand. “Tails,” she said as Carly made a sour face. “I guess you get the garage. Alright, let’s get started. I’ll call Kyle.”

“Do we have to?”

“You know we do,” said Gina. Kyle was a friend of theirs from work, who was intimately familiar with their bondage games, having served as a safety for them several times in the past when they decided to tie themselves together. They even let him join in occasionally, which made him more than eager to “help out” whenever the opportunity arose. “I’ll make sure he doesn’t mess it up.”

Gina picked up her phone and dialed Kyle.

“Kyle, hi. It’s Gina. Hey, we need you to help us settle a bet... Well, what time is it now? eleven-thirty? Could you come over at three-thirty to check up on us and help us out if we need it? Yes, it’s that kind of bet... Sort of a race... No Kyle! You can’t mess around this time! This is a serious bet. If you get in the middle of it, I will never ask you over again! Promise? Good... Oh, we’re going to start in about half an hour. Thanks, Kyle! You know where the key is. See you soon!” She thumbed the call off.

Gina huffed and said, “Alright, let’s get going.”

“Yes, let’s get going, loser.” Gina ignored Carly’s taunt and went to her bedroom. She came back with two small handcuff keys, each attached to a short length of chain.

“Here they are,” Gina said, holding up the keys. “I’ll go put one in my room.” She went down the hall and came back quickly. “Out in the open on the far side of the room. Can’t miss it. Now for the other.” She went the other direction and returned. “Right in the middle of the garage. They should be about the same distance from... here,” stepping into the middle of the breakfast nook.

“Looks fair to me,” said Carly.

“I’ll go get the rest of the stuff.” She disappeared again, coming back a few minutes later with an armful of rope, chain, and leather that she unceremoniously dumped on the middle of the breakfast nook floor.

“That was quick,” Carly said. “You’ve been thinking about this for a while.”

“Maybe,” Gina said with a grin, spreading out the toys for a better look.

Carly looked critically at the pile on the floor and said, “Isn’t there anything to... distract us? You know, spice it up?”

“I have just the thing,” said Gina with a raised finger. “Go get your ‘little bunny’.” They both went to their rooms and came back with small rabbit-style vibrators, which they put on a table. “That will keep us distracted for sure.”

“Indeed, it will,” said Carly. “I’m tempted to just go use it right now!”

“You made a bet!” Gina said. “No backing out now. So, let’s make sure we both understand what we are getting into.”

“Of course, I understand! I’m not a child.”

“I didn’t say you were! Sensitive! So, we tie ourselves, and race to the keys. Winner gets to keep the loser tied up for the rest of the weekend and gets two hundred dollars. Right?”

“Right,” Carly said. “But, if one of us is tied up for the whole weekend, how do we go to the bathroom?”

“We’ll figure that out when I beat you.”


“Alright, let’s get started,” Gina said.

“I assume we have to be naked,” Carly said.

“Of course! It’s more fun that way. Plus, I can make sure you aren’t cheating by hiding an extra key in your back pocket or something.” She took off her socks and started pulling her pyjama top over her head. She wore no bra underneath, and as she pulled the top over her breast, they lightly bounced.

“Gina, I’m shocked you think so little of me!” Carly slid her leggings off, leaving her legs emerging bare from the Marx t-shirt. She then pulled her shirt up over her head, which revealed that her large nipples had small gold rings pierced through them, and further revealed that the leggings and t-shirt were the only articles of clothing she wore that morning.

“No offense.” Gina shimmied out of the pyjama bottoms showing that she, too, wore nothing else underneath.

Both of them were of moderate height, with similar build. Carly stepped in close to Gina, put a hand behind her head, pulled her close, and kissed her aggressively for several long moments.

Gina responded, then Carly broke the kiss, leaned into Gina’s ear, and whispered, “I am going to destroy you.”

“Go. Fuck. Your. Self,” Gina said in reply.

“I thought you were going to do that,” Carly said with a wry grin. “Sounds like someone is losing confidence.”

“Never,” Gina replied, picking up a length of rope. “Okay, chest first. Turn around.”

Carly turned her back to Gina and lifted her blond hair off her neck. Gina ran the rope around the center of Carly’s back, doubled back and passed it over her left shoulder, then the right, gradually enmeshing Carly’s torso and breasts in a web of rope. She finished by tying it off near Carly’s neck, then grabbing the joint near the nape of Carly’s neck and giving a strong, experimental pull.

“How’s that?” she asked. “Will that be okay to attach to?”

“Feels good, Gina. Actually, it feels really good.” Carly turned around. 

“Ooh!” Gina said. “How cute!” Carly’s breasts now bulged from the loops of rope, her nipples stiff. Gina couldn’t resist, and grabbed each one between a finger and thumb, twisting and pinching lightly. Carly responded by pushing her chest out, closing her eyes and tilting her head back. She yelped when Gina pinched harder.

“Ow! You’ll regret that, bitch,” Carly said, putting her hands on Gina’s shoulders. “Your turn.” She pushed top twirl Gina around, gradually enmeshing her torso in rope.

“Ouch!” Gina cried. “That pinches!”

“Sorry,” said Carly, readjusting the rope and finishing the harness. She reached around in front of Gina and caressed her, pulling her close.

“Mmmm,” Gina said, finally pulling Carly’s hands away and turning around. “Okay, we need to get going.”

“Do we?” Carly shook her breasts at Gina with a coy look.

“Yes, or you forfeit,” Gina said, approaching the pile of ropes.

“No way!” said Carly. “This will be too easy.”

“Fine, down on the floor.” Gina grabbed another length of rope as Carly sat. Gina crouched in front of her and began wrapping the doubled rope around Carly’s ankles, making several turns. She then ran it through Carly’s legs, creating a cinch that she pulled snugly and tied with a knot that would be out of Carly’s reach when she was fully bound.

“How’s that? Not too tight?”

Carly wriggled her legs experimentally. “No, it’s fine.”

“Can’t get out, can you?”

Carly pulled harder. “Nope.”

“Okay, one finishing touch.” Gina took a thinner piece of cord and wrapped it around Carly’s toes, cinching it similarly. She ran her hands up Carly’s legs. “How do you get so smooth?”

“Secret sauce,” said Carly. “I’ll tell you if you win and give you a year’s supply.”

“Done,” said Gina. “Now do me.” Carly trapped Gina’s ankles and toes in the same inescapable fashion. “Damn!”


“Forgot the rope ratchets,” Gina said. “Can you go get them?”

“Alright, just let me untie my feet.”

“No! We’re already wasting time!” Gina said. “You can get them like that.”

Carly got to her feet and tried to take little steps with her ankles welded together. After a few unsuccessful moments, she began hopping to the bedroom.

“You just did this so you can watch my ass bounce!” she said accusingly.

“Maybe,” Gina said. “Go!”

Carly hopped to the bedroom and came back with two more stout pieces of rope with clips at each end and attached to a metal block - the rope ratchets. They would attach to their feet and chest harnesses, and when pulled would get shorter and shorter, unable to be released until their hands were free and they could click the lock open. Gina let the rope out until it had a lot of slack and clipped it to Carly’s feet and the back of her chest harness. Carly did the same for Gina and they each had a length of rope hanging loosely behind them, ready to snug them up into a hogtie when they pulled the free end.

“Now for the best part,” Gina said. “Stand back up and get your vibrator,” as she did the same. She again doubled the rope and passed it around Carly’s waist, pulling it tight. Carly then squirted a generous amount of lubricant on her vibrator and slowly eased it in, moaning and writhing, giving Gina a show.

“Stop it,” Gina said. “You’re just trying to get me to let you out of the bet. You’re so sure you’re gonna lose!”

“Never!” said Carly. “I’m just enjoying myself.” Gina passed the rope between Carly’s legs, over the rope behind her, and then again through her legs, tying it tightly in front after taking great care to make sure the two lengths of rope caught Carly’s lips between them, ensuring they would be pinched when the waist rope was pulled.

“That feels goooood,” said Carly. “You’re going to like this.” She passed a rope around Gina’s waist, going through her legs as Gina also slid her vibrator home.

“Oooh, you’re right about that!” said Gina, closing her eyes and throwing her head back, reaching around behind her to pull hard on the rope. She leaned down and picked up two pairs of handcuffs. Handing one to Carly, she tucked them under the rope behind her. The cuffs would now remain firmly in place in the small of her back, and any pulling would be transmitted down between her legs.

After Carly got her cuffs placed, Gina said, “Go get your phone.”

When they had their phones, each opened the app that controlled their vibrator. It controlled their vibrators remotely and could be programmed in various ways.

“How much lead time do we need, fifteen?” Carly asked.

“Sounds good,” Gina said. “What program?”

“Hard random,” said Carly. The program would turn the vibrators on and off randomly, sometimes low - which would be distracting, but not enough to get release - and sometimes high, which would guarantee the user an orgasm if it went long enough. Occasionally the program would run on high just long enough to bring the user to the edge, and then stop, frustrating them terribly. The batteries in the vibrators would last long enough to tease and punish them for several hours.

Gina held her phone and looked at Carly. “Ready? Go!” They both pressed “On” simultaneously, giving them fifteen minutes before the program kicked off. They would have to work fast now, though there was little left to do.

Carly reached down and picked up two harness gags, the stout leather straps attached to the large balls hanging loosely.

“I’ve had enough of your shit talk,” said Carly, handing one to Gina. “Time to put up or shut up! Actually, just time to shut up.” She placed the ball in her mouth, stretching it wide, and buckled the straps in place. The web of leather around her head would keep the ball in no matter what, until she could free it at the end of the race. Soon Gina was gagged, and waved Carly over to the starting position in the breakfast nook. Both women hopped carefully to the middle of the smooth tile floor and got down.

Each lay on their stomachs and looked at each other. Almost at the same time, they each reached for the loose end of the rope coming from the ratchet and pulled. Each click of the ratchet pulled their bound legs closer and closer to their backs, until finally both were in a hogtie, only their hands free for now. Gina wiggled back and forth to test the strength and tightness of the rope while Carly waited, hands on the floor.

The moment had arrived. They looked at each other. Gina placed her right hand in the cuffs and slowly ratcheted it closed. Carly did the same. They could still stop and release themselves but knew that they would not - their rivalry was too strong.

Gina nodded a question to Carly, eyebrows raised.

Carly’s return nod was affirmative, decisive.

Gina waited a moment and nodded again - Go!

They each quickly closed their free hand in the other cuff. They were now truly trapped, unable to free themselves until one or the other of them reached their key, far across the house. In addition to the bondage restricting their movement and impeding their progress towards winning, any moment their vibrators would kick into life, distracting them further.

Initially they were well-matched. Both started by wiggling and twisting in different ways, occasionally looking at the other to gauge their progress and steal strategies for success. Gina tried pulling both knees under her and pushing forward, but that got her very little purchase on the floor. Carly started by simply twisting back and forth, hoping to mimic the locomotion of a snake, but ended up just squirming uselessly.

Finally, they both settled on a technique that got them moving, albeit very slowly. Grunting and humping, they inched across the floor, neck and neck, each determined to win.

They had just started to make some progress out of the breakfast nook when almost at the same moment, they both stopped and stiffened. Their vibrators had started, both of them on a low setting for now. Gina shook her head violently and immediately started moving again. Carly closed her eyes, her moans turning to squeals of frustration as the vibrator stubbornly refused to give her what she craved. Forgetting to keep moving, she began to pull and twist in her bonds, regretting her choice now to participate in this contest. Coming to her senses, she noticed Gina had gained almost an entire body length on her, doggedly continuing to inch forward, and her regret turned to fear. The emotions heightened her arousal, as they always did, and just as she started to laboriously move forward again, her vibrator ramped up to high.

“Nnnn! Nnnn! Oooh!” she screamed, as the vibrator quickly drove her to the edge, and then over. She shook, hard, as the orgasm grabbed her. Losing herself in it, she again pulled futilely at her restraints, letting their tightness focus her energy between her legs. Finally, it subsided and, spent, she lay her head on the floor, panting. She looked up to see Gina making slow but steady headway across the living room. Panic now replaced fear and she redoubled her efforts, moving as fast as she could, feeling like she was making some headway on catching Gina.

Carly had gotten some way into the living room when the front door opened. Both women stopped cold.

In stepped Kyle, a smug grin on his face as he took in the sight of his two friends helplessly bound, squirming across the living room floor.

“Hey girls, whatcha doin’?” he said with a mocking tone. “How’s the race?” He walked past them to sit on the couch, crossing his legs and resting his arms on the back of the couch.

“Mmm mmm!”

“Ooh! Nnn nnn!”

“Don’t worry,” Kyle said. “I’m not going to mess around. I made a promise. But I just had to come and find out exactly what this ‘race’ was about.”

Gina and Carly simply glared at him, unmoving. Kyle got up and walked over to Gina, who shook her head at him.

“So, how does this work?” he asked. “Let’s see. Hogtie, okay. Glad you’re gagged - I won’t have to listen to you bitch.”

“Uhh ooh!” Gina’s attempts at profanity were muffed by her gag.

“Now, now, that’s no way to treat someone who’s agreed to help you out! Alright, so - handcuffs. I’m guessing that there are keys somewhere and whoever gets there first wins, right?” he asked Carly.

Gina had started moving again, but Carly was distracted by Kyle and remained in place. He walked down the hall to the bedroom and the girls heard an “Aha!” Kyle returned and stood between them.

“That’s a long way, Gina. Looks like you’re a little ahead. I guess Carly has a key along the other way. Better get moving, Carly! She’s ahead!” Carly realized she had been wasting time and again was behind Gina. She started resolutely wriggling forward again, trying to ignore Kyle who got out his phone, taking video of the two.

“Ngo! Uh uh!” Gina exclaimed.

“What? I can’t miss this!” Kyle said. “It’s the least you can do. I promise not to share it, and you know I keep my promises.” He walked towards the kitchen, past Carly, who was aggravated to see him walking so freely while she struggled.

“Hey Gina!” Kyle said. “Mind if I get a beer?” He opened the refrigerator, getting out a can and returning to the couch.

“Nnnh! Mmm mmm! Ah!” Gina obviously was not happy with Kyle, but she could not form the words around the ball. She stopped for a moment, then remembered what was at stake and kept moving.

Kyle’s voice took on the brassy tone of a race announcer.

“And it’s Mama’s Pudding in the lead! Honey Shoes is falling behind! These horses are neck and neck! This is the most exciting race I’ve seen in years, folks! This is unbelievable! Mama’s Pudding is the odds-on favorite, but oh! It looks like she’s hit a bump!”

Kyle’s last words coincided with Gina’s vibrator finally kicking into high. She tried as hard as she could to ignore it and continue forward, whining, but her efforts merely made the sensations build and build until finally she exploded, the orgasm rocking her so hard she tipped over onto her side, screaming into her gag. Kyle’s eyes were riveted on her.

As soon as she came back to her senses, she started rocking, trying to right herself and continue, knowing that Carly was gaining a lead over her. Several times she almost made it, only to tip back on her side. She began grunting and mumbled at Kyle.

“Elh! Elh!” she begged him, still trying to get upright.

“Oh, no,” said Kyle smugly. “You made me promise not to mess around with you at all. Do you think I want to jeopardize being able to come over here? I’m afraid you’re on your own, my friend.” Gina whined as Kyle stood. Eventually she got back on her stomach and resumed her snail’s pace towards the bedroom.

“Well, girls, this has been fun.” He strode briskly to the door. Both women stopped and looked briefly at him. At the door, he said, “Looks like you all have everything under control. I’ll call back at four. If you don’t answer, I’ll come over at six.”

“Mmmm! Angh! Ohhh!” Carly said.

“Akh ahh! Unh unh! Unh unh!” Gina replied. They both realized they had stopped and ignored Kyle as he shut the door, backs to each other now, unaware of how far ahead the other was.

Gina was just entering the long hallway to her bedroom. She now had no idea where Carly was, but once heard Carly let out a long scream into her gag. Gina smiled behind hers, knowing that Carly was hindered by an orgasm that sounded to Gina like it went on for quite a while - time Gina used to inch forward.

Carly was frantic. The last orgasm went on seemingly forever, and she had no idea how much ground she had lost to Gina. Moving as fast as she could, she entered the kitchen and moaned in despair when she realized how far she had to go to get to the garage, her key, her freedom, and her victory over Gina. She was afraid - afraid of losing, afraid of what Gina would do to her. She took several fast, shallow breaths and continued forward, one shoulder and knee at a time.

She was so angry with herself! Why did she agree to this stupid bet? I’m totally fucked, she thought. She stopped for another moment, then suddenly began yanking all her limbs crazily in every direction, trying to somehow yank her bonds open through sheer force and anger. Unsurprisingly, they held tight, and Carly rested her head on the floor in defeat, whining softly. No! She thought. I can beat her! I have to!

And she started forward again.

Gina was now at the door of her bedroom. Several more orgasms had stopped her dead in the hallway, but she pushed forward and finally was almost there. She crept through the doorway, and across the room she could see it.

Her key! She redoubled her efforts, grunting loudly as she went past the dresser to the other side of the bed.

I’ve got it! she thought. Oh, when I win, I am going to make her regret it. So close! Keep going, you can do it! she thought.

Gina’s thoughts turned to what she would do to Carly. I am gonna whip her ass so bad! What should I use? I think the crop. I love the way it sounds, and her whining is so pretty. Then I’ll make her lick me for hours, with clamps on her nipples! That’s it! Yes, Carly, I am going to crush you!

Gina finally was within inches of her key when the vibrator sprang to life again. Not now! she thought, deciding this time to just let it come, and hopefully move on more quickly. She closed her eyes and threw her head back, despite herself reveling in the feelings coursing through her body. Faster than the others, it came, convulsing her body, drawing a scream from her that she was sure Carly could hear at the other end of the house. Thankfully, the vibrator stopped soon, and she could just reach her key!

Gina stretched her hands as far as the cuffs and waist rope would allow. The rope dug painfully into her crotch, but Gina didn’t care. She had it! Time to slow down, she thought. You’ve won! She slowed her breathing and carefully explored the side of the handcuffs, methodically searching for the keyhole, and her freedom, when...

The sound of slow clapping caused Gina to yelp and drop her keys back on the floor. Gina froze as Carly walked around in front of her. She wore a black silk robe that came to the middle of her thighs, rope marks still clearly visible on her ankles. Gina looked up at her.

“Oh, no,” Carly said. “Please don’t let me interrupt. I’ve been here for about five minutes. It’s fun to watch. You’re so focused. I have to say it’s really impressive. So please, do go on.”

Gina stayed still for several moments, incensed at her taunting. She waited for Carly to grab the keys and seal her fate, but Carly just stood, a sardonic smile playing over her lips. Gina slowly reached for the keys again, and Carly did nothing. She began again to search for the keyhole, and eventually lost herself in her task, convinced it would be okay, ignoring Carly. Finally she got the key into the hole and let out a small scream of triumph, and just got the key to turn and release the cuff when she felt it click back close as Carly shut it on her and dexterously pulled the key out.

“Well, I think that’s quite enough,” Carly said, putting the handcuff key in the pocket of her robe.

Gina wailed, trying to convince Carly that it was a tie, that she should be let go. The arguments Gina was making were completely distorted by the strict gag, but she knew that Carly understood what she was desperately trying to say. She knew, as well, that even if her speech were coherent, Carly wouldn’t care. Still, she tried.

“Unh unh! Mmph! Ahhh! Leee! Ah erh!” she tried to argue.

“Ha!” Carly snapped. “This contest was your idea, and I won fair and square. The bet was clear - winner gets to keep the loser tied up for the rest of the weekend and gets two hundred dollars. So, my pretty,” Carly leaned down and tapped the tip of Gina’s nose, “you are in for one long, hard weekend.”

“Ahhh! Ohhh!” Gina tried.

“Sorry,” Carly said. “I have been thinking this whole time what I would do to you when I won, and I have come up with some pretty creative ideas. I’m wondering how they will turn out. I guess I get to experiment on you.”

“Ah ih ooo ah! Mmmph! Anh! Unh!”

“I will tell you, it was close. Got a little freaked out at the end there. I think it motivated me, though. Obviously, it did the trick. In fact, when I got free, I didn’t even take the time to get everything off before I came in here.”

Carly undid the belt on her robe, letting it fall open. It revealed that she still wore the rope chest and waist harnesses they had so meticulously crafted at the beginning of their contest. The rope encircled her breasts, pushing them up and out, the small gold rings standing proud from her stiff nipples. She then pulled a phone out of the pocket of the robe, leaving it open. Carly slid her thumb across the screen and looked at Gina.

“So, babe, here’s what I am going to do first. I am going to go get the rest of this shit off. It felt amazing, but I think I’m ready to be done. How about you?”

“Mmph! Ngh!”

“Never mind, you don’t have to answer that. It looks like you are enjoying yourself, so I will leave you to it. After I get out of this rope, I am going to take a nice long shower and plan the rest of our weekend. I’ll leave you something to entertain you.” She ran her thumb over the phone again, and the vibrator that had been tormenting Gina suddenly switched into high gear. She wailed and pulled frantically at her bonds. Carly set the phone down on a nightstand.

“The batteries should last for a while yet,” she said, letting the robe drop to the floor. “We’ll leave it on that setting until I get back. Let me know what you think. I’m curious.”

Carly strode gracefully from the room as Gina wriggled desperately, still incoherently pleading with Carly. The sensations quickly built and threatened to overcome her, and finally she jerked as the orgasm flooded through her. The vibrator kept buzzing relentlessly, and Gina wailed.

Carly’s phone rang. She picked it up from the nightstand and slid her thumb across it to answer.

“Hey, Kyle. Yes, clearly we got out. Well, I did anyway.”

“Gina? She’s right here. Gina, say hi to Kyle.”

“Mmmph! Nnh! Nnh! Ellh!”

“No, she can’t talk right now. I mean, she really can’t talk. She’s wearing my inflatable harness gag. Looks great on her...”

“What? Well, you figured out what the game is, and obviously I won. I won two hundred dollars! Oh, and I get to keep Gina tied up for the rest of the weekend and do whatever I want to her. It was close, though. I think she’s really mad.”

“Ahhh! Mmmph! Eee!”

“Gina! I’m trying to talk here! What? Yes, Kyle, she’s tied up right now. I’m not letting her go for the next two and a half days! Well, I’ll let her go Monday night so she can get some sleep before work.”

“No, I’m not sending you any video! Tell you what, I’ll describe her to you. You have a vivid imagination; you can think about it when you jack off tonight. Bullshit you won’t! Do you want me to tell you or not? Okay, then.”

“First of all, she’s naked. No, I’m not naked, too. No, I’m not telling you what I’m wearing! Do you want me to hang up?”

“Arh-lee! Leee!”


“So, I put our heaviest leather cuffs on her wrists and ankles - I had to be really careful not to let her get loose, too. They’re locked, and each cuff is pulled by rope to the corners of the bed. I snugged them up tight, so she can barely move at all! In fact, let’s see how she reacts to this. You know how ticklish she is.”

“Unh unh! Unh unh!”

“Come on, Gina, it’s an experiment! Where’s your scientific curiosity? Okay, Kyle, Here I go. Eeny, meeny, miny, moe. Catch the little slut buy the toe. No, Kyle, I have to pick one foot. I still have to hold the phone! Where was I? Oh. If she hollers, let her go... not! Eeny, meeny, miny, moe. Left it is.”


“See, Kyle? She could barely move an inch, and she was really pulling hard.”

“So, here’s my plan. Tell me what you think of it. Right now, poor li’l Gina has a vibrator tucked in her. It’s set on low, so it’s very distracting, but unfortunately isn’t up high enough to let her come. What? It’s held in by a rope. Oh, she’s been there for about two hours. Yes, I let her go to the bathroom. Anyway, I’m thinking I will put the tweezer clamps on her nipples...”


“Hush! I’ll put the clamps on and leave her for a little while to think. You know how she hates the clamps... well, she pretends to, anyway. Then, I’ll have a little dinner and a drink. Then I’ll come back in here and make her lick my pussy for a while. I’ll see how good she is. Okay, I can put the clamps on now. Hold on, let me put you on speaker.”

“Hey, Gina, looks like you really got fucked!” Kyle’s chipper voice came from the phone as Carly lay it on the bed. “You’ll be in for a hell of a ride. Let me know how it goes.”

Carly opened a drawer in the nightstand and retrieved a pair of tweezer clamps attached by a chain. She straddled Gina and gently rolled Gina’s nipples between her fingers. Gina moaned and threw her head back, clearly enjoying the sensation. Carly picked up the clamps.

“Ready, Kyle?”

“Am I? Wish I could be there to see it! Is Gina ready?”

“Who cares? Here we go,” as she spoke, Carly pulled on Gina’s left nipple, sliding the jaws of the clamp over it. She slowly slid the ring up the clamp, tightening it inexorably. Eventually she got the small ring almost all the way up.

“NNNNNNNNNN!” Gina howled. She was even louder as Carly put the other clamp on her right nipple. Carly gave the chain a slight tug, testing their grip. The clamps held fast. Gina’s breath was now fast and shallow, and she squeezed her eyes shut. Carly took the phone off speaker and put it back to her ear.

“Goddamn, Kyle, you should see her,” Carly said. “She looks hot! So, like I was saying, I’m going to leave her for a little bit like that. Probably see if we can whip her ass later. I don’t know, how many do you think? Okay, we’ll start with thirty. You know, she’s probably going to make me regret doing all this. But you know what, I don’t care. Part of me is actually looking forward to it. What will she think of?”

“Irh-eee!? Ohhhh!”

“Gina, haven’t you figured out yet that I don’t care what you want? Yeah, Kyle. I’m pretty sure she wants to come real bad right now. But I’m not gonna let her. In fact, I’m going to keep her on the edge and not let her come for the whole weekend, so... another two and a half days.”

“What? Of course I can, Kyle! In fact, I promise I will tell you if I go too far and she comes. You’ll know because I’ll tell you! Oh, you don’t think I can do it, do you? Care to make it interesting?”


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