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Storycodes: Solo-F; F/f; discovery; naked; hood; straps; gag; bfold; caught; bond; hogtie; tease; tickle; mast; climax; cons; X

Carrie awoke to the sounds of her roommate in the kitchen.

A glance at the clock showed it to be just after 5am. Who the hell gets up at 5am on a Saturday? She wondered, pulling the pillow over her head. She heard another thud followed by the sound of a cooking pot clattering on the floor.

Knock it off Ronnie, she mumbled from under her pillow.

Seconds later there came another crash.

Rolling from the bed Carrie straightened her night shirt and stalked out of her room. Rounding the corner the dark haired woman got a surprise. The kitchen lights were off. Storming into the kitchen she flipped the switch flooding the room with light. Carrie's eyes were dazzled by the light for a second.

"Damn it Ronnie, if your going to be up at this hour at least turn on the light so you can see what your doing!" Then Carrie opened her eyes.

Ronnie was huddled on the floor in the corner of the kitchen. She was also stark naked. Ok so it wasn't the first time one of them were wondering around naked. Only this time the slender red head had a black leather form fitting, something, over her head. Leather straps wrapping around her torso above and below her ample breasts and another at her waist pinning her arms to her body. Another strap at her knees and ankles and leather wrist cuffs completed the bondage.

"What the hell?" Carrie gasped, stepping over to her friend. Reaching for the hood she found a small pad lock securing it. Every strap and cuff was held in place using locks.

"Someone did you up good, I'm going to have to cut you out".

The bound girl squealed through the mask twisting her head. "Umm, Ummm", she hummed calling Carrie's attention to the gag panel on the mask. It was strapped tight but not locked. Releasing the buckle Carrie pulled the gag panel away pulling a two inch wide pear shaped plug from Ronnie's mouth.

"Don't cut it", Ronnie gasped, "I just need the keys and I can get myself out".

Carrie had been reaching for the blindfold panel but stopped. "Keys?" She asked. "What keys?"

"The keys to the locks", the bound girl replied. "I dropped them down behind my bed and can't reach them".

Kneeling on the floor by her helpless friend Carrie leaned back on her heels. "So why are you out here in the kitchen trying to make enough noise to wake the dead?"

Ronnie stammered, "I,.... I hid a spare set of keys in here months ago, but I can't find them".

Realization set in, "Were they taped up under the shelf there about half way back?"

"Yes", the bound girl replied.

Giggling Carrie got to her feet, "I found them weeks ago and dropped them into the junk drawer". Ronnie heard her friend open a drawer and the jingle of keys. She heard Carrie walk out of the room and some sounds from one of the bedrooms. Moments later Carrie was back. "Ok I have both sets of keys and you’re not getting them until I'm good and ready".

"You’re not going to ask about how I got this way?" Ronnie asked.

"Not really", Carrie replied, "unless you’re telling me that someone broke in, bound you in leather, then slipped out without taking anything? Or attacking me as well? I've seen the stuff you read on the computer remember? You showed me a few stories about girls tying themselves up. It was some interesting reading. There was one story I remember where a girl tied herself and was discovered by her friend. By the way, guess which part you get to play. But first I'm going back to bed and if you wake me before eight you will be very sorry. Open up, I'm putting the gag back in".

"Wait,..... wait a minute", Ronnie said.

"What?" Carrie asked exasperated.

"I,.. I have to,.. pee", the bound girl said.

"Fine", Carrie said, "but this goes back in first". Ronnie silently opened her mouth as the pear shape slipped past her lips. Carrie pulled the straps tight as she buckled the panel back in place. Then she opened the small locks on the buckles at the bound girls ankles and knees. Seconds later the straps were removed. Slowly the helpless girl rose to her knees then stood up. She twisted her head as if to see which way to go but the blindfold had never been removed.

A hand grabbed the ring on the front of her collar and pulled. "This way", she heard Carrie say, "and be quick about it". With Carrie's help the bound girl was in and out again in under two minutes. Once again she was pulled by the collar into her own bedroom.

Carrie had her sit on the floor before replacing the straps at her ankles and knees and locking them in place. Carrie found more straps laying on the bed and picked one up. Looping it around a strap on Ronnie's torso she bent the girls legs back and after pulling it tight buckled and locked it. Ronnie was now in a tight hogtie with her heels pressing against her own ass.

She watched for a few minutes as the bound girl struggled. Finally she clipped the keys to the front of the collar. "You have the keys", Carrie said. "Get yourself out". Then turning she walked from the room closing the door.

Ronnie lay quietly on her bedroom floor testing the restraints. There was a chance that Carrie had not done it quite right. Rolling from one side to the other she quickly discovered that everything was nice and tight. Her fingers found the buckle to the strap holding her legs bent back and the small pad lock that would keep her from escaping. Damn, Carrie did a good job putting this back together. Even if her wrist cuffs weren't attached to the waist belt she would not be able to reach the keys. They Jingled with every move just to tease her. Even with the keys right at hand she was helpless and would be waiting until Carrie decided to set her free.

What was she going to do with me, Ronnie wondered?
After leaving me helpless for hours, then what?
Will she release me in the morning or keep me bound all day?
All weekend???
What is Carrie willing to do?
How far will she go?
How far am I willing to go?
Do I really have a choice?

Carrie crawled back under the covers with the image of her roommate in her mind. Several ideas started to form as she drifted back to sleep.

Eight am came with the rumble of thunder. Carrie rolled from the bed and stumbled to the kitchen. Half-awake she sat at the table with a cup of coffee wondering what she was forgetting. Turning her head she saw the frying pan on the counter. 'What is that doing there', she wondered.

Slowly her memory started to kick in. Pans clattering in a dark kitchen. Ronnie naked and on her knees. Something, maybe dark leather over her head, "Oh Shit !" Carrie gasped, "Ronnie! "

Leaping to her feet Carrie started in the direction of the bedroom hesitating at the door. 'Wait a minute', she thought, 'go in calm. Make her think I planned it this way'. Taking a deep calming breath the blonde opened the door and walked in. Ronnie was right where she remembered laying on her side in the middle of her bedroom flood. Still just as naked and helplessly bound as she was at 5:30 this morning.

"You're still there I see", she said. "I gave you the keys and told you to get yourself out, so you must want to stay my prisoner". The bound girl wiggled in her restraints showing that her wrist cuffs were attached to the waist belt. Carrie laughed, "that's not my fault you can't reach the keys. I gave them to you".

Reaching down she removed the keys and released the strap creating the hogtie allowing the bound woman to stretch her legs for the first time in hours. Twisting around Ronnie managed to get to her knees. Sitting on the edge of the bed Carrie grabbed the strap around Ronnie's chest. Pulling her close she hauled the bound woman across her legs with the red heads ass facing up.

Ronnie struggled helplessly as she was forced into place. Slap! Carrie struck with her hand at her room mate's bare ass. Again and again she struck as Ronnie squirmed on her lap. The gag turned her shouting into mumbles as she screamed. One more slap made thirty and Carrie allowed the bound women to slide down her legs to land on the floor.

"That was for waking me at five am on a Saturday morning". Grabbing the ankle straps Carrie pulled her roommates bound feet over holding them in place. "This", she said, "is for giving me such an interesting play thing this morning". Carrie raked her fingers over the soles of Ronnie's bare feet. The bound girl thrashed wildly in her struggle to escape but the restraints held her tight. Muffled squeals escaped from the gag and hood. The dark haired girl showed no mercy as she continued to tickle her bound friend.

More thunder rumbled making the house shake. From the sound of it this storm is going to be an all day thing so the beach is out . She slapped Ronnie's bare soles and said, "Now we are just going to have to find something else to do today. Any suggestions?"

The leather bound and hooded girl shook her head silently.

"No?,.... Really?" Carrie asked, watching her helpless friend shake her head. " Fortunately I have a few ideas that will entertain the both of us". Rolling the bound girl onto her stomach Carrie replaced the strap once again placing Ronnie in a hogtie. This time the strap was pulled even tighter than before. Then using the straps she pulled the helpless girl to her knees.

Moving around her captive roommate Carrie knelt directly in front of her. She studied her friend taking in her rapid breaths, the way she quivered in fearful anticipation, her nipples which stood out in rigid attention.

This is where she started. Using feather lite touches the dark haired girl felt those firm nipples. Ronnie reacted to the touch. Not by pulling away but by thrusting her breasts out practically begging her to touch them again. Carrie did, using both hands she cupped the other woman’s breasts sliding her hands around them and sliding away from the tender flesh under those breasts.

The red head quivered as the contact was lost and made a frustrated squeak. Carrie leaned close bringing her nipples into contact with Ronnies. She rocked slowly allowing their breasts to rub together for a couple minutes before withdrawing. The red head squirmed and tried to lean closer but Carrie was carefully out of reach.

On hands and knees the brunette moved around the bound girl. Kneeling behind her Carrie pressed her naked body against her roommates bound body. She reached around the girl cupping and teasing her boobs again. Ronnie squirmed and leaned her head back to rest against Carrie's shoulder.

Ronnie felt a hand slid down and slip between her bound legs. Fingers probed at the opening of her sex teasing but not entering. Moaning she writhed in the arms of the other girl not daring to believe what was happening and not wanting it to stop. Then inspiration hit her.

My hands are in position to reach her! Reaching out with her hand she found the other girl right where she expected. She ran her fingers over the brunettes clit and was rewarded when she felt the other girl squirm against her back.

Carrie had been caught by surprise. Not only was her roommate touching her, but it feels so good. Ronnie's fingers pierced the opening slipping inside. Carrie slipped a finger into her as well. Both girls knelt on the floor writing from the touch of the other one helplessly bound the other a prisoner of the touch.

Ronnie cried out as her orgasm exploded with only the straps and Carrie's arms to contain it. Carrie gasped a second later as her orgasm rocked her. She fell to the side dragging the bound girl with her. They lay gasping as the sweat dried on their bodies. Ronnie squirmed in the restraints but Carrie's arms wrapped around her body and held her still.

"Shhhhhhh,......" she whispered. "This is just round one. If you’re a good girl you may be free by noon. If you’re really good maybe I'll let you tie me up after lunch."


Resistance is futile,
But it can be fun

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