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Casualty of Junkyard Wars

by Texvector

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© Copyright 2003 - Texvector - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; susp; magnet; toys; cons; X

Sara's father had raised her alone since her mother died when Sara was very young.  He put many years into his junkyard and wrecker business to pay for her tuition. Mostly, he wanted her to try for a "real" degree rather than art.  Though, when he looked at some of her sculptures, you could really see that he was proud of how talented she had become.  

Sara's dark black skin and curly brown hair made every man stare when she worked up a sweat. A young 34C-28-32 frame dressed only in a jumpsuit will get anyone's attention when she is straddling a big block Chevy.  Those young 20 year old curves dripping with sweat and grease from stripping the engine.  Her dedication to her father and his business afforded Sara few chances for a relationship.  She didn't mind, she had other ways of letting her hair down.

Sara was glued to her television every Wednesday night for her favorite show in many years. The British and now American super hit "Junkyard Wars" was a means of releasing the tensions of the days that she spent in college trying madly to impress her professors as she struggled towards a degree in Art Sciences.  One of her professors had repeatedly made sexual suggestions as to how she could better her class scores.  She had been desperate enough to try it on several occasions but never lacked the sanity to do so in real life. The man was 83 years old and looked twice that.

The latest challenge on Junkyard Wars was to retrieve as many pieces of trash from a gully without using your hands.  "Build an electromagnet dummies!!" Sara shouted at the screen. She laid back and thought to the old electromagnet crane that she had been promising for two months to work on for her father.  Her class work kept her busy but she still found time to help him with little things on the weekends. This, however, was a major undertaking.

Sara laid back and let her mind drift. Being a young college girl, her mind thought of sex. The electromagnet stirred an idea into her head about a hobby she was developing, self bondage.  Though it was dark, when her show ended, Sara struck out into the junkyard and found several thick pieces of rebar. She loaded them into a wheelbarrow and took them to the tool shed at the back of the yard. She left again and searched the piles of scrap and twisted metal. Turning back towards the shed she saw a large kitchen mixer. It was the kind that is used to mix pizza dough.  

She struggled to load the heavy mixer into the wheelbarrow.  When she reached the shop she glanced at watch and decided to call it a night.  When she arrived at class the next morning she was surprised to see her seat empty.  Usually the professor mentioned earlier would harass her about her choice of dress and supposed style of clothing before letting her sit.  Today however there was a young, attractive white man sitting on the desk at the head of the room. Speaking loudly, he urged everyone to find a seat for he had an announcement to make.  

"My name is Paul Stikes, and for those of you who don't know me, I was the Professor's grader and head graduate student/teaching assistant.  Um, last night the professor had a severe stroke and early this morning we learned that he died.  For that reason you will be given the rest of the week off so that we can evaluate your grades based on the Professor's notes.  If anyone has any trouble with anything, just come and talk to me afterwards.  That being said have a nice weekend and come back Monday ready to work."

Sara couldn't believe her ears.  The old goat finally kicked and she was ecstatic. "Finally, I'll be able to get a fair opinion of my work without having to put up with that lewd fart." Sara rushed home to tell her father but the only comment he made was, "Well, now you have the time to work on that old electromagnet."   Sara smiled and went to change into her work clothes. She only wore a cotton jumpsuit and steel toed boots in the yard.  All day Thursday she spent tearing down the magnet and just before dark she got it put back together.  

Her father told her that Friday she would have to watch the yard since he had to take a load of crushed cars to be recycled and would be gone until dark.  Sara smiled brightly because she knew how she would choose to spend the day.  


Friday morning at dawn Sara woke to the sound of cars being piled onto a trailer. Her father blew the air horn and waved as he and the driver pulled out of the yard. Sara fell back into bed and smiled as she caressed her breasts and nipples.  Standing once again she put on her jumpsuit and boots and went to the tool shed.  There she took her stopwatch and started it. "10 hours to build and play, Let the games begin."  

Sara started by cutting the 5/8 inch diameter rebar into sections of varying lengths. These she bent into tight spirals resembling springs.  She made sets that would fit snugly around each of her biceps, forearms, wrists, hips, thighs, ankles, above and below the knees, and several for her waist. Sara took two small nuts that she found on the floor and screwed them onto each of her nipples. She loved the feel and the added weight made her nipples bounce as if they were tiny breasts.  

Now Sara took a long piece of rebar and bent it to form a kind of steel under wire bra.  It cupped the bottom edge of her body just below her breasts.  Sara took off her jumpsuit and tried on each of the rings. Once she decided that she would be able to move with them on she took them off once again and began to work with the mixer.  Sara removed the mixer head and added a large fly wheel which she welded in place. To this, Sara attached a revolving arm that would make a piston action when the mixer was turned on. 

She climbed the wall aside the door of the shed and retrieved a long toolbox.  Inside of the toolbox were all of her dildos, vibes, and other toys that she had collected over the years.  Sara took a long 10” dildo and screwed the base onto the piston arm.  Then she welded several rods to the base of the mixer in an upward “V” formation. To the top of this she welded a metal plate.  This arrangement would allow her to suspend the mixer from the plate when the plate was stuck to the magnet.  

The only problem she encountered was how to get the restraints on her body stuck to the magnet once the mixer was stuck to the magnet and the dildo inside of her.  Sara took the mixer in the wheelbarrow out to the electromagnet. She climbed into the crane and hoisted the magnet about six feet off of the ground.  She turned the dial on the magnet to a low setting and watched a few pieces of scrap metal lift off of the ground.  Not wanting this to happen when she was under the magnet, she turned it up to full and removed all the small scrap from the area.  She moved the magnet back into place and went to hang the mixer from it.

There was just enough force to hold the mixer up and Sara figured that it wouldn’t be enough to hold her weight.  Returning to the shed she removed her jumpsuit and put on all of her restraints fashioned from rebar.  From the refrigerator, she took a Ziploc bag of ice and as she walked back past her toolbox of toys she grabbed a medium sized, red, rubber ball gag.  She fastened it around her neck and walked back to the magnet in the nude.  Once there she tied a weight to a piece of wire and set it on the bag of ice in the seat.  

The other end of the wire was attached to the lever controlling the force of the magnet. When the ice melted it would tip the weight and as it fell the lever would pull the magnet to full force.  It would remain at that strength until the motor ran out of gas. By Sara’s calculation, that would mean she would be bound for about 4 hours.  With this in place, Sara attached a timer to the cord of the mixer and plugged it into an extension cord.  The timer would turn the mixer on for 15 minutes then off for 15 minutes. The cycle would repeat until she was able to turn it off.  

Sara now dragged an old, moldy bed mattress and put it under the magnet.  As she did she felt the pull of the magnet on her restraints.  With one last look around she stood beneath the magnet and strapped the ball gag deep into her mouth.  Lifting her arms she felt them seized by the magnet, though she could pull them away by putting all of her weight on the two restraints.  With a little jump she secured her wrists, forearms, elbows, and biceps to the magnet.  By swinging her body she managed to bring her waist bands to the magnet and they too locked against the metal face.  With her legs still hanging and the magnet being just strong enough to hold her weight, Sara inched her pussy lips over the end of the dildo.  

Now that everything was in place, Sara raised her legs and let the magnet take hold of them also.  She lifted her arms above her head and stretched them as outwardly as possible.  She was bound, facing the ground in a spread eagle position with a dildo ready to impale her at the first click of the timer.  A few minutes went by and she heard a loud clunk. The weight had fallen and now, with the magnet at full strength, not only were her restraints stuck to the magnet, the nuts twisted onto her nipples were pressed deep into her breasts.  

CLICK! The mixer started to push and pull the dildo into and out of her warm pussy. The 8” stroke left only one inch in on each pull and 9 inches filled her on every push.  She struggled against the bands but the magnet was too strong.  As her orgasm approach, appropriately the mixer shut off burying the dildo deep into her warm body.  Because of the restrictions of the bands Sara couldn’t even hump against the dildo.  

The process repeated over the next two hours.  During these hours Sara had two orgasms that made her so wet, she actually watched her own juices drip onto the mattress below.  So engrossed in her latest orgasm, she failed to notice the young man standing just inches from her face. “Sorry to bother you, but is your name Sara?” Sara gasped and tried to get free. She wanted only to cover herself but the bands held her tightly. “Pardon the intrusion, but it wasn’t hard to find you. This is the only piece of equipment running in the entire yard. I don’t know if you remember me but my name is Paul Stikes. I announced the Professor’s death in his class yesterday. I’ve been reviewing his notes and found that he had quite a fascination about you.” 

“Sorry, do you mind?” He reached up and unbuckled Sara’s gag.  “Better?, do you want something to drink?” 

“Yes, No, um, thank you; Why are you here!?!” Sara asked. 

“Ah, back to that. Well, I’ll be taking over for the professor for the rest of the semester and I wanted to clear up a few of the notes he kept on certain students. I’ve talked to several students who have passing grades and yet they seem rather incompetent to get the grades that are posted. One finally admitted that the professor was running a bit of a ‘sex show for grades’ policy. If a student wanted to pass a test, he or she would have to perform in front of the professor and his guests.” 

“HE or she??” 

“Yes, several male students were included in this group. And from what I’ve seen here, I imagine you were part of the show too.” 

“NO! No, um, I mean. (sigh) Look, I have been doing this to myself for years. The professor approached me several times asking if I wanted to improve my grades, insinuating that the process would be sexual. Every single time he asked I said ‘NO’. The man was a dinosaur for Christ’s sake. I’m not that desperate for an ‘A’ in the class yet.”  

“Hmm, Ok say I believe you.  Would you be willing to take a written exam to prove it?” 

“CLICK!” The mixer once again turned on and began its slow assault on Sara’s now reddened pussy.  

“Oh, oh, yes, yes; I mean, Yes, I’ll take a written exam, but, right now I’m a little tied up at the moment.” 

“Understandable, the test will be next Wednesday, if you fail to present an appreciable amount of knowledge on the subject your grades will be put to further review.” He turns and begins to walk away but stops and approaches Sara, leaning down to look her face to face. “I must say; I’ve seen some of your works for class, and if you were to put as much effort and thought into your craft as you do into THIS, there would be no question as to your merits. Do you want me to put the gag back in?”

“You seem awfully OK with all of this. Me being helpless, naked, and a fucking machine doing its business right in front of you. You don’t like women or something?” 

“Sara, can I call you Sara?” He reaches up and replaces the ball gag deep into Sara’s mouth as he speaks. “I don’t have sex with my students but, if it were up to me, your little toy would have a counter-rotating wheel pounding a dildo into your ass as well as your pussy. A pair of nipple piercings would keep your tits pegged to the steel, and you would be facing upwards so as to prevent you from being able to brace yourself when you fall. You would be wearing a full hood without eyes to see who is watching or ears to hear the crane sputter as it gives up the ghost.  Also that machine would have a chain on it to keep it from pushing that dildo all the way into your chest when this machine cuts off and you fall on it.” 

“Phmmmph?” Sara mutters. 

“Oh would you like me to do that for you before I leave? Ok, but it’ll cost you.”  Paul wraps the electrical cord of the mixer around the chain holding up the magnet assuring Sara won’t be impaled or injured by it when it fell.  As payment for this deed, Paul unplugged the mixer at the timer and plugged it straight into the extension cord.  Now Sara would have to put up with the constant onslaught of the machine until the magnet shut off. “Bye now, I have a lot more stops to make. See you in class.”  With that he left. Sara had six more orgasms before the crane sputtered and finally dropped her worn and tired body onto the mattress.  Her pussy was swollen and puffed out so far that she dreaded putting on panties.

Sara put away her things and threw the scrap back into the junkyard where it was perfectly camouflaged. She lay in her bed cupping her swollen pussy lips thinking about the afternoon. “Mmmm, new professor, has a high shock tolerance, knows his kinky side well; I’m going to ace this class now! If he thought today was good, he better be prepared for when I bring out my Final Art Project. I wonder if I could get a look at the list of students who ‘the old goat’ was playing with. They would make great kinetic art…….  I think I’ll call it, “The Goat’s Suckers” or maybe,… Hmm, “Casualties of Junkyard Wars.”  



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