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The Catastrophe

by GaggedUtopia

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© Copyright 2003 - GaggedUtopia - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; toys; cons; X

Note – This story is true, or at least how I remember it. This happened to me about a week ago and taught me a lesson. I think everybody probably needs one of these lessons at one point or another if they practice self-bondage, providing it is not fatal.

  The Night Begins…

I sat down at my computer and was pretty bored. It was a Sunday night and I had no plans to keep me busy, not even a rented movie. Since I had not made updated my site in a while, I decided that I would work on the next instalment of Amber’s Misfortune. Completing what I set out to do usually never happens as I start to get turned on. Before long, I convince myself it time for a break and time to tie myself up for a bit. Last Sunday was no different. 

I had a few pages done when I got up from my chair and headed over to the bedroom. Grabbing the toys that I would be using, I sat down on my bed. Some explanation is needed on the toys that I often use for my self-bondage adventures as most of them are home made. The first toy is my ball gag. It looks like a normal gag, but is made from a rubber ball that I cut in half and put a dog collar in between the two halves and taped them together with electrical tape. I have a few normal gags in my collection, but this one was my first and always seems the most restrictive (due to its size). It also has a chinstrap that I made from another smaller collar and my sewing kit.

I can’t tell you how I came up with my next toy, or rather, belt. It is a thin belt that fits around my waist tightly and has a ring in the back. Attached to the rings I have two ropes that run between my legs and up to the front of the belt. The ends of the ropes have loops on them. What I do next is what I like about my little homemade belt. I take a pair of handcuffs and wrap them around the front of the belt and then take each of the rope loops and push each cuff though them. In the end I have a pair of cuffs attached to the front of the belt and due to the ropes between my legs, everything is pulled even tighter. It also makes is impossible for me to lift my hands up higher then my stomach, let alone nipples or face.

Now that I have the belt and gag on, I decide to implement a new idea that I thought of looking at my light fixture the other day. I have a simple chandelier that has the special light bulbs with the little points on the top of them. It turns out the handcuff keys fit perfect on them. I take all my keys on put them on all the lights. I had tested this out earlier in the day to make sure that I could get the keys without any trouble and as I suspected, it was easy to get the keys. To get them down and have a long wooden dowel that I was trying to make some new toys with. The added bonus to the lights is when I do knock them down; they will be well over 150 degrees and won’t be able to pick them up without letting them cool off first.

The scheme was not overly complex as I was not binding my legs, but that is the way I like it. Once I bring myself to orgasm, my real fears of being trapped and claustrophobia set in. It may seem strange that a person with these fears might enjoy self-bondage, but I do… very much so. The reason is because before orgasm I have no real fears and love the feel of being gagged and fighting against my bonds. However, if I started to feel that I can’t get free, panic sets in very easy. I start to have a hard time breathing though the gag and the pain on my nipples (if I’m wearing clamps) start to become unbearable where they were just pleasure before. Once I have the key in hand however, I can calm myself down as I never miss the keyhole when trying to get free.

Now that the keys are stashed in the other room, I went back to the bedroom to finish my preparations. I picked up my posture collar and put it on, then threaded my nipple clamps though the ring in the front and clipped them on. Next, I took some clothespins and put them over the nipple clamps (they spring in the clamp is not very strong, plus I love the extra pressure). I am almost ready when I slide my arms though a simple elbow binder. It’s just a huge coil of rope that keeps my elbows behind my back while my wrists are locked in front. The rope also causes my chest to stick out a bit, causing some pull in the nipple clamp chain. *click* *click* *click* *click* and I was cuffed, gagged and ready to have some fun.

Everything was going well, I was enjoying myself, stopping once in a while to fight against my bonds. I was enjoying the raining listening to the pouring rain outside and the occasional lightning flash, when it occurred to me that I should shut down my computers while this was going on. No sooner does the thought cross my mind when the power goes out. Before the surprise of it starts to set in, it comes back on. Right about now however, I don’t want to risk anything so I get up and start heading over to the light fixture to get one of the keys down.

Unfortunately, I don’t even make it to the door. The power goes off this time and I am standing there, bound tightly and in the pitch dark. I am still turned on, however given the gravity of my situation; it was starting to quickly fade. In an effort to curb my panic, I head back over to the bed and decide to continue keeping myself turned on. I know that as soon as I orgasm my immunity to fear will quickly be gone. I am able to prolong my peek for about 15 minutes and then I came. I laid in my bed, trying to take deep breaths through my gag and keep myself calm. 

After about the 4th breath, panic started to set in fast. I started to fight against my bonds, finding it harder and harder to breathe. I know now it was quite futile, however at the time, it was almost like my ability to think was slowly draining away. After a minute of fighting with my bonds I got up off the bed again and started to wander around looking for something that will give me light.

I stagger over to my porch sliding doors and open the curtains hoping some light would shine. To my dismay, due to the rain there was no moonlight and since the power was out, there was no light from the city either. I am starting to calm down a little bit, but now the pain from the nipple clamps and the tight handcuffs are starting to set in. I walk over to the bedroom again and lay down to try and collect my thoughts and think of a plan.

After a few minutes, mostly just trying to block the pain, I think of a plan. I got back up, and headed to the kitchen to get a knife. It took a little effort, but I was able to find a small and sharp one in the drawer. Holding the knife in my hand I realized how stupid it actually was to attempt what I was doing in the dark. Let alone the obvious reasons of damaging my manhood, but maybe cutting my leg or stabbing my stomach. If I slipped just once, I could cut myself and I wouldn’t be able to stop the bleeding or worse, if I seriously hurt myself.

Now that that plan was out of the window, I needed a new one fast as my panic from not being able to escape started to grow. As I started to head back to my bedroom, I noticed that the hallway emergency lights (in my apartment building) were on by the gleam under the door. Since the lighting fixture was near the front door, I might be able to open the door and get enough light in to see what I was doing.

I figured that it was around 3am and nobody on the 3rd floor should be walking around, but as I opened the door I could hear voices. Unfortunately, I couldn’t tell if they were on the same floor, or just echoing from downstairs. Given my state of fear, the thought of having to stick my head out the door and have somebody see me gagged was stronger. I quickly closed the door and decided that I would lie in my bed to wait the people out.

I tried to occupy myself with rational thought and maybe stir up some new ideas for stories while I was like this. Hell, maybe I could go for round #2 and turn myself on again. The amusing part to all of this was that being stuck like this is what I had always “thought” that I wanted. I guess in a way I would really be enjoying this if it was not for the pain, and probably why I usually seek escape right after I cum. Never the less, I was actually starting to turn myself on again. It didn’t take very long for me to get hard again and begin masturbating. At least this was a temporary escape from my little hell I was in. During my ecstasy however, one thought crossed my mind and that was how I would feel after I was done. Would I feel the fear all over again, and find it hard to breathe? I was about to find out as I begin to cum again and start breathing heavy again.

I started to feel the fear creep back, but I lay on my side and just closed my eyes and tried to fight it. After what seemed like and hour (but was probably 10 minutes), I calmed down and was feeling very tired. Instinctively I glanced at my clock to see what time it was and all I saw was the blinking 12:00. It took a whole 10 seconds for it to register in my head that the power was back on. “Holy Shit!” I tried to say, but came out much more muffled. 

I got up and ran into the living room to get the keys. I knocked one of them down with my stick and got down on my knees to pick it up. “Fuck!” I tried to say again as the key scalded my hand. It seems the power has been on for a little while now and heated up the key. Desperately wanting to get that key, I put my foot on it to try and cool it down, which seemed to work after a little while. Once the key was cooled, I unlocked the cuffs and could see keep red marks from the past few hours. Next was the gag. Boy did that feel good and hurt when I took that out. I had never had the gag in for more then 20 minutes prior to this. I was nervous to take off the nipple clips, but had no choice as they were burning now. I walked over to the fridge and grabbed an ice cube to dull the pain. OUCH! OUCH! Waves of pain raced though my body as I took the clips off. At least the ice cube helped a little bit.

 The rest of the gear was easily stripped away and I went to my bed to head to sleep. It didn’t take long considering I was still in a bit of pain from my nipples and jaw. I chuckled to myself as I thought “Looks like I am wearing a long sleeve shirt to work tomorrow.” Then I was out like a light in a power outage.


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