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Catching Lisa

by Cindy

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© Copyright 2007 - Cindy - Used by permission

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Lisa and I had become “just good friends” since I had come to work at the same company with her. She had been responsible for my orientation, but outside of work, she had helped me find an apartment and helped to get me settled in. We were both single and over a few months time we developed a friendship without dating. Lisa owned her own home; a decent sized house with a guest cottage behind it. I had offered my services as a handyman after she had been less than satisfied with a contractor’s work. I was competent to handle minor repairs around a house, though typically I took a long time pushing for perfection. My Saturdays were quite often spent at Lisa’s with odds and ends of plumbing, electrical, and carpentry work. We had developed a regular routine; I went into town early and picked up pastry and a dozen day-old bagels, then called at Lisa’s. We split the bagels between us for the next week and she made coffee and we shared the pastries. After coffee I would start on any work around the house that we had planned.

Lisa was an attractive young woman, we were both single and unattached, but I tended to avoid getting involved with people I worked with. Lisa had never given me any indication of interest in being anything more than friends. I suspected she was into self-bondage. She tended to wear long sleeves when we were together on Saturdays, but I was sure I had seen marks on both her wrists from ropes or handcuffs. My experience in self-bondage included memories of my own wrists being marked the same way. One morning I had come by and seen a small envelope with my name on it taped inside the front storm door. Before I could get to it, she opened the door and snatched it up. When I asked about it, she explained she had been out in the guest house earlier and just left a note to explain where she was. Despite her explanation, I suspected I was her safety and the note contained instructions for me to get her loose in case something went wrong. From my own background of self-bondage and cross-dressing, I knew the use I would make of a guest house.

One Friday night I was determined to find out for sure. I dressed in a dark sweatshirt and pants and after dark I set out to walk the few blocks from my apartment to Lisa’s place. Her house was dark except for a kitchen light in back. There was no flicker of light from a TV nor enough light to read by. I went by the front door and could see an envelope taped where I expected it. I went around to the back of the house and out to the guest house. There were no lights on but I didn’t expect Lisa would need any if she started into bondage before dark. I moved a lawn chair around the corner where I would be hidden by bushes and prepared to wait. I dozed a while but was awakened by the sound of the door latch. I watched Lisa come out and walk up to the main house. There was just enough light to see she was wearing heels and what appeared to be a shiny black body suit covering her from feet to neck. I watched as she got a key from a hiding place and let herself in the back door. Inside I saw her go to the kitchen sink and splash water over her face. Then she unzipped her top and ran her wet hands over her chest. Soon I saw a light go on in her upstairs bedroom but the blinds were drawn and I couldn’t see anything more. I replaced the lawn chair and walked home. It was near midnight by the time I got in so her bout in the guest house must have lasted until near 11:30.

The next day and the following week passed without incident, but I was formulating a plan to catch her in bondage. The following Friday night I prepared to go out en femme. I never attempted to pass, but I felt that in a skirt and heels on a dark night I would only be seen as a woman as long as I avoided any close contact or bright light. I dressed fully in panties, bra, pantyhose, a dark blouse, black knee length skirt, pumps with low heels and a dark blazer. I made my face up completely using black mascara and eyeliner and a dark red lipstick, then a black wig that was long enough to brush my shoulders. I took a small purse but only put my apartment and car keys in it along with a small strip of plastic and a pair of gloves. Once it was dark I drove to an apartment complex just around the corner from Lisa’s. I walked back to the house and saw everything appeared just as it had been the previous Friday. I put on my gloves with the idea of preventing fingerprints. If Lisa would be in bondage as I expected, she would be compromising her activities to report an intruder to the police, but I wanted to be safe. I was prepared to use a shim to open the door to the guest house, but found it was unlatched.

I managed to open the door without making any noise and entered on tiptoe. I had expected Lisa to be bound in the bedroom, but I was shocked to see her sitting in an easy chair at the side of the front room. I didn’t know whether to turn and run or say hello. Then I realized she had her head covered. I slipped off my shoes and crept closer to her. As my eyes adjusted in the dim light, I could see her mouth and eyes were covered and her ankles were tied with rope. Her arms were behind her, presumably handcuffed. I heard something humming and realized it had to be a vibrator. As I stood there I heard her start moaning. The moaning built up muffled by a gag while she twisted in her bonds. She was having an orgasm that lasted a few minutes until she finally slumped and went quiet.

I took a look around and in the kitchen area I found a plastic bowl of ice on the floor. Taking it nearer a window I thought I could see one or more keys embedded in the partially melted ice. I guessed these would be the keys to her handcuffs. I put the bowl on the counter where I thought it would be out of her reach. I took a seat across the room from Lisa and made myself comfortable. I was too excited to doze and waited patiently as Lisa went through several more orgasms. Finally she slipped out of the chair to the floor and started crawling toward the kitchen. When she reached the wall where the bowl had been she started moving along the wall feeling against the base board until she reached the refrigerator. Then she started back the other way. I put my shoes on and stood in her way. When she bumped against my leg, she twisted to bring her hands in contact with my foot. She felt my shoe and put a hand on my instep. She seemed to realize she was caught and all she could do was accept whatever was going to happen. She just sat on the floor with her back to the wall. I took a few minutes to look her over; she was wearing handcuffs and a latex or rubber suit, zipped up from crotch to her neck. A hood covered her head with a collar covering the top of the zipper of her suit, and over the hood were a blindfold and gag buckled behind her head. With her wrists handcuffed behind her, she was completely helpless.

I took the key from the plastic bowl and put it in my purse. I knelt on the floor and untied her ankles. I tied one end of the rope to a D ring on her collar, then used it as a leash to coax her up to a standing position. I led her out and across the back yard to the house. She hesitated as we left the guest house but didn’t offer any resistance. I found her hidden key and let us in and went upstairs to her bedroom. I left her standing in the middle of the room while I turned on a bedside lamp. When I turned on the lamp, I saw a partially open drawer with several small padlocks and key sets, including a duplicate for the handcuffs, and some loose batteries. I took out the handcuff key and placed it on the dresser; I didn’t want to take a chance on her getting loose.

I hadn’t formulated any plan of what to do with her once I’d caught her. Now she was completely helpless and I had control of her. She seemed resigned to her condition and I couldn’t help but wonder what her fantasies might include. I wanted to have some fun with her, but I didn’t want to go so far as to force non consensual sex on her. With the light on I was able to walk around her and had a chance to look her over at my leisure. Her suit was tight and did nothing to conceal her figure; she was quite shapely. I unbuckled her collar and pulled her zipper down all the way into her crotch. I pushed the suit back off her shoulders exposing her tits. They were magnificent, jutting out proud and firm with no sag at all. Being covered in a light sheen of sweat only enhanced their appearance. I decided to get her suit completely off so I could see her fully naked. I buckled her collar back, then got three of her padlocks out and locked her gag, her blindfold and the collar. I walked her over to the bed and pushed her face down on it. I worked her suit down her arms to her wrists, then unlocked one wrist, pulled her suit off her arm and quickly placed the cuff back on her wrist. I repeated the action on the other wrist. She made no effort to resist. I took off her shoes, then pulled her suit down her legs and off.

Under the suit she was wearing a chastity belt consisting of a leather belt around her waist, a panel down the front to a belt drawn up behind her, spreading her ass cheeks and buckled to the waist belt. A small pouch was clipped to her waist with wires leading under her chastity belt at her crotch. I then realized I couldn’t hear her vibrator anymore. I opened the pouch and found two vibrator controls. I took out the batteries and replaced them with some from her nightstand. The humming from the vibrators started up and Lisa jerked, apparently startled as the vibration started inside her again.

I worked her up to a standing position again and sat on the bed and admired her for a minute or so. She was definitely all I had imagined; all the curves in just the right places with firm buns and tits and long legs even without heels. I took off my gloves and reached around to grasp her ass cheeks with both hands. She felt delightfully soft and smooth. I forced her legs apart and ran my hands up the insides of her thighs. As my hands reached the tops of her legs, I heard her start moaning. Apparently the vibrators or my touch or both were driving her to another orgasm. Shortly she shuddered through a climax. I had to wonder how many she could go through in a night or an evening. I left her alone for a few minutes till her breathing slowed. Then I stood and cupped my hands under her tits lifting them gently. I bent down and licked at each nipple in turn and then sucked one between my lips. I couldn’t be sure but I thought I felt her lean into it. I fully enjoyed running my hands all over her body, sometimes gently scraping my fingernails over her bare skin and continuing to return to lick and suck on her nipples.

I thoroughly enjoyed having her helpless and almost completely naked, while my hands roamed freely up and down her body. As I sat back while she went through another orgasm, I noticed the time on her bedside clock. It was nearly 1 AM. I would have enjoyed continuing to play with her for much longer, but I thought it best that I get home to sleep so I could make my expected appearance for our usual Saturday morning coffee. I took out two more of her padlocks and locked her chastity belt and the pouch holding her vibrator controls. I put my gloves back on, took hold of the rope attached to her collar, and led her out of the bedroom and downstairs. She hesitated at the stairs but continued down as I let her take her own careful pace. She hesitated again as I led her out the front door, but still offered no real resistance. Once outside, I guided her to the corner of the house. Then I unlocked one wrist from her handcuffs and placed her hand against the house. I wanted her to find her way back to the back door and let herself back in. I walked out to the sidewalk and turned to watch her make her way along the side of the house. Once she went around the corner, I left, making my way back around the block to my car. I drove home without seeing anyone, undressed, cleaned off my makeup and went to bed with my alarm set to wake me about the usual Saturday morning time. I had some beautiful dreams that night.

The next morning, though tired, I was close to being on schedule when I reached Lisa’s. She was up and dressed and other than seeming to be sleepily distracted all appeared normal. After we finished our cinnamon rolls and started on second cups of coffee, I asked, “Are you OK? You act like you’re still asleep.”

She replied, “I’m OK. Just didn’t really get a good nights sleep.”

“Bad dreams wake you up?”

“No, more like good dreams that I wished wouldn’t stop.” she responded with a dreamy smile.

I decided it was now or never. I reached in my jeans pocket pulling out the handcuff key and setting it on the table in front of her.

She just stared for a minute before speaking. “That was you? But in a skirt? … and heels? Why didn’t you finish the job?”

“I couldn’t take you when you couldn’t refuse.”

She sat a moment longer, then rose saying, “Give me ten minutes, then come upstairs.” Then she left the kitchen and I heard her steps going up the stairs.

I finished my coffee and waited an interminable ten minutes. Upstairs, I walked to the door of her bedroom. From the doorway I could see Lisa on the bed. She was lying on her stomach on the bed, completely naked except for her hood, with gag and blindfold and handcuffs. I still ached from the night before and wanted her desperately and now she was mine, and though helpless, she had essentially consented to whatever I wanted. I went to the bed and maneuvered her off it to a standing position. I walked her backward to a chair and got her to sit just on the edge of it but leaning to the back of it so her wrists were not taking any weight. I spread her legs wide so her pussy was fully exposed. It was already glistening with moisture. I knelt between her legs and bent forward to run my tongue over her pussy. She tried to arch up against me but she had little leverage in her position. I licked up and down, then pushed her pussy lips apart driving my tongue inside her. I flicked my tongue around her clit while I inserted one finger in her, then sucked on it while I inserted two fingers. I felt her legs trembling, then her whole body convulsed and she was moaning out a climax.

I couldn’t wait any longer; I stood and stripped naked. I got her on her feet and walked her back to the bed. I got her up on the bed on her knees with her head and shoulders down on the bed. I knelt behind her between her legs and pushed my cock into her warm inviting pussy. She was already well lubricated and I slid in easily. I bent forward to reach around her to cup my hands over her tits. I was only able to manage a few strokes before I exploded in a mind-numbing climax. It felt as though I had spurted a bucketful inside her.

For a bit I could only stay still on top of her and inside her while I caught my breath. After a moment or two, I put my arm tight around her belly and rolled both of us over on our sides. My cock was still stiff but slipped out anyway. She pressed back spooning her body close against me, with my cock resting against the crack of her ass. I thought I could just rest a minute before letting her loose, but I was more tired than I realized and fell asleep still holding her against me.

I woke to feel her naked body still against me but her hands were in my crotch, with one gently holding my balls and the other gently stroking my erect cock. I would have stayed like that for a while but when she realized I was awake she started butting her head back against my chin and making muffled noises into her gag. I had no idea what she wanted, but I reached up, unbuckled her gag and pulled it out of her mouth. I was surprised at the size of it. It was shaped like a cock about three inches long; it must have been almost in her throat. She rolled over away from me and onto her side facing me, then wriggled down to get her head in my crotch. I rolled on my back while she rested her head on my stomach. She put her lips over my cock and slowly engulfed it in her mouth. She played her tongue around the head, then began a bobbing motion up and down on my cock. As I felt another climax building up, I pressed my hands against the back of her head to encourage her. As I started ejaculating she stopped moving but I could feel her still sucking. It felt like I was reaching the back of her throat. She kept me in her mouth until I stopped, then withdrawing she gave one last lick to the tip, before turning to rest her head on my chest. I heard her murmur “That was nice.”

I reached around her head and unbuckled her blindfold and collar, and worked her hood off. Her face was sweaty from being covered so long, but she had a bright smile as she asked, “Did you enjoy that too?”

I asked, “Do you mean the blow job, or the whole morning?”

“Oh, the blow job. I never liked that before, but being kept helpless just made it different. I felt like I had to do something special to please you. I wanted to do it for you.”

“Well, I definitely enjoyed it. I know I’ve never had a morning like this before. But now where are the keys for your handcuffs?”

“It’s on the big dresser. I wanted it up higher than I could reach. I didn’t want to be able to get loose until you let me loose.”

I got the key and released both her wrists. They were both marked from the tight cuffs. I held her hands and massaged each wrist in turn. I suggested, “You would be better off with ropes. Don’t these hurt or at least get mighty uncomfortable?”

“Sometimes. But I can almost always get loose from ropes. And I don’t want to get loose. I like it to go on for hours before I stop.”

“I could fix you up with some chains that would work just as well as handcuffs but wouldn’t be so uncomfortable.”

“Would you? Why? Do you do the same thing? Tie yourself up? And what were you doing in a skirt and heels last night?”

“I enjoy self-bondage but I like cross-dressing too.”

“You like to dress in women’s clothes? I thought that was for gays.”

“No, I’m as heterosexual as anybody. I just have a fetish to dress up.”

“I’d like to hear more about it. But it’s about lunchtime. How about if I fix us some sandwiches and we’ll talk some more over lunch.”


“Just let me have the bathroom for a minute, then you can have it while I go down to the kitchen.”

She got up and put on a short robe and started for the bathroom, while I started picking up my clothes from the floor.

She turned and said, “No, why don’t you leave those. I’ll give you a robe.” She went to her closet and brought out a short robe like the one she had on, but pink where hers was blue. “This should fit you OK.”

I put on the robe and sat back on the bed. She came out in a minute and I went in. When I finished and washed I went down th the kitchen. Downstairs, Lisa was bustling around the kitchen fixing tuna fish sandwiches. The short robe she wore showed most of her legs, and I enjoyed watching her. She invited me to sit down at the kitchen table while she got lunch ready. She placed sandwiches with chips and soda on the table and then seated herself across from me. We both made short work of the sandwiches, without any conversation, then relaxed to finish our sodas.

She was still curious about my activities. She asked, “Do you dress up in all a woman’s clothes? Bras and panties and everything? Does that turn you on? What were you wearing last night?”

“Easy. One thing at a time. I like wearing all women’s clothes from the skin out. I’ve got my own skirts and dresses. And a collection of underwear with bras, panties garter belts, nylons. Even some nightgowns. And yes, sometimes it turns me on and sometimes I just feel comfortable being dressed up.”

“What did you wear last night?”

“You felt the heels and pantyhose. I guess you felt the skirt. I was wearing panties and a bra and a dark blouse, and a wig. And a little makeup.”

“What about breasts?”

“I used some breast forms that give me a C-cup.”

“But you like women? I guess after this morning you proved that.”

She sat a moment, then asked, “Will you tie me up again?”

I was delighted to comply. I walked around to her side of the table, pulled back her chair, and held her facing away from me. I reached around her, pulled loose the tie from her robe and used it to tie her wrists together behind her back. I pulled her robe down off her shoulders so it fell down around her wrists. I pushed her dishes out of the way and pushed her down to bend over the table. I pushed her legs apart, flipped up her robe and pushed my cock between her legs and in her pussy. She let out what seemed to be a satisfied moan. This time I was able to maintain a slow rhythm pushing as far in her as I could then withdrawing till I was almost out. All I heard from Lisa were low murmurs, sometimes a little louder as I pushed deep into her warm pussy. Soon I felt her moving against me, trying to get more of my cock into her. I withdrew completely, letting my cock stay between her legs just touching her cunt lips.

She cried, “Oh please, don’t stop. Please put it in. Please keep going.”

“You’re my slave now. I’ll decide what you’ll get and when. You do understand that with your hands tied, you’ll have to do what I want. Do you understand that?”


“You may call me master or sir as long as you’re my slave.”

“Yes sir.”

I pushed back inside her, resuming the same slow rhythm thrusting as far inside her as I could. She began pushing back against me again but I was too turned on to stop and tease her again. Our rhythm quickened and she started moaning. As we went on the moaning got louder until I was sure the neighbors would hear. As I spurted inside her the moan became a loud long wail as she climaxed at the same time. For a moment we both rested, with her lying under me, to catch our breath. I asked, “Are you alright?”

“Yes, thank you. I loved it. That was really good. Sir!”

“I hope the neighbors didn’t hear you.”

“I’m sorry. I get like that when I get a real good orgasm. You should have used the gag on me.”

“Well, I’ll consider that if I let you have another orgasm. For now, stand up. March. Upstairs to the bedroom.”

She made her way upstairs with her hands still tied behind her. I followed behind, enjoying the view, as she was unable to keep her robe from slipping down to her wrists. In the bedroom I asked, “Where do you keep your toys?”

“You mean the vibrators. They’re in the bottom drawer of the dresser there.”

“Let’s see what you’ve got.”

She had an assortment of dildos and vibrators along with several lengths of rope, a set of handcuffs and her chastity belt. I asked, “What were you using last night?” She indicated a vibrating dildo, a Venus Butterfly and a butt plug.

“I didn’t realize you had a butt plug in. You were really filled up. So you had something in every hole. What did it feel like stuffed like that?”

“It feels good most of the time. Sometimes when it goes on a long time, I get sore.”

“Was it too long last night?”

“No, last night was different. I didn’t want it to stop when you were touching me. When you let me go, I came in and took off the gag and blindfold but I went to bed with my belt still on.”

“With the vibrators still going?”

She murmured a low “Yes. I wasn’t ready to stop.”

“Well, we’ll just have to see how much more you can handle today. Now let’s see how sexy I can dress you. Have you got a drawer for sexy underwear?”

She told me her upper dresser drawer was her underwear drawer. For the most part her underwear was functional plain white with some odds and ends of colored panties. She did have one set of sheer pink bra and panties that I thought I would like to put her in. I took them out and set them on top of the dresser. I asked, “You don’t have any nylons, stockings?“

“No, just pantyhose.”

“Now let’s see if you’ve got anything sexy in the way of skirts and tops.”

She led me to the closet where I picked out a short skirt that I’d seen her wearing at work that had a slit up the front of one leg and a white blouse, which was at least somewhat see-through.

“Why don’t you go ahead and get a shower, then you can put these on.”

I untied her wrists and she went in the bathroom. She wasn’t long at it and returned still toweling her hair dry. I asked, “Are you ready to get dressed?”

“Can I blow dry my hair first?”


When she finished, she went to the dresser and put on the bra and panties while I watched. After she put on the skirt and blouse I had picked out I had her model a little for me. The pink bra was easily seen under her blouse, and her nipples were quite visible, especially so as they were hard and poked straight out. I took a long length of rope and centering it, tied her wrists behind her back then looped it around her waist retying it behind her. I removed the pillows from the head of the bed and had her sit on the bed with her back against the headboard. I tied each end of the rope to a leg of the bed. She was immobilized with no chance to reach any knots to undo herself. I forced her legs apart and seated myself between them. I reached up to caress behind her ear, then ran my hand down her neck and chest to the front of her blouse, then unbuttoned the top button. I asked, “What turns you on? Being touched like this?” as I brushed my fingers against a nipple.

“Almost anything. Just being tied like this. I guess not having any control when you can do anything you want to me.”

“Does bondage always turn you on?”

“Usually. Ever since I was a kid.”

“What started you into bondage?”

“My brother and I used to play Cowboys and Indians. And pretty often I ended up tied to a stake. One day a friend of his was playing with us. When my brother tried to tie me up, his friend told him he wasn’t doing it right. He took the rope and tied me up tight. After they tied me up they got on their bikes and rode off. Usually I could get free in a few minutes but that time I was tied too good. I tried screaming for my brother, but he was long gone. We lived on a farm with no neighbors near us, and my folks were both working. Trying to get loose, the rope between my legs gave me a climax. The first time it happened I guess I passed out. I didn’t know what happened and I was scared to death. But when it started again, I liked it and figured out just how to move. I don’t know how many times I had an orgasm that afternoon. My brother didn’t come home for hours and he had to use a knife to cut me loose. He thought I peed my pants, they were so wet. He was mostly worried about what our father would say and begged me not to tell anybody. After that I wanted to be tied up but he could never do it good enough. I learned to tie myself up so I could work myself up to an orgasm.”

“Did you get into bondage when you were married?”

“No, I tried to get my husband to tie me up, but he really didn’t want to. I tried to get him into it a couple of times, but I just ended up frustrating myself.”

“What did you try?”

“One evening while he was out, I dressed in a sexy nightgown. It was all sheer and all I had under it was a little pair of panties. I wore high-heeled sandals that he liked. I tied my ankles together and tied my hands over my head to the bedroom door. He was late and I ended up standing like that for hours. My feet were killing me. But I was all excited thinking about what he might do. And when he got home all he did was get a kitchen knife and cut my wrists loose. He said he was tired and needed to get to bed to sleep. I was so frustrated, I just sat in the bathroom and cried.”

“So you just stuck with self bondage after that?”

“Yeah, I gave up trying to interest him. I just tied myself up when he wasn’t around for a while. We only seemed to have sex when it was convenient for him and I didn’t enjoy it.”

“Was the bondage why the marriage broke up?”

“No, he was seeing other girls. I divorced him after I got a detective to prove he was making it with somebody where he worked. We married right out of high school, so we were both probably too young.”

“And since then you’ve just kept to self-bondage?”

“Mostly, I’ve dated some but I never found anybody that interesting that I felt I could trust.”

“You don’t seem to have had any problem letting me into your world. Right now you’re pretty well stuck with having to do anything I want.”

“When you said you couldn’t do anything more to me last night, I felt I could trust you. I was already thinking of asking you to take me to bed this morning. And I like what you’re doing. I guess I always wanted somebody to tie me up and excite me and make me have sex. I think my fantasy is to be a love slave.”

I put one hand up to cup a breast and rested the other against her thigh where the slit in her skirt bared some leg. “So you like the idea that I can touch you anywhere I want? And you can’t do anything to stop me?”


I slid my hand under her skirt and up to touch between her legs. She tried to tighten her legs against me as my fingers brushed against her panty covered pussy. I could feel that she was already wet. “You’re excited now, aren’t you? What are you going to be like if I keep you tied up all afternoon? And maybe all night?”

“I don’t know. Nobody ever tied me up like this before.”

“Well I like the appearance of a damsel in distress.” I got up, went to her dresser and got her blindfold. I placed it over her eyes and buckled it securely. I unbuttoned her blouse the rest of the way and pulled it open. I tried pushing her skirt up but that didn’t work very well. I reached around her and unzipped the skirt. I moved out from between her legs and was able to pull her skirt completely off. “Do you like having your clothes undone like this?”


“What wouldn’t you like?”

“I don’t know. I guess I’d like anything as long as it doesn’t hurt. And I wouldn’t want to be out embarrassed like this in public.”

“You should have a safe-word, something you would only say when you really wanted me to stop and let you loose. And maybe another that you could use when you wanted me just to stop the one action I was doing. Can you think up a couple of words like that?”

“Granddad. And grandma.”

“OK. If you say granddad everything stops and for grandma I stop the one thing I’m doing at the time. Words like don’t and stop won’t mean anything. Is that OK?”


Now that she was wearing almost nothing but bra and panties and her blouse opened wide, I could see all of her. The sheer bra and panties didn’t cover anything and I spent some time running my hands all over her lovely body. I arranged her legs to bring her feet up against her butt, then pushed them apart to expose her crotch. I could see her clit was standing up poking at the sheer fabric of her panties. I pushed my hand down in her panties until I could push two fingers inside her while my thumb caressed her clit. I started moving my fingers in and out and could feel her tighten around them. I pushed her blouse and bra straps off her shoulders and pushed her bra down off her tits. I leaned forward to tongue and kiss her nipple and then started sucking on it. Shortly she was breathing hard, her breasts heaving and she was trying to push against my fingers. I kept at it until I thought she was ready to cum, then withdrew.

She let out a low “Oh.”

I asked, “What’s wrong? Are you ready to stop? All you have to do is say your safe-word.”

“No. No. Don’t stop. Please keep going.”

“What would you like?”

“I want you in me.”

“What do you want in where?”

“Your penis.”


“In my vagina.”

“You don’t like my fingers in there?”

“No. Yes. I just … I don’t know. I do like it.”

I was delighted by her confusion. She apparently was too aroused to think clearly. I pushed my hand down in her panties again, slowly brushing my fingers over her clit. I gently caressed her pussy lips for a few minutes with the tips of my fingers. I pushed two fingers inside and moved them in and out until she appeared to be on the brink of reaching a climax. This time when I pulled my hand out of her panties, she didn’t say anything, but let out a whimpering moan. I bent forward and sucked first one nipple, then the other for a bit. I continued teasing her for a while like that, alternating between driving her till she seemed ready to climax, then withdrawing until she calmed down.

I decided to change things around. I got up and untied her ropes from the bed. I maneuvered her off the bed and stood her at the foot. I put the loose rope ends up over her shoulders, down under her armpits, across her back and then over her shoulders again. Then I lay back on the bed and pulled down on the ropes so she was forced to bend over and down to my crotch. When she felt my cock against her face, she kissed it, then licked it before taking it in her mouth. I pulled on the ropes forcing her to take it deep, then relaxed a little. She started a slow bobbing up and down. I told her what a pretty sight she made with her tits swinging free and almost nothing on but flimsy little panties. Her only reaction seemed to be to suck my cock more energetically.

After a few minutes I realized I just wasn’t ready for more sex. I pushed her back up to a standing position. I went to her dresser and got out her chastity belt, a vibrator and her gag. I stood behind her so my cock slid between her legs. She tried to move to get it in but she couldn’t manage it. I pushed the gag against her mouth and she opened wide for it and I buckled it securely behind her head. I reached around her and started pushing her panties down. When I got them down to her ankles, she stepped out of them. I strapped the chastity belt around her waist, then pushed the vibrator all the way into her pussy. I pulled the front strap tightly between her legs and buckled it in back. Since her hands were so close, I got out a padlock and locked her into the chastity belt. I went downstairs to the kitchen and cut a few inches of string from a roll. Back in the bedroom, I wrapped the string in several turns around the fingers of one of her hands. I told her, “Since you can’t use your safe words, the string will make up for it. If you want to stop, just unravel the string and I’ll let you loose. Do you understand?”

She nodded her head for yes. I turned her around with her back to the bed, then passed the ropes from her waist around the legs of the bed and tied them to her ankles forcing her legs wide apart. I turned on her vibrator and watched her try to move with it. She couldn’t move very much and I wondered whether she was just going to be frustrated or would be able to satisfy herself. I took a catalog out of her toy drawer and lay back on the bed to scan it. I dozed off but woke shortly to find her going through another climax. I checked her string, but she held it tight enough to whiten her thumb. I stayed where I was and fell asleep again.

The next time I woke it was late afternoon. Lisa presented a pretty sight as a damsel in distress; almost completely naked and tied up tight. I could hear the vibrator still humming inside her. She looked like she had suffered enough but she was still holding tight to her string. I felt she needed a break so I untied her and unlocked her belt. I told her, “It’s time for a break. I’ll let you loose for a while.”

She took off her gag and blindfold, and despite looking worn out, had a big smile. She said, “That was good but I think I’ve had enough for a while. I need the bathroom anyway.” She came back in a few minutes with her robe on. “I’m hungry again. This has built me up an appetite. How would it be if I started on supper?”

I answered, “I’m ready. But how would it be if I took you out for pizza?”

“That sounds good.”

“I’ll go home and wash up. I won’t be long and I’ll be right back to pick you up.”

“You don’t need to go home. You can shower here. Your clothes are still fresh from this morning. And if you want to shave I’ve got disposable razors.”

I agreed and Lisa got a fresh towel and washcloth for me. She took a quick shower; then I showered and shaved and was ready to go. On the drive to the pizza parlor she asked about my cross-dressing. I explained that it was something I’d been into in some form or other since I’d been a preteen. I’d started by trying bits and pieces from my mother’s and sister’s things. Once I was out living on my own I’d built up my wardrobe.

She asked, “How do you buy women’s clothes? You can’t just go in a store and try things on.”

“No, I order from catalogs mostly. Once in a while I’ve had a problem with fit or whatever, but mostly it’s OK. I only dress for myself, so there’s not a big worry about appearance. Do you get embarrassed buying toys?”

“I’ve never bought anything around here, except usual household things like rope.

A few years ago on a business trip, on a walk after dinner I found a sex shop near the hotel. I could see there was nobody inside except a woman at the counter. I went in and we talked a while. She made all the sex toys sound normal and I ended up buying a vibrator. Whenever I’ve been out there I usually go by and get anything I’d like. And she sold me a catalog that I’ve ordered from.”

“Have you ever shopped on the Internet?”

“No. I've bought books from Internet shops. But I never saw any sort of sex toys there. Do they really sell things like vibrators over the Internet?”

“Yes, they sell just about anything you could think of.”

We reached the pizza parlor and ordered a pizza and beer. It was crowded for Saturday night. The booths on both sides of ours were full, so our conversation was limited to more innocent topics that wouldn't embarrass us if we were overheard. After we finished and were on our way back out to the car, Lisa asked if I would show her what I had been wearing the night before. I agreed and we drove by my apartment.

Lisa accompanied me to the bedroom and took a seat by the bed. I went to the closet and brought out the skirt and jacket on a hanger. Lisa said, “I wanted to see how you looked wearing them. Will you try them on for me?”

I thought she had seen everything or heard just about everything about me already, so I figured I might as well dress all the way for her. I got fresh underwear and hose from the dresser and a blouse and pumps from the closet and took everything in the bathroom. My wig and breast forms were kept in the bathroom so I had everything to get dressed. I dressed fully just as I had been the night before. The only difference was I had to wear nylons and a garter belt rather than the pantyhose of the night before, since the only pair I had were in the laundry.

When I returned to the bedroom, Lisa stood and walked around me. I felt a little embarrassed and had to wonder what she was thinking. She said, “You look good like that. You do need some makeup though. Except for that, I'd take you for a woman. Is that how you dress when you tie yourself up?”

“Sometimes. It just depends on the mood I'm in. Or the kind of bondage I want to do. ”

“What kind of toys do you have? Didn't you say you used chains?”

“Yeah. I'll show you.” I went to the closet and got down a locked box, brought it over to the bed and opened it for her.

She picked up a short length of chain and asked, “How do you use this?”

I took out three small padlocks, locked them, then unlocked them just to be sure they weren't jammed or broken and set the keys aside. I placed one lock in an end link of the chain, wrapped the chain around my wrist and locked the padlock through another link so the chain was snug on my wrist without being too tight. I repeated that with another chain and lock on the other wrist. I used the third padlock to lock the two loose ends together. I held up my wrists to show her. “I could have locked them closer or behind my back. These work just as well as handcuffs but without being rigid and they can't ratchet tighter.”

She picked up the keys and I held out my wrists for her to unlock them, but she shoved the keys in her pocket. “I can't stay chained like this. I doubt that I could drive.” She moved against me, pressing her body to mine. “I can drive your car if you don't mind. I think it would be fun for you to stay dressed and chained. And I can tell you like it.”

There was no use denying I was aroused. I could feel her pressed against my erection. “What are you going to do?”

“I think we need to get you a little makeup. Then I'll drive us back to my place and see how much fun we can have. What do you have for makeup?”

I led her to the bathroom and opened the drawer holding my makeup. She took out what she wanted and proceeded to make me up, finishing with brushing my wig. “There, you're all set to go out and meet the world. You do look pretty. Do you need to bring anything?”

“My keys are by the front door. I should bring my wallet.”

“Ill get the keys. Can you put your wallet in your jacket?”

“Yes.” I took my wallet from my jeans and put it in my jacket pocket. We went out to my car. Lisa locked the door behind us. I crossed my arms over my chest to hide the chains. Fortunately there was no one around the parking lot. Lisa unlocked and opened the car door for me. She offered to help with the seat belt but I was able to manage it. On the drive to her place my mind raced wondering what she might be considering. I had often fantasized about forced feminization but had never been dressed en femme in front of anyone.

Lisa parked my car in the driveway behind hers. I let her go ahead of me to the front door, which she opened and held for me to go in. As I passed by her, she startled me as she gave my butt a pat. Inside she invited me to sit on the couch and offered, “I don't have any beer. Would you like some soda?” When I agreed she went to the kitchen, flipping on the stereo as she went by it. I got back up, went to the front window and pulled the drapes closed, then resumed my seat on the couch.

She brought back drinks for both of us, handed one to me and took a seat close beside me. I almost spilled my drink when she placed her hand on my leg up under my skirt. She asked, “Don't you like that?”

“No, you just startled me. It feels OK.” Actually the feel of her hand against the silky nylons felt great, but I still felt a little nervous being in a skirt and chains in front of her. Her hand brushed higher reaching the top of one stocking.

“You're wearing nylons!”, she exclaimed, suddenly lifting my skirt to look. “And a garter belt!”

I pushed my skirt down, but she kept her hand up under my skirt. Her hand roamed freely over my panties and she was fully aware I had an erection. She asked, “Wouldn't you be more comfortable taking your jacket off?”

“Yes, it's a little warm in here.”

She held my cock in her hand and asked, “Will you let me cuff your hands behind your back?”

I was aroused enough to agree to almost anything. She unlocked the padlock between the chains and helped me off with my jacket. I twisted a bit and put my hands behind me. She relocked the chains together, but closer, apparently leaving a much shorter length between my wrists. I leaned back and she pushed my skirt up past the tops of my nylons. She leaned down and kissed and tongued the bare skin between my panties and nylons. The bulge in my panties showed I was thoroughly enjoying the attention. After a few minutes she stopped, stood up and said, “I'll be right back in a minute. Don't go away.” When she left the room I stood up to let my skirt fall back around my legs, then resumed my seat.

Lisa returned in a few minutes carrying a small tote bag. She set it on the coffee table and took out her hood. She asked, “It's your turn to be my slave. Have you ever worn a hood?”


“I think you might like it.” She pulled it over my head, straightened the front to fit the holes over my mouth and eyes, zipped it closed and buckled the collar. It was snug but not uncomfortable. When she brought out the blindfold, I was wary, but there was not much I could do as she covered my eyes with it and buckled it on. The hood and the blindfold completely blocked all light and the hood itself cut off a good deal of sound. I felt her hands behind my head again and realized she was locking the collar and the blindfold. I heard her ask, “Are you OK?”


“How does it feel to be my slave?”

“OK, I guess.”

She tugged my arm to get me up to a standing position, turned me around, and pushed me down to kneel by the couch. In a minute I felt her legs up on my shoulders and realized her legs were bare. She had removed her jeans. Then she pulled my head down to her pussy and I knew her panties were off too. I didn't seem to have any choice but to pleasure her with tongue and lips. I kissed and licked her for a few minutes until she reached an orgasm. Her legs tightened around me as she came, shuddering through it.

Shortly she got up, assisted me to stand up and return to my seat on the couch. I felt her hands at my blouse. She undid a couple of buttons and asked,“How do you feel being a damsel in distress?”

I was well aroused and enjoying it but answered, “I don't know.”

“Open wide.”

I felt her pushing something against my mouth. I realized it had to be her penis gag. I started to object but she pushed hard enough that it would have hurt to resist.

“You can't feel like a girl without a good mouthful once in a while.”

I was surprised that it didn't go in far enough to gag me. Once she buckled it on, there was no way I could get it loose. I definitely didn't care to have my mouth stuffed like that, especially since it felt realistic in shape and feel. She lifted my legs up onto the couch, forcing me to recline, then pushed me around to lie on my stomach. She lifted my ankles up and started wrapping a rope around them. Shortly I was completely trussed up, helpless to do anything but wait for her to do whatever she wanted. I felt her wrap a length of string around my fingers. She was allowing me a safety, just as I had given her earlier in the day. I only had to unwind the string from my fingers and I would presumably be let loose.

I was left alone for a while; unable to see and barely able to hear, I was unable to tell how long I was left there. I was determined, assuming I wasn't hurt, not to let the string loose. I was living one of my fantasies for real. Someone else was controlling what I did or could do, and I was helpless to do anything but accept whatever happened. I was very aware of how I was dressed in a skirt that was easily flipped up and a blouse that was already half unbuttoned, with little else under them but flimsy panties and stockings, and the few straps of a bra and garter belt. I was fully aroused, and I ached to be touched. I wanted to feel Lisa's hands brushing against my stockings and going up under my skirt to touch the bare skin between my panties and stockings; to unbutton the rest of my blouse. I wanted to be touched anywhere and everywhere.

Eventually, I felt Lisa sit on the couch by my legs. The first thing I felt was her hands brushing up and down my stockings, then around my panties under my skirt. She pushed my skirt up around my waist and her hands roamed freely. She untied my ankles and helped me to stand up. She unbuttoned the rest of my blouse, pulled it free from my skirt and spread it open wide. She unzipped my skirt, letting it fall around my ankles. She led me away a step, leaving my skirt behind. She pushed my blouse back off my shoulders letting it slip down my arms. I felt embarrassed to be standing there in just my underwear, but I was still very horny. I hoped she would do something about the bulge in my panties.

I welcomed her hand on my arm to steady me as she walked me to the stairs and up to the bedroom. In heels and blindfolded, I was not very steady on my feet. In the bedroom, Lisa unhooked my garter belt, sliding it and my stockings down around my ankles. She maneuvered me to lie down on my back on the bed, then took off my shoes and stockings. She straddled me and I could tell she was naked. I could feel her warmth through my panties. She pushed down my panties freeing my cock momentarily before she let herself down on it. My cock pushing into her warm, slippery pussy felt wonderful. I couldn't move very much with her weight on my hips, but she started a slow up and down motion. In a very short time her motion speeded up and I was cumming in a glorious explosive climax. She reached her own climax just seconds after me and collapsed on my chest. We both needed a minute or so to catch our breath.

She rolled off me, then had me roll on my side away from her. She unlocked everything and pulled off the gag, blindfold and hood. My wig came off with the hood. She asked, “Are you OK?”

“Yes, just a little weary.”

“Was this fun for you?”

“Very much so.”

She snuggled against me and we both relaxed. The next thing I knew, it was light outside. Lisa had coffee ready and brought me a cup in bed. I sat up to take it trying to hold the covers up. Somehow I'd gotten under the covers during the night, but I was still dressed in bra and panties. Lisa brought the robe to me that I had worn the day before.

“I can't imagine you'll want to get home this morning dressed like you were last night. You can take a shower and then put this on. I'll start breakfast while you clean up and after breakfast I'll get your clothes done in the laundry. I guess you'll have to wait until it's dark this evening to go home.”

In the bathroom I found she had put my wig up on a makeshift stand and brushed it out for me. I showered and shaved and went down to the kitchen. Lisa had breakfast ready when I got there. Our conversation centered for the most part around what I had enjoyed during the last evening. Lisa was very curious about cross dressing and what I got out of it. I explained some of what I liked and suggested she might gain more insight from Internet sites.

After breakfast we went to her computer. I set her up with an alternate id, then showed her some sites I was familiar with. It was much easier to show her things I liked and some discussions from others than to try explaining my own foibles. From experience, I knew there were astute practitioners of some kinks who were able to clearly explain their inclinations better than I could. She was very interested in exploring sites relating to both bondage and cross dressing. She was very absorbed, and at her suggestion, I retired to the kitchen with a fresh cup of coffee and the Sunday paper.

Some time later, she joined me in the kitchen. She refreshed my coffee and fixed a cup for herself. She had some questions about some things she had come across on the internet. I was able to answer most of them and suggested I might answer more if she showed me what had raised questions. She had covered quite a bit of ground in just a couple of hours. She was amazed at the amount of material on bondage and self-bondage available through the internet. She had gone through numerous links to story sites and shopping sites.

After we finished our coffee, I joined her at the computer. She showed me some areas where she had questions, and we were able to fathom most of them. I had to suggest she might have to go to a forum or chat room for some answers. She declined that, not being ready to discuss sex or fetishes with anyone else. I pulled up a chair beside her and watched where she went on the internet. She found some stories and read through some of the shorter ones, bookmarking some sites she thought she'd be interested in returning to.

We did manage to determine some boundaries of each other's interests. I established that my interests in cross dressing and forced feminization did not extend to sissy interests nor to any but heterosexual activity. Lisa was very interested in sites that covered bondage in almost any form, but not in anything to do with pain. Looking through some galleries of women in bondage, she expressed some interest, saying, “I wonder how it feels to give up all control, and be helpless not knowing if it would last for hours or even days.”

“We could try it if you'd like.”

“Just to be completely helpless, with no safe word? And no string? Just to be an object with no choice about what happens to me? Except we both have to go to work tomorrow.”

“Sure, if you'd really like that.”

“Let's have some lunch first.”

“OK.” A little time out for lunch would allow me to think through a plan of activity different than our actions of the day before. We had a light lunch of sandwiches and soda. When we were finished I sent her upstairs to fetch her hood, blindfold, gag, locks and some rope. While she was gone I checked the end tables in the front room. They were sturdy enough for what I had in mind.

When she returned I said, “Strip.” She removed her robe and tossed it on a chair. I had her put on the hood, blindfold and gag. Once she had them fastened, I locked them. While she stood nude, I had her place her hands behind her head. I made her spread her legs so I could touch between her legs. I took advantage of her being helpless to touch her all over. I fondled her tits and sucked on her nipples. I pinched them and pulled on them but she stood still without any resistance. I found she was already moist between her legs and tried to lean forward as I touched there.

I removed the lamp from the end table and placed a sofa cushion on it. I covered the cushion with a bath towel. I took her arms and walked her over to step up on the sofa, then to kneel on the end table. Once she was up, I had her cross her wrists behind her back while I tied them together, then fastened the rope around her waist. I spread her ankles and tied each ankle down to a table leg, then tied a rope between them to keep them from spreading further. I walked around in front of her and passed a rope through her collar d-ring to pull her head down and tie her down close to the table.

I had a second thought and unlocked and removed her gag. As long as I had total control, I felt I might as well take advantage of it. I stepped close to the table and pulled her head down until she felt my erection at her mouth. She put out her tongue to lick at the tip. Holding her head between my hands I continued pushing down until she opened wide and sucked my cock in. I could only hold still a moment or two as she ran her tongue all around the head. I gave in to the urge to push deeper into her mouth, and in just a few thrusts I spurted a load in her mouth. She continued sucking and licking until I pulled away. I replaced her gag and then tied the rope attached to her collar to a table leg, forcing her head almost down to the cushion.

I took a seat back on the couch behind her, She was positioned so that everything was bare and open to me. I let my hand brush across her ass and down between her legs. She wriggled a bit as I touched her labia and clit but I didn't let her have more than a teasing touch. I made myself comfortable and resumed reading the Sunday paper.

Later I decided a little more teasing was in order. I got a disposable latex glove from the kitchen. I sat behind her again and pushed my gloved thumb in her pussy. After wiggling it around in her for a minute, on taking it out I could see it was well lubricated with her juices. I put one finger back in, then two and then three. Then I placed my thumb at her rectum. As I pressed in, she tried to lift away from it but she had little room to maneuver. Shortly I had both holes filled and I was massaging her insides while the remaining finger managed to reach her clit. Soon she was trying to press down and I figured she was nearing an orgasm again. I pulled my hand away before she could climax. I waited a while for her to calm down, then resumed fingering her again. I continued teasing her that way for the rest of the afternoon, fingering her until she seemed ready to climax, then withdrawing until she calmed down.

Towards evening, I was feeling a little hungry and thought I'd see what I might do for supper for both of us but without freeing Lisa. I untied her ankles and the rope holding her head down but kept her wrists tied. I held her by the shoulders to guide her off the table to the couch and then to stand on the floor. Using the rope attached to her collar as a leash, I led her out to the kitchen. I left her standing in the middle of the kitchen while I checked the refrigerator. I found a couple of microwaveable dinners that I thought would do for our suppers, and I popped them in the microwave.

With a few minutes to wait, I returned to Lisa. I lifted her tits, squeezing gently then a little harder. I licked and nibbled her nipples. Shortly, I was erect again. I tied her leash rope to her ankle forcing her to bend over with her ass up and head down. Standing behind her, I gripped her by the hips to hold her up and slid my cock into her pussy, burying it till I was against her ass. It felt wonderful, warm and slippery. Her position didn't allow her any movement but I could feel her pussy squeezing me. I thrust slowly in and out for a while, holding back, partly just to tease her and partly just because it felt so good. In a few minutes I was caught up in her orgasm and we climaxed together.

I withdrew and left her bent over, while I got our meals out of the microwave. I left them to stand and cool on the counter for a few minutes. I went upstairs and got Lisa's chastity belt and a dildo and the pouch for the vibrator control and brought them back down to the kitchen. I thought of using a butt plug in her, but didn't feel I could get it in without hurting her. I released her leash from her ankles and buckled her into the belt. I slid the vibrator into her pussy, then pulled the belt tight between her legs and buckled it behind her. I turned the vibrator on full and tucked the control in the pouch and clipped it to her belt. I led her over to a chair at the table and got her seated.

I removed her gag and spoon-fed her her meal. When she was done, I poured her a small glass of soda and held it for her to drink. I put her gag back in, then ate my own meal. She wriggled a little and sometimes I could hear the vibrator against the wooden chair. It was a strange enjoyable experience to sit there eating supper with a helpless naked girl for a tablemate. She couldn't do anything but sit there showing off her bare tits with hard nipples while the invader between her legs vibrated inside her.

When I finished eating, I cleaned off the table, then went in search of the clothes I had worn the night before. I found everything and dressed again in bra, panties, stockings, skirt and blouse. It felt a bit strange having to dress after so much sex, but I had no other clothes to wear. I put on my wig and brushed it out. By then it was dark and I figured it would be safe to drive home.

I went back to Lisa and released her ties. She removed the gag, blindfold and helmet and turned off the vibrator. She appeared worn and tired but sported a big smile saying, “That was great, but I don't think I could have taken much more. Are you all dressed to go home?”

“Yes, it's dark enough for me drive and we both need to get ready for work tomorrow.”

She suggested I needed makeup and offered to fix my face. We went upstairs to the bedroom together. She had me sit at her vanity while she put on a robe. She did a very nice job of making up my face and then suggested I take home a jar of her makeup remover. I accepted it since it was probably better than what I had already. Back downstairs at the front door, I checked that there wasn't anyone nearby, then turned to wish her a good night. She responded with a kiss on my cheek and, “I'll see you in the morning.”

My drive home was uneventful but for the rest of the evening my thoughts were on hoping we could further our relationship. I had given up any idea of avoiding a work relationship since the weekend had been so far past that point. I wanted to see Lisa more often, but I was in a quandary of what kind of a date could I ask her out on after the intimacy we'd shared already. We had not discussed anything concerning our behavior at work and it would be impossible to avoid each other.

The next morning at work was quite normal. I didn't see Lisa until just before lunch when she came by my desk. She was dressed appropriately for the office but my thoughts were on the lush body I knew was under that clothing. My carnal thoughts were quickly stopped as she said in a rush, “We need to talk! I have to run some errands tonight. If I fix dinner tomorrow night, can you come by after work?”

I answered “Yes.”

“Then I'll see you tomorrow about 6?”


I was sure she wanted to discuss the weekend we had just gone through, and talk about forgetting it and remaining friends. I felt let down. I got through the rest of the day and the next dreading the conversation I expected to have Tuesday evening. When I left work on Tuesday, I went by my apartment just long enough to freshen up, then drove to Lisa's arriving just before 6.

As I walked up to the front door, I saw a small envelope on the walk with my name on it. The front door opened just as I picked it up. Lisa poked her head around the door and invited me in. I stepped in and Lisa closed the door behind me. Expecting her to still be dressed for the office, I was astonished to see her dressed in a peignoir set. It completely covered her from her neck to her toes, but was completely sheer. Under it she was wearing a corset that cupped her breasts leaving them bare and holding them up with her nipples pointing straight out. Below that was a small triangle of panty and nylon stockings, then high heels. I saw her wrists were handcuffed and I realized the envelope I picked up contained the handcuff keys. She slowly turned in a circle allowing me to see her from behind. Her panties were only G-string leaving her ass cheeks bare.

She asked, “Do you like this outfit?”

“Yes, very much.”

I raised her wrists up to my shoulders and pulled her close and kissed her. She responded by pressing close. She couldn't help but feel my raging erection. I walked her backwards to lay her out on the couch, pushed up her skirts, pushed down my pants, pushed her panties aside, and plunged in. In just a few strokes we both reached a climax. I collapsed on top of her, out of breath, We laid together like that for a few minutes trying to catch our breath. As my erection faded and started to slip out, I got up pulling up my pants. She got up and rearranged her skirts.

I could smell cooking and asked, “Have you got something on the stove that needs attention?”

“No, everything is ready in the kitchen, just left to warm. If you're ready to eat, it's all set. I just have to put it out on the table.” She started for the kitchen and I followed her, thoroughly enjoying the sight of her bare buns swinging before me.

I asked, “Do you need those handcuffs unlocked?”

“No, with them in front like this I can manage OK.”

She told me to have a seat at the table and proceeded to set out a fried chicken dinner on the table. I watched her handle everything and her handcuffs didn't seem to be any problem. She filled a plate for herself and invited me to help myself. Though it was delicious and I complimented her for it, I was distracted by the sight of her bare nipples poking out over her bustier. I'd never before dined with a half naked tablemate. I had to ask if her outfit was new.

“Yes, I just bought it last night. I wanted tonight to be special.”

“Oh, it's special alright. It's certainly a unique dinner costume. Are you comfortable dressed like that?”

“Not completely. I'm a little embarrassed to dress like this with everything showing. I think I'd feel more comfortable being completely naked. That's why after I dressed I put on the handcuffs and threw the keys out the door. Then I had no choice but to stay like this until you came.”

“I like the way you look. I think I should just leave you like that all night.”

“I'd like that. I was planning on wearing long sleeves to work tomorrow so no marks would show.”

“Yesterday you said we needed to talk. What was it?”

“Did you really enjoy this last weekend?”

“Sure, I couldn't have have fantasized anything better.”

“If you moved in here with me we could have lots of times like that. I know we couldn't get into bondage and all all the time, but we could have a lot more fun with you living here. We could fix up the guest house for you. Or I'd like it better if you moved in here. You can have your own bedroom if you wanted. You'd have access to anything in the house. But I'd like us just to live together. At least you could try it for a while. You could keep your apartment until the lease is up and stay here rent free. Or pay me rent if you felt better about it. It would be less than your apartment. I know living together wouldn't be perfect all the time, but I think we could make a go of it.”

I could hardly believe what I was hearing. The offer seemed like a fantasy come true. I had to ask, “What would the neighbors and your friends say?”

“Pat Kelly next door already called. She knows your car was here all night Saturday and she wanted to hear all the details. She's always said we should get together. And do you remember last month when we went next door to fix Mrs. Johnsons broken light bulb? She said I needed to do something soon to get your shoes under my bed. She's said a couple of times I needed to smarten up. And most of the girls at work think I need a man in my life.”

“I think it would be great. But when my contract is up I don't know where my next job might be.”

“Mary Alice in personnel told me management is thinking of offering you a permanent employee position. She was told to work out details for the offer. She told me not to tell you or anybody so you have to keep quiet about it for now. I know you could be moving on but we could still have 7 or 8 months together. Even if you didn't want to move in here, I'd like to continue what we've been doing.”

“OK, I'll have to work out moving out of the apartment. I only have a couple of months left on the lease. I'd feel better about paying you rent and at least half the utilities.”

“Then you will move in?”


“Would you stay here and sleep with me tonight?”

“OK but I'll have to get up early in the morning to get back to my apartment and get ready for work.”

“I can get you up whenever you need. You can shower and clean up here and I'll fix breakfast for you.”

I agreed with that. We discussed the details of my move while cleaning up after supper. I planned to move my clothes the next night and move into the guest bedroom that was already set up next to hers. Over the weekend I could rent a truck and move my furniture. I would have my phone line reinstalled at Lisa's so we wouldn't have to let anyone at work know anything of our arrangement. Once Lisa had the dishwasher loaded and started, she wanted to go upstairs.

I assumed she was ready for sex again. I figured I could handle it and went willingly. In the bedroom she had another nightgown laid out on the bed. It was the same style she was wearing but in pink. She said, “I got this for you. I'm pretty sure it will fit you without any problem. Do you like it?”

“Well yes, it's pretty.”

I stripped and put on the G-string panties and Lisa helped holding the nightgown and peignoir for me. Once she tied the bow at the neck, she put her arms over my shoulders, pressed her body against mine and kissed me hungrily. There was no way she could miss noticing I had a raging hardon. This time she walked me backwards to the bed. I laid back on the bed while she pushed up my skirts and pulled down my panties. She bent over my cock licking the tip, then took it in her mouth. She made a lovely sight with her eyes looking up to me while my cock filled her mouth. I pushed her down to a reclining position and twisted around to get us in a 69 position. I pushed her skirts up and got her panties off. I pressed my tongue to her pussy and while she continued sucking on my cock, I licked her pussy and clit. I knew she was reaching an orgasm as her legs gripped my head. As she started to shudder and moan I felt ready to climax and thrust harder. I felt her mouth reach the base of my cock but she held still as my cum spurted direct down her throat. I was afraid I could have hurt her, but when I pulled out of her mouth she returned to licking and sucking the tip.

In a little bit she sat up and asked, “Wouldn't that be nice every night?”

“Yes, though I don't know if I could do that every night. You do realize that a man's peak sexual performance is at about age 18. From then on it's downhill.”

“Oh I know. And I'm probably just reaching my peak. But I think I can be just as happy with a little petting. I loved being teased the way you did Sunday when you kept me tied helpless and kept me excited all afternoon. I couldn't make up my mind whether I wanted to spend hours teased like that or whether I wanted you in me. I think I'd like being your slave just to be used when you wanted.”

“But there would be times I would want to be the slave. My fantasy is forced feminization where I would have no choice but to stay dressed in skirts and panties and be kept helpless and teased.”

“I know. I want to do that. I want to have you in a nightgown every night. I want to get you some pretty nightgowns and pajamas. Maybe if you like, this weekend you can be my slave and I can keep you dressed all weekend.”

I wasn't sure if I wanted to show reluctance or eagerness. The idea of being helpless and forced en femme for a weekend was exciting. By myself I had spent days forced to stay en femme by dressing and then chaining my wrists together while the keys to my locks were outside where I couldn't go till dark. I'd never been under someone elses control and I couldn't imagine how Lisa might manage it. “I guess that could be fun. But I'd have to wear my regular clothes to get a truck and move Saturday.”

“We can work around that. You can change to your pants in the morning. It shouldn't take more than a few hours to get you moved. Then change back to a skirt after everything is in.”

We talked a little more and soon fell asleep with Lisa spooned against me. I moved all my clothes in the next evening. Lisa had me sleeping in a nightgown every night. For the weekend she had me fully dressed in skirts and chained helpless and teased most of the weekend. I was able to wear pants while we got a truck and moved my furniture.

Since then we've had very regular bondage sessions, with one or the other of us, or sometimes both at once chained or tied helpless. Lisa has expanded my feminine wardrobe quite a bit and I've become accustomed to wearing skirts at her request almost all the time inside the house. Lisa seems to have an insatiable appetite for sex, but I can easily take care of her by keeping her in bondage when I'm not ready.

Over the years we seem to have reached a mutual level of satisfaction with each others desires with a minimal conflict between us. We might very well live happily ever after.




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