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Caught! A Painful Finale

by Whippycane

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© Copyright 2003 - Whippycane - Used by permission

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A true story for your self bondage page. 
The following is a true story.
I have been a bondage lover for many years, but my current girlfriend is very "vanilla". To her, oral sex is verging on "kinky", so, bondage is totally out of the question, and never mentioned. We don't even live together, because it is "not right unless you are married" (her words)
However, I love the feeling of being tied up, and frequently indulge in self bondage. I always tie myself the same way - lying on the bed on my back, legs wide open, with my feet tied individually to either side of the bedpost above my head. Then, my wrists handcuffed to the bedhead, key in ice on a string, so it drops down exactly to the height of my hands.
Not being able to touch myself makes me incredibly horny, and as soon as the ice melts & I'm free, I always make myself climax within seconds.
I don't like the thought of a heavy caning, but a light spanking turns me on.
Anyway, one afternoon I set out all my equipment, tied my legs wide apart above my head, then with very light strokes, spanked my arse with my leather paddle. Just enough to get me nice & hard, then I snapped on the cuffs and fantasised about being teased by a leather-clad dominatrix.
Unfortunately, Caren, my girlfriend, who NEVER drops in un-announced, decided to come over, as she was in the area. Her mobile phone battery had died, so she didn't ring first. My car was in the driveway, so she knew I was home. I didn't hear her knock on the door, so she presumed I was in the back of the house & let herself in with the key that I had once given her.
Suddenly my bedroom door opened. She screamed in shock. She was totally convinced that someone had done this to me. Until I asked her to grab the key from the still unmelted ice release string. Then the penny dropped (unfortunately, the key didn't) 

"You did this to yourself, didn't you"? Before I could say another word, the abuse started. "You are really sick - you are perverted" 

Then she saw the leather paddle that I had used on myself. "And you like being hit? Well let's see how much you like this!" She picked it up, and whacked my exposed arse. My limp cock now sprang to attention! 

"Turns you on, does it? Well, that's the last time you'll ever stick that into me!" she said, as she hit me once on my balls. Then she let loose, and beat my arse with about 30 VERY hard blows. It had crossed the fine line from pleasure to pain. By this stage I was screaming & pleading with her to stop. She stopped. 

"You really disgust me!" she said. "Why did you do this?" 

"Because you don't want to try anything new" I answered. Big mistake. She burst into tears, and said "It's over, and I never want to see you again", but not before giving me another 9 whacks, but this time with all her force. She then dropped the paddle, called me a "shit" and ran out of the house, sobbing hysterically.
The ice still hadn't melted, and for the next 1½ hours, I remained helpless, with my legs wide apart, and my arse in shocking pain. Gone was my erection, and the desire to masturbate.
Finally, they key dropped, I freed myself, then applied huge amount of sun-burn cream to my very sore backside, in an attempt to ease the pain.
Even though I rang her on 4 occasions, Caren hung up on me each time, and we never saw each other again. Lessons learned? Get a more understanding girlfriend, and a vicious paddling is not a turn on.


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